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Keten \ Movies \ Plan to Watch
Released on DVD
# Movies Title Rank Score Year TheaterTheater DVD\Digital Memo Subscription
Empty. You haven't added any Movies to this category.
Keten \ Movies \ Completed
# Movies Title Rank Score Year TheaterTheater Memo Subscription
10 Cloverfield Lane
+ Add
5288 6 2016 3999999999Released
This is my kind of stupid. Despite it's rather silly moments and over the top acting, it definitely succeeds with it's suspense.
101 Dalmatians
+ Add
26237 5 1996 3999999999Released
Glenn Close makes this film worth a watch. She is hilariously over the top. Otherwise it's kinda meh.
12 Angry Men
+ Add
103 9 1957 3999999999Released
Despite being a movie about a group of men in 1 room, manages to be both captivating and thought provoking. Excellent characters.
12 Years a Slave
+ Add
788 7 2013 3999999999Released
It's heavy handed but the acting, directing and exploration of character psyche is very well done.
127 Hours
+ Add
2527 5 2010 3999999999Released
Based on a true story or not, a lot of this film is kinda boring. Even so, it definitely has it's merits.
+ Add
9494 6 2007 3999999999Released
Simple yet interesting premise, entertaining story and great acting but... it's just not scary. Sometimes it's unintentionally funny.
2 Fast 2 Furious
+ Add
22652 3 2003 3999999999Released
Forgettable with maybe 1 or 2 decent stunts. You'll remember the cars more than the characters and it's just kinda boring.
2001: A Space Odyssey
+ Add
450 9 1968 3999999999Released
A cryptic, surreal and expertly directed movie about the evolution of man and what that means for our future.
21 Jump Street
+ Add
5261 6 2012 3999999999Released
It's not exactly doing anything new but for what it's going for, it's a funny and fun flick that's serviceable.
28 Days Later
+ Add
2521 6 2002 3999999999Released
Exciting and well executed zombie flick.
28 Weeks Later
+ Add
7340 5 2007 3999999999Released
It''s more or less the same thing as the first but it's still an exciting and well executed zombie film.
A Charlie Brown Christmas
+ Add
532 7 1965 3999999999Released
A Christmas classic. Says a lot with very little.
A Christmas Carol
+ Add
2209 6 1984 3999999999Released
One of my favorite adaptations of this story.
A Christmas Story
+ Add
1388 7 1983 3999999999Released
It may be overplayed and over-marketed but it's still hilarious and down to Earth.
A Clockwork Orange
+ Add
444 9 1971 3999999999Released
One of the most surreal movies you'll ever see. Explores the idea of free will, an unforgiving society and the necessity of evil.
A Garfield Christmas Special
+ Add
3076 6 1987 3999999999Released
Wholesome, one of the better Christmas specials.
A Goofy Movie
+ Add
9846 7 1995 3999999999Released
Surprisingly more dramatic than you'd expect, in a good way. Great animation, charming characters and story and a couple fun songs.
A Grand Day Out
+ Add
1872 6 1990 3999999999Released
Charming Wallace & Gromit film.
A Hard Day's Night
+ Add
2783 6 1964 3999999999Released
Charming film for fans of The Beatles.
A Muppet Family Christmas
+ Add
2306 7 1987 3999999999Released
This is such a delightful Christmas film. One of the best.
A Nightmare on Elm Street
+ Add
3135 7 1984 3999999999Released
Still holds up. Imaginative ideas, great practical effects, scary villain and an overall great execution of a horrific idea.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
+ Add
12212 7 1987 3999999999Released
It's not as scary as the first film but you can tell they had a lot of fun with this. Probably the most imaginative of the series.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
+ Add
8399 6 1994 3999999999Released
Is it funny or is it just dumb? Well... I found it funny. Some quotable lines.
Addams Family Values
+ Add
10810 6 1993 3999999999Released
This movie is hilarious. There are things that hold it back but the Wednesday story alone is worth checking this out.
Adventures in Babysitting
+ Add
8802 5 1987 3999999999Released
Serviceable comedy adventure with some charming moments.
+ Add
1076 6 1992 3999999999Released
It's a charming film with likable characters that's very entertaining for kids. It falls for many of the Disney traps and tropes though.
Alice in Wonderland
+ Add
3808 7 1951 3999999999Released
Still holds up to this day. Imaginative design, great animation, memorable characters. One of Disney's best.
+ Add
349 8 1979 3999999999Released
Combines the fear of the unknown with claustrophobia in both it's writing and cinematography. Excellent practical effects. Great stuff!
Alien: Covenant
+ Add
14677 4 2017 3999999999Released
All the same problems as Prometheus except not as gorgeous. Nothing new here. I don't think the Xenomorphs needed an origin story.
+ Add
449 8 1986 3999999999Released
A lot more action heavy but this isn't a bad thing. Kickass main lead with effects just as good as the first film.
+ Add
13319 6 1992 3999999999Released
Yeah, it's not nearly as good as the first 2... but it's still serviceable with some great practical effects and acting.
All Dogs Go to Heaven
+ Add
9928 6 1989 3999999999Released
Cute and charming family film. Does what it aims to do fine.
American Beauty
+ Add
434 7 1999 3999999999Released
Interesting characters, great cinematography and acting. While pretentious, it's almost humorously so. Fun film.
American Psycho
+ Add
2504 8 2000 3999999999Released
Great satire of the higher class with some excellent acting and cinematography. Good stuff.
An American Tail
+ Add
8706 6 1986 3999999999Released
Great animation, likable characters and tries to be dramatic for a family film. Serviceable and fun adventure.
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
+ Add
5278 6 2004 3999999999Released
A dumb comedy that cranks up it's dumb to absurd levels to succeed at being funny.
Ant-Man and the Wasp
+ Add
6250 5 2018 3999999999Released
As 5 as 5 can get. Some bullshit, some fun dialogue but does nothing new and is overall forgettable and kinda convoluted.
Army of Darkness
+ Add
3155 8 1992 3999999999Released
Some of the best one-liners in film. Hilarious comedy adventure with a lovable protagonist, interesting story and great practical effects.
Arthur Christmas
+ Add
6555 6 2011 3999999999Released
It's a decent Christmas film with lots of creativity and fun characters.
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
+ Add
8525 6 2001 3999999999Released
Villain is weak and the protagonist is bland but it's side characters and gorgeous design make it worth checking out.
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
+ Add
47749 6 1978 3999999999Released
A low budget parody of B-Movies. Does a good job at it too, pretty funny film.
Austin Powers in Goldmember
+ Add
17802 7 2002 3999999999Released
Basically the same as the other 2 films but still a fun watch.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
+ Add
11968 7 1999 3999999999Released
Mimics some jokes from the first film, though it still manages to add it's own jokes. Still good.
+ Add
1637 5 2009 3999999999Released
Basically a more complicated Disney's Pochahontas but damn is it ever pretty.
Avengers: Age of Ultron
+ Add
4401 7 2015 3999999999Released
Basically the same as the first film except a little more convoluted but has a few things I liked better than the first Avengers.
Avengers: Endgame
+ Add
350 8 2019 3999999999Released
Plot is incredibly messy and convoluted but a movie like this doesn't come around every year. An epic that was 11 years in the making.
Avengers: Infinity War
+ Add
348 8 2018 3999999999Released
There are some impressive scenes, pacing, directing and acting in this movie but it's also held back by several consistency issues.
AVP: Alien vs. Predator
+ Add
27873 6 2004 3999999999Released
Surprisingly interesting story. The humans are lame and drag the film down a lot but the action, lore and design are awesome.
Babe: Pig in the City
+ Add
26706 6 1998 3999999999Released
It's pretty dramatic for such a silly idea but it does manage to tell a fun adventure drama and sometimes convey a lot with little dialogue
Baby Driver
+ Add
2513 8 2017 3999999999Released
Remarkable cinematography and editing, almost like a feature length music video. Great message of facing reality instead of running away.
Baby Mama
+ Add
21486 5 2008 3999999999Released
Predictable comedy with a very talented cast of actors. Unfortunately, it doesn't make the movie better written.
Back to the Future
+ Add
235 8 1985 3999999999Released
Not much wrong with the film. Just a good ole fun adventure flick with great practical effects and memorable characters.
Back to the Future Part II
+ Add
1655 7 1989 3999999999Released
Felt like it re-hashed some things from the original but still a fun adventure flick with memorable characters and great practical effects.
Back to the Future Part III
+ Add
3729 8 1990 3999999999Released
Even more adventurous than previous films and that train scene is unforgettable.
Bad Santa
+ Add
7411 6 2003 3999999999Released
If it's "In Your Face" crude humor is for you, this film is hilarious, if not, you'll hate it.
+ Add
4530 7 1942 3999999999Released
Great coming of age for families that isn't afraid to throw something dark in once and a while. Gorgeous design and animation.
+ Add
3102 7 1989 3999999999Released
Great acting, engaging plot. Just an overall solid superhero/vigilante film.
Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero
+ Add
6326 6 1998 3999999999Released
Not bad, decent batman story with a sympathetic villain.
Batman Begins
+ Add
589 6 2005 3999999999Released
Decent start to the trilogy, telling a story that's been told many times before but still manages to stay interesting.
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
+ Add
1921 7 2000 3999999999Released
The film overall is okay but the short story of Joker's death is quite frankly one of the best batman stories out there.
Batman Returns
+ Add
7334 6 1992 3999999999Released
WAY too dark but still a decent flick with great acting.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
+ Add
14621 2 2016 3999999999Released
Long, awkward, boring and stupid with no understanding of these characters or respect towards the stories they're butchering.
Batman: Assault on Arkham
+ Add
3440 6 2014 3999999999Released
Pretty fun movie for what it is.
Batman: Gotham Knight
+ Add
10073 5 2008 3999999999Released
Mixed bag but never terrible. I like the different animation styles.
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
+ Add
1830 8 1993 3999999999Released
Great batman tale. Exploring the psychology of the character with some great animation, action and an interesting story.
Battle for Terra
+ Add
14868 7 2007 3999999999Released
Not the prettiest film but I really liked how it fleshed out both sides of the war, making it not so black and white.
Battle Royale
+ Add
2590 7 2000 3999999999Released
Little rushed and over the top but takes the time to flesh out it's characters and doesn't hold back in terms of pessimism and violence.
Be Kind Rewind
+ Add
14875 6 2008 3999999999Released
Is Jack Black able to save any mediocre film by being his charming hilarious self? He's got quite the track record. Very charming film.
+ Add
13468 6 1997 3999999999Released
It's what you'd expect, a feature length Mr. Bean movie. Do you find him funny? If so, you'll like this.
Beauty and the Beast
+ Add
1073 8 1991 3999999999Released
Gorgeous animation, interesting characters, fantastic music, a great villain and a great message. Damn near perfect family film.
Beauty and the Beast
+ Add
6261 4 2017 3999999999Released
Some of the effects are nice but otherwise, this is a completely pointless film that's inferior to the animated film in every way.
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
+ Add
6704 6 1971 3999999999Released
It's a pretty fun movie with lots of imagination. At the end of the day though, it's a weaker Mary Poppins.
Bee Movie
+ Add
19484 3 2007 3999999999Released
Wow, that was awful.
+ Add
3119 7 1988 3999999999Released
Very imaginative film with memorable characters, great comedy and excellent practical effects.
Better Off Dead...
+ Add
6627 7 1985 3999999999Released
Surreal and hilarious. Hard to wrap my head around but I think it's meant to be an exaggeration of the mind of a boy in high school.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
+ Add
8513 6 1989 3999999999Released
Fun film that's pretty funny throughout. That's kinda the most I can say about it though.
Bimbo's Initiation
+ Add
15364 6 1931 3999999999Released
Wanna be a member, wanna be a member? NO! I have a real soft spot for rubberhose animation.
Bird Box
+ Add
11952 4 2018 3999999999Released
It's a neat idea but it doesn't do enough with it's ideas, has pretty terrible pacing and some scenes are unintentionally funny.
Black Panther
+ Add
4406 6 2018 3999999999Released
An average superhero film with some cool characters and a decent villain. Could have been great if it took more chances with it's themes.
+ Add
6272 6 1998 3999999999Released
It's a dumb movie but god damn is it ever fun to see a badass violently slice and dice vampires.
Blade II
+ Add
10626 6 2002 3999999999Released
Not as good as the first but not enough that I'd say it warrants a lower rating.
Blade: Trinity
+ Add
22701 4 2004 3999999999Released
This on the other hand... is a mess. Though I'll admit, I laughed at "fuck me sideways".
Blazing Saddles
+ Add
2122 7 1974 3999999999Released
No way this film would have been made nowadays. Absolutely hilarious with great characters and comedic acting.
Blue Velvet
+ Add
1701 7 1986 3999999999Released
Suspenseful, well acted and interesting. It has some thought provoking ideas but doesn't capitalize on them as well as it could have.
Body Snatchers
+ Add
22219 5 1993 3999999999Released
Not a bad remake, though I do prefer the other versions. The ending is pretty lame but it has it's moments overall.
Boy & the World
+ Add
4038 9 2014 3999999999Released
On the heavy-handed side but remarkable in it's minimalistic portrayal of the melancholy of growing up and realization of the world.
+ Add
1370 7 1985 3999999999Released
Imaginative social satire on capitalism and materialism. Really strange and absurd in a good way.
Bride of Chucky
+ Add
31798 4 1998 3999999999Released
This is where they officially gave up trying to be serious with Chucky and just went with comedy and it's pretty enjoyable for that.
Bridge to Terabithia
+ Add
6344 5 2007 3999999999Released
It took some chances but this could have been so much better if they did more of the psychological stuff instead of barf-inducing whimsy.
Bubba Ho-tep
+ Add
7657 8 2002 3999999999Released
Hilarious, campy, ridiculously fun and surprisingly interesting subtext and themes about mortality, life, fame and identity.
+ Add
23424 3 2018 3999999999Released
Boring and dumb. Why did they make it a mystery when the answer was just going to be, "some magic demon bullshit".
+ Add
12216 6 1992 3999999999Released
Freaky horror flick. Great effects and acting.
Captain America: Civil War
+ Add
1641 6 2016 3999999999Released
Conflict is very forced and the characters seem to act out of character. Even so, the action in this film is some of the best in the MCU.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
+ Add
2011 7 2014 3999999999Released
Combines superheroes with espionage. Very fun film with some good characters and action.
Captain Marvel
+ Add
8371 5 2019 3999999999Released
Middle of the road superhero movie. Nothing new here. Brie Larson does a good job and there's some lovely interactions and action scenes.
+ Add
3784 6 1976 3999999999Released
Classic horror film. The acting is unnerving and keeps the film suspenseful and the climax is ridiculously memorable.
+ Add
20481 6 1995 3999999999Released
It's exactly how you think it is.
+ Add
248 8 1942 3999999999Released
Great romantic film noir with an interesting story, interesting characters, great cinematography, great acting and great ending.
Catch Me If You Can
+ Add
779 6 2002 3999999999Released
Great acting and overall a fun movie.
Cats Don't Dance
+ Add
10496 6 1997 3999999999Released
Animation is lovely and energetic, song numbers are fun and the villain is great. Sadly the rest of the cast are pretty bland.
+ Add
72753 2 2004 3999999999Released
Yikes... Offensive, awkward, stupid and has no real connection or familiarity to the actual character besides "Sexiness".
Child's Play
+ Add
77369 6 1992 3999999999Released
First bit is kinda creepy but as soon as you see the doll talking and moving, it's no longer creepy at all, in fact, it's pretty hilarious.
Citizen Kane
+ Add
455 9 1941 3999999999Released
A film that actually lives up to it's reputation. Showing riches don't equal happiness and how it can corrupt the mind.
City of God
+ Add
178 9 2002 3999999999Released
Incredible film exploring the endless cycle of violence in the slums. Complex characters with great pacing and cinematography.
+ Add
2076 7 1994 3999999999Released
Great use of a small budget. Very well written dialogue with memorable characters.
+ Add
10673 6 1985 3999999999Released
80's gold. Really stupid but really fun.
Conan the Barbarian
+ Add
8478 8 1982 3999999999Released
Conan the Destroyer
+ Add
22856 6 1984 3999999999Released
Kinda unnecessary but it does offer some fun manly action.
+ Add
8416 6 2006 3999999999Released
What a perfect idea for a fast paced action film. Hilarious and fun but of course, really stupid too.
+ Add
20057 6 1986 3999999999Released
Doesn't take itself too seriously which gives it a silly charm that makes it entertaining. Not great or especially fun but decent overall.
+ Add
5328 6 1997 3999999999Released
It's exciting and interesting with a great claustrophobic and mysterious atmosphere. Sadly nothing is explained and characters are flat.
Curse of Chucky
+ Add
28369 3 2013 3999999999Released
Unquestionably dumb and cheap but it does have better characters than previous films and the ending is pretty awesome for fans.
Dawn of the Dead
+ Add
1393 7 1978 3999999999Released
The zombie film that all zombie films are compared to.
Dawn of the Dead
+ Add
4455 6 2004 3999999999Released
Surprisingly very solid remake. It's not as good as the original but it has it's own identity thanks to it's more comedic tone.
Day of the Dead
+ Add
5526 6 1985 3999999999Released
A fairly typical zombie movie with great aesthetics. Worth a watch if you're a zombie fan.
Dead Snow
+ Add
16506 6 2009 3999999999Released
Of course they had to be Nazi's. Pretty funny and overall entertaining for it's gore.
+ Add
1040 7 2016 3999999999Released
Great parody of superheroes with hilarious characters, great action and a surprisingly nice romance. It's plot is pretty typical though.
Deadpool 2
+ Add
2030 7 2018 3999999999Released
Filled with hilarity, parody, cynicism, charm and over the top violence. Some jokes require having seen other movies though.
Demolition Man
+ Add
10659 7 1993 3999999999Released
This gets more relevant each year. Pokes fun at political correctness and rebellious political incorrectness. Fun action film.
Die Hard
+ Add
595 8 1988 3999999999Released
Yippee ki-yay motherf**ker. Great lead, great villain, great action, great story. One of the best action flicks.
Die Hard: With a Vengeance
+ Add
2523 6 1995 3999999999Released
Not as good as the first but better than the 2nd. Good villain and some fun action.
Doctor Who: The End of Time
+ Add
1479 7 2009 3999999999Released
Very entertaining with a great villain and some very emotional scenes.
DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story
+ Add
10607 6 2004 3999999999Released
It's dumb and has a pretty typical plot... but it's funny! You'll be quoting this movie the rest of your life.
Don't Breathe
+ Add
6295 4 2016 3999999999Released
Neat idea but poorly executed. Old Mans hearing is inconsistent. Ending makes no sense due to a forgotten plot point earlier in the film.
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
+ Add
2916 6 2011 3999999999Released
Surreal and cryptic but with a good message hidden behind it's insanity. Same for the rest of the series.
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2: TIME
+ Add
6053 6 2014 3999999999Released  
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3
+ Add
9209 6 2014 3999999999Released  
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4
+ Add
6807 6 2015 3999999999Released  
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5
+ Add
7081 6 2015 3999999999Released  
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6
+ Add
3868 6 2016 3999999999Released  
Donald Glover: Weirdo
+ Add
7586 7 2011 3999999999Released
Donald Glover is a very talented man. Great actor, great comedian, great rapper, great director. This is hilarious.
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and Horton Hears a Who!
+ Add
- 6 1999 3999999999Released
Classic and iconic Christmas film. Perfect for what it is.
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
+ Add
359 8 1964 3999999999Released
A smart satire of politicians and the military around the time of the Cold War. Just a bunch of paranoid arrogant idiots measuring dicks.
Driving Miss Daisy
+ Add
3831 6 1989 3999999999Released
Interesting scenario with great acting. A little dull at points.
Drunken Master
+ Add
3396 7 1978 3999999999Released
Loads of fun. Jackie Chan is great, the fighting is great, the story is serviceable. Just a really solid martial arts film.
DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp
+ Add
8994 6 1990 3999999999Released
It's what you'd expect of a feature-length DuckTales movie. It's a fun adventure with nice animation.
Dumb and Dumber
+ Add
4426 6 1994 3999999999Released
It's very stupid but so god damn quotable.
+ Add
5399 6 1941 3999999999Released
It's very cute and charming. Good for kids.
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
+ Add
1666 6 1982 3999999999Released
Whimsical and engaging. A classic story that still holds up pretty well to this day.
Edward Scissorhands
+ Add
1339 6 1990 3999999999Released
Very bizarre and surreal in all areas from the cinematography to the plot to the acting. Engaging film with a great aesthetic.
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
+ Add
4479 7 2019 3999999999Released
Pretty good epilogue to the series, though takes away the ambiguity of the original ending that I kinda liked. Even so, entertaining.
+ Add
8424 6 2003 3999999999Released
Even if it's the same joke throughout, that being "Look how funny it is to see a full grown man act like a child", it's still funny to me.
+ Add
8459 7 2013 3999999999Released
Perhaps too cryptic for some but keeps your interest with great acting, an interesting idea and plenty of symbolism.
+ Add
3830 9 1978 3999999999Released
One of the most surreal and scariest films I've ever watched. Explores the fear of commitment and parenthood.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
+ Add
438 7 2004 3999999999Released
Excellent idea with great characters. Held back by some immature scenes that take away from the seriousness and make it look pretentious.
Evil Dead
+ Add
13379 5 2013 3999999999Released
Technically "better written" than the original but the characters are so dull and it lacks the enjoyable camp. Still impressive effects.
Evil Dead II
+ Add
1711 9 1987 3999999999Released
Excellent practical effects, great one-liners, perfectly mixes horror with comedy and a badass and hilarious lead character.
+ Add
4428 6 1997 3999999999Released
It's super dumb and cheesy but wow is it ever entertaining watching 2 over the top actors play off each other.
+ Add
1736 7 1940 3999999999Released
A collection of very well animated and well directed shorts that retell classic stories with Disney characters.
Fantasia 2000
+ Add
5700 6 1999 3999999999Released
Some impressive visuals and serviceable enough short stories but that's all I can really say about it.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
+ Add
4420 5 2016 3999999999Released
Lots of wonderful imagination and a couple likable characters in a world that makes no sense with a plot that seems thematically backwards.
Fantastic Four
+ Add
52336 2 2015 3999999999Released
Not even so bad it's good. Tries to be super serious which takes away all the charm of the characters. Boring and stupid.
Fantastic Four
+ Add
26071 4 2005 3999999999Released
Mediocre and unimaginative. Chris Evans can be entertaining but otherwise, it's kinda dull.
+ Add
790 7 1996 3999999999Released
Unique comedy about a heist where everything goes horribly wrong. Subverts expectations and has memorable characters. Hilarious.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
+ Add
1673 7 1986 3999999999Released
Hits all the marks for a solid comedy. A fun watch with fun characters doing fun things.
Fight Club
+ Add
117 8 1999 3999999999Released
A little messy but the interesting characters, engaging plot, great execution and exploration of it's themes make it a must watch.
Forrest Gump
+ Add
118 7 1994 3999999999Released
A very inspirational film, if a little cheesy, showing that even with the odds stacked against you, it's possible to rise above them.
+ Add
1764 7 1931 3999999999Released
Classic horror with groundbreaking make up and an interesting story.
Freddy vs. Jason
+ Add
26211 4 2003 3999999999Released
I'll give it this. When it's ACTUALLY Freddy vs Jason, it's AWESOME but the movie focuses way too much on the dull cast...
Friday the 13th
+ Add
13426 5 1980 3999999999Released
Dull and dumb with Betsy Palmer's performance being the only stand out thing about it. She's scarier than Jason ever was going to be.
Friday the 13th
+ Add
29819 4 2009 3999999999Released
It does it's job but doesn't do anything different.
Friday the 13th Part III
+ Add
26499 4 1982 3999999999Released
The 3D effects are laughably bad in this. Stereotypical but funny cast. Enjoyable if it's your thing.
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
+ Add
21546 4 1986 3999999999Released
Jason becomes a big bad movie monster! Over the top kills and acting.. Sometimes you just want to see stupid people get butchered.
Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood
+ Add
33882 4 1988 3999999999Released
Boring with a dull cast and lame kills up until the climax where Jason goes up against another supernatural being. Skip to the climax.
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
+ Add
46861 3 1989 3999999999Released
For all the promotion of Manhattan, there's sure not a lot of Manhattan. A couple hilarious moments don't make up for the rest.
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
+ Add
43111 3 1985 3999999999Released
Kills in this suck. It has some entertainment value in how over the top and dumb it is at times but it's overall a bad movie.
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
+ Add
21467 5 1984 3999999999Released
Probably the "strongest" cast in the series with Tommy Jarvis and Jim. It's still a trashy dumb guilty pleasure though. lol
Fright Night
+ Add
6517 6 1985 3999999999Released
A fun horror film that aims to make you laugh more than scare you... and it succeeds!
From Dusk Till Dawn
+ Add
5289 7 1996 3999999999Released
This film is very stupid but in a way that makes me like it a lot. It's clear the creators just wanted to have fun with this and it shows.
+ Add
3711 6 2013 3999999999Released
Great songs and visuals and decent plot. Sadly I saw all of the stuff it did before(and better) with Princess Tutu.
Full Metal Jacket
+ Add
448 7 1987 3999999999Released
It's honestly hard to tell if this is supposed to be a comedy, a drama or both. Either way, entertaining, thought provoking and funny.
Futurama: Bender's Big Score
+ Add
2265 6 2007 3999999999Released
Basically 1 long episode of the show. Funny, well animated, memorable characters. If you like the show, you'll like this.
Futurama: Bender's Game
+ Add
5031 6 2008 3999999999Released
Basically 1 long episode of the show but a little crazier. If you like the show, you'll like this.
G.I. Joe: The Movie
+ Add
9210 6 1987 3999999999Released
For fans of the show, this is a fun rule of cool.
Game Change
+ Add
4211 6 2012 3999999999Released
A film about a political blunder. Serviceable enough, though becomes less relevant with time.
Gargoyles: The Heroes Awaken
+ Add
- 6 1995 3999999999Released
Some great episodes from a great show that unfortunately cut some scenes. I'd say just watch the series but it's not bad.
George Carlin: It's Bad for Ya!
+ Add
470 7 2008 3999999999Released
It's George Carlin. Need I say more?
George Carlin: Life Is Worth Losing
+ Add
1309 7 2005 3999999999Released
It's George Carlin, can't go wrong. Absolutely hilarious.
George Carlin: You Are All Diseased
+ Add
674 8 1999 3999999999Released
George Carlin was a legend.
Gerald's Game
+ Add
12158 6 2017 3999999999Released
It's a little heavy handed towards the end but it's an entertaining horror that keeps you engaged despite the limited setting.
Get Out
+ Add
2025 6 2017 3999999999Released
Both horrifying and kinda funny. The climax is very underwhelming and predictable though.
+ Add
1668 7 1984 3999999999Released
Classic Sci-fi comedy. Great dialogue, memorable characters, iconic aesthetic and fun story.
Ghostbusters II
+ Add
11999 6 1989 3999999999Released
I dunno why this film gets so much flack. Not quite as good as the first but still entertaining and charming.
+ Add
56518 3 1984 3999999999Released
Gremlins clone, except no where near as charming.
Ghoulies II
+ Add
52287 3 1987 3999999999Released
Gremlins clone, except no where near as charming.
+ Add
10627 6 2019 3999999999Released
The ending isn't executed very well but as far as "Superhero" movies go, it's pretty interesting. Even if it's dull at points.
+ Add
5311 6 1995 3999999999Released
Cool James bond film. That's all there really is to say about it.
Good Will Hunting
+ Add
440 6 1997 3999999999Released
Great acting and overall message. The whimsical tone kinda takes away from the seriousness though.
+ Add
139 9 1990 3999999999Released
A biography exploring the lower areas of the mafia, exploring all the pros and cons to being a gangster. Excellent acting and characters.
+ Add
16436 5 2015 3999999999Released
Oh Jack Black, you're the only reason to watch this. Otherwise, suuuuper predictable and dull.
Gran Torino
+ Add
782 6 2008 3999999999Released
Story is heavy-handed but Clint Eastwood definitely makes this worth a watch.
+ Add
4477 7 1984 3999999999Released
One of the quintessential 80s films. Likable characters, great practical effects and funny dialogue. Gizmo is a QT.
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
+ Add
14867 7 1990 3999999999Released
I don't really know why people hate this film so much. It's still funny, increases the scale and isn't a total copy of the original.
Groundhog Day
+ Add
1057 7 1993 3999999999Released
Good execution of an interesting premise. Romantic and funny. Many try to mimic it's premise and fail miserably.
Guardians of the Galaxy
+ Add
1038 7 2014 3999999999Released
Pure dumb fun. Lovable characters, excellent action, gorgeous worlds, great one-liners. What's not to like?
+ Add
1692 7 1978 3999999999Released
Classic horror about the mysticism of evil with a terrifying slasher. Great atmospheric directing.
+ Add
12082 5 2018 3999999999Released
It's not bad by any means but it lacks a lot of the atmosphere of the first film and lets be honest, this is just a predictable rehash.
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
+ Add
23087 5 1988 3999999999Released
It's not... BAD... Acting is fine, directing is fine... it's just unnecessary, kinda dumb and just a rehash.
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
+ Add
35630 4 1989 3999999999Released
This one... is bad. Not like... horrible... it's just that boring kind of bad.
Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
+ Add
24601 - 1998 3999999999Released
It's pretty mediocre and not at all scary but it's really cool to see Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie beat the shit out of Michael.Myers.
Time spent watching: 30.6 days, Average score: 6.3
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