Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid
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Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashibanashi

Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashibanashi

Folktales from Japan

2012 - 2017   •  TV Tokyo  •   107 hours
6 votes
806 votes
Ranked #3751
# 7756
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Kids, Samurai, Supernatural
Like in any culture, Japanese kids grow up listening to the stories repeatedly told by their parents and grandparents. The boy born from a peach; the princess from the moon who is discovered inside a bamboo; the old man who can make a dead cherry tree blossom, etc. These short stories that teach kids ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Little One Inch / The Great Snake of Onnagawadani / The Rain-Calling Bodhisattva Aired on 03/25/2017
Little One Inch / The Great Snake of Onnagawadani / The Rain-Calling Bodhisattva
Episode 258
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
258 episodes total
Episodes 1-99 1xx 2xx
Ep. 01
The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom / The Man Who Bought Dreams /...
Ep. 02
Little One Inch / The Rolling Rice Ball / The Cow's Marriage
Ep. 03
The Old Man and His Bump / The Transforming Hood / The Love Potion
Ep. 04
Strong Tarou / The Village of the Nightingales / Hirabayashi
Ep. 05
Urashima Tarou / The Monkey Buddha / Comparing Treasures
Ep. 06
Kintarou / The Two Squid / The Three Cry
Ep. 07
The Fish Wife / The Rich Pond Snail / The Lying Girl
Ep. 08
The Carpenter and Oniroku / The Bear and the Fox / The Priest and the Chi...
Ep. 09
Shippei-Tarou / The Son Who Went Up to Heaven / Who's the Laziest?
Ep. 10
Sannen-Netarou / The Last Lie / Happy, Splendid, Wonderful!
Ep. 11
The Wife Who Wouldn't Eat / The Snot-Nosed Boy / The Priest and the Boy W...
Ep. 12
The Furuya Forest / The Traveler's Horse / A Crow in the Dark of Night
Ep. 13
The Teapot Raccoon Dog / The Razor Fox / Sosou Soukurou
Ep. 14
Orihime and Hikoboshi / The Old Woman's Skin / Potato Rolling
Ep. 15
The Fire Man / Rat Sumo / The Priest and the Kid's Pupupatapata
Ep. 16
The Straw Headman / The God of the Bathroom / Niou and Dokkoi
Ep. 17
The Winged Robe of Heaven / The Child Kidnapped by Eagles / The Konnyaku ...
Ep. 18
The Painted Wife / Left Behind / If You Pick Up Money
Ep. 19
Ubasute Mountain / The Letterbearer of the Water God / The Lucky Samurai
Ep. 20
Princess Kaguya / The Demon's Little Sister / Scary Sweet Buns
Ep. 21
Umisachihiko and Yamasachihiko / The Day the Kappa Came / King Enma Screw...
Ep. 22
Three Axes / The Monkey's Groom / The Tengu and the Thief
Ep. 23
The Farting Wife / The Cat and the Teapot Lid / Chakurikakifu
Ep. 24
Mouse Takes a Groom / The Pebble Letter / The Silence Contest
Ep. 25
The Listening Hood / The Dog and Cat's Treasure / The Ghost's Poem Readin...
Ep. 26
Tanokyuu / Tee-tee the Little Monk / The Fake Jizo Statue
Ep. 27
Orihime and Hikoboshi / The Village of the Nightingales / The Monkey Budd...
Ep. 28
The Tengu's Cloak / Grannie Demon Is My Matchmaker / King Enma Is Hachigo...
Ep. 29
The Horse Mountain Woman / The Shrimp Goes to Ise / What Sickness?
Ep. 30
The Cat Wife / The Gonzo Bug / The Long-Nose Fan
Ep. 31
The Mountain Pear Hunter / The Old Woman in the House / The Centipede Get...
Ep. 32
The Rich Charcoal Maker / The Tree That Grows Gold / The Priest's Towel
Ep. 33
Straw Bale Touta / The Fox Gives Birth / Cling and Hold
Ep. 34
The Three Brothers / The Wolf's Eyebrows / Dokkoisho
Ep. 35
The Treasure Gourd / The White Rabbit of Inaba / The Bald Wife
Ep. 36
The Crane Repays a Debt / Slaying the Demon of Ooeyama / The Water of You...
Ep. 37
The Three Charms / The Kid and the Cat Picture / The God of Poverty
Ep. 38
The City Rat and the Country Rat / Oshira-sama / The Tortoise and the Har...
Ep. 39
The Jizo Statue with the Hat / The Mortar That Made Salt / A Guest on New...
Ep. 40
Momotaro / Princess Flowerpot Head / The Story of the Twelve Signs of the...
Ep. 41
We Stopped the War / The Giant Snake and the Hunter / Otter's House
Ep. 42
The Snake Boy / The Kappa and the Straw Shoes / The Fava Bean, Straw, & C...
Ep. 43
The Wind God and the Children / The Lacquer Brothers / The Ama no Jyaku a...
Ep. 44
Blessings of Heaven and Earth / The Leaf Hachibei / The Ginger Wife
Ep. 45
The Bridge Where You Buy Miso / The Cat Congregation / The Old Man Who Sw...
Ep. 46
The Hiding Snow / The Three Riddles / The Deep Voice
Ep. 47
The Farting Priest / The Demon Mask That Wept / Starfire
Ep. 48
The Seven Swans / The Mysterious Love Poem / 'O' Is Hard
Ep. 49
The Cry That Split the Night / Octopuses Don't Have Bones / The Former Do...
Ep. 50
The Thousand League Sandals / The Mountain Priest & the White Wolf / The ...
Ep. 51
Yamata no Orochi / The Satori Woman and the Bucket Maker / Return the Sme...
Ep. 52
The Rich Charcoal Maker / Grannie Demon Is My Matchmaker / What Sickness?
Ep. 53
Mother's Crystal / The Rolling Rice Ball / The Golden Arches
Ep. 54
Bat / The Old Man and His Bump / Lunch Works
Ep. 55
Snake and Fox Repay a Debt / The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom ...
Ep. 56
Tears Overflow / Strong Tarou / The Skylark and the Water of Youth
Ep. 57
Mom and Daughter Slay a Demon / Kintarou / The Farting Girl
Ep. 58
The Radish Samurai / The Furuya Forest / The Golden Horse Poop
Ep. 59
When the Moon's Ring Disappears / The Rat Sutra / A Punch As a Reward
Ep. 60
The Mermaid's Feast / The Fox and the Bear / The Beginning of Man
Ep. 61
The Red Thread / The Cow's Marriage / Beyond the Mirror
Ep. 62
The Carp Wife / The Snot-Nosed Boy / The Giant Beanstalk
Ep. 63
The Monkey Repays a Debt / Little One Inch / The Gourd Boy
Ep. 64
The Female Fox / Hirabayashi / The Wild Warrior and the Ox Cart
Ep. 65
The Dragonfly Rich Man / The Fish Wife / Ikkyuu-san's Funny Story
Ep. 66
Monkey Masamune / The Days Pass So Fast / The Woodcutter & the Mountain G...
Ep. 67
Minister Yuriwaka / The Fire Man / The Priest and the Boy and the Poisono...
Ep. 68
The Talking Fish / Urashima Tarou / The Demon's Handprint
Ep. 69
The Swallow with the Broken Leg / Left Behind / The Legend of the Nine-He...
Ep. 70
Filial Devotion in Dreams / Rat Sumo / A Story of Stolen Melons
Ep. 71
The Tree in the Pot / Princess Kaguya / The Monk and the Fox
Ep. 72
Earless Houichi / Niou and Dokkoi / Badger Disaster
Ep. 73
A Story of Futons / Chakurikakifu / The Dancing Bones
Ep. 74
Dandarabochi and the Giant Sandals / The Painted Wife / The Fox in the Ba...
Ep. 75
The Puppet Master / The God of the Bathroom / The Whale and the Sea Cucum...
Ep. 76
Unspeaking Okiku / Ubasute Mountain / The Sumo Wrestler's Little Sister
Ep. 77
Monkey Crab / The Straw Headman / Head Lake
Ep. 78
The Mermaid's Feast / Mom and Daughter Slay a Demon / The Pheasant and th...
Ep. 79
The Little Chestnut / The Day the Kappa Came / The Oryuu Willow
Ep. 80
The Silver Temple / The Pebble Letter / The Famous Blade Kisenbamaru
Ep. 81
The Sparrow with the Severed Tongue / The Horse Mountain Woman / The Danc...
Ep. 82
The Ear Statue / The Centipede Gets the Doctor / Benten's Swamp
Ep. 83
The Village of the Dragonflies / The White Rabbit of Inaba / The Fortune ...
Ep. 84
The Three Masks / The Tengu's Cloak / The Flying Door
Ep. 85
The Old Woman and the Giant Octopus / Dokkoisho / The Tengu of Ashitaka M...
Ep. 86
The Mysterious Blacksmith / The Fox Gives Birth / Senkamejo
Ep. 87
The Cracking Mountain / The Three Charms / The Kappa and the Handwashing ...
Ep. 88
The Ghost Well / The Man Who Bought Dreams / Tougorou the Potato Digger
Ep. 89
Sacrificial Inari / The Crane Repays a Debt / The Monster in the Cotton H...
Ep. 90
The Joroku Statue / The God of Poverty / The Carp in the Basin
Ep. 91
The Gold Horse of New Year's Eve / The Jizo Statue with the Hat / Odote-s...
Ep. 92
The Safflower Ship / Twelve Signs of the Zodiac / Sent Salt
Ep. 93
The Deer Springs / Tail Fishing / Hachiroutarou
Ep. 94
Herring and Grannie / The Wind God and the Children / Will of the Spider
Ep. 95
Snake Lake / The Deep Voice / The Priest, the Kid, and the Fava Bean Tree
Ep. 96
Sumo Inari / The Fava Bean, Straw, and Charcoal / The Man of the East & t...
Ep. 97
The Stink Vine / Shippei-Tarou / Half-Naked Buhyou
Ep. 98
The Wispering Vinegar / The Old Man Who Swallowed Birds / The Tengu and t...
Ep. 99
The Snow Woman / Oshira-sama / The 600-Year-Old Woman
Episodes 1xx
Ep. 100
Cowlove Pass / Momotarou / Seibei the Soba Eater
Ep. 101
The Demon Who Became a Rock / Octopuses Don't Have Bones / Ryuuguu Abyss
Ep. 102
Raita and the Demon / 'O' Is Hard / The Burnt Statue
Ep. 103
Gonpachi and Tsubaki / The Thousand League Sandals / Mother and Child Hil...
Ep. 104
The Ear Statue / The Kappa and the Handwashing Basin / The Little Chestnu...
Ep. 105
The Mountain Grannie of Mt. Choufuku / Sadaroku and Shiro / Zashiki-Waras...
Ep. 106
Render the Fat / The Star Wife / The Rich Kashiki
Ep. 107
The Phoenix / The Wood Buddha and the Gold Buddha / Shibahama
Ep. 108
The Monk and the Turtle / Kijimuna / The Stingy Memorial
Ep. 109
The Sending Star / The Promise with the Master of the River / Gonbei the ...
Ep. 110
Takohachi the Headman / The Rich Man and Bracken / The Wife's Talent
Ep. 111
Eating in Order / The Old Woman Who Became a God / Yayoi's Ship
Ep. 112
Masakichi and the Jizo Statue / The Bee and the Bandit / The God of Death
Ep. 113
The Sun and the Golden Rope / The Kid and the 31 Characters / Ushiwakamar...
Ep. 114
The Trout Repays a Debt / The Foreigner's Cowbones / The Six Warriors
Ep. 115
Matsu Goes to Ise / The Zatou's Tree / The Powerful Servant
Ep. 116
The Weasel and the Rat / Kotaro and the Dragon / The Thunder God and the ...
Ep. 117
The Treasure Swamp / Tatsukohime / Kurohime and the Dragon
Ep. 118
The Carried Priest / The Man Who Knew Hell / The Ghost Ladle
Ep. 119
The Bride on a Hazy Moonlit Night / Hitomokko Mountain / The Flying Shed
Ep. 120
Ikkyuu-san Defeats the Tiger / The Mountain God and the Child / Tsurumizu...
Ep. 121
The Mole and the Sun / The Fox Repays a Debt / Drinking Tea
Ep. 122
Dragon God Granny / You Can't Shake Sleeves You Don't Have / The Raccoon ...
Ep. 123
The Buddha That Keeps Away Fire / The Curse of the Willow / The House Tha...
Ep. 124
The Soul That Was Hunted by the Dead / Octopus Bhaisajyaguru / The Nursin...
Ep. 125
The Bean and the Priest Statue / The Reed Spring / Swan Pass
Ep. 126
Asamutsu Bridge / The Strong Wife / The Flower-Watching Ghost
Ep. 127
The Priest Statue Falls in Love / The Flat Nose of the Trickster Fox / A ...
Ep. 128
The Cat's Teacup / Monogusatarou / The Monkey and the Toad
Ep. 129
The Kannon Statue of Love / The Box That Doesn't Open / Candle Confusion
Ep. 130
The Old Man Who Made Flowers Bloom / The Thousand Coin Orange / Paradise ...
Ep. 131
The Crane Repays a Debt / Tower of Boars / Lightning and the Stone Urn
Ep. 132
The Extending Head / Strong Tarou / Kijimuna and the Sea God
Ep. 133
Nopperabou / Princess Kaguya / Sutokuin
Ep. 134
Soba and Mochi / Crab Questions and Answers / The Old Man and His Bumps
Ep. 135
Kintarou / The Cat of Nekodake / A Bull Running on a Moonlit Night
Ep. 136
The Straw Rich Man / The Bow and Arrow Brothers / The Shrine Priestess' D...
Ep. 137
The Woodcutter and the Monster Crab / The Monster Tamer / Rolling Rice Ba...
Ep. 138
The Raccoon's Spinning Wheel / The Two Moons / Ubasute Mountain
Ep. 139
The Blessing the Rat Brought / Urashima Tarou / The Kajika Folding Screen
Ep. 140
Little One Inch / The Wolf Rock / The Meguro Pike
Ep. 141
Zenroku the Sawyer / The Feather Robe of Heaven / The Hermit Orange
Ep. 142
The Gods of Poverty Play Sumo / Trip, Trip / The Hat Jizou Statue
Ep. 143
The Teapot Raccoon Dog / The Anbarayami Horse / The Stone Door of Heaven
Ep. 144
Wakahime of Ryuuguu / The Salt Millstone / The Escaped Sparrow
Ep. 145
The Two Virtues / A Trip to Udo / The Monkey Priest Statue
Ep. 146
Momotarou / The Mountain Bird's Arrow / The Thunder God That Married the ...
Ep. 147
Ofuku and the Oni / The Oni's Toshitori / The Priest and the Raccoon
Ep. 148
The Golden Egg / The Man Who Became a Turtle / Sannennetarou
Ep. 149
The Horsefly Repays a Debt / The Thunder God and the Doctor / The Painted...
Ep. 150
The Water Seed / The Blessing Rat / The Hermit Who Did Nothing
Ep. 151
The Weight Fox / The Most Important Man in the World / The Hina's Yobayas...
Ep. 152
The Mountain Grannie & the Traveling Performer. / Sentoku's Money / The S...
Ep. 153
The Thief's Loss / The Horse, Dog, Cat, and Chicken Go on a Journey / Sto...
Ep. 154
The Horse and the Kaaranbe / The White Fox Repays a Debt / Sarasarayasara
Ep. 155
Momotarou / Kintarou / Urashima Tarou
Ep. 156
Monkey and Crab / Greedy Kihachi / The Spider's Twill
Ep. 157
Scary Buns / The Raindrop Monster / The Carpenter and Oniroku
Ep. 158
Kachikachi Mountain / Long Arms and Long Legs / Mountain Monk Rock
Ep. 159
Ash-Covered Haitarou / The Tengu's Sake / Kanekichi the Flute Player
Ep. 160
The Fox of Battari Stream / Celebratory Sumo / Quiet Contest
Ep. 161
The Cowherding Priest Statue / Tanokyuu / Whale Bridge
Ep. 162
Tenshiki / The Snot-Nosed Kid / Mayoiga
Ep. 163
The Priest Becomes a Carp / The Pot's Song / Teapot
Ep. 164
The Listening Hood / You There, Grandpa? / The Carrot, the Burdock, and t...
Ep. 165
The Hornless Sazae / The Willowleaf Fish / The High Priest Who Came to th...
Ep. 166
Eat Miso Beans Even If You Have to Go Back Three Leagues / Netarou of Asa...
Ep. 167
The Man Who Was Faster Than a Horse / The Incredibly Strong Oni Tayuu / T...
Ep. 168
Two Young Boys with a Destiny / Osan the Fox and Yosaburou the Raccoon / ...
Ep. 169
The Story of the Man Who Was Always in a Hurry / The Cat of Unpenji Templ...
Ep. 170
The Cat's Play / Hanbei Daimyoujin / The Gourd Kannon
Ep. 171
We Still Don't Know / The Thunder and the Mulberry Tree / Earless Houichi
Ep. 172
The Priest Statue That Goes Round / The Priest Statue That Faced Sideways...
Ep. 173
The Beanstalk and the Heavenly Mansion / Otei's Story / Moyabune
Ep. 174
Urashima of Kurobe / Yachabou / Oshidori
Ep. 175
The Cursed Blade That Sank into the Swamp / The Plate Mansion of Banchou ...
Ep. 176
The Giant Octopus's Hat / The Buried Secret / The Unibrow Raccoon
Ep. 177
The Kappa Kid / The Priest and the Kid's 'Who Ate It?' / The Sparrow and ...
Ep. 178
Hakke Hachitarou / Ohatsu Kannon / The Monster of Red Lake
Ep. 179
Sleep and Wait For Good News / The Farting Old Woman / The Black Kite's E...
Ep. 180
Monster Temple / Eggplant Grannie / The Tengu's Invisibility Cape
Ep. 181
The Tea Pot / The Mountain-Folding Rich Man / The Tenshiki
Ep. 182
Momotarou / The Frogs Who Didn't Respect Their Elders / The Water of Yout...
Ep. 183
The Old Man and His Bump / Buzz! Buzz! Serve Sake! / The Hammer's Handle
Ep. 184
Kintarou / The Thunder God's Handprint / The Master of Lying
Ep. 185
The Teapot Raccoon / The Difficult Marriage Question / Three Merchants
Ep. 186
The Rolling Riceball / The Demon's Bath / Lake Head
Ep. 187
Urashima Tarou / The Crane's Gift / Gosuke-don's Business
Ep. 188
Little One Inch / The Wind God & the Children / The Lord Goes Thumpity-Th...
Ep. 189
Three Talismans / Saruya's Rock / The Rat Takes a Husband
Ep. 190
Princess Kaguya / Princess Hachikatsugi / Princess Kaminaga
Ep. 191
Monkey Crab / Cow Demon / The Boundary Between the Northern and Southern ...
Ep. 192
The Old Man Who Made Flowers Bloom / The Umi Bouzu / Comparing Transforma...
Ep. 193
The Crane Repays a Debt / Chinchin Kobakama / The Monster and the Mountai...
Ep. 194
The Umbrella Priest Statues / The Great Year's Fire / The Snow Woman
Ep. 195
The Man Who Bought Dreams / The Badger of Eagle Mountain / Ishibumi-sama ...
Ep. 196
Rolling Yams / The Gama Frog's Oil / The Arasaka Rich Man
Ep. 197
The Rat Sutra / The Great Snake of Gondayuu Lake / A Tale of Yomeda
Ep. 198
The Fire Man / Shouninbaru / Deetarabocchi
Ep. 199
The Ear Priest Statue / The Cow That Dove into Tega Swamp / The Man Who C...
Episodes 2xx
Ep. 200
The Ghost Who Raised a Child / Oman Cherry Blossoms / The Osono Fox and t...
Ep. 201
The Wife Who Didn't Eat / Yawn Atchoo Poot / The Ushi no Koku Mairi
Ep. 202
The Sparrow with the Severed Tongue / The Dream of the Mortar Seller / Th...
Ep. 203
The Forest of Furuya / The Tengu and the Potato / The Kakegoro of Kanne a...
Ep. 204
The Village of Nightingales / The Rich Man and Gatarou / The Soul That We...
Ep. 205
Zashikiwarashi / The Lazy Husband and the Nagging Wife / The Peach and th...
Ep. 206
Wintermelon Princess / The Former Dog / The Shocked Daikon Radish
Ep. 207
Chinchin Kobakama / Saruya's Rock / The Badger of Eagle Mountain
Ep. 208
Momotarou / The Buckwheat Dumpling Priest / The Nose and Morning Porridge
Ep. 209
The Pond Snail Rich Man / Yaobikuni / The Child of the Giant Snake
Ep. 210
Yatsubakezukin / Even the Sardine's Head Begins with Faith / Onisuke and ...
Ep. 211
Shippei Tarou / A Field of Rape Blossoms That Bloomed Overnight / The Lig...
Ep. 212
The Cow's Marriage / Shibahama / The Ocelot and the Priest
Ep. 213
Ushiwakamaru / The Demon Granny of Adachigahara / The Days Fly By
Ep. 214
The White Rabbit of Inaba / The Giant, Strange-Colored Deer / The Jewel o...
Ep. 215
The Pond Snail Sisters / The White Snake Girl / The Blue Tengu and the Re...
Ep. 216
The Cat from the Dragon Palace / Sashisaba and Tsurushigaki / The Fart-Se...
Ep. 217
The Monkey Groom / Otojo's Fire / The Oil Seller and the Fox
Ep. 218
Monogusa Tarou / The Flute of the Moonlit Night / Shrimp and Crow
Ep. 219
Umisachihiko and Yamasachihiko / The Stupid Groom and the Crab Loincloth ...
Ep. 220
Niou and Dokkoi / Cowbear-sama / Yashagaike
Ep. 221
Orihime and Hikoboshi / The Mercy of the Priest Statue / Yatsuhashi
Ep. 222
The Oyster Mushroom at the Bottom of the Valley / The Bride's Present / T...
Ep. 223
The Story of the Tengu on Dainichiyama / The Fox's Gift / The Child That ...
Ep. 224
The Boy and the Fox / One Piece of Kannon's Thigh-Meat / Gonzou Bug
Ep. 225
Oitekebori / The Flying Man and His Flying Journey / Otogirisou
Ep. 226
Yotsuya Ghost Story / The Inn in the Grave / The Thief of Paradise
Ep. 227
The Dead Wife's Evil Spirit / Nursemaid Cherry Blossoms / The Snake Samur...
Ep. 228
The Box of Jealousy / The Mirror and the Bell / The Cat's Teacup
Ep. 229
The Broken Promise / The Story of the Green Willow / Enma-sama Is Hachigo...
Ep. 230
Magoshiroubuchi / The Zuitan Priest Statue / The Tale of Kotohime
Ep. 231
Careless Soukurou / The Decapitated Priest Statue / Genji and the Hood
Ep. 232
The Man Who Saw His Own Funeral / Ghost Road / Kissaku's Fall
Ep. 233
Shippei-Tarou / The Demon Granny of Adachigahara / Otojo's Fire
Ep. 234
The Fishwife / Obusaritee / The Fox Kid of Ankokuji
Ep. 235
Meguro Saury / Kappa Dokkuri / The Giant Carp That Sank a Boat
Ep. 236
The Ginger Wife / The Tanuki's Spinning Wheel / The Fox's Birth
Ep. 237
Rokurokubi / Rat Sumo / Oshira-sama
Ep. 238
Heaven's Blessings, Earth's Blessings / Daikoku Buys Salt / Fujiwara Vill...
Ep. 239
The Takohachi Rich Man / Bunshichi Mottoi / The Oryuu Willow
Ep. 240
Yamata no Orochi / Lake Moon / The Demon and the Chinese Yam
Ep. 241
Three Talismans / Biwakuuna / A Treasure Entrusted
Ep. 242
The Kappa of Ise / The Centipede Gets a Doctor / The Rich Man Who Became ...
Ep. 243
Karoku and the Crane / The Shiranui Pine / Gohachi Is Kidnapped by a Teng...
Ep. 244
Chikaratarou / The Son with the Most Filial Piety in the Village / The Bo...
Ep. 245
Snow Woman / The Geta Given by a Tengu / The Demon's Arm
Ep. 246
The Taishiko Dumpling / Dancing Yohei and the Brideless Fox / The Kanekko...
Ep. 247
The Three Demons of Houraiji / Handprint Mountain / The Wife's Hair-Cutti...
Ep. 248
Shiitare Is a Thief / The Lightning's Favorite Belly-Button / Maiden Pass
Ep. 249
The Priest's Hand Towel / A Story of Fuki / A Thousand Ships of White Ses...
Ep. 250
Sadaroku and Shiro / The Man Who Healed the Dragon's Eye / The Talisman B...
Ep. 251
The Badgers of Noto Island / Fukusuke-san, the God of Blessing / Shiro an...
Ep. 252
Starfire / Yam Forest / The Ageha Butterfly Repays a Debt
Ep. 253
The Medicine That Works Here and There / The Monster Master / The Frog of...
Ep. 254
The Tanuki Forest of Shoujou Temple / The Night Forest of the Hina Dolls ...
Ep. 255
Momotarou / The Guardian of Farts / The Mitten Crab Repays a Debt
Ep. 256
Kintarou / The Curse of the Utou Bird / Yattobei and the Tengu
Ep. 257
Urashima Tarou / The One Ka Priest / The Body-Throwing Stone
Ep. 258
Little One Inch / The Great Snake of Onnagawadani / The Rain-Calling Bodh...
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