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One of the Greatest Action/Comedies I've seen. (Including Index 1-2 and the original Railgun.)

Review of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
by Marksamon7766
Posted on May 1st, 2017
Positive 10
Overall Rating
2 of 2 people found the following review useful

Story: 10

A city called Tokiwadai in which special abilities like electricity or supernatural abilities exist all in a school district. Everyone is ranked by their esper level, you're either in the 0 which means you don't have an ability yet or never will. Or your in the level 1-4 which means you have a ability depending on how well you can manage and use your ability. But our main character in the Railgun Series Misaka is one of the highest ranked espers at a level 5 along with a small handful of people. It's not easy getting to this level, which earned Misaka the nickname Tokiwadai's Railgun (since her ability is electricity and she has a strong power which is a whole lot like a Railgun). She lives a normal enough life with her dorm friend Kuroko (level 4 with a teleporting ability with a bit of a kinky side) in Tokiwadai. Kuroko, Misaka's friend works for a security team that helps protect Tokiwadai from espers misusing their powers, or from criminals. Misaka, Kuroko, Uiharu & Saten (friends of Misaka and Kuroko) all work together to stop crime and also they all try living a normal teenage girls life being friends and all. But this happy go lucky normal plot takes a huge dip in Railgun S and Index 1-2.


Railgun S the next part of Railgun, has the normal plot for the first few episodes with Misaka and her friends living a normal life and stopping crime all while having fun. But the rest of the show of Railgun S is mostly about Misaka discovering a huge evil plot after hearing rumors of cloning of level 5's arise.  After hearing this Misaka is hoping it's all just a hoax until one day she finds a clone, not just any clone but a clone of herself. She tries gaining info off of the clone but the clone ('s) have strict orders on not giving away info regarding the experiments. But when time strikes right, the many clones of Misaka have to make their way down to a powerful esper named Accelerator and get slaughtered by him. All part of the experiment to make a level 6 a real thing. By having Accelerator kill copies of level 5's his powers will get stronger and scientist hope by doing this will increase Accelerators level to level 6. When the original Misaka finds out about the truth behind this experiment, she sets out to foil all the data and by doing so, she hopes to end all the experiments including all the killings of innocent clones. But is this task too much for Misaka?! She doesn't want to drag her friends into this dark mission of saving clones. But with all the whole city against her, she starts to realize she might not be able to stop these killings if she does not get a little help. 


Toma the main character in Index 1-2 (who also stars in Railgun series) has a special ability that makes him able to cancel out any special ability with his right hand. But this right hand of his also brings along bad luck, since a nun named Index appears out of nowhere into his life. Index is special since she has over 100,000 books stuck in her head due to her having a special ability of photographic memory (she can't forget anything). These books she has stuck in her mind are special books no mere human could read without receiving permanent mental and physical damage. Only a casters can read these along with other powerful beings. These books are magical and hold a lot of power which if they fall into the wrong hands can cause a big problem. Toma must protect Index from anyone who is after her and her knowledge, Toma with his ability thinks this task is a piece of cake, but he soon realizes it's going to be a whole lot tougher than he expected. (index 2 is also amazing since it still has 1's plot but still includes other side characters problems as well)

These Series are amazing not just because of their plots, and how they integrate side characters into the shows. But also how they still manage to make it a comedy with all the dark plot mixing into a comedy based show(mainly in Railgun S). Its pure magic!!! I highly recommend you watch and share these Series (Railgun, Railgun S, Index, Index ll. And of course the movie) with your friends. Like they say in the anime... There's never a dull moment in Tokiwadai!

Animation: 10

Stunning scenery with good detail. 

Sound: 9

Like any anime you hear what you need to, good extra sound like birds and insects singing.

Character: 10

All the character are unique and match their personality.

Enjoyment: 10

I really adored this anime even if gets dark at points. That what makes me love it even more. :)

I am a guy who really likes romance, action, sci-fi, and comedy... I highly recommend Haganai, Re:zero and Railgun, Rail gun S, Index l and index ll. I'm still one of those few people who still hope for a haganai 3.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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