Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka: Familia Myth IV
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Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori

Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori

2005 - 2007  •  40 hours  •  97 episodes
1 vote
381 votes
Ranked #5051
# 5816
Adventure, Kids
Zorori, Ishishi, and Noshishi help the wizard Nelly and the mysterious Najo to restore the magic forest in a magical country.
  Previously Aired Episode
The Final Decisive Battle! The Legendary Prank King Aired on 01/28/2007
The Final Decisive Battle! The Legendary Prank King
Episode 97
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
97 episodes total
Ep. 01
The Great Cheer Up Plan
Ep. 02
The Mystery of the Giant Cave
Ep. 03
The Terrifying Treasure Hunt
Ep. 04
The Mysterious Magical Girl
Ep. 05
The 3 Heroes
Ep. 06
The Wizard's Traps
Ep. 07
The Magic Room
Ep. 08
The Power of Magic
Ep. 09
Let's Go to the Hot Springs
Ep. 10
The Detective Has Appeared
Ep. 11
Nelly's Mistake
Ep. 12
A Bunch of Riddles
Ep. 13
The Ramen King Appears
Ep. 14
It's hot! A Ramen Showdown
Ep. 15
The Terrifying Popular Designer
Ep. 16
The Flap to the World Designer
Ep. 17
The Great Carnival Plan
Ep. 18
Keep Watch! Carnival Victory
Ep. 19
The Terrifying Carnival
Ep. 20
The Magic Forest
Ep. 21
The Tail Walking Fishes
Ep. 22
The Great Prankster Kids Plan
Ep. 23
Climb! Terrifying Mt. Tongari
Ep. 24
The Cursed Valley
Ep. 25
The Curse of the Haunted House
Ep. 26
The Monsters Have Come
Ep. 27
Zorori Can Be Eaten
Ep. 28
The Great Escape from Tonma
Ep. 29
The Dragon Farm Duel
Ep. 30
Zorori VS Gaon
Ep. 31
Ishishi & Noshishi's 100 Close Calls
Ep. 32
The Great Curry Panic
Ep. 33
The Mysterious Giant Good Luck Cat
Ep. 34
The Terrifying Farting Squirrel Adventure
Ep. 35
The Fated 8 Hours
Ep. 36
Certain Death
Ep. 37
The Terrifying Flower Monster
Ep. 38
Bridegroom Training
Ep. 39
Who's the Culprit!?
Ep. 40
The Secret of Dapon's Pharmacy
Ep. 41
Rescue Nelly!
Ep. 42
The Great Thief
Ep. 43
Pursue Guramo!
Ep. 44
Dapon's Great Revenge Plan
Ep. 45
Dapon's Meditation Hot Spring
Ep. 46
Giant Monster Dapon
Ep. 47
The Great Dapon Rescue Plan
Ep. 48
The Terrifying Great Meteorite
Ep. 49
Search for the Fart Masters
Ep. 50
The Earth's Final Day
Ep. 51
The Ghost Forest's Electric Eel
Ep. 52
Blow Down the Piglet's House!
Ep. 53
Zorori Has Become a Child!?
Ep. 54
No Smiling Allowed in Nikoniko Town
Ep. 55
Zorori and Cinderella
Ep. 56
The Prince of Fate
Ep. 57
Pursuing the Super Baby
Ep. 58
The Great Get a Princess Plan
Ep. 59
Zorori, the Devil King, and the Prince
Ep. 60
Rescue Princess Myan!
Ep. 61
Puppe of Aryapusu
Ep. 62
Showdown at Mt. Kachimake
Ep. 63
The Great Storm Escape
Ep. 64
Let's Get the Diamond!
Ep. 65
Zorori Lost His Memory!?
Ep. 66
Showdown! Little Red Ridding Hood
Ep. 67
Mecha Gaon Appears!
Ep. 68
Startlingly Surprised?! The Golf Tournament
Ep. 69
The Great Zorori Circus
Ep. 70
The Terrifying Capsule Machine
Ep. 71
Destroying the Weather Machine
Ep. 72
Puppe's Secret
Ep. 73
Showdown! The Legendary Prank King
Ep. 74
Goodbye! Puppe
Ep. 75
Tracking the Prank King
Ep. 76
Thank you Mr. Sankyu
Ep. 77
The Great Rescue Zorori Plan
Ep. 78
The Close Call Runaway Locomotive
Ep. 79
Showdown! Kids VS Adults
Ep. 80
Zorori and Gaon's Terrifying 97 Matches
Ep. 81
The Certain Kill Pranksters
Ep. 82
The Terrifying Marathon Rally
Ep. 83
Ishishi and Noshishi's Candy Hell
Ep. 84
Save Princess Elzie's Castle!
Ep. 85
The Mysterious Magic Words are Honchara Konchara
Ep. 86
Puppe is God?
Ep. 87
The Big Prize is a Terrifying Premonition!?
Ep. 88
Greetings! Mysterious Alien!
Ep. 89
Eh! Zorori's Little Sister?
Ep. 90
Surprise! The Great Kick the Can Plan
Ep. 91
Look! A Super Hero
Ep. 92
The Princess' Ghost
Ep. 93
An Alien is Santa Claus
Ep. 94
The Great Gift of the New Year's First Smile Plan
Ep. 95
The Out of Control Robot Maid
Ep. 96
The Prank King and the Mysterious Castle
Ep. 97
The Final Decisive Battle! The Legendary Prank King
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