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Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma Cafe

Polar Bear Cafe

2012 - 2013   •  TV Tokyo  •   20 hours
39 votes
13030 votes
Ranked #612
# 557
Anthropomorphism, Comedy, Romance
The gag comedy follows the daily life of penguins, grizzly bears, and other animals at a cafe run by a polar bear.
  Previously Aired Episode
Mr. Penguin's Secret / Cherry Blossom Viewing in Spring Aired on 03/28/2013
Mr. Penguin's Secret / Cherry Blossom Viewing in Spring
Episode 50
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
50 episodes total
Shirokuma Cafe |
Ep. 01
Polar Bear's Cafe
Ep. 02
Everyone's Cafe / Cafe's Cherrry Blossom Viewing
Ep. 03
Polar Bear Goes to the Zoo / Panda's Problems
Ep. 04
Obsessed with Smartphones / Super Fun Driving Lesson
Ep. 05
Panda Gets Enthusiastic / Everyone's Parfait
Ep. 06
Panda's Diet / Strive for it! Wild Panda
Ep. 07
Mr. Handa's Remodeling Plan / The Great Love Love Driving Operation
Ep. 08
A Magazine Interview Comes By / Salmon Hunter: Mr. Grizzly
Ep. 09
Rin Rin Deeply Moved! Panda's House! / Mr. Penguin's Proposal
Ep. 10
Mr. Handa's Group Blind Date? / Mr. Handa's Group Blind Date!
Ep. 11
Mr. Penguin's Broken Heart / Panda's Night Out
Ep. 12
Panda, Tired of Boredom / Panda's Advice Room for Troubles
Ep. 13
Tanabata Decorations / Panda's Wish
Ep. 14
Enthusiastic Polar Bear / Let's Go to the Beach!
Ep. 15
Weeding in the Summer / Mr. Penguin's Romance
Ep. 16
Mr. Grizzly Goes On an Adventure / A Strange Restaurant
Ep. 17
Let's Go Camping! / Rin Rin and the High School Girl
Ep. 18
The Cafe's Ghost Stories / Panda Runs Away from Home
Ep. 19
There Are Many Kinds of Penguins / What Is Baisen!?
Ep. 20
The Ideal Single Living / Summer Festival
Ep. 21
Panda Is No Longer a Panda / Mei Mei's Prince
Ep. 22
Sales Penguin / Mr. Penguin Picnic
Ep. 23
Mr. Handa's Discussion / Panda Mama's Daily Life
Ep. 24
Panda's Apprenticeship / A Sports Day Filled with Animals
Ep. 25
Mr. Penguin's Hobbies / Their Childhood Days
Ep. 26
The New Panda / Reunion at the Grizzly Bar
Ep. 27
Animal Field Baseball Part 1 / Animal Field Baseball Part 2
Ep. 28
Panda's Apology! / Rin Rin Welcomed!
Ep. 29
Panda's New Part-Time Job! / Mr. Penguin Goes Flying!
Ep. 30
Halloween! / Llama Day!
Ep. 31
Mr. Penguin's Dilemma! / Idol: Yama Arashi!
Ep. 32
The Cafe Yard! / Sales Penguins' Sales!
Ep. 33
Panda Corner Contest! / Coffee Roaster Masaki
Ep. 34
Wolf's Occupation Change / Mr. Penguin's New Love!
Ep. 35
Sloth Wants To Work! / Mr. Handa's Present
Ep. 36
Grizzly's Hibernation Preparations! / Grizzly's Hibernation!
Ep. 37
Christmas Planning! / Christmas Trouble!
Ep. 38
Big Cleaning at the Cafe / For Whom Does the Bell Toll
Ep. 39
The Animals' Hidden Talent Competition! / New Year's Guest
Ep. 40
The Hammock Sea / Panda Mama's Gardening
Ep. 41
Scattering Beans With Everyone / The Cafe in the Afternoon
Ep. 42
Polar Bear's Insomnia / Mr. Grizzly's First Love
Ep. 43
Pun Cafe! / Mr. Full-Time Panda, Mr. Llama, and Rin Rin!
Ep. 44
The Everyday Zoo! / The Zoo in the Rain
Ep. 45
Rin Rin and Mei Mei's Super Exciting Plan / Smelt Fishing
Ep. 46
Doll Festival / The Animal Doctor
Ep. 47
South Pole Squad Penguinger / Even More, What is Roasting!?
Ep. 48
Sloth's Trip / I Became a Doll / White Day
Ep. 49
Mr. Grizzly's Reunion / Mr. Llama's Time Capsule
Ep. 50
Mr. Penguin's Secret / Cherry Blossom Viewing in Spring
Episode 1
Episode S1
Episode 2
Episode S2
Episode 3
Episode 26 Storyboard Version
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7 Memos
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Member’s ratings:
Rivka Rivka 8
Watched 2020
Sekhmet_03 Sekhmet_03 7
Work life, Animal protagonists, INOUE
Ailith Twinning Ailith Twinning 6
It's super slow with really laid-back jokes, it follows the MC's pace above-all. It's cute, but doesn't need 50 episodes XD.

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