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Straw Hat Pirates, I Wanna Be Your Nakama..!

Review of One Piece
by Scott D. Lalonde
Posted on June 5th, 2016
Positive 10
Overall Rating
8 of 10 people found the following review useful

It's been about a year since i started watching anime regularly and that is something I have yet to regret. I mostly enjoy short anime with less than 50 episodes that have good plot and well made characters, anime like cowboy bebop(my favorite), mushishi, ergo proxy, code geass etc. I knew about anime like OP, Naruto, Bleach even before I started watching anime but kept avoiding them even when I had seen about 50 (I must have seen over 100 now XD) other anime mainly because I thought to myself 'how can they be any good when they have that many episodes? Aren't they out of ideas yet?'. Well I might be right about Naruto and Bleach but when it comes to One Piece I couldn't be more wrong. 

One piece is so good, so enjoyable and it never ends which is something everyone who is watching it wants.

Story: 10

A story about a group of "good" pirates as they embark on endless adventures

Monkey. D. Luffy is the captain of a small group of pirates, famous as the Straw Hat Pirates. He recruits a small and diverse group of people who will be his nakama on the journey. He is more interested in food and nakamas than in gold & money as normal pirate would be. He is a comedian more than a captain, but he rises to the occasion when needed and he's a good role model. 

He wants to get to One Piece & become the King Of Pirates. 

He gets Roronoa Zoro on board first. He is a highly skilled swordsman & is known as the pirate hunter Zoro. He uses three katanas & it's his ambition to become the best swordsman in the world. Then Nami comes aboard as the skilled navigator. Its her dream to draw the map of the whole world. 

After that, Usopp the storyteller (i.e he's a great liar) becomes their nakama.

Next Sanji becomes their cook. His dream is to prove that All-Blue exists and he's an awesome kicker along with being a highly skilled cook. But, he loses it whenever he sees a beautiful lady. 

Then comes Chopper, a reindeer (you heard me right!). He becomes their doctor and he's very good at it. 

Then Nico Robin hops on aboard. Her dream is to find out about the ultimate Poneglyph, Rio Poneglyph. She has a power and a troubled past.

This story is about taking the initiative to go for your dreams. Take the awesome adventures with Luffy and his nakama and you'll fall in love with them. There is comedy, spirit, love and an awe-inspiring factor in the anime. Even the animation which feels weird at first grows on you so much that you'll like this kind of animation more than the others.
Animation: 10

Really fantastic, entertaining, hilarious, emotional, thrilling, exciting, super character developments.

One Piece also excels in this sector with beautiful and vivid animation. The sceneries look alive and all different from each other with their very own characteristics. The characters are illustrated masterfully and each character looks a lot different from each other (that's a huge plus in anime). 

Sound: 9

Catchy music

The sound department also did a great job especially with the voice actors, I'm always talking about the original Japanese (don't you dare see the English dub), who fit really well into their respective characters. The music, for me at least, is very catchy and actually really well made. However that depends on personal taste, if you are not really into this kind of karaoke-Japanese style of music you might not like it. Nevertheless OP really has some of the greatest music themes I have heard in an anime.

Character: 10

This is where OP really shines.

Each character is presented with great detail,they are all quite unique. Everyone has their own backstory explained thoroughly and we get to see why they are who they are,why each one of them has their very own ambitions and dreams. Due to their different experiences they have very different personalities and through good character development we see how they interact with each other and how they get closer to each other. 

We see how they become comrades and everyone is looking for each other,they become something very close to a family. That's the kind of bonds they make. Furthermore we not only see the history and personality of the straw hats but many others too like members of the marines. We see why they make the kind of choices they make. Nobody is entirely evil and nobody is purely good. Everyone has a good reason behind what they are doing and they strongly believe in their own cause, in their own justice and in their own dreams.

It also teaches how humans are allowed to have flaws; in fact, all people do: seemingly perfect Swordsman and first mate Roronoa Zoro has no sense of direction whatsoever and can easily get himself lost on any one way street, navigator Nami is absolutely crazy for money, cook Sanji loses his mind once he sees a lady.. and the list goes on and on. But despite these flaws, they continue fighting. For each other and with each other. If one crewmember can't do it, somebody else will be right there for support. 

Enjoyment: 10

Unforgettable anime!

One Piece is one of the most, if not the most enjoyable and diverse anime series you can find. It really excels in pretty much every field there is. It is the only anime series,or any series, I have seen with that many episodes and yet manages to stay that good (and believe me, have I seen a lot).

I recommend OP to anyone with enough time and hunger for adventure.

If you have not decided whether to watch it or not just watch 10 episodes and see for yourself if you want continue or not (oh you will want to continue). Trust me and you won't regret it, just like I did.

Scott D. Lalonde
I love stupid shit. But at least I'm honest about it. Born in 1983.

8 of 10 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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Marc Thibodeau
Marc Thibodeau 1 year ago
Can't agree more...wait..I can...what you said +1
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