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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

1986 - 1989   •  Fuji TV  •   63 hours
410 votes
349019 votes
Ranked #409
# 360
Action, Adventure, Anthropomorphism, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Henshin, Sci-Fi
Bulma is a girl from the city with a wish. In order to fulfill her wish, she set out to collect seven mystical spheres known as the Dragon Balls. It is said that, when the seven Dragon Balls are brought together, one may invoke their lord, Shenron, an almighty dragon god who can and will grant any wish, ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The End, The Beginning Aired on 04/19/1989
The End, The Beginning
Episode 153
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
153 episodes total
Dragon Ball |
Episodes 1-99 1xx
Ep. 01
Secret of the Dragon Balls
Ep. 02
The Emperor's Quest
Ep. 03
The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi
Ep. 04
Oolong the Terrible
Ep. 05
Yamcha the Desert Bandit
Ep. 06
Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls
Ep. 07
The Ox-King on Fire Mountain
Ep. 08
The Kamehameha Wave
Ep. 09
Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch
Ep. 10
The Dragon Balls are Stolen!
Ep. 11
The Penalty is Pinball
Ep. 12
A Wish to the Eternal Dragon
Ep. 13
The Legend of Goku
Ep. 14
Goku's Rival
Ep. 15
Look Out for Launch!
Ep. 16
Find That Stone
Ep. 17
Milk Delivery
Ep. 18
The Turtle Hermit Way
Ep. 19
The Tournament Begins
Ep. 20
Elimination Round
Ep. 21
Smells Like Trouble
Ep. 22
Yamcha versus Jackie Chun
Ep. 23
Monster Beast Giran
Ep. 24
Krillin's Frantic Attack!
Ep. 25
The Fearful Aerial Karate Raid!
Ep. 26
The Great Finals!
Ep. 27
Goku in the Biggest Crisis
Ep. 28
Crash! Force versus Force!
Ep. 29
The Roaming Lake
Ep. 30
Pilaf and the Mystery Force
Ep. 31
Wedding Plans?
Ep. 32
The Flying Fortress... Vanished!
Ep. 33
The Legend of a Dragon
Ep. 34
Cruel General Red
Ep. 35
Cold Reception
Ep. 36
Major Metallitron
Ep. 37
Ninja Murasaki Is Coming!
Ep. 38
Five Murasakis
Ep. 39
Mysterious Android No. 8
Ep. 40
Horrifying Buyon
Ep. 41
The Fall of Muscle Tower
Ep. 42
The Secret of Dr. Flappe
Ep. 43
A Trip to the City
Ep. 44
Master Thief, Hasky
Ep. 45
Danger in the Air
Ep. 46
Bulma's Bad Day
Ep. 47
Kame House - Found!
Ep. 48
Deep Blue Sea
Ep. 49
Roshi Surprise
Ep. 50
The Trap Is Sprung
Ep. 51
Beware of Robot
Ep. 52
The Pirate Treasure
Ep. 53
Blue, Black, and Blue
Ep. 54
Escape from Pirate Cave
Ep. 55
Penguin Village
Ep. 56
Strange Visitor
Ep. 57
Arale vs. Blue
Ep. 58
The Land of Korin
Ep. 59
The Notorious Mercenary
Ep. 60
Tao Attacks!
Ep. 61
Korin Tower
Ep. 62
Sacred Water
Ep. 63
The Return of Goku
Ep. 64
The Last of Mercenary Tao
Ep. 65
Confront the Red Ribbon Army
Ep. 66
A Real Bind
Ep. 67
The End of Commander Red
Ep. 68
The Last Dragon Ball
Ep. 69
Who Is Fortuneteller Baba?
Ep. 70
We Are The Five Warriors
Ep. 71
Deadly Battle
Ep. 72
Goku's Turn to Fight
Ep. 73
The Devilmite Beam
Ep. 74
The Mysterious Fifth Man
Ep. 75
The Strong Ones
Ep. 76
The True Colors of the Masked Man
Ep. 77
Pilaf's Tactics
Ep. 78
The Eternal Dragon Rises
Ep. 79
Terror and Plague
Ep. 80
Goku vs. Sky Dragon
Ep. 81
Goku Goes to Demon Land
Ep. 82
The Rampage of InoShikaCho
Ep. 83
Which Way to Papaya Island?
Ep. 84
Rivals and Arrivals
Ep. 85
Preliminary Peril
Ep. 86
Then There Were Eight
Ep. 87
Yamcha vs. Tien
Ep. 88
Yamcha's Big Break
Ep. 89
Full-Moon Vengeance
Ep. 90
The Dodon Wave
Ep. 91
Counting Controversy!
Ep. 92
Goku Enters the Ring
Ep. 93
Tien Shinhan vs. Jackie Chun
Ep. 94
Stepping Down
Ep. 95
Goku vs. Krillin
Ep. 96
Tail's Tale
Ep. 97
Final Match: Goku vs. Tien Shinhan
Ep. 98
Victory's Edge
Ep. 99
Episodes 1xx
Ep. 100
The Spirit Canon
Ep. 101
A New Champion
Ep. 102
Enter King Piccolo
Ep. 103
Tambourine Attacks!
Ep. 104
Mark of the Demon
Ep. 105
Here Comes Yajirobe
Ep. 106
Terrible Tambourine
Ep. 107
Tien's Atonement
Ep. 108
Goku's Revenge
Ep. 109
Goku vs. King Piccolo
Ep. 110
Piccolo Closes In
Ep. 111
Roshi's Gambit
Ep. 112
King Piccolo's Wish
Ep. 113
Siege on Chow Castle
Ep. 114
Conquest and Power
Ep. 115
Awaken Darkness
Ep. 116
A Taste of Destiny
Ep. 117
The Ultimate Sacrifice
Ep. 118
Prelude to Vengeance
Ep. 119
Battle Cry
Ep. 120
Goku Strikes Back
Ep. 121
The Biggest Crisis
Ep. 122
Final Showdown
Ep. 123
Lost and Found
Ep. 124
Temple Above the Clouds
Ep. 125
Earth's Guardian Emerges
Ep. 126
Eternal Dragon Resurrected
Ep. 127
Quicker Than Lightning
Ep. 128
Secret of the Woods
Ep. 129
The Time Room
Ep. 130
Goku's Doll
Ep. 131
Walking Their Own Ways
Ep. 132
Hotter Than Lava
Ep. 133
Ep. 134
Preliminary Peril
Ep. 135
Battle of the Eight
Ep. 136
Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao
Ep. 137
Anonymous Proposal
Ep. 138
The Mysterious Hero
Ep. 139
Ep. 140
Goku Gains Speed
Ep. 141
The Four Faces of Tien
Ep. 142
Kami vs. Piccolo
Ep. 143
Battle for the Future
Ep. 144
Super Kamehameha
Ep. 145
Junior No More
Ep. 146
Goku's Trap
Ep. 147
Goku Hangs On
Ep. 148
The Victor
Ep. 149
Dress in Flames
Ep. 150
The Fire-Eater
Ep. 151
Outrageous Octagon
Ep. 152
Mystery of the Dark World
Ep. 153
The End, The Beginning
Episode 1
Goku's Traffic Safety
Episode 2
Goku's Fire Brigade
Episode 3
Goku's Traffic Safety
Episode 4
Goku's Fire Brigade
Episode 5
Goku's Traffic Safety
Episode 6
Goku's Fire Brigade
Episode 7
Goku's Traffic Safety
Episode 8
Goku's Fire Brigade
Episode 9
Goku's Traffic Safety
Episode 10
Goku's Fire Brigade
Episode 11
Goku's Traffic Safety
Episode 12
Goku's Fire Brigade
Episode 13
Goku's Traffic Safety
Episode 14
Goku's Fire Brigade
Episode 15
Goku's Traffic Safety
Episode 16
Goku's Fire Brigade
Episode 17
American Edition Dragon Ball
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Member’s ratings:
Hylia Hylia 10
Iriamu Iriamu 9
A very good way to launch a series! It really pushed me into being a DB fan. In love with Kid Goku
Xirai Xirai 9
i only added this because i remeber i saw the 10 first episodes long ago

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