Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai
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Tenshi na Konamaiki

Tenshi na Konamaiki

Cheeky Angel

2002 - 2003   •   20 hours
14 votes
7691 votes
Ranked #1614
# 1411
Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance
Amatsuka Megumi, an attractive tomboy, actually used to be a boy — that was six years ago at the age of nine...

Back then Megumi encountered a magician near the river bank, initially intent on clobbering the old man with his toy ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Kiss, the Magic Will Be Dispelled! Is the Angel a Boy or a Girl? Aired on 03/30/2003
Kiss, the Magic Will Be Dispelled! Is the Angel a Boy or a Girl?
Episode 50
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
50 episodes total
Ep. 01
Meeting at Full Speed. Is the Angel Male or Female?
Ep. 02
What's Wrong? My Angel!
Ep. 03
This Is the Man's Hand That Defeats All with a Single Blow!
Ep. 04
The Angel Dances Down from the Sky...
Ep. 05
I Love You! I Love You Too!
Ep. 06
Let's Try to Get Closer to Her Secret!
Ep. 07
I Will Become a Woman!!?
Ep. 08
Such an Annoying Guy. Righteous Idiot, Kobayashi
Ep. 09
A Magical Book! I Don't Want Megumi to Be a Guy!
Ep. 10
Smash It! The Little Demon's Curse!!
Ep. 11
It's a Date Megu, I'll Show You What a Great Guy I Can Be!
Ep. 12
I Am Cursed After All!
Ep. 13
Somehow Osaka?! The Dreaming Girl Is a Big Thief?! (Why Osaka!?)
Ep. 14
I Want to Die Between Your Soft White Legs!!
Ep. 15
We Can Meet the Old Magician!
Ep. 16
Don't Point to My Weakness! Giant Crayfish Fishing.
Ep. 17
The Worst Person Has Come! Keiko Appears!!
Ep. 18
Man's Battle! A Warrior and an Average Guy?!
Ep. 19
Megumi vs. Keiko: I Will Raise a Strong Man!
Ep. 20
Miki's Fiance!? I'll Protect You No Matter What!
Ep. 21
Operation Marriage Interference! No Miki for the Smooth-Talking Bastard!!
Ep. 22
Forget Credentials and Politics! This Is the Power of Love!
Ep. 23
Of Course There Are Decent Men! Mother Has a Very Surprising Interview!
Ep. 24
Soga's Woman? My Cute Legs Will Take Her Out!
Ep. 25
The Woman's Enemy, Genzo!? What Is the Scar on His Cheek~!
Ep. 26
Don't Hold Me in Your Arms! Who Is Setsuka!?
Ep. 27
A Kiss!? My Curse Is Loosened!
Ep. 28
I'm Changing Back to a Boy! It's a Showdown!!
Ep. 29
You Pervert Bastard, Beautiful Megu Will Take Care of You!
Ep. 30
A Punishment or a Curse!? Not Bad, Genzo!
Ep. 31
Megu in a Locked Room! Men Are All Trouble!
Ep. 32
The Girl Keiko Fell in Love With! M-Me~!?
Ep. 33
Can You Beat the Little Devil's Magic? Pervert Power!
Ep. 34
A Must-See! An Apron-Clad Megumi!! A Cooking Contest!
Ep. 35
Genzo, You Can't Run Away! It's Seppuku for You~!
Ep. 36
Megu's Yukata Appearance! Why Are You Running Away~!
Ep. 37
Yamato Nadeshiko Cup Part 1, Who Is the Fated Partner!? Fujiki Sees a Haw...
Ep. 38
Yamato Nadeshiko Cup Part 2, Who's Afraid of a Boxer's Punch! Megu Execut...
Ep. 39
Yamato Nadeshiko Cup Part 3, Megumi VS Keiko It's a Ghostly Battle!
Ep. 40
Yamato Nadeshiko Cup Part 4, Yanagizawa's Revenge It's Okay, I'm Not a Gi...
Ep. 41
Yamato Nadeshiko Cup Part 5, Miki Gets Angry! Who's a Man? Stupid Megumi!
Ep. 42
Yamato Nadeshiko Cup Part 6, I'm Strong. If You Make It Seem Like I Cried...
Ep. 43
A Date with a Prince!? Megu Is a Princess!?
Ep. 44
Kappa Kappa Fujiki? I Saw a Mermaid in the Midsummer Sea!
Ep. 45
The Stone-Breaking Samurai - If You Want Miki, You'll Have to Defeat Me F...
Ep. 46
It's Our Field Trip! It's a Confession! It's the Love Comedy Samurai~?!
Ep. 47
I'm Miki's Prince! Hiyo, Silver~!!
Ep. 48
Gakusan's Game Begins! Fujiki's "Love" Explosion~!!
Ep. 49
Reach to Miki's Confined Heart, Rock-Breaking Power!
Ep. 50
Kiss, the Magic Will Be Dispelled! Is the Angel a Boy or a Girl?
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dark dark 9
nice,very funny
Ricardo Ricardo 8
Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
Harman Harman 7
comedy, romance, school life, shoujo

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