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2011 - 2011   •  TV Tokyo  •   10 hours
672 votes
724542 votes
Ranked #2
# 2
Angst, Comedy, Harem, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
* Based on a visual novel by 5pb and Nitroplus.

In Akihabara a group of friends have managed to customize their microwave into a device that can send text messages into the past. As they perform different experiments, an organization ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Achievement Point Aired on 09/13/2011
Achievement Point
Episode 24
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
24 episodes total
Steins;Gate | Steins;Gate - Part 2 - Available Now on BD/DVD Combo - Trailer
Ep. 01
Turning Point
Ep. 02
Time Travel Paranoia
Ep. 03
Parallel World Paranoia
Ep. 04
Interpreter Rendezvous
Ep. 05
Starmine Rendezvous
Ep. 06
Butterfly Effect's Divergence
Ep. 07
Divergence Singularity
Ep. 08
Chaos Theory Homeostasis - I
Ep. 09
Chaos Theory Homeostasis - II
Ep. 10
Chaos Theory Homeostasis - III
Ep. 11
Dogma in Event Horizon
Ep. 12
Dogma in Ergosphere
Ep. 13
Metaphysics Necrosis
Ep. 14
Physically Necrosis
Ep. 15
Missing Link Necrosis
Ep. 16
Sacrificial Necrosis
Ep. 17
Made in Complex
Ep. 18
Fractal Androgynous
Ep. 19
Endless Apoptosis
Ep. 20
Finalize Apoptosis
Ep. 21
Paradox Meltdown
Ep. 22
Being Meltdown
Ep. 23
Open the Steins Gate
Ep. 24
Achievement Point
Episode 1
Egoistic Poriomania
Episode 2
Open the Missing Link
Episode 3
Episode 14 Preview
Episode 4
Episode 13 Preview
Episode 5
Episode 12 Preview
Episode 6
Episode 11 Preview
Episode 7
Episode 10 Preview
Episode 8
Episode 09 Preview
Episode 9
Episode 08 Preview
Episode 10
Episode 07 Preview
Episode 11
Episode 06 Preview
Episode 12
Episode 05 Preview
Episode 13
Episode 04 Preview
Episode 14
Episode 03 Preview
Episode 15
Episode 02 Preview
Episode 16
Episode 15 Preview
Episode 17
Episode 16 Preview
Episode 18
Episode 24 Preview
Episode 19
Episode 23 Preview
Episode 20
Episode 22 Preview
Episode 21
Episode 21 Preview
Episode 22
Episode 20 Preview
Episode 23
Episode 19 Preview
Episode 24
Episode 18 Preview
Episode 25
Episode 17 Preview
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English only please. Home rules.
Story: 7  Animation: 8  Sound: 9  Character: 8  Enjoyment: 9

Time is everyone’s enemy – an unsaid truth that all learn one way or another. Whether that be through a lost love, an important event or just something you wish to savour forever, they will all eventually fade away and leave only an empty hole in their place. A harsh reality that stings the soul, begging the question to what meaning is there to love or desire anything in life if it cannot stay with us? Even memories and echoes of the past cannot remain unchanged so long as the hands of time continue to turn. The present akin to a leaf floating atop of a river; it moves along with the flow... read more

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Story: 9  Animation: 9  Sound: 9  Character: 10  Enjoyment: 10

Oh, Steins;Gate; with your lovable cast, laugh out loud humor, microwavable time-travel, and that nonsensical semi-colon linking your name together-- you're my absolute, all-time favorite anime, and it might stay that way for a very long time.

read more
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Member’s ratings:
Mary Lee Mary Lee 10
Steins;Gate: Kyoukaimenjou no Missing Link - Divide By Zero not yet added :\
Shibly Sikder Shibly Sikder 10
One of the best time paradoxes ever. Worth every minute.
Filip Sever Filip Sever 10
Unforgettable story! Beginning was rather slow, though.

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