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Kuromajo-san ga Tooru!!

Kuromajo-san ga Tooru!!

2012 - 2014   •  NHK  •   7 hours
9 votes
1613 votes
Ranked #6080
# 4610
Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, School, Slice Of Life
Kurotori Chiyoko is a fifth grader who loves the occult. One day, she tries to divine her friend`s Cupid, but thanks to a stuffy nose summons a witch named Gyubid instead. From that day on, Gyubid becomes Chiyoko`s magic instructor, and must learn to balance the gruelling demands of her training with ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Black Witch's Letter (Part 2) Aired on 02/19/2014
The Black Witch's Letter (Part 2)
Episode 60
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
60 episodes total
Ep. 01
School Ghost Stories vs The Black Witch
Ep. 02
The Cycling Black Witch
Ep. 03
The Black Witch is Super Popular
Ep. 04
It's First Love, Black Witch
Ep. 05
The Black Witch and the Great Kitty Cat Rebellion
Ep. 06
The Black Witch Goes to Harajuku
Ep. 07
The Black Witch and the Horror Field Trip
Ep. 08
The Black Witch Fails at Love and Cooking
Ep. 09
The Black Witch Exorcism Challenge
Ep. 10
The Black Witch Appears on TV
Ep. 11
Let's Mellow Out, Black Witch
Ep. 12
The Black Witch's Cinderella (Part 1)
Ep. 13
The Black Witch's Cinderella (Part 2)
Ep. 14
The Black Witch Is a Big Sister? (Part 1)
Ep. 15
The Black Witch is a Big Sister? (Part 2)
Ep. 16
The Black Witch's Class Visit
Ep. 17
The Black Witch's Sports Day (Part 1)
Ep. 18
The Black Witch's Sports Day (Part 2)
Ep. 19
The Black Witch's Halloween (Part 1)
Ep. 20
The Black Witch's Halloween (Part 2)
Ep. 21
The Black Witch's Halloween (Part 3)
Ep. 22
A Black Witch Walks a Mile in a Dog's Shoes
Ep. 23
The Black Witch Is Scared of Ghosts in the Pool (Part 1)
Ep. 24
The Black Witch Is Scared of Ghosts in the Pool (Part 2)
Ep. 25
The Somber Library
Ep. 26
The Black Witch Wasn't Build in a Day
Ep. 27
Strange Confectionery Contest (Part 1)
Ep. 28
Strange Confectionery Contest (Part 2)
Ep. 29
A Sacrificial Ritual Held After School!?
Ep. 30
Panicky Valentine's Day
Ep. 31
The Graduation Album Smells Like the Occult (Part 1)
Ep. 32
The Graduation Album Smells Like the Occult (Part 2)
Ep. 33
The Black Witch and the Cherry Tree
Ep. 34
The Black Witch's Stationery Shop
Ep. 35
The Black Witch and Rakugo
Ep. 36
The Black Witch's Quarrel Tempest
Ep. 37
The Shrunk Black Witch
Ep. 38
The Black Witch's Grandma
Ep. 39
The Black Witch's Nightmare Contest
Ep. 40
The Black Witch Likes Fortune-telling?!
Ep. 41
The Black Witch Goes to the Spirit World (Part 1)
Ep. 42
The Black Witch Goes to the Spirit World (Part 2)
Ep. 43
The Black Witch and the Red String 1
Ep. 44
The Black Witch and the Red String 2
Ep. 45
The Black Witch and the Red String 3
Ep. 46
The Black Witch Isn't Good at Swimming?!
Ep. 47
It's Animals, Black Witch
Ep. 48
The Visible Scent, Black Witch
Ep. 49
The Black Witch's School Art Festival
Ep. 50
The Black Witch's Autumn Festival (Part 1)
Ep. 51
The Black Witch's Autumn Festival (Part 2)
Ep. 52
The Black Witch and Darudemon
Ep. 53
The Black Witch's Christmas (Part 1)
Ep. 54
The Black Witch's Christmas (Part 2)
Ep. 55
The Black Witch's Christmas (Part 3)
Ep. 56
The Black Witch's Christmas (Part 4)
Ep. 57
The Black Witch and Madame Tenten
Ep. 58
The Black Witch and the Bread Thief?!
Ep. 59
The Black Witch's Letter (Part 1)
Ep. 60
The Black Witch's Letter (Part 2)
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