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Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny

Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny season 2

2004 - 2005   •  Tokyo Broadcasting System  •   20 hours
35 votes
48607 votes
Ranked #2503
# 1855
Action, Angst, Romance, Sci-Fi, Drama
Cosmic Era (C.E.) 70, the "Bloody Valentine" tragedy escalated into a war between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT. It became severe. Making many sacrifices, they achieved a truce after the second battle at Yakin Due. However, this truce didn`t subdue the conflicts between Naturals and Coordinators completely.

During ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Last Power Aired on 10/01/2005
The Last Power
Episode 50
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
50 episodes total
Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny |
Ep. 01
Angry Eyes
Ep. 02
Those Who Call for War
Ep. 03
Warning Shots
Ep. 04
Stardust Battlefield
Ep. 05
Scars that Won't Heal
Ep. 06
The End of the World
Ep. 07
Land of Confusion
Ep. 08
Ep. 09
Bared Fangs
Ep. 10
A Father's Spell
Ep. 11
The Chosen Path
Ep. 12
Blood in the Water
Ep. 13
Resurrected Wings
Ep. 14
Flight to Tomorrow
Ep. 15
Return to the Battlefield
Ep. 16
Struggle in the Indian Ocean
Ep. 17
The Soldier's Life
Ep. 18
Attack the Lohengrin
Ep. 19
The Hidden Truth
Ep. 20
Ep. 21
Wandering Eyes
Ep. 22
Sword of the Blue Skies
Ep. 23
The Shadows of War
Ep. 24
Differing Views
Ep. 25
The Place of Sin
Ep. 26
The Promise
Ep. 27
Unfulfilled Feelings
Ep. 28
Survivors and Sacrifices
Ep. 29
Ep. 30
A Fleeting Dream
Ep. 31
The Endless Night
Ep. 32
Ep. 33
The World Revealed
Ep. 34
Ep. 35
Eve of Chaos
Ep. 36
Athrun on the Run
Ep. 37
Thunder in the Dark
Ep. 38
A New Flag
Ep. 39
Kira of the Skies
Ep. 40
Legacy of Gold
Ep. 41
Ep. 42
Freedom and Justice
Ep. 43
A Call for Counterattack
Ep. 44
Lacus Times Two
Ep. 45
Prelude to Revolution
Ep. 46
The Song of Truth
Ep. 47
Ep. 48
To A New World
Ep. 49
Ep. 50
The Last Power
Episodes 1
Seed Supernova er - Nicol's Piano
Episodes 2
Seed Supernova er - Nicol's Piano
Episodes 3
Seed Supernova er - Nicol's Piano
Episodes 4
Seed Supernova er - Nicol's Piano
Episodes 5
Seed Supernova er - Nicol's Piano
Episodes 6
Seed Supernova er - Nicol's Piano
Episodes 7
ANIME MUSIC CLIP -Director's Concept-: Quiet Night C.E.73
Episodes 8
ANIME MUSIC CLIP -Director's Concept-: Life Goes On
Episodes 9
ANIME MUSIC CLIP -Director's Concept-: tears
Episodes 10
ANIME MUSIC CLIP -Director's Concept-: Shinkai no Kodoku
Episodes 11
ANIME MUSIC CLIP -Director's Concept-: Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru
Episodes 12
ANIME MUSIC CLIP -Director's Concept-: Honoo no Tobira
Episodes 13
ANIME MUSIC CLIP -Director's Concept-: EMOTION
Episodes 14
Final Plus
Episodes 15
Episodes 16
The Making Of
Episodes 17
Seed Supernova er - Character Songs Remix
Episodes 18
Seed Supernova er - Tanekyara Gekijo 1
Episodes 19
Seed Supernova er - World Wide Seed
Episodes 20
Seed Supernova er - MS Trico Stage
Episodes 21
Seed Supernova er - Tanekyara Gekijo 2
Episodes 22
Seed Supernova er - SEED The Live Tour
Episodes 23
Seed Supernova er - Nicol's Piano
Episodes 24
Seed Supernova ist - Tanekyara Gekijo 3
Episodes 25
Seed Supernova ist - Tanekyara Gekijo 4
Episodes 26
ANIME MUSIC CLIP -Director's Concept-: Fields of hope
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Member’s ratings:
Zeph Zeph 6
How can I say this?... a little too.. childish. Its intended message of reminding the viewer of the sobering cruelty of war is still there
Eduardt Satoru (NintenYoshi) Eduardt Satoru (NintenYoshi) 4
Crunchyroll, Subtitled, HD Remaster
Oscar Eduardo Oscar Eduardo 4
Crunchyroll, Subtitled, HD Remaster

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