Hataage! Kemono Michi
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Futari wa Precure

Futari wa Precure

Pretty Cure

2004 - 2005   •   20 hours
10 votes
10437 votes
Ranked #3628
# 2663
Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Misumi Nagisa is an extremely sporty, popular student who hates studying, and has a very extreme sense of justice, Yukishiro Honoka is a top student who appears to be elegant, but is actually very clumsy. They are both second year students at the Verone Middle School for girls. One night Nagisa and Honoka ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Believe in the Future! Believe in Tomorrow! We Won't Let You Say Goodbye!! Aired on 01/29/2005
Believe in the Future! Believe in Tomorrow! We Won't Let You Say Goodbye!!
Episode 49
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
49 episodes total
Futari wa Precure |
Ep. 01
You Want Us to Transform? No Way!
Ep. 02
Give Me a Break! A City Targetted by Darkness
Ep. 03
Beware of the Cute Student Teacher
Ep. 04
A Miracle? The Art Museum Comes to Life!
Ep. 05
Serious Trouble! A Desperate Pisard
Ep. 06
A New Darkness! The Bear in the Dangerous Forest
Ep. 07
A Bitter Lacrosse Battle! A Maiden's Heart Is So Delicate
Ep. 08
The End of Pretty Cure! Isn't It Too Soon for That!?
Ep. 09
Give Him Back! The Great Mepo Mepo Strategy
Ep. 10
Honoka Explodes! A Wonderful Birthday
Ep. 11
Save Ryota! Gekidrago Panic
Ep. 12
The Evil Flower! Poisonny Appears
Ep. 13
Beware! The Young Transfer Student
Ep. 14
Are You Kidding? Pretty Cure Imposters Go Wild
Ep. 15
A Really Dangerous Family Vacation
Ep. 16
Full Throttle Stress! It's Hard Being a Superstar
Ep. 17
Capture His Heart! Heart-Throbbing Farm Work
Ep. 18
Heart-Throbbing! Mid-Term Tests Are a Love Labyrinth
Ep. 19
Too Scary! Dotsuku Zone's Final Trump Card
Ep. 20
Which Is the Real One? There Are Two Honokas
Ep. 21
A Shocking Date! The Truth About Kiriya
Ep. 22
You're Kidding! Chutaro's Going to Be a Mom!?
Ep. 23
Danger! The Summer Training Camp Nightmare
Ep. 24
The Showdown! Pretty Cure vs. Ilkubo
Ep. 25
Let's Go to the Field of Light Popo! Us, Too!?
Ep. 26
Goodbye Mepple and Mipple!? No Way!
Ep. 27
A New Darkness Closes In! Save the Lost Pollun
Ep. 28
Regine Appears! We've Had Enough of This Already
Ep. 29
Stormy Summer Festival! The Thunder God Is Super Scary!?
Ep. 30
Explosive! Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm
Ep. 31
Did He Really Run Away? Where in the World Is Pollun!?
Ep. 32
Cheer Pollun Up! Special Carnival
Ep. 33
Get the Victory! Find the Path of Light with Your Heart
Ep. 34
Nagisa Breaks Away! The Blazing 'Gachinko' Relay
Ep. 35
Is This a Date? Tumultous Happy Birthday
Ep. 36
Reach for Freedom! Stone Keeper's Desperate Great Escape
Ep. 37
First Stage Performance!! Don't Lose, Romeo and Juliet
Ep. 38
It Takes Guts! Ryota's Great Errand Strategy
Ep. 39
Glittering Tears! Pouring Sweat! A Chaotic Wedding
Ep. 40
Invitation to a Dream World!? One-Night Journey into Darkness
Ep. 41
We Won't Lose!! Blow the Power of Darkness Away!
Ep. 42
We Are One! Nagisa and Honoka's Powerful Bond
Ep. 43
Extremely Shaken Up! My Feelings for Fuji P
Ep. 44
I Couldn't Be Happier!? Nagisa's White Christmas
Ep. 45
Sing, Sakura Class! The Choir Shows Courage
Ep. 46
It's the Pits! Has the Power of the Stones Been Stolen
Ep. 47
The Most Powerful Warrior Appears! No Way!
Ep. 48
The Greatest Final Battle! Pretty Cure's Last Day!!
Ep. 49
Believe in the Future! Believe in Tomorrow! We Won't Let You Say Goodbye!...
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jonion jonion 4
your best! my best! ikiterun dakara.

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