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Tetsuwan Atom

Tetsuwan Atom

Astro Boy

1963 - 1966
17 votes
2299 votes
Ranked #3162
# 2777
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Drama
Atom is created by Dr. Tenma as a replacement for his human son Tobio following the boy`s death in a car accident. Despite his best of intentions, Tenma soon becomes frustrated that Atom never grows any taller and continues to make mistakes as he learns to harness his robot powers. In a moment of mental ... More
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Series ended
193 episodes total
Tetsuwan Atom |
Episodes 1-99 1xx
Ep. 01
The Birth of Astro Boy
Ep. 02
Ep. 03
Expedition to Mars
Ep. 04
One Million Mammoth Snails
Ep. 05
The Sphinx
Ep. 06
Zero, the Invisible Robot
Ep. 07
Captain Atom
Ep. 08
The Spirit Machine
Ep. 09
The Deep Freeze
Ep. 10
Strange Voyage
Ep. 11
Time Machine
Ep. 12
Cross Island
Ep. 13
The Eyes of Christ
Ep. 14
The Artificial Sun
Ep. 15
Grass Boy
Ep. 16
Silver Comet
Ep. 17
Hullabaloo Land
Ep. 18
Gangor, the Monster
Ep. 19
The Cosmic Giant
Ep. 20
Toxor, the Mist Man
Ep. 21
Satellite R-45
Ep. 22
Sea Serpent Isle
Ep. 23
The Deadly Flies
Ep. 24
Kingdom of the Sea
Ep. 25
The Deep-underground Tank
Ep. 26
Don Tay's Infernal Machine
Ep. 27
Pearl People
Ep. 28
The Wacky Machine
Ep. 29
Memory Day
Ep. 30
Secret Agent 3-Z
Ep. 31
Mysterious Cosmic Rays
Ep. 32
Hot Dog Corps
Ep. 33
The Three Magicians
Ep. 34
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
Ep. 35
Planet X
Ep. 36
The Elixir of Life
Ep. 37
The Strange Birthday Present
Ep. 38
The Asteroid Menace
Ep. 39
The Mysterious Cat
Ep. 40
The Abominable Snowman
Ep. 41
Deadline to Danger
Ep. 42
The Yellow Horse
Ep. 43
Ep. 44
Cleopatra's Heart
Ep. 45
Return of Cleopatra
Ep. 46
The Phantom Space Ship
Ep. 47
The Gigantic Space Crab
Ep. 48
The Great Space Horse
Ep. 49
3D Tee Vee
Ep. 50
Westward, Ha!
Ep. 51
Jimbo the Great
Ep. 52
The Snow Lion
Ep. 53
Goodbye 1963
Ep. 54
Duel on the Alps
Ep. 55
Rejuvenating Gas
Ep. 56
The Moon Monsters
Ep. 57
Astro Boy Goes to School
Ep. 58
The Island of Mystery
Ep. 59
The Super Duper Robot
Ep. 60
Dogma Palace
Ep. 61
Space Parasites
Ep. 62
The Haunted Ship
Ep. 63
The Man-Made Iceberg
Ep. 64
Vampire Vale
Ep. 65
The Terrible Tidal Wave
Ep. 66
Ep. 67
The Devil Doll
Ep. 68
Dinosaur Dilemma
Ep. 69
The Clock Tower Mystery
Ep. 70
The Flower Monster
Ep. 71
Attack from Space
Ep. 72
Shipwreck in Space
Ep. 73
Big Titan
Ep. 74
Mission to the Middle of the World
Ep. 75
Inca Gold Fever
Ep. 76
The Monster Machine
Ep. 77
The Hooligan Whodunit
Ep. 78
Funnel to the Future
Ep. 79
Super Brain
Ep. 80
A Mighty Minute
Ep. 81
The Dream Machine
Ep. 82
The Robot Olympics
Ep. 83
Dunder, Bird of Doom
Ep. 84
Dolphins in Distress
Ep. 85
The Mad Beltway
Ep. 86
The Terrible Time Gun
Ep. 87
Space Princess
Ep. 88
Mighty Microbe Army
Ep. 89
Horrible King Horrid
Ep. 90
Mystery of Amless Dam
Ep. 91
Galeom from Galaxy G
Ep. 92
The Three Robotiers
Ep. 93
Brother Jetto
Ep. 94
Angel of the Alps
Ep. 95
Magic Punch Card
Ep. 96
The Great Rocket Robbery
Ep. 97
Contest in Space
Ep. 98
Gift of Zeo
Ep. 99
A Deep, Deep Secret
Episodes 1xx
Ep. 100
The Wonderful Christmas Present
Ep. 101
Uncharted World
Ep. 102
Jungle Mystery
Ep. 103
The Terrible Spaceman
Ep. 104
The Devil's Balloon
Ep. 105
General Astro
Ep. 106
The Mighty Mite from Ursa Minor
Ep. 107
Mystery of the Metal Men
Ep. 108
Super Human Beings
Ep. 109
Phoenix Bird
Ep. 110
Menace from Mercury
Ep. 111
Robot Polymer
Ep. 112
Samson's Hair
Ep. 113
Dangerous Mission
Ep. 114
Metro Monster
Ep. 115
The Big Runaway Safe
Ep. 116
The Biggest Robot on Earth (Part 1)
Ep. 117
The Biggest Robot on Earth (Part 2)
Ep. 118
Robot Grabby
Ep. 119
Planet 13
Ep. 120
Time Hunter
Ep. 121
Prisoners in Space
Ep. 122
The Monster Mantler
Ep. 123
Captain Dog
Ep. 124
Double Trouble
Ep. 125
Find the Bacteria
Ep. 126
Ep. 127
The Experimental Robot
Ep. 128
Treasures of the Inca Empire
Ep. 129
Atom vs. Atom
Ep. 130
The Storm on Mars
Ep. 131
The Moon Champion
Ep. 132
Prince Louis
Ep. 133
Revenge After Ten Years
Ep. 134
Operation Escape
Ep. 135
The Robot-Dog Backy
Ep. 136
Inspector Jaguar
Ep. 137
Little Cooley
Ep. 138
A Long Day
Ep. 139
Astro Boy Stolen
Ep. 140
The King and Atom
Ep. 141
The Locomotive March
Ep. 142
Minya's Star
Ep. 143
Bird Street Story
Ep. 144
Lost Friendship
Ep. 145
Atom in the Deep Sea
Ep. 146
Report from the Future
Ep. 147
Mid-Air Screen
Ep. 148
Robio and Robiet
Ep. 149
The Can Capriccio
Ep. 150
Miss Magnet
Ep. 151
Lonely Atom
Ep. 152
The Robot Bombs
Ep. 153
The Red Merry-Go-Round
Ep. 154
Blue Bird Story
Ep. 155
The Crazed Boundary
Ep. 156
Robot Mayor
Ep. 157
Gypsy's Star
Ep. 158
Funny Companion
Ep. 159
Devil and Angel
Ep. 160
The Golden Flute
Ep. 161
The Dream Selling Aliens
Ep. 162
Operation Candy
Ep. 163
Road to Another World
Ep. 164
The Space Spider
Ep. 165
A Great Fuss Over Babies
Ep. 166
The Jewel-Eating Monster
Ep. 167
Plenty of Balloons
Ep. 168
The Island That Jumped Up
Ep. 169
Gift from the Future
Ep. 170
Two Princesses
Ep. 171
Kutcher Forever
Ep. 172
The Herald Brothers
Ep. 173
Ep. 174
The Great Submarine Canal
Ep. 175
Robot Wars (Part 1)
Ep. 176
Robot Wars (Part 2)
Ep. 177
The Gigantic Robot
Ep. 178
Chi-tan's Nighttime Adventure
Ep. 179
The Blue Knight (Part 1)
Ep. 180
The Blue Knight (Part 2)
Ep. 181
Ghost Manufacturing Machine
Ep. 182
Demented Cobalt
Ep. 183
Japanese People from Space
Ep. 184
Time War
Ep. 185
Star of Africa
Ep. 186
Monsters Come Out at Night
Ep. 187
Baily's Adventure
Ep. 188
Tengu of Kurama
Ep. 189
Confusion at the Shooting Studio
Ep. 190
Miracle of Mesotamia
Ep. 191
Wandering Roppi
Ep. 192
Medussa's Mansion
Ep. 193
The Greatest Adventure on Earth
Episode 1
"Making Of" Documentary
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Action, Adventure, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Fergus Duniho Fergus Duniho
The original series.

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