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Chii's Sweet Home

Chii's Sweet Home

Chi's Sweet Home

2008 - 2008   •  TV Tokyo  •   5 hours
49 votes
20084 votes
Ranked #1017
# 894
* Based on the Chii`s Sweet Home manga series written and illustrated by Konami Kanata and serialised in Weekly Morning.

Chii is a kitten that accidentally got separated from its mother, and is now unable to find its way back home. ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Chii Discovers. Aired on 09/24/2008
Chii Discovers.
Episode 104
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
104 episodes total
Episodes 1-99 1xx
Ep. 01
Chii Gets Lost.
Ep. 02
Chii Gets Taken In.
Ep. 03
Chii Suffers a Terrible Experience.
Ep. 04
Chii Forgets.
Ep. 05
Chii Starts.
Ep. 06
Chii Continues.
Ep. 07
Chii Feels Down.
Ep. 08
Chii Understands.
Ep. 09
Chii Remembers.
Ep. 10
Chii Dreams.
Ep. 11
Chii Is Taken.
Ep. 12
Chii Is Settled.
Ep. 13
Chii Gets Excited.
Ep. 14
Chii Receives.
Ep. 15
Chii Plays.
Ep. 16
Chii Is In the Way.
Ep. 17
Chii Runs Away.
Ep. 18
Chii Takes A Walk.
Ep. 19
Chii Exploring.
Ep. 20
Chii Is Left Alone.
Ep. 21
Chii Goes To the Hospital. (Part One)
Ep. 22
Chii Goes To the Hospital. (Part Two)
Ep. 23
Chii Goes To the Hospital. (Last Part)
Ep. 24
Chii Hates.
Ep. 25
Chii Gets Obsessive.
Ep. 26
Chii Chooses.
Ep. 27
Chii Misunderstands.
Ep. 28
Chii Gets Her Claws Trimmed.
Ep. 29
Chii Keeps Everyone Under House Arrest.
Ep. 30
Chii Is Lured.
Ep. 31
Chii House-Sits. (Part One)
Ep. 32
Chii House-Sits. (Last Part)
Ep. 33
Chii Discovers.
Ep. 34
Chii Wants to See.
Ep. 35
Chii Watches.
Ep. 36
Chii Is Found.
Ep. 37
Chii Is Deeply Moved.
Ep. 38
Chii Quarrels.
Ep. 39
Chii Takes a Bath.
Ep. 40
Chii Confrontates.
Ep. 41
Chii Becomes Certain.
Ep. 42
Chii Meets.
Ep. 43
Chii Is Edible.
Ep. 44
Chii Reports.
Ep. 45
Chii Attracts Attention.
Ep. 46
Chii Gets Interested.
Ep. 47
Chii Stays Close To.
Ep. 48
Chii Feigns Ignorance.
Ep. 49
Chii Pursues.
Ep. 50
Chii Learns.
Ep. 51
Chii Practices.
Ep. 52
Chii Goes Back Home.
Ep. 53
Chii Defies.
Ep. 54
Chii Resists.
Ep. 55
Chii Grows Timid.
Ep. 56
Chii Finds a Friend.
Ep. 57
Chii Gets Excited.
Ep. 58
Chii Gets Thrown Out.
Ep. 59
Chii Surprises.
Ep. 60
Chii Chases.
Ep. 61
Chii Cuddles.
Ep. 62
Chii Stays Close.
Ep. 63
Chii Turns Around.
Ep. 64
Chii Bothers.
Ep. 65
Chii Wants.
Ep. 66
Chii Sulks.
Ep. 67
Chii Finds.
Ep. 68
Chii Kneads.
Ep. 69
Chii Uses Her Head.
Ep. 70
Chii Tastes.
Ep. 71
Chii Eats Too Much.
Ep. 72
Chii Is Surrounded.
Ep. 73
Chii Messes Up Her Fur.
Ep. 74
Chii Is Brushed.
Ep. 75
Chii Falls in Love.
Ep. 76
Chii Breaks Down.
Ep. 77
Chii Gets Engaged.
Ep. 78
Chii Hides.
Ep. 79
Chii Hides More.
Ep. 80
Chii Is Found.
Ep. 81
Chii Learns.
Ep. 82
Chii Fails.
Ep. 83
Chii Plays A Game.
Ep. 84
Chii Becomes An Eyewitness.
Ep. 85
Chii Makes Room.
Ep. 86
Chii Hides Herself.
Ep. 87
Chii Hides Herself More.
Ep. 88
Chii Arbitrates.
Ep. 89
Chii Is Taken.
Ep. 90
Chii Attacks.
Ep. 91
Chii Is Pleased.
Ep. 92
Chii Hits It Off.
Ep. 93
Chii Learns.
Ep. 94
Chii Tracks Down.
Ep. 95
Chii Takes A Break.
Ep. 96
Chii Studies.
Ep. 97
Chii Braces Herself.
Ep. 98
Chii Longs For.
Ep. 99
Chii Is Waiting.
Episodes 1xx
Ep. 100
Chii Petitions.
Ep. 101
Chii Makes A Promise.
Ep. 102
Chii Sees Off.
Ep. 103
Chii Cries.
Ep. 104
Chii Discovers.
Episode 1
Chii's Sweet News 1
Episode 2
Chii's Sweet News 2
Episode 3
Chii's Sweet News 3
Episode 4
Chii's Sweet News 4
Episode 5
Chii's Sweet News 5
Episode 6
Chii's Sweet News 6
Episode 7
Chii's Sweet News 7
Episode 8
Chii's Sweet News 8
Episode 9
Chii's Sweet News 9
Episode 10
Chii's Sweet News 10
Episode 11
Chii's Sweet News 11
Episode 12
Chii's Sweet News 12
Episode 13
Chii's Sweet News 13
Episode 14
Chii's Sweet News 14
Episode 15
Chii's Sweet News 15
Episode 16
Chii's Sweet News 16
Episode 17
Chii's Sweet News 17
Episode 18
Chii's Sweet News 18
Episode 19
Chii's Sweet News 19
Episode 20
Chii's Sweet News 20
Episode 21
Chii's Sweet News 21
Episode 22
Chii's Sweet News 22
Episode 23
Chii's Sweet News 23
Episode 24
Chii's Sweet News 24
Episode 25
Chii's Sweet News 25
Episode 26
Chii's Sweet News 26
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Member’s ratings:
Nano Nano 8
TV, Comedy, Slice of Life, Madhouse, Spring 2008, 2005-2009
Sekhmet_03 Sekhmet_03 8
Animal protagonists, Kids
bergdoll bergdoll 7
A great example on how to do animal characters properly.

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