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High School DxD New: Gekkou Koutei no Excalibur

High School DxD New: Gekkou Koutei no Excalibur

High School DxD New

2013 - 2013   •   5 hours
139 votes
262992 votes
Ranked #923
# 750
Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Henshin, Incest, Hentai, Romance, Sci-Fi, Under One Roof
* Based on a light novel series by Ishibumi Ichiei with illustrations by Miyama Zero.

Issei finds new troubles about to befall his life and two of them tend to sleep in his bed. While looking at an old photo album, Kiba notices ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Clash of the Twin Sky Dragons! Aired on 09/22/2013
Clash of the Twin Sky Dragons!
Episode 12
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
12 episodes total
High School DxD New: Gekkou Koutei no Excalibur |
Other Titles: ハイスクールDxD NEW, High School DxD New, ハイスクールDxD NEW 月光校庭のエクスカリバー
Sub Genres: Calling Your Attacks, Martial Arts, Super Power, Swordplay, Parody, Slapstick, Violent Retribution for Accidental Infringement, Sexual Fantasies, Paper Clothes, Pantsu, Lingerie, Magic, Ghost, Dragon, Demons, Contemporary Fantasy, Angel, Magic Circles, BDSM, Shoujo Ai, Place, Time, Earth, Asia... more, Japan, Present, School Life, War, High School, Pornography, Swimsuit, Small Breasts, Bullying, Borderline Porn, Terrorism, Cross-dressing, Reverse Trap, Trap, Demonic Power, Stupid Main Character, Fighting, Massacre, Against Destiny, Jealousy, Speculative Fiction, School, School Clubs, Chemical Weapons, Sister-sister Incest, Loli, Censored Uncensored Version, Spanking, Horny Nosebleed, Formerly One-gender School, School Swimsuit, Beautiful People Club, Murder, Nearly Almighty Protagonist, Sex, Disaster, Violence, Large Breasts, Master-servant Relationship, Demon, Facial Distortion, Crime, Death, The Arts, Tropes, Fate, Rivalry, Breasts, Revenge, Talking Is A Free Action, Visible Aura, Male Protagonist, Animal Abuse, Plot Continuity, Emotions Awaken Superpowers, Undead, Storytelling, Human Experimentation, Mutilation, Nudity, Gainax Bounce, Following One`s Dream
Air Date: 07/07/2013 - 09/22/2013
Type: TV
  • Episodes
Last Ep. aired on Sunday 09/22/2013
  Mark as watched:    All episodes  

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Member’s ratings:
Thomas Eric Belfort Thomas Eric Belfort 9
High School of the DXD remains very amusing in it's 2nd season (and also funny as hell).
Valentin Păunei (ValiGseven) Valentin Păunei (ValiGseven) 8
nudity, ecchi, dragon, harem, action, demon, super power, fantasy, comedy, romance, angel, novel
Zeph Zeph 6
Issei is one lucky mofo! "plot" with a plot. Yes the story is bonkers and pass the point of stupidity but that becomes a part of the charm.

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