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Interesting and fun with beautiful animation; though it fails to keep its quality

Review of Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
by Gavin Abdollahi
Posted on October 11th, 2017
Positive 8
Overall Rating
1 of 2 people found the following review useful

Story: 8

You played From Software's Bloodborne? What about Dark Souls? Demon Souls? This is basically that.

Those three games I mentioned are REALLY hard video games (I've been stuck on Bloodborne for about a month now) where, whenever your character dies, you come back to life at a certain point, while you lose all your money and all the enemies you defeated come back to life. You can't pause, you can't save, you can't load... It's hard. Very hard. And annoying. It's really, really hard. Like, really.


Re: Zero: Starting Life In Another World From Zero has a similar plot: every time the main character dies, he comes back to a certain point in time. Everything he's done is erased: every person he's met forgets him, every friend he's made is a stranger, etc, etc... So, yeah, life's hard for him. Really hard. 

It's also pretty unique. The main character, while going to a convenience store, suddenly gets transported to a fantasy world filled with animal people and magic. And, he adapts. Like, after a minute.

The animation is PRETTY. It's bright, it's fluid, it's new, it's fresh... It's great. 'Nuff said.

Character: 9

Human, lovable, and full of feelings. You'll probably get attached. And your heart might just break.

Subaru (the main character) is so human. He's flawed, he breaks, he stumbles, he saves, he loves, he hates, he loses, he wins, he's funny, he's dressed in a tracksuit, he's likable. 
And the supporting cast... I won't give them away, but, you'll probably like them.
And, this being a show where the MC can't truly die, a bunch of tragic things happen too the characters. Though, the fact that Subaru always comes back lessens the impact.
Enjoyment: 8

It's not perfect, but it's enjoyable.

As I stated above, the show starts out great, meaning that it starts out funny, interesting and page-turning (or is it episode switching?), however, it didn't keep that greatness up (for me, at least). If I had rated this after the first couple of episodes, it would have gotten a 9/10. What exactly makes it not as good... Maybe it's because the MC keeps coming back to life, so, there aren't really any cliffhangers? Or maybe it's because it just wasn't interesting enough? 

Whatever the reason, despite the fact that it isn't able to keep things as good as they started out, Re: Zero is still enjoyable. There are some shows that I started months ago, and I still haven't gone more than five episodes past them. I finished this show in, at the most, five days.

Viewer discretion is advised, though: while it may look cute and kiddy, it's not. There's intense violence (blood splattering, people getting beaten up, a scene where a character coughs out loads of blood into your face, dismemberment (the wounds aren't graphically shown, but it's heavily implied, and blood spurts out of the censored wound). A character's limbs are twisted by psychic powers (shown, but the person's body is hidden in shadow). There's a creepy character who licks another character's eye, talks and looks crazy and repeatedly bites his fingers hard enough to draw blood. A shattered glass is (offscreenly) thrust into a man's throat. A character falls into despair and mentally breaks. Violence against monsters is not censored (they are cut in half, partially smashed in by sheer force, and, in the case of a giant beast, has its eye cut out). There are scantily clad characters, but it doesn't feel like fanserviece. There is some innuendo (I'm not sure if I understood this right, but it's implied that a sexual relationship is going on between a seat and her master (she mentions, "My body has been yours since..."). There are some sexual comments played for humor (while talking about a haircut, a character says, "Her hands will take you to paradise," and another character replies, "Why do you have to make it sound so dirty?") (a character says that she will meet a person in his room, he thinks that she means something by it and convinces himself that his heart belongs to another, but it turns out she only wanted to school him) (in an episode, a male bathes. Another male enters the bath (which looks like a hot spring) after him. For some reason, while talking to the other guy in the bath, he swings his hips from side to side (he's a very eccentric character). His crotch is blocked by the character n the bath's head the whole time. The eccentric character tells the guy in the bath, "If you belong to my household, does that not mean that you belong to me?" and puts his hand to the other guy's face. The other guy ends up chomping down on his hand (played for laughs). When the character in the bath exits the bathing room, a female servant sees him, and tells him to, "Hide that sorry thing".) There's some kissing in a flashback. A feminine looking feline character looks like a girl but is said to be male, he also dresses in female clothes and talks as if he's not a man.

This isn't a nine star show, nor is it one of my all time favorites. But it's one of those good ones.

1 of 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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