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Puzzle & Dragons Cross

Puzzle & Dragons Cross

Puzzle & Dragons X

2016 - 2018   •  TV Tokyo  •   37 hours
17 votes
940 votes
Ranked #5918
# 4655
Action, Fantasy
Dorogoza Island is rich in "Drop Energy" that players can use on friendly monsters. Once strong enough, they can face enemies in puzzle wars.
  Previously Aired Episode
Terra Dragon Aired on 03/26/2018
Terra Dragon
Episode 89
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
89 episodes total
Puzzle & Dragons Cross |
Ep. 01
Drop Impact
Ep. 02
Ep. 03
Operation Tamazo-Rescue
Ep. 04
Dragoza Island
Ep. 05
Soul Armor
Ep. 06
Mapple Tree
Ep. 07
The Path to Guild Dragon Caller
Ep. 08
King's Footsteps
Ep. 09
A Man from Geyser
Ep. 10
Ancient of Fire, Eldora
Ep. 11
Wood City Libria
Ep. 12
The New Ancient
Ep. 13
Guild Dragon Caller's Exam
Ep. 14
Ace Returns
Ep. 15
Entetsu's Soul
Ep. 16
Charo and the Haunted Forest
Ep. 17
The White Dragon
Ep. 18
The Promise in the Darkness
Ep. 19
The Secret of Drops
Ep. 20
Tiger's Tough Time
Ep. 21
E-Mail from Ace
Ep. 22
Our Youthful Valkyrie
Ep. 23
Breaking into SDF's Secret Base
Ep. 24
The One Protected by Gods
Ep. 25
Nightmare in Light City
Ep. 26
Surviving the Storm
Ep. 27
Battle Cup Begins!
Ep. 28
Soul Brave Activated!
Ep. 29
Valkyrie Awakens
Ep. 30
Our Friendship Battle!
Ep. 31
Dragon Caller of Light and Dark
Ep. 32
Twin's Memories
Ep. 33
Appalling! Kroell's Whip
Ep. 34
The Strongest of All Dragon Callers
Ep. 35
Ace Versus Starjohn
Ep. 36
Battle! Ace Versus Lance
Ep. 37
Intense Battle! Lance Versus Ace
Ep. 38
The Final Battle
Ep. 39
Their Separate Ways
Ep. 40
New Threat
Ep. 41
The Stolen Egg Drop
Ep. 42
Pride of Libria
Ep. 43
The Shadow Attacking Zelemony
Ep. 44
Challenge from the Darkness
Ep. 45
Protect Exscion
Ep. 46
The Crack in the Round Table
Ep. 47
Angene's Wish
Ep. 48
Dragon's Graveyard
Ep. 49
God's Fort
Ep. 50
The Dragonoid's Village, Stella
Ep. 51
The Two Dragons
Ep. 52
Under the Three Moons
Ep. 53
Grand Battle Cup Begins!
Ep. 54
Stella's Secret
Ep. 55
Mysterious Dragon Callers
Ep. 56
Mission of God
Ep. 57
Fierce Battle Against the Darkness
Ep. 58
The Days in Libria
Ep. 59
Star Fragment
Ep. 60
The Revealed Secret
Ep. 61
Ace's Final Showdown
Ep. 62
Lance's Roar
Ep. 63
Jest's Ambition
Ep. 64
The Savior
Ep. 65
Travel Destinations with Tamatama
Ep. 66
Stella Awakens
Ep. 67
Pure Light Sun Deity
Ep. 68
Golden Wings
Ep. 69
Ep. 70
Future of Crocus
Ep. 71
Beast Academy SOS
Ep. 72
Angry Tiger
Ep. 73
The Green Guardian
Ep. 74
Sonia and the Tree of Life
Ep. 75
Memories of Lance
Ep. 76
The Last Reversion
Ep. 77
The Frozen Sun
Ep. 78
Rescuing Torlie
Ep. 79
Resolve of Justice
Ep. 80
Resolve of Zelemony
Ep. 81
Head to the Tower of Light!
Ep. 82
A Starless Night
Ep. 83
Destroyer of Peace
Ep. 84
King of Hell
Ep. 85
Ultimate Existence
Ep. 86
Ace and Lance
Ep. 87
When the Light Goes Out
Ep. 88
Ep. 89
Terra Dragon
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Member’s ratings:
Walison Junior Walison Junior 5
I liked the monster designs and char's name but plot and chars were both lacking, and i dont care for political or military things. A poor v
Nano Nano
TV, Game, Studio Pierrot, Summer 2016, 2015-2019

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