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Gegege no Kitarou

Gegege no Kitarou

Gegege no Kitaro

2018 - Now  •  Saturday 08:00 PM on Fuji TV  •   23 hours
3 votes
5723 votes
Ranked #4572
# 3228
Action, Comedy
Nearly twenty years into the 21st century, people have forgotten the existence of Yokai. When a number of unexplainable phenomena plague adults of the human world with confusion and chaos, thirteen-year-old Mana writes a letter to the Yokai Post in search of answers, only to be greeted by Ge Ge Ge no ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Bewitching Melody Elite the Vampire Aired on 05/18/2019
The Bewitching Melody Elite the Vampire
Episode 56
  New Episode Air Date
Airs on Saturday 05/25/2019
Episode 57
Episode 57
Gegege no Kitarou |
Ep. 01
The Day Yokai Awoke
Ep. 02
Terror! Miage-Nyudou
Ep. 03
Tantanbo's Yokai Castle
Ep. 04
The Taboo of the Mysterious Forest
Ep. 05
The Disaster of the Electric Yokai
Ep. 06
The Misfortune of the Sunekosuri
Ep. 07
Ghost Train
Ep. 08
Menace! Kagami Jijii's Plot
Ep. 09
The Kappas' Work Reform
Ep. 10
Vanishing! The Seven School Mysteries
Ep. 11
Conquer Japan! The 808 Tanuki Army
Ep. 12
Capital Annihilated! The Terrifying Yokai Beast
Ep. 13
Diamonds of Greed! Wanyudo's Trap
Ep. 14
Makura-gaeshi and the Fantastic Dream
Ep. 15
Zunbera Spiritplasty
Ep. 16
The Mystery of the Tide! Umizato
Ep. 17
Kani-Bozu and the Ancient Mystery
Ep. 18
Kawauso's Lie
Ep. 19
Yokai Resurrection?! The Ghost School
Ep. 20
Memories of the Yoka
Ep. 21
Flame On! The Solitude of the Takuro-Bi
Ep. 22
Berserk!! The Terrifying Yokai, Gyuki
Ep. 23
The Yokai Apartment Secret Story
Ep. 24
Rat Man's Disappearance?! Sekiyo's Trap
Ep. 25
Kubire-Oni's Curse
Ep. 26
Infatuation: The Alluring Gahi
Ep. 27
Invasion! The Backbeard Army
Ep. 28
The Great Yokai War
Ep. 29
The Mad Frankenstein
Ep. 30
The Vampire's Halloween Party
Ep. 31
Azuki-Arai, Azuki-Hakari, Azuki-Babaa
Ep. 32
Demon Belial: The Hundred-Year Grudge
Ep. 33
The Fox's Wedding and Hakusanbo
Ep. 34
Emperor Backbeard
Ep. 35
The Witches of Destiny
Ep. 36
The Transform All Japanese Yokai Project
Ep. 37
Showdown!! Backbeard
Ep. 38
New Year's Man-Eating Fable Kasha
Ep. 39
Yuki-Onna Pure White Love Report
Ep. 40
The Final Ballad Sara-Kozo
Ep. 41
Enigma! The Bake-Zori Rebellion
Ep. 42
Momon-jii's Scheme: The Great Yokai Trial
Ep. 43
Eternal Life Odoro-Odoro
Ep. 44
Masquerade Nopperabo
Ep. 45
The Truth Lies in the Thicket of the Mannen-dake
Ep. 46
The Cursed Doll Festival Mayuge
Ep. 47
The Baby-Stealing Ubume
Ep. 48
The Void of Despair and Darkness
Ep. 49
Nanashi and Mana
Ep. 50
Messenger from the Underworld Nue
Ep. 51
Enma-daio's Secret Bargain
Ep. 52
Runaway Girl! The Forest of the Kinoko
Ep. 53
Narcissism Overload! Nuke-Kubi's Close Call
Ep. 54
Dorotabo, Life and Earth
Ep. 55
Hihi's Harassment Hell
Ep. 56
The Bewitching Melody Elite the Vampire
Ep. 57
Episode 57
Ep. 58
Episode 58
Ep. 59
Episode 59
Ep. 60
Episode 60
Episodes 1
Episode S1
Episodes 2
Episode S2
Episodes 3
Episode S3
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