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Review of The Wolf of Wall Street
by Andrew Nolan
Posted on April 28th, 2018
Neutral 6
Overall Rating
i resisted watching this for so long - but not a bad movie - just a little long.
Andrew Nolan

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Aegon 2 months ago
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Fast paced rollercoaster fueled by sex, drugs, and lots of money. Smart, witty, and uncanny at times, but that's what happens in high pressure environments: work hard, release the pressure harder. Ambition fades away and greed takes over, anything goes as long as you're making money. Until you fly too close to the sun, burn your wings, and crash hard.
On the other hand, Jordan Belfort is a master salesman in the movie, so one can't help to wonder how much one is being sold by this story of decadent and seductive debauchery. But to counter that sometimes, as Oscar Wilde put it: Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.

JORDAN BELFORT: I also gamble like a degenerate, drink like a fish, fuck hookers maybe five times a week and have three different Federal agencies looking to indict me. Oh yeah, and I love drugs.

JORDAN BELFORT: Yep, on a daily basis I consume enough drugs to sedate Manhattan, Long Island and Queens - for a month. I take Quaaludes 10-15 times a day for my "bag pain". Adderall to stay focused. Senax to take the edge off. Pot to mellow me out. Cocaine to wake me back-up. And morphine, well... because it's awesome. But of all the drugs under God's blue heaven, here is one that is my absolute favourite. See, enough of this shit will make you invincible. Able to conquer the world. And eviscerate your enemies. [sniffs cocaine] And I'm not talking about this [shows cocaine] I'm talking about this [shows money]

JORDAN BELFORT: Money doesn't just buy you a better life: better food, better cars, better pussy. It also makes you a better person. You can give generously to the church or the political party of your choice. You can save the fucking spotted owl with money.

JORDAN BELFORT: Mr. Hanna, you're able to do drugs during the day and then still function, still do your job?
MARK HANNA: How the fuck else are you supposed to do this job? Cocaine and hookers, my friend.

MARK HANNA: Number one rule of Wall Street. Nobody... and I don't care if you're Warren Buffet or if you're Jimmy Buffet. Nobody knows if a stock is gonna go up, down, sideways or in fucking circles. Least of all, stockbrokers, right? It's all a fugazi.

MARK HANNA: You get another brilliant idea. A special idea. Another situation. Another stock to reinvest his earnings and then some. And he will every single time, because they're fucking addicted.

MARK HANNA: You gotta stay relaxed. Do you jerk off?
JORDAN BELFORT: Do I jerk off? Yeah.
MARK HANNA: How many times a week?
JORDAN BELFORT: Like, um, three or four. Three or four times, maybe five.
MARK HANNA:Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket. I myself, I jerk off at least twice a day.

MARK HANNA: That's not why I do it. I do it 'cause I fucking *need* to. Think about it. You're dealing with numbers. All day long, decimal points, high frequencies. Bang, bang, bang. Fucking digits. All very acidic above-the-shoulders mustard shit. All right? It kind of wigs some people out. Right? You gotta feed the geese to keep the blood flowing. I keep the rhythm below the belt.
MARK HANNA: This is not a tip, this is a prescription. Trust me. If you don't, you will fall out of balance, split your differential and tip the fuck over. Or worse yet, I've seen this happen, implode.
JORDAN BELFORT: No, I don't wanna implode, sir.
MARK HANNA: No. No, you don't.
JORDAN BELFORT: I'm in this for the long run, you know?
MARK HANNA: Implosions are ugly. Pop off to the bathroom, work one out any time you can. When you get really good at it, you'll fucking be stroking and you'll be thinking about money.

JORDAN BELFORT: What can I say? I'm a drug addict. I really am. I mean. Cocaine, pills. Whatever it is, I'll fucking do it. That's the truth. I'm a sex addict too.
AUNT EMMA: Well there are worse things to be addicted to than sex.

JORDAN BELFORT: Do you dream of being financially independent but struggle every month just to pay your bills? Would you like to own a home like this but can barely afford to pay your rent? My name is Jordan Belfort and there's no secret to wealth creation. No matter who you are, no matter where you came from, you too can become financially independent in just a matter of months. All you need is a strategy. When I was 24 years old, I made a DECISION not to just survive but to THRIVE. ... If you want to be a millionaire someday, have some guts. Make a decision.
SOME GUY: Jordan Belfort's seminar worked for me because I worked hard for it. And if it doesn't work for you, it's because you're lazy, and you should get a job at McDonalds.
JORDAN BELFORT: There's no one holding you back from financial freedom. And there's no one stopping you from making millions. Don't just sit at home or the life of your dreams will sail just right past you. I changed all these people lives and I can change yours too. So come to my seminar. The life of your dreams is only --

JORDAN BELFORT: I fucked her brains out... for eleven seconds.

JORDAN BELFORT: The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.

JORDAN BELFORT: give them to me young, hungry, and stupid, and in no time, I'll make 'em rich.

Chester Ming: I can sell anything. Shit, I can sell lubes to a convent full of nuns, get 'em so horny they'll be fucking each other in the coffers
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