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Review of Avengers: Infinity War
by Iglian
Posted on May 10th, 2018
Neutral 7
Overall Rating
note: the sixth paragraph here gets into spoilers on the ending.  no, avengers: infinity war is not a masterpiece. get outta here with that 4.1, letterboxd. you too with that 9.1, imdb. still, the fact that this film with 40 main characters and 15 ongoing plotlines is a pretty good 3.5 and not a befuddling, headache-inducing 1.5 is a massive achievement. i think people dont realize this when they give it low scores, saying it was just another boringly made marvel movie. it really isnt. like it or not, when people call this a cinematic event, it is. its a film that culminates (well, partly, more on that later) an ongoing plot thread that is 18 films deep. something like this has never been done before in movies, but you dont need me to tell you that.  like i said before, there are like eight b-plots in this, and i think theyre structured decently well. the third act really reminded me of the phantom menace, though, with like four climatic things cuting back and forth. definitely a misstep to have the two big battles at the end (at titan and at wakanda) happening essentially at the same time, it takes a chunk of the impact out of both of them by cutting away at crucial parts. i can imagine parts where they couldve switched the placement of scenes and it couldve led to a much smoother pace, this movie kind of felt its length.  speaking of, the fight scenes in this range from excessively mediocre to actually pretty great. fights like the one in scotland are just kind of boring due to the thanos goons just not being very interesting. same with the one at wakanda, an army of mindless monsters arent really formidable since you know they are all indispensable. a stand-out fight for me though is the iron man and co. vs thanos fight, its pretty clever in how all the heroes superpowers are used in conjunction with another. this film gets a big boost from the spectacle of having all these characters bouncing off one another. this is what i dont get about infinity war, how did it manage to have a better balance of its characters than civil war, when this easily has double the cast? it boggles my mind, pretty much the only characters i can think of who are a bit underused are captain america and groot. cap just really does nothing the whole movie besides fight dudes, all he really brings to the table besides that is just have the idea to go to wakanda. everyone else kind of gets their moment to shine and an appropriate amount of screentime, which is a pretty big achievement. as for everything else negative, uh. i found some scenes where the characters just talk about things kinda boring, the forced music cues pretty annoying, and not all the cgi is great (in fact some of it is pretty bad, like dinklage or the thanos goon lady) but thats just same-old same-old with marvel. i do have two final positives for the movie though. one, thanos is a great villain. big beefy purple man is the best the mcu has produced thus far, and hes just a pretty good villain in general, outside of superheroes. hes formidable, hes clever, his actions feel real and like they have actual consequence, and he does some cool shit with his cute little glove. final compliment two: the ending, while i know its gonna be reversed, is pretty neat, man. it makes sense to kill off all the beloved side characters and leave the original avengers to clean up this mess for their final rodeo. also, i really love the final shot of this movie, a lot more than i probably should. a satisfied-looking thanos gazing into the sunset while some surprisingly great melancholic music plays. for the first time in one of these movies, im interested in what happens in the next one. look at those leaked avengers 4 set photos, and theres some potential for kooky time/dimensional shenanigans in the next movie, which im all for.  wew, i did not set out to make a seven paragraph review for this. whoops. ill end it quick. go see this, i think its definitely upper-tier marvel and the spectacle of this whole universe coming together is enough to make it all worth it. properly hyped for a4 now.

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