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Royal Institution Lectures

Royal Institution Lectures

2011 - 2018  •  YouTube
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These are lectures given at the Royal Institution which are published on YouTube & Soundcloud some months after recording.

Note 1: the release dates of the episodes are the dates on which the lecture has taken place, not when ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Hello world: how to be human in the age of the machine (Hannah Fry) Aired on 11/30/2018
Hello world: how to be human in the age of the machine (Hannah Fry)
Season 2018: Episode 45
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Series ended
181 episodes total
Season 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2017 2018
Season 2011
S2011 E01
[Podcast] Mathematics into pictures, 30 years on (Alan Davies)
S2011 E02
Uncovering the Universe: latest news from the LHC (Tara Shears)
S2011 E03
The science of fireworks! (Chris Bishop)
S2011 E04
The Better Angels of our Nature (Steven Pinker)
S2011 E05
Chemical curiosities: surprising science and dramatic demonstrations (Chr...
S2011 E06
[Christmas Lectures] Meet your brain (1/3) - What’s in your head? (Bruc...
S2011 E07
[Christmas Lectures] Meet your brain (2/3) - Who’s in charge here anywa...
S2011 E08
[Christmas Lectures] Meet your brain (3/3) - Are you thinking what I’m ...
Season 2012
S2012 E01
High energy physics at the LHC (Jon Butterworth)
S2012 E02
Consciousness: the hard problem (Anil Seth, Barry Smith, Chris Frith & Al...
S2012 E03
Science and the media (Ananyo Bhattachary, Chris Chambers, Ed Yong, Fiona...
S2012 E04
The Long Earth: multiverse physics (David Wallace, Terry Pratchett & Step...
S2012 E05
Explosive science (Chris Bishop)
S2012 E06
[Christmas Lectures] The modern alchemist (1/3) - Air: the elixir of life...
S2012 E07
[Christmas Lectures] The modern alchemist (2/3) - Water: the fountain of ...
S2012 E08
[Christmas Lectures] The modern alchemist (3/3) - Earth: the philosopher'...
Season 2013
S2013 E01
The particle at the end of the universe + Q&A (Sean Caroll)
S2013 E02
Quantum life: how physics can revolutionise biology (Jim Al-Khalili)
S2013 E03
[Podcast] Science and the dark art of persuasion + Q&A (Marcus Brigstocke...
S2013 E04
Strange materials (Mark Miodownik)
S2013 E05
Our dynamic sun (Helen Mason)
S2013 E06
Terra Rara - the elementary unknown sea: the strange story of some politi...
S2013 E07
An Appetite for Wonder (Richard Dawkins & Adam Rutherford)
S2013 E08
Forbidden crystal symmetry in mathematics and architecture + Q&A (Roger P...
S2013 E09
[Podcast] Mind games (1/2): can psychology change the world and why doesn...
S2013 E10
[Podcast] Mind games (2/2): the science of sexism (Claudia Hammond)
S2013 E11
The world until yesterday: what can we learn from traditional societies? ...
S2013 E12
Anti-matter: why the anti-world matters (Tara Shears)
S2013 E13
Food, the brain and us: exploring our historical, cultural and sensory pe...
S2013 E14
Seeing things in a different light: how X-ray crystallography revealed th...
S2013 E15
[Podcast] Creation: the origins and future of life (Adam Rutherford)
S2013 E16
[Podcast] Life is what you make of it (Paul Freemont)
S2013 E17
[Christmas Lectures] Life fantastic (1/3) - Where do I come from? (Alison...
S2013 E18
[Christmas Lectures] Life fantastic (2/3) - Am I a mutant? (Alison Woolla...
S2013 E19
[Christmas Lectures] Life fantastic (3/3) - Could I live forever? (Alison...
Season 2014
S2014 E01
[Podcast] The Neutrino Hunters (Ray Jayawarhana)
S2014 E02
[Podcast] Einstein and the quantum: the quest of the valiant Swabian (A. ...
S2014 E03
Our mathematical Universe + Q&A (Max Tegmark)
S2014 E04
[Podcast] A century of symmetry discovered: a crystallographer’s tale (...
S2014 E05
The neuroscience of memory: travels through space and time (Eleanor Magui...
S2014 E06
The Greek Legacy: How did Greek mathematicians and philosophers shape mod...
S2014 E07
From laudanum to meow-meow: drugs, science and society; past, present and...
S2014 E08
It’s rocket science (John Bishop)
S2014 E09
Too much of a good thing?: Copy number variation and the secret of life (...
S2014 E10
As if by magic: the magic of chemistry (Andrew Szydlo)
S2014 E11
The science of laughter (Sophie Scott)
S2014 E12
How to rebuild the world from scratch (Lewis Dartnell)
S2014 E13
NASA’s exploration programme: path to Mars (Jim Adams & Ellen Stofan)
S2014 E14
Smashing physics (Jon Butterworth)
S2014 E15
[Podcast] Immanuel Kant: Pioneer neuroscientist (John O’Keefe)
S2014 E16
Black hole firewalls: jumping into black holes (Sean Carroll & Jennifer O...
S2014 E17
Atoms in action (Pratibha Gai)
S2014 E18
Return to the home of the blizzard (Chris Turney)
S2014 E19
From cowardice to shellshock: medicine, psychiatry and the Great War + Q&...
S2014 E20
Mysteries of matter at the LHC + Q&A (Pippa Wells)
S2014 E21
Ada Lovelace Day 2014 (1/8) - Three bridges (Roma Agrawal)
S2014 E22
Ada Lovelace Day 2014 (2/8) - Audient, My Dear (Caro C)
S2014 E23
Ada Lovelace Day 2014 (3/8) - Can maths predict the future? (Hannah Fry)
S2014 E24
Ada Lovelace Day 2014 (4/8) - A rap about technology (Konnie Huq)
S2014 E25
Ada Lovelace Day 2014 (5/8) - Gramaphonica (Naomi Kashiwagi)
S2014 E26
Ada Lovelace Day 2014 (6/8) - Richard III and the Greyfriars Project (Tur...
S2014 E27
Ada Lovelace Day 2014 (7/8) - Studying the mundane (Steph Troeth)
S2014 E28
Ada Lovelace Day 2014 (8/8) - Toying with physics: space, scorpions and s...
S2014 E29
Rules of attraction: the secrets and science of animal sex (Sally Le Page...
S2014 E30
Dark matter’s not enough: why the Universe ought to be weirder + Q&A (A...
S2014 E31
Powering ahead with solar energy + Q&A (Lesley Yellowlees)
S2014 E32
Arrival of the fittest + Q&A (Andreas Wagner)
S2014 E33
The history of the Christmas Lectures (Rupert Cole & Frank James)
S2014 E34
Humans and other animals: the tangled web of culture + Q&A (Ruth Mace, Ga...
S2014 E35
Topology, geometry and life in three dimensions + Q&A (Caroline Series)
S2014 E36
[Christmas Lectures] Sparks will fly (1/3) - The light bulb moment (Danie...
S2014 E37
[Christmas Lectures] Sparks will fly (2/3) - Making contact (Danielle Geo...
S2014 E38
[Christmas Lectures] Sparks will fly (3/3) - A new revolution (Danielle G...
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Four dimensional maths: things to see and hear in the fourth dimension (M...
S2015 E02
Quantum biology (1/3) - An introduction + Q&A (Philip Ball)
S2015 E03
Revenge of the microbes + Q&A (Jenny Rohn)
S2015 E04
Andrew Szydlo's blaze of steel (Andrew Szydlo)
S2015 E05
Periodic success: the hidden beauty of the periodic table (Jamie Gallaghe...
S2015 E06
[Podcast] Half life: the disappearance of Bruno Pontecorvo (Frank Close)
S2015 E07
Birth of a theorem + Q&A (Cédric Villani)
S2015 E08
The Anthropocene: the human epoch and how it shapes our planet + Q&A (Chr...
S2015 E09
[Podcast] Quantum biology (3/3) - A revolution in science (Jenny Brookes,...
S2015 E10
Dinosaurs, epigenetics and the Higgs (1/3) - Social behaviour in dinosaur...
S2015 E11
Dinosaurs, epigenetics and the Higgs (2/3) - What is epigenetics? (Nessa ...
S2015 E12
Convergence: information, evolution, and intelligent design + Q&A (Daniel...
S2015 E13
The science of Breaking Bad (Paul Viragh, Julian Boon & Dave Smith)
S2015 E14
The extreme world of ultra intense lasers (Kate Lancaster)
S2015 E15
How to clone a mammoth: The science of de-extinction (Beth Shapiro)
S2015 E16
The interactional ‘nudge’: Talking about talk from the mundane to the...
S2015 E17
How not to be wrong: The power of mathematical thinking (Jordan Ellenberg...
S2015 E18
The vital question: The story of life + Q&A (Nick Lane & Matthew Cobb)
S2015 E19
Zap, Crackle and Pop: The story of electricity (Marty Jopson)
S2015 E20
What a wonderful world + Q&A (Marcus Chown)
S2015 E21
A beautiful question: Finding nature’s deep design + Q&A (Frank Wilczek...
S2015 E22
The dark Universe + Q&A (Lucie Green, Adam Riess, Risa Wechsler & Renée ...
S2015 E23
The sense of style + Q&A (Steven Pinker & Melvyn Bragg)
S2015 E24
Great moments in science + Q&A (Dr Karl)
S2015 E25
Light and the quantum + Q&A (Serge Haroche)
S2015 E26
The evolution of males and females + Q&A (Judith Mank)
S2015 E27
The Story of Spacetime + Q&A (Fay Dowker)
S2015 E28
Synthetic life: how far could it go? How far should it go? + Q&A (Adam Ru...
S2015 E29
Under the sea + Q&A (Helen Scales)
S2015 E30
From molecules to nanoscale machines: Building the future (Neil Champness...
S2015 E31
Fireworks and waterworks (Andrew Szydlo)
S2015 E32
Genetics as revolution + Q&A (Alison Woollard)
S2015 E33
Brief candle in the dark: In conversation with Richard Dawkins + Q&A (Ric...
S2015 E34
13.8: The search for the theory of everything + Q&A (John Gribbin)
S2015 E35
[Podcast] Colour and cancer; scorpions and surgery (Jim Olson & Henry Mar...
S2015 E36
What does science tell us about race and racism? (Adam Rutherford, Richar...
S2015 E37
The Tsar's cup + Q&A (Frank James)
S2015 E38
[Christmas Lectures] How to survive in space (1/3) - Lift off! (Kevin Fon...
S2015 E39
[Christmas Lectures] How to survive in space (2/3) - Life in orbit (Kevin...
S2015 E40
[Christmas Lectures] How to survive in space (3/3) - The next frontier (K...
Season 2017
S2017 E01
What computers can't do + Q&A (Kevin Buzzard)
S2017 E02
We need to talk about physics + Q&A (Helen Czerski)
S2017 E03
If our brains are computers, who designs the software? + Q&A (Daniel C D...
S2017 E04
Water and proteins: insights into the physics of life + Q&A (Sylvia McLai...
S2017 E05
[NYP] How to measure the Universe (Andrew Pontzen)
S2017 E06
Biased science (Louise Archer, Binna Kandola, Emma Chapman, Jessica Rowso...
S2017 E07
Fashion, faith and fantasy in the new physics of the Universe + Q&A (Roge...
S2017 E08
[NYP] Nature, art and cryptography (Alison Fairbrass, Chiara Ambrosio & C...
S2017 E09
[NYP] Deep life (Tullis Onstott)
S2017 E10
The wonderous world of perovskites + Q&A (Mike Glazer)
S2017 E11
The cutting edge: surgery from scalpels to robots + Q&A (Pankaj Chandak)
S2017 E12
The tyrannosaur chronicles: how the tyrannosaurs ruled the world + Q&A (D...
S2017 E13
A is for Autism (Stephanie Shirley)
S2017 E14
The cosmic web: mysterious architecture of the Universe + Q&A (J Richard ...
S2017 E15
The other side of sadness: the psychology and neuroscience of happiness +...
S2017 E16
Can data make a medicine? + Q&A (Patrick Vallance)
S2017 E17
Let them eat dirt: why dirt and microbes could be good for us + Q&A (B Br...
S2017 E18
The Concept of Mass + Q&A (Jim Baggott)
S2017 E19
Machine morality: robot ethics in the 21st century + Q&A (Raja Chatila & ...
S2017 E20
Apocalypse how: the apocalypse and how to avoid it + Q&A (Hugh Lewis, Vin...
S2017 E21
Human-artificial intelligence partnerships: how can AI help humanity? + Q...
S2017 E22
Eclipse: journeys to the dark side of the Moon + Q&A (Frank Close)
S2017 E23
Black holes and the fundamental laws of physics + Q&A (Jerome Gauntlett)
Season 2018
S2018 E01
A map of the invisible: mapping particle physics + Q&A (Jon Butterworth)
S2018 E02
Are your genes to blame when your jeans don’t fit? + Q&A (Giles Yeo)
S2018 E03
Swearing is good for you + Q&A (Emma Byrne)
S2018 E04
[NYP] Into the grey zone (Adrian Owen)
S2018 E05
Postcards from Saturn: the legacy of the Cassini mission + Q&A (Michele D...
S2018 E06
[NYP] The origin of life (Philip Ball & Nick Lane)
S2018 E07
Quantum computing: untangling the hype (Artur Ekert, Harry Buhrman & Phil...
S2018 E08
The physics and psychology of colour (Andrew Hanson)
S2018 E09
Smart materials of the future (Anna Ploszajski)
S2018 E10
[NYP] The unnatural nature of natural history museums (Jack Ashby)
S2018 E11
The subjective experience of remembering + Q&A (Jon Simons)
S2018 E12
A Big Bang machine on the moon + Q&A (James Beacham)
S2018 E13
The ABC of smart machines + Q&A (Danielle George)
S2018 E14
The order of time: the physics and philosophy + Q&A (Carlo Rovelli)
S2018 E15
The future of crime detection and prevention + Q&A (Gloria Laycock, Mark ...
S2018 E16
Brainstorm: detective stories from the world of neurology + Q&A (Suzanne ...
S2018 E17
Operating at the boundaries: Augmented intelligence + Q&A (Martha Imprial...
S2018 E18
Outnumbered: Exploring the algorithms that control our lives + Q&A (David...
S2018 E19
Conjuring the universe + Q&A (Peter Atkins)
S2018 E20
The physics of hot air + Q&A (Shaun Fitzgerald)
S2018 E21
Inventing ourselves: The secret life of the teenage brain + Q&A (Sarah-Ja...
S2018 E22
How to change your mind: the science of psychedelics + Q&A (Michael Poll...
S2018 E23
The traumatised brain: PTSD, psychological trauma and head injuries + Q&A...
S2018 E24
Beyond weird: why everything you thought you knew about quantum physics i...
S2018 E25
Are we eeady for the next pandemic? + Q&A (Peter Piot)
S2018 E26
The art of logic: how to think like a mathematician + Q&A (Eugenia Cheng)
S2018 E27
The end of time: The future history of the Universe + Q&A (Geraint Lewis)
S2018 E28
Synthetic intelligence + Q&A (Zdenka Kuncic)
S2018 E29
[NYP] Engineering at the speed of light (Anita Sengupta)
S2018 E30
The Hyperloop: the future of green high-speed transportation + Q&A (Anita...
S2018 E31
The book of humans: the story of how we became us + Q&A (Adam Rutherford)
S2018 E32
Blockchain: hope or hype? + Q&A (John Domingue & Sajida Zouarhi)
S2018 E33
What are museums for in the 21st century? + Q&A (Tristram Hunt)
S2018 E34
Regenerative medicine: a biological boost + Q&A (Paolo De Coppi & Prof Pa...
S2018 E35
[NYP] Black History Month: balancing the equation (Alex Lathbridge, Riham...
S2018 E36
Operating at the boundaries: diversity of perspective (Alice Breeden, Dia...
S2018 E37
Proton beam therapy: how the Large Hadron Collider cures cancer + Q&A (Si...
S2018 E38
Innate: How the wiring of our brains shapes who we are + Q&A (Kevin Mitch...
S2018 E39
[NYP] Robotics: natural efficiencies (Adrian Thomas)
S2018 E40
[NYP] Blueprint: how DNA makes us who we are (Robert Plomin)
S2018 E41
[NYP] The life-changing magic of numbers (Bobby Seagull)
S2018 E42
[NYP] The secret life of science: how science really works and why it mat...
S2018 E43
[NYP] Catalysts and chemistry: building a sustainable future (Bert Weckhu...
S2018 E44
Black magic: the extraordinary history of coal (Andrew Szydlo)
S2018 E45
Hello world: how to be human in the age of the machine (Hannah Fry)
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