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Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring...

Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring...

2019 - Now  •  Comedy Central
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Get your stand-up fix from today’s freshest young comedians as Comedy Central introduces you to up-and-coming comics like Natasha Vaynblat, Petey DeAbreu, Ian Lara and Tom Thakkar, who are serving up quick hits of their sets.
  Previously Aired Episode
Monroe Martin III Aired on 02/12/2021
Monroe Martin III
Season 7: Episode 11
Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring... | First Look: Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents Season 2
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Season 1
S01 E01
Tom Thakkar - Weed Strains Should Be More Descriptive
S01 E02
Petey DeAbreu - Gambling with Dreidels
S01 E03
Natasha Vaynblat - Tips for Not Getting Murdered When Hooking Up
S01 E04
Ian Lara - Politically Correct Racial Identities & Disastrous Cruises
S01 E05
Dina Hashem
S01 E06
Yedoye Travis
S01 E07
Hanna Dickinson
S01 E08
Ryan Beck
S01 E09
Joyelle Nicole Johnson
S01 E10
Clare O'Kane
S01 E11
Marie Faustin
S01 E12
Stavros Halkias
S01 E13
Martin Urbano
S01 E14
Chris Cotton
Season 2
S02 E01
Kiry Shabazz - "Home Alone" Is a Survival Guide
S02 E02
Caleb Synan - When Your Dad Sends You the Eggplant Emoji
S02 E03
Vanessa Gonzalez - in the Market for an Engagement Tooth
S02 E04
Ron Taylor - Tinder Isn't for Making Friends
S02 E05
Brendan Scannell - Every 11-Year-Old Is Now a Drag Queen
S02 E06
Gavin Matts - Should Everyone Die at 40?
S02 E07
Paige Weldon - Knowing the Difference Between Flirting and Customer Servi...
S02 E08
Patti Harrison - Performing a Song for Dua Lipa
S02 E09
Dave Ross - Buying a Bucket of Gas Station Chicken
S02 E10
Chase Bernstein - She's Not so Great with Clocks
S02 E11
Jordan Temple - Is Oprah Evil?
S02 E12
Danny Jolles - the Rock Is the Greatest Actor Alive
S02 E13
Biniam Bizuneh - an Antidepressant AD for Black People
S02 E14
Babs Gray - Lying Is a Great Way to Boost Self-Esteem
Season 3
S03 E01
Ali Siddiq
S03 E02
Dusty Slay
S03 E03
Debra Digiovanni
S03 E04
Sean Patton
S03 E05
Rosebud Baker
S03 E06
Brandon Wardell
S03 E07
Amy Miller
S03 E08
Rob Haze
S03 E09
Blair Socci
S03 E10
Teddy Ray
S03 E11
Matty Ryan
S03 E12
Mitra Jouhari
S03 E13
Jak Knight
S03 E14
Mo Welch
Season 4
S04 E01
Zack Fox - The Internet Has Made Dads Obsolete
S04 E02
Ryan O'Flanagan - Why Alcohol Is Better Than Weed
S04 E03
Anna Drezen - Female-Friendly Porn Sucks
S04 E04
Ahamed Weinberg - "Yesterday" Is the Worst Movie
S04 E05
Devon Walker - Watching a White Guy Get Arrested
S04 E06
Andy Haynes - What Being Single at 37 Feels Like
S04 E07
Kate Willett - Women Should Be Offering More Dick Criticism
S04 E08
Josh Johnson - How to Get Guys to Stop Sending You Dick Pics
S04 E09
Pete Lee - Chugging an Energy Drink in Less Than a Minute
S04 E10
Zach Noe Towers - Why Improvisers and Stand-Ups Hate Each Other
S04 E11
Logan Guntzelman - Who Got Semen on the Roomba?
S04 E12
Chris Fairbanks - Playing Peekaboo with a Stranger's Kid
S04 E13
Jenny Zigrino - “Big D**k Energy” Isn’t Real
S04 E14
Alex Edelman - Every Documentary Is About a Psychopath
S04 E15
Dewayne Perkins - When You're Turned On by "Scared Straight"
S04 E16
Mohanad Elshieky - What to Say if You're Interrogated by an Extremist Mil...
S04 E17
Asif Ali - You Know How Hard It Is to Have Sex After Eating Indian Food ?
S04 E18
Amy Silverberg - When Your Student Writes a Story About Having Sex with Y...
S04 E19
Shane Torres - How Come Everything Bagels Don’t Cost More?
S04 E20
Rhea Butcher - I Don’t Honestly Know What My Gender Identity Is
S04 E21
Moses Storm - Creeping in a Butt Model's Instagram Comments
S04 E22
Mekki Leeper - Stalking Your Ex's Cooking Blog
S04 E23
Chris Garcia - When Your Wife Asks You to Speak Spanish During Sex
S04 E24
Rae Sanni - Proof that Millennials Aren't as Bad as Boomers Say
S04 E25
JC Currais - The Right Way to Spend a Billion Dollars
S04 E26
Chris Thayer - The Only Sex Tip You' Ever Need
S04 E27
Sonia Denis - Lying to Your Family About What New York City Is Like
S04 E28
Nate Fernald - How to Destroy Your Laundry in One Easy Step
Season 5
S05 E01
Nore Davis - Will Cows Find Salvation in Vegan Food?
S05 E02
Casey James Salengo - The Sexiest Street Fight Ever
S05 E03
Jourdain Fisher - When You're the Only Black Friend in the Group
S05 E04
Pat Regan - My Phone Thinks I'm Straight
S05 E05
Michael Rowland - Have You Ever Met an Old Person You Vibed With
S05 E06
Jak Knight - When Your Uncle Teaches You How to Go Down on a Woman
S05 E07
Opey Olagbaju - The Weirdly Racial Undertones of Willy-Wonka
S05 E08
Molly Austin - It's Only a Walk of Shame if He Doesn't Make You Come
S05 E09
Noah Gardenswartz - Why You Can Still Be Prejudiced Even If You Love Ever...
S05 E10
Jay Jurden - My Boyfriend Wants to Adopt a Pet Raccoon
S05 E11
Paris Sashay - How to Spend Over 200 on Sex Supplies
S05 E12
Greta Titelman - When Your Beach Date Becomes a Huge Mistake
Season 6
S06 E01
Yamaneika Saunders - Why Would You Hand Me Your Baby on a Plane?
S06 E02
Bob The Drag Queen - Life-Changing Sex Tips
S06 E03
Matthew Broussard - The Spice Girls Don’t Know What They Really, Really...
S06 E04
Shalewa Sharpe – Self-Care Is About Being as Moist as Possible
S06 E05
Dan St. Germain - Getting Pegged for the First Time
S06 E06
Guy Montgomery - How You Can Personally Fight Climate Change
S06 E07
Kellen Erskine - It's Weird That We Love Costco So Much
S06 E08
Sydnee Washington - Women Need a Lot of Things to Have an Orgasm
S06 E09
Hunter Duncan - The Weirdest Question to Ask Your Sperm Donor
S06 E10
Daniel Webb - I'm Tired of Being Ruled by Ugly People
S06 E11
George Civeris - What You Should Do After a Breakup
S06 E12
Martha Kelly - I Miss When Oprah Was in Charge
S06 E13
Matt Bearden - It's Impossible to Hide a Snack From a Kid
S06 E14
Chris Tellez - Tinder Is the Ultimate Confidence Killer
Season 7
S07 E01
Josh Johnson
S07 E02
Christi Chiello
S07 E03
Andy Haynes
S07 E04
Rebecca O’Neal
S07 E05
Rosebud Baker
S07 E06
Eagle Witt
S07 E07
Gavin Matts
S07 E08
Mary Beth Barone
S07 E09
Ismael Loutfi
S07 E10
Brittany Carney
S07 E11
Monroe Martin III
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