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Tyler Perry's House of Payne

Tyler Perry's House of Payne

2006 - Now  •  Wednesday 08:00 PM on TBS  •   108 hours
5 votes
5713 votes
# 19030
The show revolved around a multi-generational family living under one roof in Atlanta led by patriarch Curtis Payne and his wife Ella.
  Previously Aired Episode
 Parenting 101 Aired on 09/16/2020
Parenting 101
Season 8: Episode 6
  New Episode Air Date
Who's on Top?
Season 8: Episode 7
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
Bully and the Beast
S01 E02
I Can Cry If I Want To
S01 E03
More Than Meets the Eye
S01 E04
S01 E05
Lost and Found
S01 E06
Down and Outted
S01 E07
No Money, Mo’ Problems
S01 E08
Just Say No
S01 E09
Surprise, Surprise
S01 E10
Father Knows Best
S01 E11
I Keep Coming Up Short
S01 E12
The Buck Stops Here
S01 E13
Wax On, Wax Off
S01 E14
Head of the Class
S01 E15
Paternity and Fraternity (1)
S01 E16
Paternity and Fraternity (2)
S01 E17
Cracking Under Pressure
S01 E18
Club PCP
S01 E19
Sadly Mistaken
S01 E20
And Justice for All
S01 E21
I Got the Hook Up
S01 E22
Absolutely Positive
S01 E23
Teacher's Pet
S01 E24
The Perfect Storm
S01 E25
Sad, Sad Leroy Brown (1)
Season 2
S02 E01
Sad, Sad Leroy Brown (2)
S02 E02
Weeping May Endure For A Night
S02 E03
The Big Test
S02 E04
Balancing Act
S02 E05
Why Can't We Be Friends
S02 E06
Dog Day Afternoon
S02 E07
New Beginnings
S02 E08
Heavy Petting
S02 E09
The Fast and the Furious
S02 E10
Gone in 60 Seconds
S02 E11
Lost Without You
S02 E12
I Rest My Case
S02 E13
A House Is Not a Home
S02 E14
Home Alone
S02 E15
The Wench Who Saved Christmas
S02 E16
Trial By Fire Pt. 1
S02 E17
Trial By Fire Pt. 2
S02 E18
Trial By Fire Pt. 3
S02 E19
Crazy in Love
S02 E20
Reality Check
S02 E21
Piece of Mind
S02 E22
There’s No Place Like Home
S02 E23
Mommie Dearest
S02 E24
You Big Dummy
S02 E25
It's A Boy
Season 3
S03 E01
Aches and Paynes
S03 E02
The Big Bang Theory
S03 E03
Step It Up
S03 E04
No Payne No Gain
S03 E05
Devil in a Blue Suit
S03 E06
Bad Influence
S03 E07
Play on Playa
S03 E08
Its Getting Hot in Here
S03 E09
Don't Get It Twisted
S03 E10
Wife Swap
S03 E11
Stop Being All Funky
S03 E12
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
S03 E13
Game Over
S03 E14
Can I get a Witness?
S03 E15
Commencement Day
S03 E16
A Shock to the System
S03 E17
Compromising Position
S03 E18
Moral Dilemma
S03 E19
Sex, Lies and Videotapes
S03 E20
Time to Clean House
S03 E21
Living with Liz
S03 E22
Beat Down
S03 E23
S03 E24
S03 E25
R-E-S-P-E-C-T Me
Season 4
S04 E01
Driving Me Crazy
S04 E02
Reunited and…..It Don't Feel so Good
S04 E03
What the-?
S04 E04
Guys' Night Out, girls Night In
S04 E05
How Do You Spell….It's All About Me?
S04 E06
S04 E07
Old School vs. New School
S04 E08
Fire and Disire
S04 E09
Unsung Heros
S04 E10
Pissed, Poor and Paranoid
S04 E11
True Lies
S04 E12
That Sounds Sweet
S04 E13
Meet the Lucases
S04 E14
Out on a Limb
S04 E15
Can't Buy Me Love
S04 E16
To Have and to Hold
S04 E17
Unexpected Results
S04 E18
Let's Get Ready to Rumble
S04 E19
Father's Day
S04 E20
Whose Wedding is it Anyway?
S04 E21
All is Not Lost!
S04 E22
Party Over Here!
S04 E23
The Last Supper
S04 E24
We've Come This Far by Faith (Part 1)
S04 E25
We've Come This Far by Faith (Part 2)
Season 5
S05 E01
Labor Paynes (1)
S05 E02
Labor Paynes (2)
S05 E03
Your Wife's a Payne
S05 E04
Casa De Payne
S05 E05
It's A Payne Growing Up
S05 E06
Payne And Prejudice
S05 E07
Payneful News
S05 E08
Payneful Loss
S05 E09
Payneful Employment
S05 E10
Slightly Payneful Truth
S05 E11
Joy and Payne
S05 E12
A Sisters Payne
S05 E13
A Grand Payne
S05 E14
Games People Play
S05 E15
Help Wanted
S05 E16
Old Lady Paynes
S05 E17
I Don't Know This Payne
S05 E18
Paul Mall
S05 E19
With Friends Like These
S05 E20
The Talent Show
S05 E21
Bringing Down the House
S05 E22
Moving Day
S05 E23
Moving Out
S05 E24
Back Where We Belong
S05 E25
Surprise! (Part 1 of 2)
S05 E26
Surprise! (Part 2 of 2)
Season 6
S06 E01
Where's the Payne?
S06 E02
Recurring Paynes
S06 E03
Wigging Out
S06 E04
Payne Speaking
S06 E05
Parental Payne
S06 E06
Payne, Payne Go Away
S06 E07
Marriage Paynes
S06 E08
Ms. Curtis
S06 E09
Oh Christmas Payne
S06 E10
Til Payne Do Us Part
S06 E11
Payneful Reunion
S06 E12
From the Mouths of Babes
S06 E13
Blackout X 3
S06 E14
Lady Sings to Blue
S06 E15
Something Brewing
S06 E16
Seal of Approval
S06 E17
Payneful Pie
S06 E18
How Do You Like Your Roast?
S06 E19
Curtis Sings the Blues
S06 E20
S06 E21
S06 E22
Through the Fire
S06 E23
The Bible: King Payne's Version
S06 E24
Matured Investment
S06 E25
Who's Your Daddy, Now?
S06 E26
Feet of Clay
S06 E27
Date Night X 3
S06 E28
Watch the Son Shine
S06 E29
The Drinking Game
S06 E30
Who's on Top?
S06 E31
Help! Help! Help!
S06 E32
Stinging Payne
S06 E33
Worth Fighting For
S06 E34
Who's Your Nanny
S06 E35
The Chef
S06 E36
My Fair Curtis
S06 E37
Rest for the Weary
S06 E38
Thug Life
S06 E39
S06 E40
A Payne in Need Is a Pain Indeed
S06 E41
House Guest
S06 E42
Payne Showers
S06 E43
Playing With Fire
S06 E44
When the Payne's Away
S06 E45
S06 E46
Payne-ful Resolution
Season 7
S07 E01
Payneful Resolution Resolution
S07 E02
Growing Paynes
S07 E03
Payne Protection
S07 E04
Payneful Visit
S07 E05
Where There's a Will, There's a Way
S07 E06
Epic Fail
S07 E07
Praying for Attention
S07 E08
Shout Out
S07 E09
Love Thy Neighbor
S07 E10
Dream Girls
S07 E11
A Payneful Night Out
S07 E12
Payneful Assistance
S07 E13
House of Awkward
S07 E14
Brain Payne
S07 E15
Foster Paynes
S07 E16
Talented Paynes
S07 E17
Going, Going, Gone
S07 E18
Mother's Day Out
S07 E19
So Hard to Say Goodbye
S07 E20
Payneful Rescue
S07 E21
A Mother's Payne
S07 E22
Up from the Ashes
S07 E23
The Payne Gang
S07 E24
The Gifted and the Grout
S07 E25
Do the Fight Thing
S07 E26
S07 E27
Number Five's Fight
S07 E28
The Best Surprise
S07 E29
Working Paynes
S07 E30
Curtis Jefferson
S07 E31
Dead Wrong
S07 E32
The Rich and Payneless
S07 E33
Mentoring Paynes
S07 E34
Roommate Paynes
S07 E35
Pledging Paynes
S07 E36
Help Me, Ella
S07 E37
Paynefully Fit
S07 E38
Do the Hustle
S07 E39
No More Payne
S07 E40
God Bless the Paynes
S07 E41
Do Or Die
S07 E42
R.I.P - Rest In Payne
S07 E43
Payneful Survival
S07 E44
Payneful Recovery
S07 E45
House of Nightmares
S07 E46
In Payne
S07 E47
S07 E48
Daddy Day Scare
S07 E49
Pills and Thrills
S07 E50
Scars of Payne
S07 E51
Payne vs. Payne
S07 E52
Guess Who Came to Breakfast
S07 E53
House of Force Closure
S07 E54
If It Ain't Broke
S07 E55
Neighborhood Crisis
S07 E56
Down for the Count
S07 E57
Stop, Drop, and Roll
S07 E58
No Pass, No Play
S07 E59
Payneful Injection
S07 E60
Batter Up
S07 E61
Payneful Matrimony
S07 E62
What You Know About Me
S07 E63
Right Turn
S07 E64
The Loan Ranger
S07 E65
Payneful Divorce
S07 E66
Up to the Challenge
S07 E67
House of Sabotage
S07 E68
Payneful Pop In
S07 E69
House of OMG
S07 E70
Keep it Moving
S07 E71
Bake, Rattle and Roll
S07 E72
Dodging Bullies
S07 E73
Payneful Distance
S07 E74
Not in the Cards
S07 E75
All Work and No Play
S07 E76
Amazing Matriarchs
S07 E77
The First Dance
S07 E78
The Invention of Trust
S07 E79
Payneful Realization
S07 E80
Trial and Tribulation
S07 E81
The Call Back
S07 E82
All's Well
Season 8
S08 E01
A Wise Man's Opinion
S08 E02
S08 E03
By Your Side
S08 E04
The Old People Game
S08 E05
Women of Today
S08 E06
Parenting 101
S08 E07
Who's on Top?
S08 E08
Help! Help! Help!
S08 E09
Stinging Payne
S08 E10
Worth Fighting For
S08 E11
Oh Christmas Paynes
S08 E12
Whose Your Nanny?
S08 E13
The Chef
S08 E14
My Fair Curtis
S08 E15
Rest for the Weary
S08 E16
Thug Life
S08 E17
S08 E18
A Payne In Need Is Pain Indeed
S08 E19
House Guest
S08 E20
Payne Showers
S08 E21
Playing With Fire
S08 E22
When the Payne's Away
S08 E23
S08 E24
Payneful Resolutions
Episode 1
(Pilot) The Roof is On Fire
Episode 2
(Pilot) When the Smoke Clears Out
Episode 3
(Pilot) The Invasion Part 1
Episode 4
(Pilot) Take It or Leave It - The Invasion Part 2
Episode 5
(Pilot) Home Alone
Episode 6
(Pilot) I Got the Hook Up - Home Alone Part 2
Episode 7
(Pilot) Ella's War
Episode 8
(Pilot) No Place Like Home
Episode 9
(Pilot) Divided We Fall
Episode 10
(Pilot) Big Baller, Shot Caller
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