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Excellent sit-com by the brilliant Chuck Lorre

Review of The Big Bang Theory
by Scott D. Lalonde
Posted on June 5th, 2016
Positive -
Overall Rating
13 of 16 people found the following review useful

I just love this show! If you can appreciate great writing and great acting than this show is for you.

Story: 10

The chemistry between the "nerds" is terrific!

The center of activity is Sheldon's and Leonard's shared apartment in which the elevator has never worked. Why it doesn't work is explained in one of the episodes. Their friends and colleagues are Howard, who dresses like it is the 1970's, has very bad pick-up lines, and is henpecked by his never seen mother, (That is the fun of it - what DOES she look like?), and Raj, an astrophysicist who is so shy with women that he cannot speak to one unless he is intoxicated.

The show features a bunch of ultra-geeky physicists who share an apartment. They are brilliant in the laboratory but totally inept outside of it. In moves gorgeous girl Penny across the hall, and she starts showing them what "real life" is all about. I think everything about this show is first-rate, from the writing and performances to the final cut. I hope this one stays around for a while. It certainly has potential.

The chemistry between the "nerds" is terrific! It is great to turn on a show that helps bring me back down to earth. The show may be a tiny bit unrealistic when it comes to how "nerds" actually behave, but you don't have to be a nerd to appreciate the science humor.

Visuals: 6

Classic sitcom with only few places where the action happens

And the elevator is ALWAYS broken, so they have to take the steps and chat while walking up\down.

But sometimes such fun happens:

Character: 10

Four nerds,trying to handle there job as doctors while handling the women in there lives, are also still able to keep up with their comic books as their weekly store.

The characters, that seem exaggerated at first, are actually believable if you have ever been to a physics conference of any kind…or for that matter any comic-con. These "geeks" make up an ever growing segment of our population and I think it is wonderful that they finally have a show to call their own. 

Perhaps I am biased because of my own nerd tendencies but I have had arguments exactly like the ones in this show with my own clique of nerdy friends.

 To anyone who ever enjoyed math class watch this show and get your friends who didn't like math class to watch too because if they get you they will get this show.

The central thread running throughout the series is Leonard -who in appearance is 5/10- and his quest to win Penny - in appearance a 10/10. Leonard is a brilliant but kind guy, the heart and conscience of the entire show IMHO, but he probably has very limited dating experience when the show starts, and he is infatuated at first sight with the girl across the hall who is only a high school graduate, seems to pick her boyfriends based purely on looks, and is an aspiring actress making ends barely meet as a waitress in the Cheesecake Factory. Thus she is not only not going to "see" Leonard, if she did see him she is not going to "get" him. Well, that's how things start out anyways.

Countering Leonard, who has the soul of an artist, is his roommate Sheldon Cooper. Never in the annals of television has there been a character like this. A brilliant physicist who was a Ph.D. as a teenager, he runs his life like the well oiled machine that he seems to be, is a creature of habit to the point of having OCD, and just does not understand when people don't appreciate his input when it isn't wanted or his lack of it when it is. He is a human Spock in many ways, yet there is a closeted kindness in him that slips out from time to time that makes me like him. His anecdotes about growing up in rural Texas in a deeply religious household are priceless. Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree.

Now this whole premise could have died out in a few seasons if the show and its characters did not change and grow, but they did. The show also added two additional female members to the cast. First there was Amy Farrah Fowler, added as a girl friend (note I did not say girlfriend) for Sheldon. She is Sheldon's counterpart in almost every way except that she is a sexual being, and she also seems to have a thing for Penny in word if not deed. Next added was the mousy-voiced yet feisty Bernadette as a love interest for Howard, initially a blind date during which they had to admit they had nothing in common until they both discovered they had overbearing mothers. The rest is history.

This gave the show great flexibility as all three of the girls in the show become friends, and some scenes revolve around just the girls, some around the couples and their inevitable problems, and some are just the four guys together doing geeky things. My favorite of the geeky scenes is when the guys figure out how to turn the lights on and off in Sheldon's and Leonard's apartment by programming a computer to send a signal through the internet and back to the apartment. Penny is puzzled. Why don't they just reach over and turn on the light? 

Enjoyment: 10

Give it a shot!

This show is a great love letter to nerds, and as such any nerd should give this a try. With a bunch of new (and very lame) shows debuting, it's good to see something worth watching! This premise isn't exactly new but the execution is nothing short of brilliant. Give it a shot!!

Scott D. Lalonde
I love stupid shit. But at least I'm honest about it. Born in 1983.

13 of 16 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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