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My Little Pony: Totally Legit Recap

My Little Pony: Totally Legit Recap

2016 - Now  •  YouTube  •  3 seasons  •  63 episodes
1 vote
Comedy, Animation
Half series-analysis, half abridgement project, half screaming into the endless blank darkness that lies on the end of all existence, join DWK in their drunken quest to understand the brightly-colored, insane world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Pull up a chair, get your affairs in order, and ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
"Going to Seed" Season 9 Episode 10 Aired on 12/01/2019
"Going to Seed" Season 9 Episode 10
Season 3: Episode 18
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
"The Crystalling (Part 1)" Season 6 Episode 1
S01 E02
"The Crystalling (Part 2)" Season 6 Episode 2
S01 E03
"The Gift of the Maud Pie" Season 6 Episode 3
S01 E04
"On Your Marks" Season 6 Episode 4
S01 E05
"Gauntlet of Fire" Season 6 Episode 5
S01 E06
"No Second Prances" Season 6 Episode 6
S01 E07
"Newbie Dash" Season 6 Episode 7
S01 E08
"A Hearth's Warming Tail" Season 6 Episode 8
S01 E09
"The Saddle Row Review" / "Saddle Row & Rec" Season 6 Episode 9
S01 E10
"Applejack's Day Off" Season 6 Episode 10
S01 E11
"Flutter Brutter" Season 6 Episode 11
S01 E12
"Spice Up Your Life" Season 6 Episode 12
S01 E13
"Stranger Than Fan Fiction" Season 6 Episode 13
S01 E14
"The Cart Before the Ponies" Season 6 Episode 14
S01 E15
"28 Pranks Later" Season 6 Episode 15
S01 E16
"The Times They Are a Changeling" Season 6 Episode 16
S01 E17
Why Discord is an A**hole/The Difference Between Reformation and Redempti...
S01 E18
"Buckball Season" MLP Season 6 Episode 18
S01 E19
"The Fault in Our Cutie Marks" MLP Season 6 Episode 19
S01 E20
"Viva Las Pegasus" MLP Season 6 Episode 20
S01 E21
"Every Little Thing She Does" MLP Season 6 Episode 21
S01 E22
"P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)" MLP Season 6 Episode 22
S01 E23
"Where the Apple Lies" Season 6 Episode 23
S01 E24
"Top Bolt" Season 6 Episode 24
S01 E25
"To Where and Back Again" (Part 1) Season 6 Episode 25
S01 E26
"To Where and Back Again" (Part 2) Season 6 Episode 26
Season 2
S02 E01
"Celestial Advice" Season 7 Episode 1
S02 E02
"All Bottled Up" Season 7 Episode 2
S02 E03
"A Flurry of Emotions" Season 7 Episode 3
S02 E04
"Rock Solid Friendship" Season 7 Episode 4
S02 E05
"Fluttershy Leans In" Season 7 Episode 5
S02 E06
"Forever Filly" Season 7 Episode 6
S02 E07
"Parental Glideance" Season 7 Episode 7
S02 E08
"Hard to Say Anything" Season 7 Episode 8
S02 E09
"Honest Apple" Season 7 Episode 9
S02 E10
"A Royal Problem" Season 7 Episode 10
S02 E11
"Discordant Harmony" Season 7 Episode 12
S02 E12
"Fame and Misfortune" Season 7 Episode 14
S02 E13
"Triple Threat" Season 7 Episode 15
S02 E14
"To Change a Changeling" Season 7 Episode 17
S02 E15
"Daring Done?" Season 7 Episode 18
S02 E16
"It Isn't the Mane Thing About You" Season 7 Episode 19
S02 E17
"A Health of Information" Season 7 Episode 20
S02 E18
"Secrets and Pies" Season 7 Episode 23
S02 E19
"Uncommon Bond" Season 7 Episode 24
Season 3
S03 E01
"The Maud Couple" Season 8 Episode 3
S03 E02
"Fake It 'Til You Make It" Season 8 Episode 4
S03 E03
"The Parent Map" Season 8 Episode 8
S03 E04
"The Mean 6" Season 8 Episode 13
S03 E05
"Horse Play" Season 8 Episode 7 / Celestia, We Love You
S03 E06
"A Matter of Principals" Season 8 Episode 14
S03 E07
"On the Road to Friendship" Season 8 Episode 19
S03 E08
"A Rockhoof and a Hard Place" Season 8 Episode 21
S03 E09
"Sounds of Silence" Season 8 Episode 23
S03 E10
"School Raze" (Part 1) Season 8 Episode 25
S03 E11
"School Raze" (Part 2) Season 8 Episode 26
S03 E12
"The Beginning of the End (Part 1)" Season 9 Episode 1
S03 E13
"The Beginning of the End (Part 2)" Season 9 Episode 2
S03 E14
"Sparkle's Seven" Season 9 Episode 4
S03 E15
"Common Ground" Season 9 Episode 6
S03 E16
"She's All Yak" Season 9 Episode 7
S03 E17
"Student Counsel" Season 9 Episode 11
S03 E18
"Going to Seed" Season 9 Episode 10
Episode 1
Equestria Girls (Part 1)
Episode 2
Equestria Girls (Part 2)
Episode 3
Rainbow Rocks Shorts
Episode 4
Rainbow Rocks (Part 1)
Episode 5
Best Gift Ever
Episode 6
Rainbow Rocks (Part 2)
Episode 7
Rainbow Rocks (Part 3)
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