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1991 - 1998   •  Channel 4  •   63 hours
1 vote
364 votes
# 4926
Game Show
GamesMaster was a British television show, screened on Channel 4 from 7th January 1992 to 3rd February 1998, and was the first-ever UK television show dedicated to computer and video games.
  Previously Aired Episode
Series Finale - Lookback Show Aired on 02/03/1998
Series Finale - Lookback Show
Season 7: Episode 10
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
126 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Season 1
S01 E01
John Fashanu
S01 E02
Gary Mason
S01 E03
Annabel Croft
S01 E04
Eric Bristow
S01 E05
Jimmy White & Ashley Paske
S01 E06
Pat Sharp & Mick Brown
S01 E07
Kendo Nagasaki
S01 E08
Pat & Emily Cash
S01 E09
Barry McGuigan
S01 E10
Emlyn Hughes
Season 2
S02 E01
Tony Slattery
S02 E02
Frank Bruno
S02 E03
Vinnie Jones
S02 E04
Rory Underwood
S02 E05
Take That
S02 E06
'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan
S02 E07
Jet & Shadow from Gladiators
S02 E08
Kristian Schmid
S02 E09
John Parrot
S02 E10
Richard Norton
S02 E11
Johnny Herbert
S02 E12
Todd Carty
S02 E13
Bob Holness
S02 E14
Linford Christie & Colin Jackson
S02 E15
Ian Wright
S02 E16
Mark Wingett & Huw Higginson
S02 E17
Cathy Dennis
S02 E18
Ulrika Jonsson
S02 E19
Vic Reeves
S02 E20
Gordon Burns
S02 E21
East 17
S02 E22
Josie Lawrence
S02 E23
Tony Daley
S02 E24
Steve Backley
S02 E25
Arm Wrestling Special
S02 E26
Ice Hockey Special
Season 3
S03 E01
Mortal Kombat Special
S03 E02
Sean Maguire
S03 E03
S03 E04
Shadow & Falcon from Gladiators
S03 E05
Cobra & Scorpio from Gladiators
S03 E06
Shadow & Scorpio from Gladiators
S03 E07
Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis
S03 E08
Utah Saints
S03 E09
Monie Love
S03 E10
Nigel Benn & Barry McGuigan
S03 E11
Les Ferdinand & Vinnie Jones
S03 E12
Liam Botham
S03 E13
Dani Behr
S03 E14
Dennis Wise & John Barnes
S03 E15
Vinnie Jones & John Barnes
S03 E16
Christmas Special - Panto Stars
S03 E17
Diane Youdale (The Games Mistress)
S03 E18
Simone Robertson
S03 E19
Kriss Akabusi
S03 E20
Lisa Geoghan & Andrew Paul
S03 E21
Ronnie O'Sullivan
S03 E22
'Macho Man' Randy Savage
S03 E23
2 Unlimited
S03 E24
Crash Test Dummies
S03 E25
Bad Boys Inc.
S03 E26
Gamesmaster Team Championship Final
Season 4
S04 E01
Frank Skinner
S04 E02
Dan Falzon & Sarah Vandenbergh
S04 E03
Jimmy White
S04 E04
Ant & Dec
S04 E05
Andy Cole & Kasey Keller
S04 E06
Vinnie Jones & Andy Townsend
S04 E07
Kasey Keller & Andy Townsend
S04 E08
Ian Kelsey & Camilla Power
S04 E09
Rupert Moon & Dewi Morris
S04 E10
Let Loose
S04 E11
C.J. Lewis
S04 E12
Marcus Bagley & Del Wilkes
S04 E13
David Coulthard
S04 E14
Christmas 'Stars' Special
S04 E15
Roger Black & Du'aine Ladejo
S04 E16
Prince Naseem
S04 E17
Natalie Imbruglia
S04 E18
Gamesmaster Gore Special
Season 5
S05 E01
The Shamen
S05 E02
Jadene Doran
S05 E03
Stephen Hendry
S05 E04
Donna Air & Vicky Taylor
S05 E05
Stuart Wade & Tonicha Jeronimo
S05 E06
Dean Holdsworth & David Kerslake
S05 E07
Phil Babb & Graeme Le Saux
S05 E08
Dean Holdsworth & Phil Babb
S05 E09
Johnny Herbert & Mark Blundell
S05 E10
Cobra & Panther from Gladiators
S05 E11
Ronnie O'Sullivan
S05 E12
S05 E13
S05 E14
Patsy Palmer & Dean Gaffney
S05 E15
Christmas Highlights Special
S05 E16
Mr Motivator
S05 E17
Stewart Lee & Richard Herring
S05 E18
Janick Gers
Season 6
S06 E01
Samantha Fox
S06 E02
Danny John-Jules
S06 E03
John Regis and Tony Jarrett
S06 E04
Paul Leyshon
S06 E05
Uri Geller
S06 E06
Richard Rufus and Michael Duberry
S06 E07
Chris Armstrong
S06 E08
Richard Rufus and Chris Armstrong
S06 E09
Christmas Special - the Gamesmaster Christmas Quiz
S06 E10
Zoe Ball
S06 E11
Deepak Verma
S06 E12
Bear Van Beers
S06 E13
Tracy Shaw
S06 E14
Phil Tufnell
S06 E15
Paul McKenna
S06 E16
The Brotherhood
S06 E17
S06 E18
Michael Fish
Season 7
S07 E01
Jo Guest
S07 E02
S07 E03
Ryan Rhodes and Khalid Shafiq
S07 E04
Sol Campbell and Christian Daily
S07 E05
Emma Harrison
S07 E06
All Saints
S07 E07
Sarah Vanderberg and Carryl Varley
S07 E08
Catalina Guirado
S07 E09
Debbie Flett and Emma Noble
S07 E10
Series Finale - Lookback Show
Episode 1
Repeat's Censored Reviews
Episode 2
Series 1 Close And Reboot Into Series 2
Episode 3
Gore Special (Original Broadcast)
Episode 4
Gore Special (Extended VCD Version)
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