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Achievement Hunter: Let's Roll

Achievement Hunter: Let's Roll

2018 - Now  •  YouTube  •  67 hours  •  203 episodes
0 vote
Game Show
Let's Roll is an Achievement Hunter series where the group plays various board games.
  Previously Aired Episode
Pokémon Master Trainer THE MOVIE Aired on 09/28/2023
Pokémon Master Trainer THE MOVIE
Season 2023: Episode 35
Season 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Kaiju Collusion - King of Tokyo (Pilot)
S2018 E02
Our Worst Day Ever - Gloom
S2018 E03
Babushka Dooley - World Championship Russian Roulette
S2018 E04
We're All Princesses - Pretty Pretty Princess
S2018 E05
I Was the Beaver All Along! - Bears vs Babies
S2018 E06
Casino Calamity - Achievement Hunter HEIST
S2018 E07
Shooting and Looting - Cash 'n Guns with ProZD
S2018 E08
Softcore Tabletop - Monopoly Deal
S2018 E09
Burn It All - Trogdor!! The Board Game (Preview Copy)
S2018 E10
Flatulent Frights - Betrayal at House on the Hill (Pt 1)
S2018 E11
Undead Stenches - Betrayal at House on the Hill (Pt 2)
S2018 E12
Gulps & Gerki - The Red Dragon Inn (Pt 1)
S2018 E13
Gerki, Lord of Coin - The Red Dragon Inn (Pt 2)
S2018 E14
The Dutch Beef Squashers - Munchkin Booty (Pt 1)
S2018 E15
Salty on the Seven Seas - Munchkin Booty (Pt 2)
S2018 E16
Season 2019
S2019 E01
SNEAKING IN THE GOODS - Sheriff of Nottingham (Pt 1)
S2019 E02
ARE THOSE EVEN LEGAL? - Let's Roll - Sheriff of Nottingham (Pt 2)
S2019 E03
THE POWER OF FLEX TAPE - But Wait, There's More!
S2019 E04
J'ACCUSES AND GIGGLE FITS - One Night Ultimate Werewolf
S2019 E05
YOU CUPPED ME - Abaddon - jan:LOCK
S2019 E06
STEALING FLEX TAPE - But Wait, There's More! (#2)
S2019 E07
WHO ARE YOU?! - One Night Ultimate Werewolf (#2)
S2019 E08
KING OF THE STREETS - Rebelz Gang War (Preview Copy)
S2019 E09
THE G.O.A.T. ABDUCTION - Achievement Hunter HEIST
S2019 E10
I'M NIGEL THORNBERRY - Forbidden Island
S2019 E11
S2019 E12
S2019 E13
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - Coup: Reformation
S2019 E14
SUPER DECEPTION - One Night Ultimate Super Villains (#1)
S2019 E15
S2019 E16
I HATE THIS DOG! - One Night Ultimate Super Villains (#2)
S2019 E17
BORDERLANDS 3 IS A CARD GAME? - Tiny Tina's Robot Tea Party
S2019 E18
S2019 E19
THE POISON'S SECRET - The Red Dragon Inn 2 (Part 1)
S2019 E20
WE'RE ON THE PRECIPICE - The Red Dragon Inn 2 (Part 2)
S2019 E21
S2019 E22
LIGHTNING ROUND - Coup: Reformation
S2019 E23
CRISS ANGEL MIND FREAK - Exploding Kittens
S2019 E24
I'M NEVER THE TRAITOR - The Resistance (with Chef Mike)
S2019 E25
BRING YOUR OWN BANANAS - Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart (Part 1)
S2019 E26
YOSHI, LORD OF COIN - Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart (Part 2)
S2019 E27
BAD KITTY - Exploding Kittens (Explicit Edition)
S2019 E28
Clearly It's Not Me! - One Night Ultimate Werewolf (#3)
S2019 E29
You Lie, You Die! - Coup: Reformation
S2019 E30
It's Tea Time - Marrying Mr. Darcy (Part 1)
S2019 E31
No Pride, All Prejudice - Marrying Mr. Darcy (Part 2)
S2019 E32
Babushka's Moment! - World Championship Russian Roulette
S2019 E33
Pitches Be Crazy - Snake Oil
S2019 E34
Just Trust Me - Love Letter
S2019 E35
The Secret Peanut Killer - Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
S2019 E36
Knights of Lying Table- The Resistance: Avalon
S2019 E37
The Face of a King - Love Letter
S2019 E38
Gotham City Werewolf - One Night Ultimate Batman
S2019 E39
Reptar vs. Zoidberg - King of Tokyo: Power Up
S2019 E40
Get Money or Get Got - 13 Dead End Drive
S2019 E41
Our Heinous Secrets - Wolves of Mercia
S2019 E42
We Have Terrible News - Gloom: Unhappy Homes
S2019 E43
Dueling Zombie Cowboys - BANG! The Dice Game: Undead or Alive
S2019 E44
Halloween Special - Betrayal At House on the Hill (#2) Part 1
S2019 E45
Betrayed on Halloween - Betrayal at House on the Hill (#2) Part 2
S2019 E46
Shield's Been Compromised - Hail Hydra
S2019 E47
Assassin's Greed - Coup: Reformation w/ Dorian Parks
S2019 E48
Reservoir Dogs the Game - Cash n Guns
S2019 E49
You and Your Friends Are DEAD! - Batman Love Letter
S2019 E50
My Lies Were PERFECT! - One Night Ultimate Werewolf
S2019 E51
The Move That BROKE Our Brains - Coup: Reformation
S2019 E52
Baby Yoda VS Ben Swolo - Star Wars Epic Duels
S2019 E53
A Very Gerki Christmas - The Red Dragon Inn (Part 1)
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Getting in the Holiday Spirits - The Red Dragon Inn (Part 2)
S2020 E02
We Make Great Barbecue - Hellapagos
S2020 E03
DEADLY Volcano Tour - Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar
S2020 E04
Giving Us the Finger - Fingers Guns at High Noon
S2020 E05
Coup with 8 Players is INSANE
S2020 E06
Coup With 25 NEW Roles - Coup Rebellion G54 Share
S2020 E07
Betrayed in Our Own Homes - Good Cop Bad Cop
S2020 E08
Who Wants Dog Cheese? - Snake Oil - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E09
Putting All My Humps on the Table - Dixit - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E10
You Can't Beat My BUTT GUNS - Death Battle
S2020 E11
I'm an AWFUL Indiana Jones - Incan Gold - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E12
Oxygen's Getting Real Low - Deep Sea Adventure - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E13
Distant Deceivers w/ James Willems - One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Let's ...
S2020 E14
Who's a Good Werewolf Boy? - The Red Dragon Inn (#4) Part 1
S2020 E15
This Combo Blew Our Minds! - The Red Dragon Inn (#4) Part 2
S2020 E16
Are We Illegal Space Spies? - Spyfall - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E17
No Dukes, Just Judges - Mascarade - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E18
Lies and Flies - Cockroach Poker - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E19
Coup, but You Can See All Our LIES - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E20
We Hunt Anime Vampires - Shadow Hunters - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E21
A Challenge to the Monarchy! - Kingdomino: Age of Giants - (Tabletop Simu...
S2020 E22
Lost Legacy: It's Love Letter in SPACE! - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E23
Having an Ick Party - 6 Nimmt - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E24
The Detective's Gone Rogue! - Scotland Yard - (Tabletop Simulator)
S2020 E25
Racing Like It's 753 BCE - Ave Caesar
S2020 E26
Our Internet Psychic Hotline - Medium
S2020 E27
Gold Nug Betrayal - Saboteur
S2020 E28
We're The Avengers Now - Marvel United - Let's Roll
S2020 E29
Chaos in the Machine - Human Punishment
S2020 E30
Fear My Ninja Cats - Here to Slay
S2020 E31
The Jungle's Saltiest Sea Dog - The Quest for El Dorado
S2020 E32
Why is All the Oxygen Gone? - Selfish: Space Edition
S2020 E33
Is There a Double Agent? - Good Cop Bad Cop
S2020 E34
Gerki Returns! - The Red Dragon Inn With ProZD (Part 1)
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Inches from Peril - The Red Dragon Inn With ProZD (Part 2)
S2021 E02
Is This Another Uno? - Muffin Time - Let's Roll
S2021 E03
The Vault's Under Attack! - Fallout Shelter the Board Game (Part 1)
S2021 E04
Here Comes Deathclaw! - Fallout Shelter the Board Game (Part 2)
S2021 E05
Does This Game EVER End? - No Escape
S2021 E06
Become the Train - Stop the Train!
S2021 E07
Time for a Pub Crawl! - The Red Dragon Inn 8 (Part 1) - Let's Roll
S2021 E08
I'm More Gerki Than Gerki - The Red Dragon Inn 8 (Part 2)
S2021 E09
A 90s Zombie Story - Let's Roll Presents: Unruly Rollers
S2021 E10
He's Turned On Us - Unruly Rollers: A 90s Zombie Story (#2)
S2021 E11
I Tried to Save His Life - Unruly Rollers: A 90s Zombie Story (#3)
S2021 E12
Why Have You Forsaken Me? - Unruly Rollers: A 90s Zombie Story (#4)
S2021 E13
Werewolf With an Axe Gun! - Shadow Hunters
S2021 E14
There's Not Enough Parachutes! - Hit the Silk with Chloe Naylor
S2021 E15
Beast Wars? DAS WAR'S! - Beasty Bar
S2021 E16
Let's Roll is BACK IN STUDIO - Sheriff of Nottingham (Part 1)
S2021 E17
What's in Your Sack? - Sheriff of Nottingham (Part 2)
S2021 E18
I've Made a Huge Mistake - Monikers w/Squad Team Force
S2021 E19
Perfectly In Sync - Medium with Squad Team Force
S2021 E20
We're IN STUDIO Playing Muffin Time
S2021 E21
There's a BUG on the TRAIN - Ticket to Ride
S2021 E22
Train Plopping Across the Nation - Ticket to Ride (Part 2)
S2021 E23
Buffy Summers Vs Jurassic Park - Unmatched (Part 1)
S2021 E24
Dracula's Spiraling Suck Fest - Unmatched (Part 2)
S2021 E25
Talk Like Caveman or GET HIT! - Poetry for Neanderthals
S2021 E26
Social Deduction Drawing gets WEIRD - A Fake Artist Goes to New York
S2021 E27
Good Cop Bad Cop With NERF GUNS!
S2021 E28
Worse Odds Than Vegas! - Incan Gold
S2021 E29
Gerki's Day Job - Tales From the Red Dragon Inn (Part 1)
S2021 E30
How Much Damage Can We Do With a Spoon? - Tales From the Red Dragon Inn (...
S2021 E31
Is This Another HR Incident? - Monikers
S2021 E32
Is Tony the Tiger Allowed? - Just One
S2021 E33
I Have to Play Laying Down? - Hammer Time - Let's Roll w/ GoofyWise
S2021 E34
A VERY Readable Poker Face - Cockroach Poker
S2021 E35
All Paths Lead to DOOM! - Tsuro
S2021 E36
Which TV Host Has 50 Cats? - Funemployed
Season 2022
S2022 E01
Our Coup Looks All Different! - Coup
S2022 E02
How to Lose Your Detective Job - Deception - Let's Roll
S2022 E03
Betting it All on the...Camels? - Camel Up
S2022 E04
Fighting Fire With MORE FIRE! - Fire Tower
S2022 E05
Sign Your Life Away Today - Cult Following
S2022 E06
We Have a Crush on Elijah Wood - Dream Crush
S2022 E07
The Worst Game of Medium We've Ever Played - Medium
S2022 E08
The Wildest Board Game Win Yet - Night Of The Ninja
S2022 E09
Doctor Strange In The Let's Roll Of Madness
S2022 E10
Cryptid Hunting Boardgame - Horrified: American Monsters
S2022 E11
Hunting MORE Cryptids! - Horrified: American Monsters | (Part 2)
S2022 E12
Kabuto Sumo | We are Bug Wrestlers
S2022 E13
Happy Little Dinosaurs | Can We Avoid Extinction?
S2022 E14
Colt Express | We Rob a Train!
S2022 E15
Survive: Escape from Atlantis | Swimming From Sharks!
S2022 E16
Wavelength | Can They Read Their Teammate's Mind?
S2022 E17
A Murdery Version of Clue | Let's Roll: Kill Dr. Lucky
S2022 E18
The Search For EVIL! | Let’s Roll: Quest
S2022 E19
Someone IS The Thing | Let’s Roll - The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31
S2022 E20
Impossible Choices Only | Let’s Roll - The Thing: Infection at Outpost ...
S2022 E21
4 Idiots Are Trapped in A Hell Tunnel | The Night Cage
S2022 E22
Monikers with Funhaus: It Gets WEIRD
S2022 E23
A Bidding Game with INFINITE Money! | Q.E.
S2022 E24
Pizza For Thanksgiving?! - New York Slice
S2022 E25
1989's BEST Board Game! - Mall Madness
S2022 E26
Kitchen Mayhem with Face Jam! - Kitchen Rush
S2022 E27
Why is this Child's Game so Hype?! - Ice Cool
S2022 E28
POV: Every Time You Play a Boardgame with Your Family for the Holidays | ...
S2022 E29
We Play The Godfather | Mafia De Cuba | Let's Roll with BlizzBear
Season 2023
S2023 E01
Tiny Cars, Big Moves | Heat: Pedal to the Metal
S2023 E02
Weird Products You Can Sell to a Cab Driver | Snake Oil
S2023 E03
We Escape the Plague in 2023 | Bristol 1350
S2023 E04
The Board Game You Play Blindfolded? - When I Dream
S2023 E05
WTF is WLTDO? - Culture Tags - Let's Roll w/STF
S2023 E06
NEW Red Dragon Inn Expansion! The Undercity
S2023 E07
Red Dragon Inn's New Characters Are WILD! The Undercity (Part 2)
S2023 E08
You Serve Me Now | Let's Roll: Aye, Dark Overlord
S2023 E09
Gambling Like Dwarves | Let's Roll: Quartz
S2023 E10
The Best German Kid's Game You've Never Heard Of - Rhino Hero Super Battl...
S2023 E11
This Role-Swapping Game Has Us ALL Confused - Mascarade
S2023 E12
Deception So Deep We’ve Fooled Ourselves! - Mascarade
S2023 E13
Weirdest Trivia Questions EVER - Snakesss
S2023 E14
Push Your Luck or Get BUSTED - Swindler
S2023 E15
Board Game Mukbang - Steam Up
S2023 E16
The F&F Cast Play Fast and Furious: Highway Heist
S2023 E17
The End of the Road Ends Here - Fast & Furious Highway Heist Part 2
S2023 E18
This Game is Mario Kart with Dinosaurs! - Dodos Riding Dinos
S2023 E19
Negotiate Fast or Get NOTHING - Dragon's Gold
S2023 E20
This Isn’t Even My FINAL Form - Casting Shadows
S2023 E21
Four Brave Idiots Defend a Castle from Orcs - Castle Panic
S2023 E22
We Draw Our Sleep Paralysis Demons - MonsDRAWsity
S2023 E23
Oops! We Started Ragnarok - Blood Rage
S2023 E24
We Get Sent To The Abyss - Veiled Fate
S2023 E25
The Illegal Board Game You’ll Never Own - Let's Roll - Whale Riders
S2023 E26
Not So Secret Wars - Marvel Zombies
S2023 E27
Racing Broken Robots is Chaos - Let's Roll - Robo Rally
S2023 E28
Castaway But With Cats (Cats-away?) - Race to the Raft
S2023 E29
Who Stole My CHEESE? - Let's Roll - Cheese Thief
S2023 E30
We're Pirates! In the Caribbean Even - Black Fleet
S2023 E31
The Most Exciting One Hour in Sports! - Long Shot
S2023 E32
Howl's Moving A**holes - Let's Roll - Wandering Towers
S2023 E33
When Card Games Get Physical - Let’s Roll: Muffin Time
S2023 E34
Pirates are Dirty LIARS! - Let's Roll - Feed the Kraken
S2023 E35
Pokémon Master Trainer THE MOVIE
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