Marvel's Daredevil
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Nando V Movies

Nando V Movies

2016 - Now  •  YouTube  •  44 hours  •  177 episodes
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Talk Show
The plot is unknown at this time.
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What was Thor 4 missing? Aired on 01/17/2023
What was Thor 4 missing?
Season 2023: Episode 1
Season 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Season 2016
S2016 E01
The Sharon Carter Theory - Captain America: Civil War
S2016 E02
Doctor Strange and Green Lantern are Surprisingly Similar Movies
Season 2017
S2017 E01
The Last LMD? - Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
S2017 E02
The Spider-Man Problem - Captain America: Civil War
S2017 E03
Fox Loves Forests
S2017 E04
Ego Isn't Ego - Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2
S2017 E05
Big Gray Villains
S2017 E06
War Machine is probably a Skrull - Secret Invasion
S2017 E07
Hela Isn't Hela - Thor: Ragnarok
S2017 E08
The Bizarro Solution - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Saving Captain Boomerang - Suicide Squad
S2018 E02
The Extremis Opportunity - Iron Man 3
S2018 E03
The Vibranium Dilemma - Black Panther
S2018 E04
Rewriting Rose - Star Wars: The Last Jedi
S2018 E05
Loki's Skrull Salvation - Thor: The Dark World
S2018 E06
Altering Ultron - Avengers: Age of Ultron
S2018 E07
Danny Rand and The Hand - Iron Fist
S2018 E08
Aquaman's Missing Moment - Justice League
S2018 E09
Disarming Ares - Wonder Woman
S2018 E10
Paging Doctor Poison - Wonder Woman
S2018 E11
Overhauling Obadiah - Iron Man
S2018 E12
The Thor Detour - Avengers: Infinity War
S2018 E13
The Giant Mistake - Ready Player One
S2018 E14
The Boring Betrayal - Solo: A Star Wars Story
S2018 E15
The Hopeless Horseman - X-Men: Apocalypse
S2018 E16
Pressing the Dinosaur Button - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
S2018 E17
Reworking Russell's Revenge - Deadpool 2
S2018 E18
The Fifth Defender - Marvel's Defenders
S2018 E19
The Justice League Rewrite (Part 1)
S2018 E20
The Justice League Rewrite (Part 2)
S2018 E21
The Justice League Rewrite (Part 3)
S2018 E22
The Justice League Rewrite (Part 4)
S2018 E23
The Venom Villain Revamp
S2018 E24
Nando Pitches Suicide Squad 2
S2018 E25
Rewriting Screenslaver - Incredibles 2
S2018 E26
Making the Case for Thanos - Avengers: Infinity War
S2018 E27
Changing The Finale - Incredibles 2
S2018 E28
Jingle All The Way - The Ultimate Christmas Movie
S2018 E29
Frequently Commented Comments 2018
Season 2019
S2019 E01
The Man of Steel Rewrite Part 1: Less is More
S2019 E02
The Man of Steel Rewrite Part 2: Collateral Damage
S2019 E03
The Man of Steel Rewrite Part 3: The Suit
S2019 E04
The Man of Steel Rewrite Part 4: Snap Judgment
S2019 E05
The Manta Mistake - Aquaman
S2019 E06
Newt Scamander and the Faulty Franchise - Fantastic Beasts and Where To F...
S2019 E07
Fixing The Joker - The Dark Knight
S2019 E08
Moving the Monument - Spider-Man: Homecoming
S2019 E09
One Marvelous Scene - The Ultron Afterparty
S2019 E10
Changing the End Game - Avengers: Endgame
S2019 E11
The Best of Thrones - The Mountain and The Viper and Subverting Subverted...
S2019 E12
Nando Pitches Ant-Man and The Wasp 2
S2019 E13
The Trouble With Talos - Captain Marvel
S2019 E14
Revising Rogue One
S2019 E15
The Missing Memorial - Avengers: Endgame
S2019 E16
We Need to Talk about MacGuffins
S2019 E17
The Potential of Marvel Phase Four
S2019 E18
The Iron Spider Mistake - Spider-Man: Far From Home
S2019 E19
The Busted Buddy Cops - Hobbs and Shaw
S2019 E20
Un-Breaking Glass
S2019 E21
Why Marvel's Defenders Did Not Work
S2019 E22
Defenders Rewrite Part 1 - Raising Hell and Hard Times
S2019 E23
Defenders Rewrite Part 2 - Can I Get a Witness?
S2019 E24
Defenders Rewrite Part 3 - Rock the House
S2019 E25
Joker's Missing Character
S2019 E26
The Defenders Rewrite Part 4 - Walk This Way
S2019 E27
The Nando v Movies Ant-Man and The Wasp 2 Pitch Opening Scene
S2019 E28
The Defenders Rewrite Part 5 - Wreck Shop
S2019 E29
Making Malekith Matter - Thor: The Dark World
S2019 E30
The Defenders Rewrite Part 6 - Down with the King
S2019 E31
The Missing Mutant - Fixing Dark Phoenix
S2019 E32
Star Wars Defined - The Mandalorian and the Three Act Structure
S2019 E33
A Proper Villain - Changing X-Men Dark Phoenix
Season 2020
S2020 E01
2019: The Year Superhero Movies Became Self Aware
S2020 E02
The Defenders Rewrite Part 7 - Let's Stay Together
S2020 E03
Macavity: The Dumbest Song in Cats
S2020 E04
Chewie's Missing Moment - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
S2020 E05
Properly Redeeming Ben Solo - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
S2020 E06
The Problem with Cassandra Cain - Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emanc...
S2020 E07
How Quicksilver Broke Speed (and who can fix it)
S2020 E08
The Wrong Time Traveler - X-Men: Days of Future Past (Part 1)
S2020 E09
Bishop Deserved Better - X-Men: Days of Future Past (Part 2)
S2020 E10
When all you have is a Hammer - Changing Iron Man 2
S2020 E11
Onward's Magic Mistake
S2020 E12
The Dumbest Scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
S2020 E13
What Joker Can Learn From Dolemite
S2020 E14
Spider-Verse's Missing Moment - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
S2020 E15
Scarlet Witch: The Most Important Character in the Marvel Cinematic Unive...
S2020 E16
The Curious Editing of Artemis Fowl
S2020 E17
Marvel Phase Two is in the Wrong Order
S2020 E18
One X-Cellent Scene - You Picked the Wrong House, Bub
S2020 E19
The HYDRA Problem - Captain America: The Winter Soldier
S2020 E20
Captain America: Civil War Didn't Need Zemo
S2020 E21
Why I'm Not Making a Video About New Mutants
S2020 E22
Why The Rise of Skywalker Did Not Work
S2020 E23
Nando Rewrites Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (Part 1)
S2020 E24
The Avengers Game is Good, Actually
S2020 E25
Nando Rewrites Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (Part 2)
S2020 E26
Los Espookys - The Next Great Horror Comedy
S2020 E27
Spider-verse 2 Would Make a Great Musical
S2020 E28
Nando Rewrites Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (Part 3)
S2020 E29
New Mutants - A Great Big Fixable Mess
S2020 E30
Superman (and Zack Snyder) Needed Jimmy Olsen
S2020 E31
Nando Rewrites Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (Part 4)
S2020 E32
How to Solve Wonder Woman's Golden Armor Problem
Season 2021
S2021 E01
The Awesome Stuff (Hopefully) Coming Out in 2021
S2021 E02
The Hidden Symbols of Wandavision
S2021 E03
Wandavision's Secret Villain? - Episode 6 Theory
S2021 E04
Zemo Isn't Zemo - Captain America: Civil War
S2021 E05
Vulture isn't Vulture - Spider-Man: Homecoming
S2021 E06
What's the deal with Hayward? - Wandavision Theory
S2021 E07
Sebastian Shaw isn't Sebastian Shaw - X-Men: First Class
S2021 E08
Is the Snydercut any good?
S2021 E09
Rewriting Wandavision's Finale
S2021 E10
Falcon and The Winter Soldier's Rewritten Storyline
S2021 E11
The Flag Smashers Fix - Changing Falcon and the Winter Soldier
S2021 E12
Solving the Superman Problem - Changing Zack Snyder's Justice League
S2021 E13
The John Walker Rewrite - Changing Falcon and the Winter Soldier
S2021 E14
Where does Sharon Carter go from here?
S2021 E15
The WILDEST Death in Army of the Dead
S2021 E16
Regarding Fan Theories
S2021 E17
How I Thought Loki was Gonna End (I was wrong)
S2021 E18
Which Marvel Villain had the Best Plan?
S2021 E19
Salvaging Skurge - One Small Change to Thor Ragnarok
S2021 E20
Who's Running the TVA? (and why he's awesome)
S2021 E21
Did Black Widow's Taskmaster Work?
S2021 E22
The Problem with Black Widow's Red Guardian
S2021 E23
Who is the Best DCEU Goon?
S2021 E24
One Villainous Scene - Loki's Glorious Purpose
S2021 E25
THE Suicide Squad's Missing Moment
S2021 E26
Who is the Best Loki?
S2021 E27
Is Marvel's What If...? Worth It?
S2021 E28
The Wonder Woman 1984 Rewrite
S2021 E29
Solving Shazam's Sivana Problem
S2021 E30
Shang-Chi's Wenwu is the Best Marvel Villain
S2021 E31
My Problem with What If...?
S2021 E32
What I Like About What If...?
S2021 E33
Fifty What If...? Pitches
S2021 E34
Where Venom: Let There Be Carnage Lost Me
S2021 E35
What Marvel's What If...? was missing and how to fix it
S2021 E36
Phase Four will be Marvel's Best
S2021 E37
Aquaman's Missing Message
S2021 E38
What If Zombies and the Importance of Tone
S2021 E39
The Problem with Kro, the Eternals villain you already forgot
S2021 E40
Shang-Chi's Unsung Hero
S2021 E41
Seven Secret Skrulls - Marvel Theory
S2021 E42
The Guardians of the Galaxy game is AMAZING
S2021 E43
2021 is the Year of the Speedster
S2021 E44
Who is Hawkeye's REAL villain?
S2021 E45
Fancasting Keanu Reeves in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
S2021 E46
The Matrix Resurrections is messy
S2021 E47
Solving the Sandman Problem - Spider-Man: No Way Home
Season 2022
S2022 E01
Who should play Marvel's Fantastic Four?
S2022 E02
Is Batman a good driver?
S2022 E03
The Book of Boba Fett was about the wrong guy
S2022 E04
Casting the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - The First Class
S2022 E05
Casting the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - The Villains
S2022 E06
How Marvel can solve The Magneto Problem
S2022 E07
Casting the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - The Second Generatio...
S2022 E08
My Pitch for Sinister Six
S2022 E09
I didn't love Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Mad...
S2022 E10
How should Marvel introduce The Mutants to the MCU?
S2022 E11
Casting the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Wolverine
S2022 E12
My Pitch for the MCU Spider-Man 4
S2022 E13
Casting the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - The Next Generation
S2022 E14
My Pitch for The Batman 2
S2022 E15
Casting the Bat Family - Nightwing, Batwoman, Batgirl, and Red Hood
S2022 E16
One Musical Scene - Why does James Gunn love chains?
S2022 E17
My Pitch for Marvel's Thunderbolts
S2022 E18
Casting the Bat Family - Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, and ...
S2022 E19
She Hulk is GREAT
S2022 E20
Who could Henry Cavill play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
S2022 E21
My Pitch for Ten Marvel Special Presentations
S2022 E22
Marvel's weirdest Avengers need a show
S2022 E23
Namor was a better Black Adam than Black Adam
S2022 E24
What was Phase Four . . . about?
S2022 E25
My Pitch for a Superman Reboot
Season 2023
S2023 E01
What was Thor 4 missing?
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