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2007 - 2014  •  Revision3  •  11 days  •  1 season  •  536 episodes
1 vote
Tekzilla feeds your tech hunger! Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse bring you hands on reviews of the latest gear, tips and tricks that improve the tech you already own and conversations with the most informative experts around.
  Previously Aired Episode
Epson Home Cinema 3500 Review, Maltego Finds Hidden Info, 3 Amazing Wearables, Survive Black Friday & Guestapalooza: Veronica, Robert, Jessica, More! Aired on 11/25/2014
Epson Home Cinema 3500 Review, Maltego Finds Hidden Info, 3 Amazing Wearables, Survive Black Friday & Guestapalooza: Veronica, Robert, Jessica, More!
Season 1: Episode 541
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
536 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
Big One
S01 E02
S01 E03
S01 E04
S01 E05
S01 E06
Pat Back
S01 E07
Eee PC
S01 E08
S01 E09
Black Friday
S01 E10
S01 E11
S01 E12
S01 E13
S01 E14
DIY Bombproof Encrypted Thumb Drive, Build a PC, Backup DVDs, TV in Japan...
S01 E15
CES 2008: 150 inch HDTV, XstreamHD, silent case fans, Bluetooth headsets
S01 E16
Macworld 2008, Macbook Air, Office 2008 for the Mac, Mozy, more CES!
S01 E17
Drobo Share, Spot Personal Locator Beacon, and the GOM Media Player
S01 E18
Kevin Rose is Here, Boost your Cellphone Signal, Custom Stencils, HDMI Sw...
S01 E19
Blu-ray and HD DVD (that don't suck!) for $300
S01 E20
USB Turntables: Good or Bad?
S01 E21
HD DVD is Dead: You can buy a Blu-ray player now.
S01 E22
DVD Ripping Tools, HD Antenna, MP3 Players, Wondercon!
S01 E23
Computer Speakers, Free Illustrator Alternative, CompUSA RIP
S01 E24
We Install Linux,, Find Lost Cameras
S01 E25
Upgrade Your Notebook, Macbook Car Charger, 360 Streaming, VideoHelp, Mak...
S01 E26
Soldering 101, Surf Anonymously, Vista SP1
S01 E27
HDMI is the standard, but can VGA be better for your HDTV? Portable music...
S01 E28
Better Windows File Sync. Best Graphic Cards $200 and Under. Veronica's o...
S01 E29
Top Digital SLR Cameras. The PDA is Dead. Free 3D Rendering. Mambo vs. Jo...
S01 E30
24 Inch LCD Monitor Recco, Veronica's IRC picks, Patrick Stops Hating on ...
S01 E31
Camera Tossing, Better Twitter, The Best Photo Printer, GPS Reccors
S01 E32
Gateway One, Maker Faire, HDTV for a Dorm Room, ReadyNAS vs Drobo, Win a ...
S01 E33
A Better Camera for YouTube. Win a Zune. Dual Boot XP and Vista. Baby Kil...
S01 E34
Clone Your Windows Machine for Free! Saving Photos On Vacation. S/PDIF 10...
S01 E35
Headphone Amps, Defrag OS X, YouTube Compression
S01 E36
VHS tape to DVD, Neflix Roku, DIY Phone Repair
S01 E37
iPhone 3G; Firefox 3 Tour, Recover Missing Files, Live Wedding Video for ...
S01 E38
$1800 Keyboard, iTunes Alternatives, Fix HDTV Overscan, Make Windows Pret...
S01 E39
Hands Free Bluetooth Roundup, Secure Your Computer, Mohawks and Vinyl...
S01 E40
Free Anti-Virus. Moving files to a new PC. Blu-ray Burners.
S01 E41
Graphics Cards: We've Got Your Answers! Don't Kill Your Battery. SMS From...
S01 E42
PC Overheating. Save Your Drivers. Waterproof Anything!
S01 E43
Veronica's E3 report, DSLR Help, Win Our Badass Monster Gaming PC!
S01 E44
Quad vs. Dual Core, Private P2P, Notebook Overheating
S01 E45
Stop Bandwidth Hogs. Mic Roundup. DOS Games in Vista
S01 E46
I Like Chocolate
S01 E47
S01 E48
Super Hot
S01 E49
S01 E50
Teh Bunniez
S01 E51
S01 E52
S01 E53
Fantastic Contraption
S01 E54
S01 E55
S01 E56
S01 E57
S01 E58
S01 E59
Dell Alien PC
S01 E60
S01 E61
Prom Date
S01 E62
S01 E63
Two Guests
S01 E64
Red Robot iPod Tools
S01 E65
Episode 65
S01 E66
Episode 66
S01 E67
Episode 67
S01 E68
Episode 68
S01 E69
Episode 69
S01 E70
Episode 70
S01 E71
Episode 71
S01 E72
Episode 72
S01 E73
Episode 73
S01 E74
Episode 74
S01 E75
Episode 75
S01 E76
Episode 76
S01 E77
Episode 77
S01 E78
Episode 78
S01 E79
Episode 79
S01 E80
Episode 80
S01 E81
Episode 81
S01 E82
Episode 82
S01 E83
Episode 83
S01 E84
Kevin Rose Co-Hosts, The Best Twitter Client Ever, Converting SD to HD, a...
S01 E85
Kindle 2 Reviewed, Painless Password Management, Dump RAID, iPod Lock Hac...
S01 E86
Test Drive! Free Photo Mosaic Tools, Surge Protectors Save Gear!
S01 E87
Windows 7 RC1 Out, USB Sound Card Picks, Extract Gold From Old Computer P...
S01 E88
Dual Boot Windows 7, Pelican Case Beat Down, slotRadio, Patrick's $1200 C...
S01 E89
Mobo Upgrades, Cheap Cable Management
S01 E90
Antec's Skeleton Case Reviewed
S01 E91
Drop CPU Temps, Speed Up Your Machine!
S01 E92
iPhone 3Gs
S01 E93
Netbook Buyers Guide! Amazing HDR Photography You Can Make, Perfect Porta...
S01 E94
Messenger Bags, Dorm Fridge PC, Is RIAA In Your Torrents, Easter Eggs!
S01 E95
Sync Firefox on Multiple Machines
S01 E96
Windows - Get More Accurate Time
S01 E97
Mozilla - Backup Mozilla
S01 E98
OS X - Quick Dock Magnification
S01 E99
Gmail - Easy Contact Edit
S01 E100
S01 E101
S01 E102
S01 E103
S01 E104
Snow Leopard
S01 E105
S01 E106
iPod Camera
S01 E107
S01 E108
Ryan Block
S01 E109
S01 E110
S01 E111
Windows 7
S01 E112
S01 E113
S01 E114
S01 E115
S01 E116
S01 E117
S01 E118
Holiday 2009
S01 E119
S01 E120
Gaming Laptop
S01 E121
2010 New Year
S01 E122
S01 E123
CES 2010
S01 E124
Veronica PC
S01 E125
S01 E126
Gaming Headsets
S01 E127
S01 E128
MacWorld 2010
S01 E129
S01 E130
Windows 7 RC
S01 E131
S01 E132
S01 E133
S01 E134
S01 E135
S01 E136
Chloe and Chris
S01 E137
Air Coolers
S01 E138
HD Forensics
S01 E139
HD Theater
S01 E140
S01 E141
S01 E142
S01 E143
S01 E144
iPhone 4
S01 E145
E3 2010
S01 E146
Xbox Slim
S01 E147
Quiet PC
S01 E148
5th Anniversary
S01 E149
Headphones For College
S01 E150
Taco Belmont
S01 E151
SD CC2010
S01 E152
Defcon 18
S01 E153
GFX Cards 2010
S01 E154
S01 E155
Hybrid Cameras
S01 E156
SSD Hybrid
S01 E157
S01 E158
Sandy Bridge
S01 E159
Roku XD
S01 E160
S01 E161
Photokina 2010
S01 E162
Shooting Tech
S01 E163
Windows 7 Phones
S01 E164
Logitech Revue
S01 E165
Blu-Con 2010
S01 E166
S01 E167
S01 E168
Laptop Sound Bars
S01 E169
Black Friday Sucks
S01 E170
Yellow Pixel
S01 E171
Music Transcoding
S01 E172
S01 E173
Gigabit N
S01 E174
Panasonic 42
S01 E175
S01 E176
Cheap PC Upgrades
S01 E177
Graphics Card Roundup
S01 E178
S01 E179
PC Building Tips For Newbies
S01 E180
Top Blurays for 2010
S01 E181
CES 2011 Wrapup
S01 E182
S01 E183
Sandy Bridge
S01 E184
Sewing Machine
S01 E185
Voice Conference In Iraq
S01 E186
Jackbacks Touch Gloves
S01 E187
Top 5 Products At Macworld
S01 E188
Dell Streak 7
S01 E189
GPU Questions
S01 E190
3D Video editing
S01 E191
Bulletproof hard drives
S01 E192
Geocaching for dummies
S01 E193
PC Power Supplies
S01 E194
Water Cooling PC
S01 E195
Cheap Video Editor
S01 E196
S01 E197
GDC 2011
S01 E198
S01 E199
Puget HTPC
S01 E200
S01 E201
Ipad2 & Handbrake Demo
S01 E202
Samsung Xoom 2
S01 E203
Firefox 4
S01 E204
Upgrade Harddrive
S01 E205
Pelican Case Post Mortem
S01 E206
Game of the Thrones 1
S01 E207
JVC Projector
S01 E208
iPad 2 Teardown
S01 E209
Biggest HDTV ever
S01 E210
S01 E211
Portal 2
S01 E212
PlayStation Network Down
S01 E213
Laptop Guide
S01 E214
S01 E215
S01 E216
Safari Camera
S01 E217
Ask Loyd 2
S01 E218
Doctor Who
S01 E219
S01 E220
Makerfaire 2011
S01 E221
Android Security
S01 E222
S01 E223
Gunnar Interview
S01 E224
S01 E225
Surround Sound Setup
S01 E226
Lion Questions
S01 E227
Super Cheap HDTV
S01 E228
DDOS Attacks
S01 E229
Budget Big Screen 3D Plasma
S01 E230
Think Up
S01 E231
S01 E232
Move Steam Files
S01 E233
Audio Recording 101
S01 E234
Cheap 3D Camcorder
S01 E235
Under Water Cameras
S01 E236
Best Camera Deals
S01 E237
Toshiba Thrive
S01 E238
DIY Antennas
S01 E239
Roku 2
S01 E240
Tech Toolbox
S01 E241
Don't use Lion
S01 E242
Underwater Camera
S01 E243
Google Buys Motorola Mobile, Better Travel Search, CrashPlan: Using Our F...
S01 E244
3DS vs. PSVita, Netflix Just For Kids, These Ain't No Gameboys! Mac Blu-r...
S01 E245
Olympus E-P3 Reviewed, Evernote Interviewed, MacBook Pro vs. Air, $99 Tou...
S01 E246
Android Malware Spike, Run Your PC When The Power Is Out, HDMI Cable Myth...
S01 E247
Make Google Voice Your Landline, Ceton's 4 Channel USB TV Tuner, How...
S01 E248
My Hard Drive Died: Who Do I Call? $1000 Gaming PC Parts, Ultimate HDTV C...
S01 E249
DIY Projects for Labor Day! Quiet Down Your PC, Turn A Laptop Into a WiFi...
S01 E250
Windows Phone Mango: Time To Dump Android? First 4TB Hard Drive! InstantW...
S01 E251
Boost Your Phone's Battery Life! Better Cell Phone Photos, Waterproo...
S01 E252
Install Windows 8 Now! Intel Developer Forum Picks, Better Browsing for N...
S01 E253
Triple Monitor Picks, Free Blu-ray Software, Solve Puzzles For Science, W...
S01 E254
New Hackintosh Build, No EFI-X! SOL Republic Tracks HD vs. Grado SR60 Hea...
S01 E255
Don't Wipe Your Drive With A Magnet! Did The LifeProof iPhone Case S...
S01 E256
$199 Android Tablet: Amazon's Kindle Fire! FreeNAS vs Windows Home S...
S01 E257
Can Your PC Handle Battlefield 3? iPhone 5: We'll Know Tomorrow, E I...
S01 E258
Goodbye, Steve. Avoid Nasty WiFi Spoofing Attacks! No iPhone 5, Low Budge...
S01 E259
Cheap & Good CPU Cooler! Hybrid Drives Beat SSDs, ThinkPad Tablet Rev...
S01 E260
TiVo HDTV Reviewed! Bulldozer Disappoints, iPhone 4s Reviews Are In, PSN ...
S01 E261
FitBit Ultra Review, iPhone 4S Hands-On, Your First $100 in Tech Tools! R...
S01 E262
SSD Blue Screen of Death! Ice Cream Sandwich? Android OS 4! SSD Buyer&apo...
S01 E263
Steve Jobs Was a Jerk? BlizzCon 2011 Report, Vizio Tablet Review, Canon C...
S01 E264
Best Budget Projector, DIY 3D Prescription Glasses, Nokia + Microsoft = L...
S01 E265
Hard Drive Shortage! Make Chrome Shine, Pioneer AppRadio, Re-Download iTu...
S01 E266
Speed Up Your Internet for Free! Google TV Updated, Splitting Coax, DIY A...
S01 E267
4 iPhone Camera Lenses! Nook Tablet, What's Slowing Down My PC? Tekz...
S01 E268
Rugged HD Torture Test, Comcast Releases IPv6, UltraViolet Explained, How...
S01 E269
Six Core Sandy Bridge Extreme Edition! Kindle Fire, Nokia Lumia 800, Sony...
S01 E270
Stop WiFi Hackers! Sony NEX-5N vs. Olympus E-PM1, HDTV Calibration Tips, ...
S01 E271
Laptops to Avoid! Kindle Fire Demo, Awesome OSX Apps, 27" Monitor Pi...
S01 E272
Black Friday Sucks! Our Picks for Best HDTVs, Digital Cameras, Gaming Hea...
S01 E273
Build a Mac for $20! Free Noise Removal Tool, Favorite Geek T-Shirt Sites...
S01 E274
Android Phones Ship with Rootkit, Top 10 Holiday Photo Tips! Can Standard...
S01 E275
Improve on Windows Update! Xbox Live TV Update! More Holiday Photo Tips! ...
S01 E276
Kevin Mitnick! Wolfram's CDF Crushes PDF, Apple eBook Price Fixing, ...
S01 E277
Best Gaming Keyboards, Hybrid Drives = Cheap Speed! Gloves vs. Touchscree...
S01 E278
Fight SOPA 2.0! FAA Approves iPads? PS Vita Hands-On, Why NAS is Better T...
S01 E279
Christmas Wish Lists! Lenses, Cameras, Gaming PCs and Surround Sound Spea...
S01 E280
Last Minute Geek Presents! DIY Xbox 360 Media Center Extender, Games to O...
S01 E281
Parent-Proof Windows! Skyrim Potion Calculator, Touchscreen Glove Hack, B...
S01 E282
It's Easy to Automate Offsite Backups! New Year's PC Upgrades! Biggest Pl...
S01 E283
Swap Your Power Supply to Fix PC Problems! SSD Optimization is Easy, Vero...
S01 E284
The Best Free Office Suite, $7 Ethernet Tester, Optoma HD33 Projector, Su...
S01 E285
We're at CES 2012!
S01 E286
We're Still at CES 2012!
S01 E287
CES 2012 Wrap-up: LG Vs Samsung, OLED Vs Glasses Free 3D HDTV, and The In...
S01 E288
Internet Fights SOPA, Ceton Q: 6 Tuner Multi-Room DVR, Tips to Avoid Hear...
S01 E289
Faster CPU or More Cores? Head-Fi's Headphone Picks, Recording Lectures, ...
S01 E290
Double Firewalls Protect PCs! Pirate Bay Launches Physibles, Don't Defrag...
S01 E291
Windows OBDII Software for Check Engine Light! Megaupload Data Getting Er...
S01 E292
PlayStation Display Review! Change Password Day! Free Tools to Burn in Yo...
S01 E293
WPA Security Cracked at ShmooCon! Are InkJet Refill Cartridges Worth the ...
S01 E294
Disney's Home Theater Helper, Green Tech? Try a Sweater!, Search Out DRM ...
S01 E295
Free Blu-ray Player! Veronica vs. Pelican Case, Geeky Valentine's Cards, ...
S01 E296
Wireless HDMI Roundup, Free Dynamic DNS, Ripmonster 3000, Twitter Saves Y...
S01 E297
Cheap Laptop Drive Upgrade Hack, Emergency Cell Phone Charging, Sandy Bri...
S01 E298
8 Ounce Projector! Google Android Glasses, Remove iPhone Lens Scratches, ...
S01 E299
Awesome DIY Portable Power System! Nokia's 41 Megapixel Cell Phone. Seven...
S01 E300
Windows 8 Consumer Preview Doesn't Suck! Why Sunspots Break Cable TV. Can...
S01 E301
Save Data From a Dying Hard Drive! Bluetooth Travel Speaker Roundup, Wind...
S01 E302
Rev3Tech Discusses the New iPad!
S01 E303
New iPad! House Fan CPU Cooler Hack, SiliconDust HD HomeRun vs Ceton Infi...
S01 E304
Cell Phone Map Scam? Replace Your Laptop Screen, Recover Deleted Files fo...
S01 E305
iPad Game Controllers, Add More HDMI Ports, Triple vs. Double Channel Mem...
S01 E306
Spring Clean Your PC! Wipe Out Malware and Viruses, Fix Noisy Fans, Best ...
S01 E307
Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Review! $6 Fix for Broken Laptop Screen, Are Gigabi...
S01 E308
Fight OS X's Most Annoying Feature! Repairing the New iPad Sucks, Favorit...
S01 E309
World Backup Day Special! Windows Restore Vs. System Restore, OS X Time M...
S01 E310
Where's Pat? HDTV Troubleshooting 101, Cool Uses for USB Flash Drives, Fr...
S01 E311
Million Dollar HDTV! Tornado in a Can, Blu-ray DRM Chaos, Backups for the...
S01 E312
Nokia's Lumia 900 Reviewed, Google Chrome Extensions You Need to Install,...
S01 E313
Why are Uploads Slower than Downloads? Want Speed: Put an mSATA or SSD Dr...
S01 E314
Take Better Cell Phone Pictures! New Laptop Vs. SSD Upgrade, Google Hango...
S01 E315
Satarii Swivl Review, Amazon Instant Video on PS3, Speed Up OS X for Free...
S01 E316
Hackintosh Giveaway! Ultimate Windows Inventory Tool, The Worst Mobile Ca...
S01 E317
Inside Google Drive! Samsung ES-8000 Review, Glowing e-Reader, iPad Car C...
S01 E318
Ivy Bridge Ships, Is it Time to Upgrade? Maxthon Browser Review, Switch Y...
S01 E319
Backyard Speakers! LG Home Theater in a Box, Will The Hobbit Look Awful? ...
S01 E320
When's the Best Time to Buy a Mac, iPhone, or iPad? Google Docs Offline F...
S01 E321
Mother's Day Tech Gifts! NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight Review, Fitbit ...
S01 E322
Max Payne 3 Review, Notational Velocity Supercharges SimpleNote, Salt Air...
S01 E323
Diablo 3! Automatic Updates Protect Windows, Backlit Kindle is Coming! De...
S01 E324
Awesome Map Finds Your Best Local Cell Carrier! 10 Cool Things From Maker...
S01 E325
Best HDTV of 2012, Revive Your Cell Phone Battery! Comcast Dumps the Data...
S01 E326
The Ultimate Light Bulb, Four Great $200 Digital Cameras, SiliconDust HDH...
S01 E327
E3! COD: Black Ops 2 + 5 More Games! V-Moda Faders VIP Earplugs: Save You...
S01 E328
Windows 8: Upgrade Now, Sony Gaming Tablet, Google Chromebox, Gaming CPU:...
S01 E329
Best Games From E3! Fix Your Leaked LinkedIn Password, Securely Erase You...
S01 E330
New MacBook Pros, iOS 6 Maps from WWDC! Best Comic Book Reader, F.LUX for...
S01 E331
Dell XPS One 27 Rocks! Download Facebook Photos, HDTV Wiimote LG LM6200, ...
S01 E332
Aviiq Ready Clips, Wireless OBDII for Under $20, Two Problems with the Ne...
S01 E333
Samsung Galaxy S III Hands-on! Microsoft Surface, Windows 8 Phone, QoS fo...
S01 E334
Sonos SUB Review. Fastest Mobile Network: Verizon Vs. AT&T Vs. T-Mobile. ...
S01 E335
Why You Should Upgrade to Mountain Lion! Falcon Northwest's Small Perform...
S01 E336
5 Things from Google I/O You Can't Miss Including the $200 Kindle Fire Ki...
S01 E337
Supercharge Windows 8: Top 5 Keyboard Shortcuts! Plus the Best HDTV of 20...
S01 E338
Best DSLR for Beginners, Should You Water or Air Cool a CPU, Clone Large ...
S01 E339
DIY 36 Camera Video Surveillance PC! 600 vs Fireproof Hard Drive: ioSafe ...
S01 E340
Never Lose Files Again. Comic-Con 2012! WD Red: Green Drives Can Kill You...
S01 E341
Five Batman Movies You Can Watch Now! Plus, Forget the Kinect. We Want a ...
S01 E342
College Laptop: OS X or Windows??? Three Great HD Wedding Camcorders. Are...
S01 E343
Turn Off OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper! Watch The Olympics For Free! 5 To...
S01 E344
iPhone 5 Launch Date Rumors! Raspberry Pi Media Center Made Easy. 6 Ways ...
S01 E345
5 Free Photo Apps. Custom Fitted Mice. Turn 7 Remote Controls Into 1 Supe...
S01 E346
Apple Gives Hackers Your Passwords. New Curiosity Pics From Mars! Parent ...
S01 E347
Secure Gmail and Yahoo Email: Two Factor Authentication. 3-2-1 Backup Rul...
S01 E348
Shark Week Tech! iPhone 5 Rumors Suck, Google Punishes Piracy, Headphone ...
S01 E349
The Best Time to Buy an HDTV. 3 Bluetooth Keyboards That Don't Suck! Are ...
S01 E350
Acer Aspire S5 Hands-On. What Does iCloud Backup? Permanently Delete Drop...
S01 E351
You Need More RAM! Poach Deals On Amazon, Best Buy and More. Picking The ...
S01 E352
Who Gets Your Facebook and Twitter When You Die? Customize OS X Mountain ...
S01 E353
Copy Music off Your iPad, iPhone or iPod! Finding a Tech Job. Tricks For ...
S01 E354
Speed Up Windows. Buy The Right HDTV The First Time! mSSD vs. SSD. Batter...
S01 E355
iPhone 5 Coming September 12th! 4 Ultrabook Laptops. UDID Stolen? Don't P...
S01 E356
Encrypting Gmail. Kindle Paperwhite & Fire HD. Oculus Rift: VR Gaming Fin...
S01 E357
iPhone 5 Announcement Reactions!
S01 E358
iPhone 5 Hands-On Report! Intel's Next CPU: The News From IDF, iOS 6, New...
S01 E359
$50 Android Tablets! Apple EarPod Revew. Sort Out Your Photo Storage Mess...
S01 E360
Borderlands 2: Got Enough GPU? Prometheus on DigitalHD! Don't Buy The Wro...
S01 E361
Galaxy S III Beats iPhone 5! Best Gigabit Switch. 4G Ethernet Adapter. Bi...
S01 E362
External GPUs For Laptop Gaming! Transfer Big Files For Free. 5 iOS Map A...
S01 E363
Screw BitTorrent, Go USPS! Dump Expensive Phone Service, 3 VoIP Boxes! Ve...
S01 E364
TecTile NFC Tags, Pelican's Crushproof Backpack, TechKeys for Keyboard Mo...
S01 E365
Avoid This Epic Email Fail! Kindle Paperwhite Review. Avoid Lasers & 5 Mo...
S01 E366
Painless SSD Upgrade. Xbox 720 Vs. Gaming PC! Mini Galaxy SIII & Windows ...
S01 E367
Build the Ultimate Video Editing PC. New iPod Touch and Nano Reviews. Sky...
S01 E368
Equiso Smart TV! Run 512 GB of RAM. $400 4K Video Camera. Android HDMI St...
S01 E369
Must Have Tools for PC Users! Amazon Kills eBook Collection, Car Battery ...
S01 E370
Classic Shell Fixes Windows 8! New iPad Mini, Awesome New MacBook Pros! H...
S01 E371
Windows 8 Performance, Skipping The Windows 8 Start Screen, New Nexus Tab...
S01 E372
Useful Tech For Your Next Disaster, Laser Projectors, Easy To Remember Pa...
S01 E373
IdeaPad Yoga 13 Convertible Laptop, Galaxy Note II, Chrome Remote Desktop...
S01 E374
Wii U Unboxed! Add USB Ports To Android, Play DVDs on Win8, DIY USB NAS, ...
S01 E375
Always Choose Custom Intall! Sifteo Cubes, 5 Tips For Boosting Wi-Fi, Ano...
S01 E376
Beer Box WiFi Booster. 7 Great Smartphones For Every Budget. Tune Your PC...
S01 E377
Hitman: Absolution Scoring Sucks. Awesome Digital Camera Picks from $100 ...
S01 E378
Black Friday Sucks, Shop Online! Best HDTVs of 2012. What's Inside A Sile...
S01 E379
SSD Deals! Multi-Tool iPhone Case, Boost Android Battery Life, Nest Therm...
S01 E380
Burn In Your New PC, Practicing Safe Gaming, Dumping Phone Bills, Ceton E...
S01 E381
7 iPhone Photo Lenses! The 4-Hour CHEF Teaches Knife Skills. 3 Smart Ther...
S01 E382
Will The Hobbit Make You Puke? 48 FPS Explained. PC Upgrades: Memory or G...
S01 E383
DIY NAS Project. Indestructible iPad Cases. Alienware or DIY Gaming PC? N...
S01 E384
Best Windows 8 PC Yet! Samsung ES6500 LCD HDTV. Top Searches of 2012. Why...
S01 E385
Free Windows Disk Imaging Tools That Work, Moving with Your PC the Right ...
S01 E386
Last Minute Geek Gifts From Free to Squee! Geek Tools. Cards Against Huma...
S01 E387
Free Software! Make Windows 8 Work For You, Android Security, Awesome iPh...
S01 E388
Top Tips of 2012!!! 3 Tips for Windows 8 Newbies, Free Online Language Le...
S01 E389
Can I Upgrade My GPU? DIY Touchscreen Gloves! Gaming Headsets: Astro A50,...
S01 E390
Windows Error Recovery. Affordable 4K HDTVs! Can Intel Replace Cable TV? ...
S01 E391
CES 2013: The Best of What We've Seen So Far!
S01 E392
CES 2013: 4K TVs!
S01 E393
Memory Failure! Steambox. Sennheiser IE800, Momentum, Beyerdynamic Custom...
S01 E394
Fix Java Now!!! Best HDTV at CES, When To Call Tech Support, Best Win8 Me...
S01 E395
Find PC Parts! Doxie One Scanner: Is It Really Easy To Go Paperless??? Wh...
S01 E396
Keep Your Tech From Getting Stolen! Reset Your HDTV. 50 GB of Free Encryp...
S01 E397
Did RAM Prices Go Up??? WikiCancel. Vine Video: Six Seconds of Glory. Pic...
S01 E398
Laptop: Upgrade or Replace? Super Bowl HDTV Tweaks! Blackberry Z10 Reveal...
S01 E399
SIM CITY Preview!!! Share Drives! NTFS For OS X, HFS+ For Windows. Librat...
S01 E400
UEFI Secures Your OS! Laptop Upgrades: RAM and SSD. THX Tune-Up Tips. Fin...
S01 E401
Make Google Search Better!!! Don't Kill Your Laptop Battery. Mailbox Make...
S01 E402
Windows Install Made Easy! Power Your HDTV With Your Smart Phone, Power S...
S01 E403
Boxcryptor! Who's Tracking You Online??? Awesome Power Supplies, Noise Ca...
S01 E404
PS4: The Missing Info! Speed Up Windows Installs. Nvidia's $999 Titan Tes...
S01 E405
FAT 32 Sucks For Backups. Geocaching Is Geek Fun! USB 3.0 Emergency Cable...
S01 E406
Six Strikes: The Copyright Alert System Is Live! SpaceTop 3-D Desktop Roc...
S01 E407
Disaster Prep Your Tech. Best Photo Apps for Smarphones! Apple Watch? Nex...
S01 E408
Boot In Safe Mode, Fix Broken Windows! Sim City Fail. Big Update for Roku...
S01 E409
Clean Install or Clone Your Drive? Linux Steambox! SSHD Vs. SSD Vs. HD. A...
S01 E410
Why Won't My Laptop Fan Shut Off?!? Raspberry Pi Challenge! Infinitec Poc...
S01 E411
Google Reader Replacements! Laptop Filth & Thermal Grease Hacks. Linux St...
S01 E412
Samsung's 2013 HDTVs! Unleash Android, Hack Your Phone. $75 Audiophile St...
S01 E413
BioShock Infinite Review!!! GPU Upgrades from $150 to $1000
S01 E414
Drivers Upgrade Your GPU. HDTV Bargains. Reboot Your Cable Modem, Get Mor...
S01 E415
Back Up 5 Terabytes Offsite! Apps To Track Your Mobile Data. Is Business...
S01 E416
Digitize Your VHS Tapes. Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Phones. Watch Movi...
S01 E417
Spring Cleaning Your Computer! New Xbox: No Internet, No Games. How To Wr...
S01 E418
Calibrate Your Monitor, Get Colors Right! Sony Ships 4K Monitors! Make Wi...
S01 E419
Ultimate Electronic Vacuum! Hackintosh or Mac Pro? Find a Faster GPU, 5 U...
S01 E420
SSD Upgrade Help. BitTorrent Sync. Bowers & Wilkins Z2 Airplay & Lightnin...
S01 E421
Windows 8.1 Skips Metro? Velodyne vPulse Review. Make A 3000' WiFi Wirele...
S01 E422
New Xbox Details May 21st! DIY Dropbox & File Share: How To Set Up BitTor...
S01 E423
Free Data Recovery for Windows! Do Speakers Wear Out? Intel Haswell Ship ...
S01 E424
Google Glass. How to Solder a Lightsaber! Wolfram Alpha Mines Facebook, S...
S01 E425
New Xbox 720 Details! Find Old Versions Of Software Fast, Wattvision Home...
S01 E426
Google Glass Interview! 5 Tips To Boost Network Speed, Easy-Long Range Wi...
S01 E427
Cheap RAM Is Going Away?!? How Much Memory Do You Need? Get A Switch! Sav...
S01 E428
5 Hot Laptop Fixes! 5 Cool Things From Google I/O! Windows Upgrade: Ready...
S01 E429
Seagate's $120 1TB SSHD. 17 Cool Things At Maker Faire. Run 64GB RAM! Ult...
S01 E430
Raspberry Pi Accessories. Don't Hate Xbox One! Hackers' Road Trip. Cheap ...
S01 E431
CPU Cooler Picks! Fastest Bitcoin Mining Hardware. Ground Any Electrical ...
S01 E432
Disk2vhd: Virtual PCs Are Free! New Google Maps, Consumer Electronics Con...
S01 E433
Intel Haswell CPU Vs. Ivy Bridge. GoPro for Pets! Razer Edge Pro Gaming T...
S01 E434
Windows Command Line Fun! $129 Asus Tablet, Roku 3 Beats Apple TV, $300 V...
S01 E435
New OS X, iOS, MacBook Air, Pro! XBOX One: Games, Price, Ship Date! 3 New...
S01 E436
MythBusters Interview! Xbox: Better Games Than PS4??? Pebble Watch. Turn ...
S01 E437
Windows 8.1 Will Kill Touchscreens. Play iTunes Videos On Anything. Apple...
S01 E438
Raspberry Pi: Add New Distros To BerryBoot! Get Pure Android On A Nook (o...
S01 E439
Free Windows Performance Boost. Replace Google Reader Now. Jason Silva: E...
S01 E440
Windows 8.1 Preview: Free, Brings Back The Start Button! Leap Motion Is A...
S01 E441
Build A $30 DIY Backup Server w/ Raspberry Pi and Sync! Belkin WeMo Home ...
S01 E442
Best Computer Chair. Sleep Vs. Hibernate. This Solar Charger Works. Apple...
S01 E443
3 Laptop Upgrade Secrets! Find Better Apps Fast. Bartender Customizes OS ...
S01 E444
4 Ways To Recycle SATA Drives. Download All The ROMs! Ethernet Over HDMI ...
S01 E445
Open Source Home Automation! OCR for iOS & Android, Unblock Hulu/Netflix ...
S01 E446
The Best CPU Cooler. Metro Beats Canned Air. Hack A Smart Playlist! Jabra...
S01 E447
Inside Windows Page File Size. Free Family Tree Tools! Laptop Lifespan. D...
S01 E448
Leap Motion Review! Chromecast: Google's $35 HD Stick. $300 3D Printer: ...
S01 E449
Find and Delete Duplicate Files. Chromecast Hands-On Review. Geocaching t...
S01 E450
Store Photos While Traveling! $7 Earbuds from Monoprice. 5 Great MP3 Musi...
S01 E451
ShouldIRemoveIt: Identify Weird Windows Files! Nvidia Shield Review. More...
S01 E452
Pro Tips For Shooting (SHARK) Video Underwater! Chrome Exposes Passwords....
S01 E453
Pixsy: A Command Line For The Internet! Gorgeous Vizio All-in-One Reviewe...
S01 E454
Windows 8.1 Ship Date! Get Secure: How To Use A Password Manager. Play Ve...
S01 E455
Upgrade Now or Wait??? ZMap Scans The Entire Internet in 44 Minutes! $35 ...
S01 E456
Fight Disease: Get a Standing Desk! Videos on iOS Without iTunes. PS4 Rel...
S01 E457
Manage Android Wirelessly! Apple's A7 Is Stupid Fast. Read Any Article On...
S01 E458
Garmin's Heads Up Display! Make Long Passwords Stronger. Fix A Scratched ...
S01 E459
iPhone to Android Move Made Easy. SSD + Hyrbid SSHD? RipMonster Rips CDs ...
S01 E460
HDMI 2.0: Too Late for XBOX One & PS4??? Waterproof Backup: ioSafe N2. 4 ...
S01 E461
Secure Your Email With Mailvelope. DIY Dropbox: Can We Add Unlimited Stor...
S01 E462
Intel News: Bay Trail, Broadwell, & Quark! New iPhones. What To Do When T...
S01 E463
Grand Theft Auto V! CloudConvert Anything To Anything!. Keep Your Tablet ...
S01 E464
Nexus 5! Best Earplugs For Concerts, Cable Modem Recommendation. How Long...
S01 E465
Top 5 New Features in iOS 7! How To Install An SSD in OS X, The SSDs We B...
S01 E466
Cutting The Cord Made Easy. Skip The CPU Upgrade. Kindle Fire HDX, Steam ...
S01 E467
Emergency Prep Your Smart Phone Now!!! 5 Hidden Features in VLC. Bench Ma...
S01 E468
5 Great $500 HDTVs! Wipe ALL Your Data Off Android, New Laptops and Table...
S01 E469
Update IE NOW! Space Week: Bobak Ferdowsi Talks Space Exploration! Turn Y...
S01 E470
Digital Camera Picks! Help Re-Installing Old Apps? OTA HD Antenna Reccos....
S01 E471
3D Gaming Glasses That Don't Suck! Stop YouTube Buffering Problems. Make ...
S01 E472
Sonos Play:1 Review. Easy Gmail Backup. Kill Flash: End YouTube Buffering...
S01 E473
Best Bluetooth Earbuds: Bluebud X. Our Favorite Antivirus For Mac. 6 New ...
S01 E474
5 Best New Features in Windows 8.1. Dump Chrome For Opera. Nokia's New 6
S01 E475
HBO Go Without HBO??? Use OTR, Keep Your IM & Chat Private! Car Radiator ...
S01 E476
Fastest iPad Ever! 4K Gaming Fails, Passwords On Public PCs, Convert RAW ...
S01 E477
Test Your Audio Gear & Hearing For Free! Lastpass Beats Keypass. Open Web...
S01 E478
Quirky's Pivot Power Genius, Spotter Multipurpose Sensor Review. Compress...
S01 E479
Buy The Right Tablet! Playstation 4: SSD Upgrades, Awesome Gaming, and th...
S01 E480
5 Black Friday Tech Tips! CryptoLocker Trojan Holds Data For Ransom. XBOX...
S01 E481
TeamViewer 9 Beta Demo! Best Tablet for Kids... Juicebox Proofed. Free So...
S01 E482
Top 5 Holiday Travel Security Tips! XBox ONE or PS4 or Cheap PC? Which NA...
S01 E483
Best Lenses For iPhone Hands On! Block Cookies, Block The NSA? Chrome Bra...
S01 E484
Last Minute Tech Gifts! Top 3 Holiday Video Mistakes To Avoid. Will A DNS...
S01 E485
Top 5 New Year's Tech Resolutions! Lock Down Your Google+ Profile. Is 5 M...
S01 E486
CES 2014: Curved UHD OLED TVs, Nvidia's Mobile Superprocessor, Antibacter...
S01 E487
Your CES Questions! Dell's $699 4K Monitor, Garmin DashCam 20, Universal ...
S01 E488
Keep Strangers From Emailing You Via Google+ Set Up Your New GPU Right! W...
S01 E489
Best PSU Manufacturer? 3 Free LogMeIn Alternatives. Should you enable Hyp...
S01 E490
Lock Down Your Social Accounts Now! Hard Drive Read Errors: Do This First...
S01 E491
Battlefield 4 Mantle Performance. DiskDigger Undelete Recovers Android Fi...
S01 E492
FreeFileSync: Move All The Files Fast! 5 Tips For A First Time PC Builder...
S01 E493
Free Offsite Backup! Update iOS Now: Major Security Hole. What's A Hackat...
S01 E494
$20 Software Defined Radio Tunes In Everything! Free Update Fixes OS X Fl...
S01 E495
That's Not Malware! Should You Defrag? Mirroring Social Media Accounts. J...
S01 E496
5 Awesome Raspberry Pi Builds. Acer Aspire S7 Laptop Review. PonoPlayer: ...
S01 E497
Speed Up WiFi In Crowded Areas! Ninite: The Safe Way To Install Software....
S01 E498
HTC One M8 Review. Windows XP Dies April 8th. Airports Suck Less w/ GateG...
S01 E499
We Want The Windows 8.1 Update!!! Dell Venue 8 Pro Review. SSD or Hybrid?...
S01 E500
Heartbleed: What You Can Do. Linksys WRT1900AC Hands On. Ultimate Mac HD ...
S01 E501
5 Free Ways To Speed Up Your PC. Hands On: Kanex Sydnee Charging Station,...
S01 E502
OnePlus One Update, Fix The FCC, Steam Machine Or Cheap Gaming PC??? Chro...
S01 E503
7 Tips For Better Phone Photos, Never Give Popups Your Login! Jumptuit vs...
S01 E504
3 Free Tools To Clean Up Windows, Gigablock Continuous Ink System, Digita...
S01 E505
Broadwell CPUs For The Holidays! Best Photo Sharing Service. 3 Tools Make...
S01 E506
Ultimate 4K Gaming Machine: Asus PQ321 & Puget Systems Deluge XL! Fix Dum...
S01 E507
WWDC: OS X Yosemite, iOS 8, & SWIFT! Cryptolocker & GameoverZeus Malware ...
S01 E508
CPU Picks, New 512 GB SSD for $199, Turing Test 'Winner,' Should You Upda...
S01 E509
Cheap "No Name' HDTVs Are Great Deals!?! What Curved Screens Do Well. 5 G...
S01 E510
Best Gaming Headsets! Amazon Fire Phone, Turn On Plex Surround Sound, DeW...
S01 E511
Ultrabook Reccos for CS6 and Gaming! Logitech K830 Review, Download Insta...
S01 E512
Hidden Costs of Cutting the Cable? Gaming on Dual Monitor HDTV Setup. Pla...
S01 E513
SpareOne: Emergency Phone or Emergency Fail? Wipe Your Phone For Free! Ru...
S01 E514
The Best Tablets for Comics. Setup QoS In Your Router, Anker 40W 5-Port F...
S01 E515
Duck Duck Go Vs. Google Search. Os X 10.10 Yosemite Public Beta! 3 Travel...
S01 E516
Google Chromebook Challenge! Faster Internet For Free, Rotate Cell Phone ...
S01 E517
DEFCON: SDR, Traffic Light Hacks, and Exploding Hairdryers!!! RFID Wallet...
S01 E518
Here Comes Windows 9! Amazon Fire Phone Review. Makes Data Visual...
S01 E519
Can You Stop BadUSB? BitTorrent Sync 1.4 Demo! Gaming Motherboards vs. Mo...
S01 E520
Cheap Textbooks! µBlock Beats AdBlock. 3 Browers For Private Browsing. A...
S01 E521
Samsung Note 4, New Moto X & G, Sony Xperia Z3! Raspberry Pi Alternatives...
S01 E522
Microsoft Eats Minecraft, Buys Generation. Time To Ditch This Old PC! iPh...
S01 E523
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 & 980! Dell Venue 7 & 8, CPUs You Can't Upgrade, D...
S01 E524
Seek $200 Thermal Camera Hands On. Ello! Shellshock Bash Vulnerability, S...
S01 E527
Seek $200 Thermal Camera Hands On. Ello! Shellshock Bash Vulnerability, S...
S01 E528
Windows 10 Technical Preview! Google Voice Free Cell Phone Calls, Best Un...
S01 E529
New iPads & Macs Coming! Best Android Phones Under $400. International SI...
S01 E530
Tile Bluetooth Tracking Tag Review! Get Free OTA HD! Networx: Find Out Wh...
S01 E531
Samsung Note 4 Review! Google Security Key Hands On, Ultimate Gaming Mach...
S01 E532
Do You Hate Paying For Software? Is SMS Secure? The Best $100 Headphones?...
S01 E533
LocalMotors 3D Printed CAR! Alienware Area-51 & Amazon Echo, Learn Basic ...
S01 E534
9 Ways To Secure Your New Holiday Gadgets! Garmin Vívosmart, nüvi 2689L...
S01 E535
Epson Home Cinema 3500 Review, Maltego Finds Hidden Info, 3 Amazing Weara...
S01 E539
LocalMotors 3D Printed CAR! Alienware Area-51 & Amazon Echo, Learn Basic ...
S01 E540
9 Ways To Secure Your New Holiday Gadgets! Garmin Vívosmart, nüvi 2689L...
S01 E541
Epson Home Cinema 3500 Review, Maltego Finds Hidden Info, 3 Amazing Weara...
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