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National Geographic Documentaries

National Geographic Documentaries

1965 - Now  •  Fridays 09:00 PM on National Geographic  •  25 days  •  838 episodes
2 votes
Go behind the scenes of life on our planet with National Geographic videos. Share the wonder of the natural world with educational animal videos for kids. Let National Geographic be your all-access pass with documentary videos about the U.S. State Department, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, or 9/11. Experience ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Ukraine War From The Air Aired on 02/22/2023
Ukraine War From The Air
Season 2023: Episode 1
Season 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Season 1965
S1965 E01
Americans on Everest
S1965 E02
Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees
Season 1966
S1966 E01
Voyage of the Brigantine Yankee
S1966 E02
The World of Jacques-Yves Cousteau
S1966 E03
Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man
S1966 E04
The Hidden World : A Study of Insects
Season 1967
S1967 E01
S1967 E02
Yankee Sails Across Europe
S1967 E03
S1967 E04
Winged World
Season 1968
S1968 E01
S1968 E02
The Lonely Dorymen
S1968 E03
America's Wonderlands
S1968 E04
Reptiles and Amphibians
Season 1969
S1969 E01
Australia : The Timeless Land
S1969 E02
Polynesian Adventure
S1969 E03
The Mystery of Animal Behavior
S1969 E04
Siberia : The Endless Horizon
Season 1970
S1970 E01
Wild River
S1970 E02
Holland Against the Sea
S1970 E03
Zoos of the World
S1970 E04
Ethiopia : The Hidden Empire
Season 1971
S1971 E01
The Great Mojave Desert
S1971 E02
Journey to the High Arctic
S1971 E03
Monkeys, Apes, and Man
Season 1972
S1972 E01
The Last Tribes of Mindanao
S1972 E02
Man of the Serengeti
S1972 E03
The Last Vikings
Season 1973
S1973 E01
Strange Creatures of the Night
S1973 E02
The Violent Earth
S1973 E03
The Haunted West
S1973 E04
Wind Raiders of the Sahara
Season 1974
S1974 E01
Journey to the Outer Limits
S1974 E02
The Big Cats
S1974 E03
Bushmen of the Kalahari
Season 1975
S1975 E01
Man : The Incredible Machine
S1975 E02
This Britain: Heritage of the Sea
Season 1976
S1976 E01
Search for the Great Apes
S1976 E02
The Animals Nobody Loved
S1976 E03
Season 1977
S1977 E01
Voyage of the Hokule'a
S1977 E02
The New Indians
S1977 E03
The Volga
S1977 E04
Yukon Passage
Season 1978
S1978 E01
The Legacy of L.S.B. Leakey
S1978 E02
The Great Whales
S1978 E03
The Living Sands of Namib
Season 1979
S1979 E01
S1979 E02
Hong Kong : A Family Portrait
S1979 E03
Last Stand in Eden
S1979 E04
The Tigris Expedition
Season 1980
S1980 E01
Dive to the Edge of Creation
S1980 E02
Mysteries of the Mind
S1980 E03
The Invisible World
S1980 E04
The Superliners : Twilight of an Era
S1980 E05
African Wildlife
Season 1981
S1981 E01
Etosha : Place of Dry Water
S1981 E02
Living Treasures of Japan
S1981 E03
National Parks : Playground or Paradise
S1981 E04
Season 1982
S1982 E01
The Sharks
S1982 E02
Egypt: Quest for Eternity
S1982 E03
Polar Bear Alert
S1982 E04
The Thames
Season 1983
S1983 E01
Rain Forest
S1983 E02
Australia's Animal Mysteries
S1983 E03
Save the Panda
S1983 E04
Born of Fire
Season 1984
S1984 E01
Among the Wild Chimpanzees
S1984 E02
Love Those Trains
S1984 E03
Return to Everest
S1984 E04
Flight of the Whooping Crane
Season 1985
S1985 E01
India : Land of the Tiger
S1985 E02
Four Americans in China
S1985 E03
Ballad of the Irish Horse
S1985 E04
Miraculous Machines
Season 1986
S1986 E01
Secrets of the Titanic
S1986 E02
Chesapeake Borne
S1986 E03
Creatures of the Mangrove
S1986 E04
Jerusalem : Within These Walls
S1986 E05
Quest for the Atocha
S1986 E06
Realm of the Alligator
Season 1987
S1987 E01
Lions of the African Night
S1987 E02
In the Shadow of Vesuvius
S1987 E03
The Grizzlies
S1987 E04
Treasures from the Past
Season 1988
S1988 E01
African Odyssey
S1988 E02
Australia's Twilight of the Dreamtime
S1988 E03
The Rhino War
S1988 E04
Inside the Soviet Circus
S1988 E05
Mysteries of Mankind
S1988 E06
Australia's Aborigines
S1988 E07
The Explorers: A Century of Discovery
S1988 E08
Australia's Improbable Animals
Season 1989
S1989 E01
Cameramen Who Dared
S1989 E02
Baka : People of the Forest
S1989 E03
S1989 E04
Those Wonderful Dogs
S1989 E05
Serengeti Diary
Season 1990
S1990 E01
Amazon : Land of the Flooded Forest
S1990 E02
Bali : Masterpiece of the Gods
S1990 E03
Journey to the Forgotten River
S1990 E04
Voices of Leningrad
S1990 E05
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
Season 1991
S1991 E01
Cats : Caressing the Tiger
S1991 E02
Great Lakes : Fragile Seas
S1991 E03
Splendid Stones
S1991 E04
The Soul of Spain
S1991 E05
Hawaii : Strangers in Paradise
Season 1992
S1992 E01
Eternal Enemies : Lions and Hyenas
S1992 E02
The Mexicans : Through Their Eyes
S1992 E03
Braving Alaska
S1992 E04
Mysteries Underground
S1992 E05
Kangaroo Comeback
Season 1993
S1993 E01
Lost Kingdoms of the Maya
S1993 E02
Keepers of the Wild
S1993 E03
Survivors of the Skeleton Coast
S1993 E04
The Power of Water
S1993 E05
Surviving Everest
Season 1994
S1994 E01
Giant Bears of Kodiak Island
S1994 E02
Reflections on Elephants
S1994 E03
Jewels of the Caribbean Sea
S1994 E04
Last Voyage of the Lusitania
S1994 E05
Nature's Fury
Season 1995
S1995 E01
30 Years of National Geographic Specials
S1995 E02
Great White Shark
S1995 E03
Secrets of the Wild Panda
S1995 E04
The Great Indian Railway
S1995 E05
Season 1996
S1996 E01
Wildlife Warriors
S1996 E02
Last Feast of the Crocodiles
S1996 E03
Russia's Last Tsar
S1996 E04
Beauty and the Beasts: A Leopard's Story
S1996 E05
Arctic Kingdom : Life at the Edge
S1996 E06
Last Voyage of the Andrea Doria
S1996 E07
Puma: Lion of the Andes
S1996 E08
Dinosaur Hunters
S1996 E09
Tsunami: Killer Wave
S1996 E10
Inside the White House
Season 1997
S1997 E01
Asteroids: Deadly Impact
S1997 E02
Tigers of the Snow
S1997 E03
Volcano : Nature's Fury
S1997 E04
Sonoran Desert : A Violent Eden
S1997 E05
Spitting Mad: Wild Camel of the Andes
S1997 E06
Foxes of the Kalahari
Season 1998
S1998 E01
America's Endangered Species : Don't Say Goodbye
S1998 E02
Sea Monsters : Search for the Giant Squid
S1998 E03
Treasures of the Deep
S1998 E04
Dragons of the Galapagos
S1998 E05
Storm of the Century
S1998 E06
Egypt: Secrets of the Pharaohs
S1998 E07
Ancient Graves : Voices of the Dead
S1998 E08
Untold Stories of World War II
S1998 E09
Colossal Claw
Season 1999
S1999 E01
Heroes of the High Frontier
S1999 E02
Dolphins : The Wild Side
S1999 E03
Hidden World of the Bengal Tiger
S1999 E04
Avalanche: The White Death
S1999 E05
Tempest from the Deep
S1999 E06
Beyond 2000 - The New Explorers
S1999 E07
Lost Ships of the Mediterranean
S1999 E08
Season 2000
S2000 E01
The Nazi Expedition
S2000 E02
Destination Space
S2000 E03
Beyond the Summit
Season 2001
S2001 E01
Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack
S2001 E02
America's Lost Mustangs
S2001 E03
The Quest for Noah's Flood
S2001 E04
S2001 E05
The Quest for Noah's Flood
S2001 E06
Inside the Vatican
Season 2002
S2002 E01
Vietnam's Unseen War: Pictures from the Other Side
S2002 E02
Stalking Leopards
S2002 E03
Ambassador: Inside the Embassy
S2002 E04
Into The Tornado
S2002 E05
Egypt Eternal: The Quest for Lost Tombs
S2002 E06
Inside the Pentagon
S2002 E07
Season 2003
S2003 E01
Cheetahs: The Deadly Race
S2003 E02
Inside Mecca
S2003 E03
Into the Great Pyramid
S2003 E04
The Lost Film Of Dian Fossey
S2003 E05
Surviving Everest
S2003 E06
On Board Air Force One
S2003 E07
US Elite Police Force SWAT
S2003 E08
Inside Special Forces
S2003 E09
Everest: 50 Years on the Mountain
S2003 E10
Inca Mummies: Secrets of a Lost World
Season 2004
S2004 E01
A Treasure Ship's Tragedy
S2004 E02
In Search of Easter
S2004 E03
Dawn of the Maya
S2004 E04
Forces of Nature
S2004 E05
Ant Empire
S2004 E06
Titanic Revealed
S2004 E07
Beyond the Movie: Troy
S2004 E08
Quest for the Phoenicians
S2004 E09
Inside the U.S Secret Service
S2004 E10
Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed
Season 2005
S2005 E01
UFOs: Seeing is Believing
S2005 E02
Ape Man: Search for the First Human
S2005 E03
Last Man Standing: The Human Race
S2005 E04
Expeditions to the Edge: Lost in Space
S2005 E05
King Tut's Final Secrets
S2005 E06
The Last Royals
S2005 E07
March Of The Penguins
S2005 E08
The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists
S2005 E09
Elephants: The Dark Side
S2005 E10
Moon Mysteries Investigated
S2005 E11
Pyramids of Death
S2005 E12
DNA Mysteries: The Search for Adam
S2005 E13
Inside Hurricane Katrina
S2005 E14
Dino Death Trap
S2005 E15
Tornado Intercept
S2005 E16
Sky Monsters
S2005 E17
In The Womb
S2005 E18
Arlington: Field of Honor
Season 2006
S2006 E01
The Berlin Wall: Great Escapes
S2006 E02
Insect Wars
S2006 E03
Challenger: The Untold Story
S2006 E04
The Gospel of Judas
S2006 E05
Blackbeard: Terror at Sea
S2006 E06
Spartacus: Gladiator War
S2006 E07
Hannibal: The Man, The Myth, The Mystery
S2006 E08
Secrets of the Freemasons
S2006 E09
Deadly Designs
S2006 E10
Saxon Gold New Secrets Revealed
S2006 E11
Triple Cross: Bin Laden's Spy in America
S2006 E12
Secrets of Mary Magdalene
S2006 E13
The Scrap House
S2006 E14
Living in a Perfect World
S2006 E15
Emperors of the Ice
S2006 E16
Space Launch: Along for the Ride
S2006 E17
The Truth Behind The Dead Sea Scrolls
S2006 E18
Lost Cities of the Bible
S2006 E19
Exodus Revealed
S2006 E20
Doomsday Book of Revelations
S2006 E21
The Truth Behind The Dead Sea Scrolls
S2006 E22
The Hunt for Hitler
S2006 E23
San Francisco's Great Quake
Season 2007
S2007 E01
Bridge on the River Kwai
S2007 E02
Inside Iraq's Killzone
S2007 E03
Samurai Sword
S2007 E04
Eye of the Leopard
S2007 E05
Penguin Death Zone
S2007 E06
The Ship Sinkers
S2007 E07
Freemasons on Trial
S2007 E08
S2007 E09
Mystery of the Romanovs
S2007 E10
Bug Brother
S2007 E11
Inside the Green Berets
S2007 E12
Inside the Taliban
S2007 E13
The Great Inca Rebellion
S2007 E14
Nefertiti's Odyssey
S2007 E15
Lost Tribe of Palau
S2007 E16
Hippo: Africa's River Beast
S2007 E17
Inside the Living Body
S2007 E18
Science of Obesity
S2007 E19
Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure
S2007 E20
Incredible Human Machine
S2007 E21
Inside the Emperor's Treasure
S2007 E22
In the Valley of the Wolves
S2007 E23
Hitler and the Occult
S2007 E24
Supercarrier: USS Ronald Reagan
S2007 E25
Science of Gigantism
S2007 E26
Amazonia's Giant Jaws
S2007 E27
Hippo Hell
S2007 E28
China Circus: On Ice
S2007 E29
China's Mystery Mummies
S2007 E30
The Missing Years of Jesus
S2007 E31
Cheetah Blood Brothers
S2007 E32
Nefertiti and the Lost Destiny
S2007 E33
Secrets of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites
Season 2008
S2008 E01
Pirate Treasure Hunters
S2008 E02
Buffalo Warrior
S2008 E03
Eden at the End of the World
S2008 E04
Six Degrees Could Change the World
S2008 E05
Ape Genius
S2008 E06
Bizarre Dinosaurs
S2008 E07
Code Breakers
S2008 E08
Aftermath: Population Zero
S2008 E09
World's Biggest Air Show
S2008 E10
Hammerhead Highway
S2008 E11
Super Coasters
S2008 E12
Human Footprint
S2008 E13
Legends of the Ice World
S2008 E14
Illicit: The Dark Trade
S2008 E15
Scrapbooks From Hell: The Auschwitz Albums
S2008 E16
Smarter Than an Ape
S2008 E17
Caught on Safari: Battle at Kruger
S2008 E18
Big Game Diaries
S2008 E19
Stonehenge Decoded
S2008 E20
Ten Days to Victory
S2008 E21
Titanic's Nuclear Secret
S2008 E22
Omaha Beach: Real Horror
S2008 E23
The Bandits of Selous
S2008 E24
S2008 E25
Inside The Koran
S2008 E26
Science of Steroids
S2008 E27
Inside the Real NCIS
S2008 E28
Shark Pit Mystery
S2008 E29
Stress: Portrait of a Killer
S2008 E30
Flight of the Jetman
S2008 E31
Humpbacks: From Fire to Ice
S2008 E32
Unlocking The Great Pyramid
S2008 E33
Herod's Lost Tomb
S2008 E34
Crystal Skull Legend
S2008 E35
Journey to the Edge of the Universe
S2008 E36
21st Century Shark
S2008 E37
Shipwreck: Captain Kidd
S2008 E38
Ghosts of the Black Sea
S2008 E39
The Explorers: Paul Sereno
S2008 E40
Afghanistan Hidden Treasures
S2008 E41
Birth of Civilization
Season 2009
S2009 E01
Hitler's Hidden Holocaust
S2009 E02
Martian Robots
S2009 E03
The Real Abraham Lincoln
S2009 E04
Hubble's Final Frontier
S2009 E05
Tomb of 1,000 Roman Skeletons
S2009 E06
Darwin's Secret Notebooks
S2009 E07
Flying Aircraft Carrier
S2009 E08
Colombia Hostage Rescue
S2009 E09
Secrets Of The Druids
S2009 E10
Inside Guantanamo
S2009 E11
Hyena: Bone Crusher Queens
S2009 E12
Garbage Moguls
S2009 E13
Lion Army: Battle to Survive
S2009 E14
Death of the Megabeasts
S2009 E15
Cosmic Monsters
S2009 E16
Waking the Baby Mammoth
S2009 E17
Secrets of Shangri-La: Quest for the Sacred Caves
S2009 E18
Titanic: How it Really Sank
S2009 E19
Swine Flu: The Science of Pandemics
S2009 E20
Lost on the Atlantic
S2009 E21
History's Hardest Prison
S2009 E22
Secret Life of Charles Lindbergh
S2009 E23
Alaskan Killer Shark
S2009 E24
Great Escape: The Final Secrets
S2009 E25
Secrets of the Tang Treasure Ship
S2009 E26
Drain the Ocean
S2009 E27
Animals at the Edge
S2009 E28
Inside Afghan ER
S2009 E29
Saving the Parthenon
S2009 E30
Alien Earths
S2009 E31
9/11: Science and Conspiracy
S2009 E32
Seed Hunter
S2009 E33
Egypt: Secrets of the Dead
S2009 E34
Dinosaurs Decoded
S2009 E35
Living with Big Cats
S2009 E36
Humpbacks: Giants of the Ocean
S2009 E37
Asia's Titanic
S2009 E38
Direct from the Moon
S2009 E39
Busting the Berlin Wall
S2009 E40
Expedition Antarctica
S2009 E41
Lost Cave Temples of the Himalayas
S2009 E42
Mars: Making the New Earth
S2009 E43
The First Jesus?
S2009 E44
America Before Columbus
S2009 E45
Lincoln: American Mastermind
S2009 E46
Inside the Iraq War
S2009 E47
Drug War Zone
S2009 E48
Japan's Secret Weapon
S2009 E49
Time Shifters
S2009 E50
The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination
S2009 E51
On Board Marine One
Season 2010
S2010 E01
Snakes That Fly
S2010 E02
Secrets of Florence
S2010 E03
Headshrinkers of the Amazon
S2010 E04
Predator Battleground
S2010 E05
Tudors From Above
S2010 E06
Secrets of the Taj Mahal
S2010 E07
Commando Rescue
S2010 E08
Top 10 Photos of the Year
S2010 E09
Sizing Up Sperm
S2010 E10
Heart of the Amazon
S2010 E11
Africas Lost Eden: Gorongosa
S2010 E12
2012: The Final Prophecy
S2010 E13
The Real Old Bill
S2010 E14
Stone Age Atlantis
S2010 E15
Nasca Lines Decoded
S2010 E16
Somali Pirates: Fighting Back
S2010 E17
Gulf Oil Spill
S2010 E18
Sailing Sinbad's Treasure Ship
S2010 E19
Swamp Troop
S2010 E20
The Twins Who Share A Brain
S2010 E21
Lost World: Underwater
S2010 E22
Volcanic Ash Chaos: Inside the Eruption
S2010 E23
The Real Slumdogs
S2010 E24
The Silver Pharaoh Mystery
S2010 E25
Asteroid That Hit Earth
S2010 E26
My Child is a Monkey
S2010 E27
And Man Created Dog
S2010 E28
China's Lost Pyramids
S2010 E29
Giuliani's 9/11
S2010 E30
The Bombing of Germany
S2010 E31
Dawn of the Ocean
S2010 E32
My 9/11
S2010 E33
History's Hardest Prison
S2010 E34
2210: The Collapse?
S2010 E35
Obama's White House
S2010 E36
Peru's Lost Pyramid City
S2010 E37
The Curse of the Hope Diamond
S2010 E38
Headhunters Of World War II
S2010 E39
Into the Lost Crystal Caves
S2010 E40
Inside Google
S2010 E41
Inside the Milky Way
S2010 E42
The Gunpowder Plot
S2010 E43
Amish at the Altar
S2010 E44
Inside the State Department
S2010 E45
Quest for King Solomon's Mines
S2010 E46
S2010 E47
Saxon Gold: Finding the Hoard
S2010 E48
Weirdest Planets
S2010 E49
World's Biggest Cave
S2010 E50
The Hunt for Lincoln's Assassin
S2010 E51
Sunken Treasures of the Nile
S2010 E52
Croc Ganglands
S2010 E53
The President's Photographer: Fifty Years Inside the Oval Office
S2010 E54
Dawn of the Ocean
S2010 E55
Nasca Lines: The Buried Secrets
S2010 E56
Tiny humans: Finding Hobbits in Flores
Season 2011
S2011 E01
Secrets of the Virgin Queen
S2011 E02
Medieval Fight Book
S2011 E03
Earth: Making of a Planet
S2011 E04
Vanished From Alcatraz
S2011 E05
Lincoln's Secret Killer?
S2011 E06
Hunting Hitler's Generals
S2011 E07
Finding Atlantis
S2011 E08
Countdown to Catastrophe: Mega Quake
S2011 E09
UFO UK: New Evidence
S2011 E10
The Egyptian Job
S2011 E11
Minutes to Meltdown: Three Mile Island
S2011 E12
Eating With Cannibals
S2011 E13
Finding Jack the Ripper
S2011 E14
Hunt for the Abominable Snowman
S2011 E15
Last Stand of the Templars
S2011 E16
Egypt's Lost Rival
S2011 E17
Into Iceland's Volcano
S2011 E18
Witch Hunter's Bible
S2011 E19
Return of the Ghost Ship
S2011 E20
Man vs. Volcano
S2011 E21
62 Days at Sea
S2011 E22
Ben Franklin's Pirate Fleet
S2011 E23
Death of a Sea Monster
S2011 E24
Tiger Man of Africa: The Mating Game
S2011 E25
Sex, Drugs and Plants
S2011 E26
Gladiators Back from the Dead
S2011 E27
The Conspirator: The Plot to Kill Lincoln
S2011 E28
Inside: Cocaine Submarines
S2011 E29
Journey To Europa
S2011 E30
Gulf Coast Disaster
S2011 E31
The Girl in the Glass Casket
S2011 E32
The Pope's Secret Service
S2011 E33
Inside The Muslim Brotherhood
S2011 E34
Secrets of the Mediterranean: Cousteau's Lost World
S2011 E35
China's Ghost Army
S2011 E36
Seized and Sold: The Madoff Auction
S2011 E37
City of Ants
S2011 E38
Wicked Pirate City
S2011 E39
Hitler's Secret Weapon
S2011 E40
Navajo Cops
S2011 E41
Treasure Tomb of the Warrior Queen
S2011 E42
X-Ray Earth
S2011 E43
Daytona Biker Rally
S2011 E44
Death of a Mars Rover
S2011 E45
Rebuilding Titanic
S2011 E46
Snipers Inc.
S2011 E47
Doomsday Preppers
S2011 E48
Amish on Break
S2011 E49
Russia's Toughest Prisons
S2011 E50
Cocaine Sub Hunt
S2011 E51
Fireball Of Christ
S2011 E52
Catacombs of Palermo
S2011 E53
Salem Witch Trial Conspiracy
S2011 E54
Robot Soldiers
S2011 E55
World's Biggest Bomb
S2011 E56
Hitler's Suicide Ship
S2011 E57
How to Build a Volcano
S2011 E58
Diving the Labyrinth
S2011 E59
Pint-Sized Preachers
S2011 E60
The Liquid Bomb Plot
S2011 E61
Life after Dinosaurs
S2011 E62
George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview
S2011 E63
S2011 E64
Hitler's Stealth Fighter
S2011 E65
Hunting Hitler's Henchmen
S2011 E66
Australia's Greatest Flood
S2011 E67
Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan
S2011 E68
Shackleton's Whisky
S2011 E69
Lost Continent of the Pacific
S2011 E70
Brick by Brick: The Making of the Iron Curtain
S2011 E71
Deepest Dive: The Story of Trieste
S2011 E72
Drain The Great Lakes
S2011 E73
London Underground Revealed
S2011 E74
Inside: Pickpocket King
S2011 E75
Finding the Next Earth
S2011 E76
Moors Murderer: Right To Die?
S2011 E77
Great Fire of London: The Untold Story
S2011 E78
Viking Apocalypse
S2011 E79
The Phantom Cat
S2011 E80
JFK: The Lost Bullet
Season 2012
S2012 E01
Living on the Moon
S2012 E02
Diving into Noah's Flood
S2012 E03
The Two-Million Year Old Boy
S2012 E04
Inside the NSA: America's Cyber Secrets
S2012 E05
Desert Seas
S2012 E06
Alcatraz Breakout: New Evidence
S2012 E07
Trekking The Great Wall
S2012 E08
Lost World of the Pacific
S2012 E09
Australia's Hardest Prison
S2012 E10
Vampire Skeletons Mystery
S2012 E11
Cradle of the Gods
S2012 E13
Through Their Eyes
S2012 E14
Millennium Heist: Diamond Geezers
S2012 E15
Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron
S2012 E16
Save the Titanic With Bob Ballard
S2012 E17
Titanic: Case Closed
S2012 E18
I Escaped A Cult
S2012 E19
Sex in the Stone Age
S2012 E20
Light the Ocean
S2012 E21
Finding the Lost Da Vinci
S2012 E22
American Transgender
S2012 E23
James Cameron: Voyage to the Bottom of the Earth
S2012 E24
Down To The Earth's Core
S2012 E25
Building the Empire State
S2012 E26
The BTK Killer
S2012 E27
Treasure Hoard: Secrets of the Lost Gold
S2012 E28
Doomsday 2210?
S2012 E29
Templar's Lost Treasure
S2012 E30
Alcatraz: Surviving The Rock
S2012 E31
Hiroshima: Nuclear Apocalypse
S2012 E32
Dark Secrets of The Lusitania
S2012 E33
Narco Bling
S2012 E34
Sailing the Treasure Ship
S2012 E35
Martian Mega Rover
S2012 E36
Jonestown - Nightmare in Paradise
S2012 E37
Hitler's Secret Attack on America
S2012 E38
Nazi Sunken Sub
S2012 E39
America's Money Vault
S2012 E40
American Mansion: Secrets of the Rockefeller Estate
S2012 E41
S2012 E42
Earth's Giant Hole
S2012 E43
Inside Underground Poker
S2012 E44
Preppers UK: Surviving Armageddon
S2012 E45
Evacuate Earth
S2012 E46
Maya Underworld: The Real Doomsday
S2012 E47
Secret Lives of the Apostles
S2012 E48
Superstorm New York: What Really Happened
S2012 E49
Abu Dhabi: Between Tradition and 21st Century
S2012 E50
The Unlikely Leopard
S2012 E51
Bones of Turkana
S2012 E52
Search For the Head of John the Baptist
S2012 E53
Forecast Disaster: Deadly Floods
Season 2013
S2013 E01
Costa Concordia Disaster: One Year On
S2013 E02
Inside: 21st Century Warship
S2013 E03
Pope Francis - Road to the Vatican
S2013 E04
Killing Lincoln
S2013 E05
Saving Egypt's Oldest Pyramid
S2013 E06
Inside: Tokyo Mafia
S2013 E07
Mammoth - Back from the Dead
S2013 E08
Chasing Ice
S2013 E09
Bones of the Buddha
S2013 E10
King of Coke: Living the High Life
S2013 E11
The World in Two Cities
S2013 E12
Extreme Neighbors
S2013 E13
Card Shark
S2013 E14
Sex - How It Works
S2013 E15
Blow Your Mind
S2013 E17
Cycling's Greatest Fraud
S2013 E18
20 Animals That Will Kill You
S2013 E19
Man Vs. Youtube
S2013 E20
Top Ten Natural Disasters
S2013 E21
9/11: Firehouse Ground Zero
S2013 E22
Skeletons of the Sahara
S2013 E23
How Sherlock Changed the World
S2013 E24
Ultimate Mars Challenge
S2013 E25
JFK: The Final Hours
S2013 E26
Wingsuit Daredevil
S2013 E27
Killing Kennedy
S2013 E28
Bigfoot: The New Evidence
S2013 E29
JFK: Seven Days That Made a President
S2013 E30
Comet of the Century
S2013 E31
Red Alaska
S2013 E32
Worst Weather Ever?
S2013 E33
Woman Raised By Monkeys
S2013 E34
The Lost Diary of Dr Livingstone
S2013 E35
Quest For The Holy Foreskin
S2013 E36
Saving Egypt's Oldest Pyramid
S2013 E37
Wild Side of Cats
S2013 E38
Superstorm 2012
S2013 E39
Inside the Afghanistan War
S2013 E40
Top Secret: Plant 42
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Ten Years on Mars
S2014 E02
Hunting Hitler's Stolen Treasures: The Monuments Men
S2014 E03
Machu Picchu Decoded
S2014 E04
Guantanamo's Secrets
S2014 E05
The Flying Squad: The Real Sweeney
S2014 E06
Mennonite Made
S2014 E07
The Real Pompeii
S2014 E08
Live From Space
S2014 E09
Brothers in War
S2014 E10
Hunt For The Giant Squid
S2014 E11
London's Zeppelin Attacks
S2014 E12
The Jesus Mysteries
S2014 E13
Florida Untamed: Gator Country
S2014 E14
Nazi Temple of Doom
S2014 E16
Ultimate Tutankhamun
S2014 E17
D-Day Sacrifice: The Landing
S2014 E18
D-Day Sacrifice: Battle of Normandy
S2014 E19
Hyena Coast
S2014 E20
Hitler's Jurassic Monsters
S2014 E21
Wild Super Snake
S2014 E22
Murder In The Family
S2014 E23
Miracle Landing on the Hudson
S2014 E24
Elizabeth I: War on Terror
S2014 E26
Generation Astronaut
S2014 E27
Bannockburn: The Real Bravehearts
S2014 E28
Surviving Wild America
S2014 E29
The Lion Whisperer
S2014 E30
Devil's Bible
S2014 E31
9/11: Rescue Cops
S2014 E32
9/11 Rescue Cops
S2014 E33
9/11 Voices From The Air
S2014 E34
9/11: The Final Hours
S2014 E35
Wild Namibia
S2014 E36
9/11 The Miracle Survivor
S2014 E37
9-11 And The American Dream
S2014 E38
Pearl Harbor Seconds From Disaster
S2014 E39
American War Generals
S2014 E40
China's Golden Monkeys
S2014 E41
Giant Pandas
S2014 E42
In Love With Hitler
S2014 E43
Hitler's Hidden City
S2014 E44
Nazi Death Camp: The Great Escape
S2014 E45
Mammoth Unearthed
S2014 E46
Alien Worlds
S2014 E47
Secrets Of The Great Escape Revealed
S2014 E48
Hidden Horrors of the Moon Landings
S2014 E49
Hasselhoff vs the Berlin Wall
S2014 E50
Comet Catcher: The Rosetta Landing
S2014 E51
Alcatraz: No Way Out
S2014 E52
Sleepless in America
S2014 E53
Area 51 The CIA's Secret Files
S2014 E54
Drain the Bermuda Triangle
S2014 E55
Cooking Alaska
S2014 E56
Hitler the Junkie
S2014 E57
The Quest For Gold
S2014 E58
Cocaine Crackdown
S2014 E59
The Next Mega Tsunami
S2014 E60
The Secret Life of Cats
Season 2015
S2015 E01
The Raising of The Costa Concordia
S2015 E02
Anne Franks Holocaust: The Nazi Capture
S2015 E03
Jesus: The Rise To Power
S2015 E04
The Quest for the Holy Foreskin
S2015 E05
Omens of the Apocalypse
S2015 E06
Anne Franks Holocaust: Final Days Of Anne Frank
S2015 E07
Killing Jesus
S2015 E08
Desert Justice
S2015 E09
Science Of Saints
S2015 E10
Hubble's Cosmic Journey
S2015 E11
The National Mall: America's Front Yard
S2015 E12
The Night Stalker
S2015 E13
Objective Baku
S2015 E14
Ultimate Mars Challenge
S2015 E15
Raccoon: Backyard Bandits
S2015 E16
The Walk Around the World
S2015 E17
Scotland's Most Evil Murderer
S2015 E18
Hitler's Last Year 1
S2015 E19
Hitler's Last Year 2
S2015 E20
Driving America
S2015 E21
Eagle - Queen of the Skies
S2015 E22
Drain the Titanic
S2015 E23
Dino Death Match
S2015 E24
T. Rex Autopsy
S2015 E25
Birthplace of the Giants
S2015 E26
Top 10 Biggest Beasts Ever
S2015 E27
Weirdest Dinosaurs
S2015 E28
I Am Dying
S2015 E29
Titanic: Ballards Secret Mission: Revealed
S2015 E30
Dinosaurs Decoded
S2015 E31
Witness: Tornado
S2015 E32
Mission Pluto
S2015 E33
Nazi Scrapbooks From Hell
S2015 E34
Russia's Mystery Files
S2015 E35
Light The Ocean
S2015 E36
Mystery Caves Of Guangxi
S2015 E37
Shark Survivors USA
S2015 E38
ORBIS: Hospital in the Sky
S2015 E39
YouTube Revolution
S2015 E40
Giant Sea Serpent: Meet The Myth
S2015 E41
Dawn of Humanity
S2015 E42
Hitler’s Death Squad
S2015 E43
Explorer: Legend of the Monkey God
S2015 E44
Billy the Kid: New Evidence
S2015 E45
Brain Surgery Live
S2015 E46
China's Grand Canal: A Photographer's Journey
S2015 E47
Life on Mars: The Amazing Rovers
S2015 E48
Mangalyaan: India's Mission to Mars
S2015 E49
Surrender: The Fall of Nazi Germany
S2015 E50
Surrender: The Nazis' Last Stand
S2015 E51
Mankind from Space
S2015 E52
Reverse Exploration
S2015 E53
Hitler's Supergun
S2015 E54
Dark Side of Crocs
S2015 E55
Inside the Mega Twister
S2015 E56
Inside LEGO
S2015 E57
The Search For China's Blue Hole
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Sky Safari Australia
S2016 E02
Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes
S2016 E03
Wild Islands: Caribbean
S2016 E04
Behind Russia’s Frozen Curtain
S2016 E05
25 Years
S2016 E06
Rebel Pope
S2016 E07
Sea Monsters: The Definitive Guide
S2016 E08
Map of Hell
S2016 E09
Incredible Spiders
S2016 E10
Inside the Body of Henry VIII
S2016 E11
Prison Nation
S2016 E12
Pope vs. Hitler
S2016 E13
9/11: The Longest War
S2016 E14
9/11: The Plane That Hit The Pentagon
S2016 E15
Drain the Ocean: WWII
S2016 E16
Amazon Underworld
S2016 E17
The Real Saddam Hussein
S2016 E18
Killing Reagan
S2016 E19
Before the Flood
S2016 E20
Ghosts of Pearl Harbor
S2016 E21
Hubble's Amazing Journey
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Cradle to Grave
S2017 E02
Atlantis Rising
S2017 E03
Human Family Tree: Branching Out
S2017 E04
Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric
S2017 E05
UFO UK New Evidence
S2017 E06
LA 92
S2017 E07
Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS
S2017 E08
From the Ashes
S2017 E09
Earth Live
S2017 E10
Mission Saturn
S2017 E11
Inside North Korea: Then and Now
S2017 E12
World's Greatest Concert Hall
S2017 E13
S2017 E14
Titanic: 20 Years Later
S2017 E15
Drain Alcatraz
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Air Force one: America's Flagship
S2018 E02
Lost Treasures of the Maya Snake Kings
S2018 E03
Inside North Korea - Live From the Games
S2018 E04
Waitt Expedition to Juan Fernández Islands, Chile
S2018 E05
Inside North Korea - The Kim Dynasty
S2018 E06
Hitler's Battle Against The Press
S2018 E07
Easter Island Unsolved
S2018 E08
City of the Future: Singapore
S2018 E09
Architects of the Ancient World
S2018 E10
North Korea from the Inside with Michael Palin
S2018 E11
U.S. Secret Service: On the Front Line
S2018 E12
MARS: Inside SpaceX
S2018 E13
Mission to the Sun
S2018 E14
Man Vs. Puma
S2018 E15
The New Boundaries Of Dentistry
S2018 E16
Paris to Pittsburgh
S2018 E17
The Last Secrets of the Nasca
S2018 E18
Drain the Titanic: A Ship Reborn
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Lost City of Machu Picchu
S2019 E02
Into the Grand Canyon
S2019 E03
Riddle of The Stone Age Giants
S2019 E04
The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great
S2019 E05
Tarini - Indian Navy
S2019 E06
Hunt for the Giant Squid (2019)
S2019 E07
Rookie Moonshot: Budget Mission to the Moon
S2019 E08
Expedition Mars
S2019 E09
Going Viral: Beyond the Hot Zone
S2019 E10
Petra: City of Riches
S2019 E11
Quest for King Solomon's Treasures
S2019 E12
Black Pharaohs: Sunken Treasures
S2019 E13
Apollo: Missions To The Moon
S2019 E14
Savage Island Giants
S2019 E15
Apollo 8: The Mission That Changed The World
S2019 E16
Eyewitness: D-Day
S2019 E17
Search For the Living Cannibals
S2019 E18
Buried Truth of the Maya
S2019 E19
9/11: Control The Skies
S2019 E20
Reach for the Stars
S2019 E21
Expedition Amelia
S2019 E22
Save the Titanic: Treasures from the Deep
S2019 E23
Viking Warrior Women
S2019 E24
Lost Empire of Easter Island
S2019 E25
Port Security - Hamburg
S2019 E26
Inside the Internet: 50 Years of Life Online
S2019 E27
Pompeii: Secrets of the Dead
S2019 E28
Eyewitness: D-Day
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Lost Temple of the Inca
S2020 E02
Hitler's Teen Killers
S2020 E03
Back To The Titanic
S2020 E04
Saving Notre Dame
S2020 E05
Born Wild: The Next Generation
S2020 E06
The Lost Forest
S2020 E07
The Last Ice
S2020 E08
Surviving the Mount St. Helens' Disaster
S2020 E09
Expedition Everest
S2020 E10
Lost on Everest
S2020 E11
Storm Squad
S2020 E12
Sharks vs. Dolphins: Blood Battle
S2020 E13
Being The Queen
S2020 E14
Assignment Inspiration
S2020 E15
Bin Laden's Hard Drive
S2020 E16
Blood on the Wall
S2020 E17
Pristine Seas: The Power of Protection
S2020 E18
Going Viral: From Ebola to Covid-19
S2020 E19
Virus Hunters
S2020 E20
Breakthrough: Virus Fighters
S2020 E21
Inside North Korea: The Next Leader
S2020 E22
Lost Tombs of the Pyramids
S2020 E23
Wild Lapland
S2020 E24
Chasing the Equinox
Season 2021
S2021 E01
North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator
S2021 E02
Survival of the Snow Leopard
S2021 E03
New Air Force One: Flying Fortress
S2021 E04
Built for Mars: The Perseverance Rover
S2021 E05
The March on Washington: Keepers of the Dream
S2021 E06
Own the room
S2021 E07
Wild Australia: Will To Survive
S2021 E08
Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer
S2021 E09
Bob Ballard: An Explorer’s Life
S2021 E10
Smoky Mountain Park Rangers
S2021 E11
Flooded Tombs of the Nile
S2021 E12
S2021 E13
Killer Snakes
S2021 E14
The Acropolis: Secrets of the Ancient Citadel
S2021 E15
The last drop | The water crisis
S2021 E16
Thailand's Wild Cats
S2021 E17
Victoria Falls: Africa's Garden of Eden
S2021 E18
Hitler's Disastrous Desert War
Season 2022
S2022 E01
The Emirates From Above
S2022 E02
Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship
S2022 E03
The Way of the Cheetah
S2022 E04
Wild Coasts
S2022 E05
World's Biggest Hammerhead?
S2022 E06
We Feed People
S2022 E07
Gorongosa Paradise Reborn
Season 2023
S2023 E01
Ukraine War From The Air
Episode 1
Last Voyage of the Andrea Doria
Episode 2
Hitler's Hidden Holocaust
Episode 3
Kangaroo Comeback
Episode 4
Man Vs. Puma
Episode 5
The Noble Horse
Episode 6
Bob Ballard: An Explorer’s Life
Episode 7
Giant Pandas: The Last Refuge
Episode 8
Adventures In Time: The National Geographic Millennium Special
Episode 9
Beyond 2000: The New Explorers
Episode 10
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
Episode 11
African Wildlife
Episode 12
The Rhino War
Episode 13
White Wolf
Episode 14
Cameramen Who Dared
Episode 15
King Cobra
Episode 16
Savage Garden
Episode 17
Wild Passions
Episode 18
Treasures of the Deep
Episode 19
Heroes of the High Frontier
Episode 20
Inside the White House
Episode 21
Avalanche: The White Death
Episode 22
Danger: Quicksand
Episode 23
Nature's Fury
Episode 24
Spitting Mad: Wild Camel of the Andes
Episode 25
Don't Say Goodbye
Episode 26
Foxes of the Kalahari
Episode 27
Sea Monsters: Search for the Giant Squid
Episode 28
Untold Stories of World War II
Episode 29
Beyond the Summit
Episode 30
Ancient Graves: Voices of the Dead
Episode 31
Destination Space
Episode 32
Episode 33
Beauty and the Beasts: A Leopard's Story
Episode 34
Mission to the Sun
Episode 35
Holiday In Outer Space
Episode 36
Warrior Graveyard Navy Of The Damned
Episode 37
Saxon Gold New Secrets Revealed
Episode 38
Secrets Of The Druids
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