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2019 - 2022  •  Disney Junior  •  30 hours  •  3 seasons  •  150 episodes
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435 votes
# 48910
Comedy, Animation, Children, Adventure, Family, Musical
Pip the Penguin and Freddy the Flamingo just landed the best jobs in the world! They are Junior Fliers at T.O.T.S., the Tiny Ones Transport Service, where they’re tasked with delivering adorable baby animals to their moms and dads. As the first non-stork delivery team, these two feathered friends have ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
T.O.T.S. The Musical Aired on 06/10/2022
T.O.T.S. The Musical
Season 3: Episode 50
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
150 episodes total
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
You've Gotta Be Kitten Me
S01 E02
Whale, Hello There
S01 E03
Panda Excess
S01 E04
A Stinky Situation
S01 E05
Cheetah Chase
S01 E06
Training Daze
S01 E07
Nursery Schooling
S01 E08
Bunny Bunanza
S01 E09
The Purrfect Little Helper
S01 E10
The Colorful Chameleon
S01 E11
Stripe Out
S01 E12
A Splashy Delivery
S01 E13
Night Flight
S01 E14
Slippery When Wet
S01 E15
Hiccup Hazard
S01 E16
The Great Robot Race
S01 E17
Back to Cool
S01 E18
Baby Breakdown
S01 E19
Lost Lovey
S01 E20
Diggity Dog
S01 E21
Temple of the Tiger
S01 E22
The Gift-Mazing Birthday
S01 E23
Like Cats and Dogs
S01 E24
The Bouncy Bouncy Baby
S01 E25
For Lion Out Loud
S01 E26
Porcupine Panic
S01 E27
The Fearful Flier
S01 E28
Lend Me Your Paw
S01 E29
Koala Kuisine
S01 E30
Monkeying Around and Around
S01 E31
Bringing Back Baby
S01 E32
A Penguin in the Desert
S01 E33
Out Foxed
S01 E34
Elephant in the Room
S01 E35
Santa Baby
S01 E36
Shear Madness
S01 E37
Rock-A-Bye Birdie
S01 E38
The Fly-Along
S01 E39
The Valentine Spirit
S01 E40
Shell Games
S01 E41
The Fastest Flier
S01 E42
Best Friends Wherever
S01 E43
The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt
S01 E44
A Chewy Challenge
S01 E45
Night at the Nursery
S01 E46
Seas The Day
S01 E47
Daddy Delivery
S01 E48
Junior Flier, JP
S01 E49
Bringing This Family Home
S01 E50
Flight of the Penguin
Season 2
S02 E01
Puppy Problems
S02 E02
The Mighty Little Dragon
S02 E03
All Aboard Babies
S02 E04
Mid-Air Care
S02 E05
The Itsy Bitsy Baby
S02 E06
The Big Little Baby
S02 E07
The Super Secret Mission
S02 E08
Junior Junior Fliers
S02 E09
Good Vibrations
S02 E10
Mission to the Moon
S02 E11
Say Cheese
S02 E12
The Ring Bear
S02 E13
Bull of Energy
S02 E14
A Spooky Delivery
S02 E15
Under One Roof
S02 E16
Far Far From Home
S02 E17
Toy Trouble
S02 E18
S02 E19
Woodbird's Wish
S02 E20
The Magical Baby
S02 E21
Loveys On The Loose
S02 E22
S02 E23
Out of Control Tower
S02 E24
The Smiley-est Shark
S02 E25
The Super Duper Brother
S02 E26
Surfin' Birds
S02 E27
Grandpa’s Great Adventure
S02 E28
Sled Pup
S02 E29
Baby Boogie
S02 E30
Listen to Your Llama
S02 E31
Swimming With Seals
S02 E32
Go Baby Go
S02 E33
Baby Freddy
S02 E34
Treasure Hunters
S02 E35
Up Up and Oh No
S02 E36
Pajama Party
S02 E37
The Bunny Bunch
S02 E38
Once Upon a Bedtime
S02 E39
Thunder And Frightening
S02 E40
Early Birds
S02 E41
Prank You Very Much
S02 E42
Mommy's Special Day
S02 E43
Zebra Zebra
S02 E44
Snow Place Like Home
S02 E45
Team Cutie Patooties
S02 E46
The Adorable Artist
S02 E47
Home Tree Home
S02 E48
Copy Cat
S02 E49
Mia Goes to School
S02 E50
Adventures in Tigersitting
Season 3
S03 E01
Super Baby
S03 E02
Missing Mia
S03 E03
Wilburt Woodbird
S03 E04
A Nutty Delivery
S03 E05
The Protective Papa
S03 E06
Freddy and the Furchoos
S03 E07
Flamingos on Ice
S03 E08
Bodhi and the Birdie
S03 E09
The Brightest Baby
S03 E10
Captain For A Day
S03 E11
Manatee Out of Water
S03 E12
The Not-So Spooky Spider
S03 E13
Cute As A Button
S03 E14
It Takes A Village
S03 E15
Trunklebee's Day Off
S03 E16
Happy Go Lucky
S03 E17
Teeny Tiny Tot
S03 E18
Ava And The Egg
S03 E19
Messin' Around
S03 E20
Mia First
S03 E21
The Great Fredamingo
S03 E22
The Ram-Bunctious Baby
S03 E23
Best Feathered Friends
S03 E24
The Prancing Pony
S03 E25
The Family Tree
S03 E26
Freddy’s Never-Ending Birthday
S03 E27
Roundup At The Cutie Corral
S03 E28
Freddy's Flamazing School of Flamanners
S03 E29
Bubble Trouble
S03 E30
Some Assembly Required
S03 E31
Oh, Brother!
S03 E32
Professor Good Guy
S03 E33
When Squirrels Fly
S03 E34
The Helper-Bot 5,000
S03 E35
Puppy Dog Eyes
S03 E36
Birds Of A Feather, Stuck Together
S03 E37
So Much To Sea
S03 E38
Tooth On The Loose
S03 E39
Every Baby Loves Freddy
S03 E40
Baby Bot
S03 E41
Best Bird Detectives
S03 E42
Super-Duper Switcheroo
S03 E43
S03 E44
Biggest Lovey Ever
S03 E45
T.O.T.S. In Space
S03 E46
Tommy Triplebeak
S03 E47
Jingle Birds
S03 E48
The Iceberg Alley Winter Games
S03 E49
Baby Fliers
S03 E50
T.O.T.S. The Musical
Episode 1
Episode 1
Episode 2
Calling All T.O.T.S.: Mia the Kitten
Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 4
Calling All T.O.T.S.: Ellie the Elephant
Episode 5
Episode 3
Episode 6
Calling All T.O.T.S.: Pablo the Puppy
Episode 7
Episode 4
Episode 8
Calling All T.O.T.S.: Wyatt the Whale
Episode 9
Episode 5
Episode 10
Calling All T.O.T.S.: Pearl the Piglet
Episode 11
Episode 6
Episode 12
Calling All T.O.T.S.: Precious the Panda
Episode 13
Episode 7
Episode 14
Calling All T.O.T.S.: Marty the Monkey
Episode 15
Episode 8
Episode 16
Calling All T.O.T.S.: Blondie the Bunny
Episode 17
Episode 9
Episode 18
Calling All T.O.T.S.: Sunny the Sloth
Episode 19
Episode 10
Episode 20
Calling All T.O.T.S.: Didi the Deer
Episode 21
All Aboard Babies
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