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The Desert Speaks

The Desert Speaks

2002 - 2011  •  PBS  •  25 hours  •  19 seasons  •  68 episodes
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Documentary, News
Host David Yetman takes viewers on bold explorations of the arid regions of the New World. Through intriguing storytelling and stunning photography, viewers find out about the people (past and present), plants, animals and archaeology of these areas.

  Previously Aired Episode
Navajo Canyon Lands Aired on 02/17/2011
Navajo Canyon Lands
Season 19: Episode 10
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
68 episodes total
Season 1 2 12 13 16 17 18 19
Season 2
S02 E01
What is a Desert?
S02 E02
The Origin of the Sonoran Desert
S02 E03
Desert Riparian Areas
S02 E04
The Pinacate
S02 E05
Research in the Desert
S02 E06
Spring in the Sonoran Desert
S02 E07
Environmental Education
Season 12
S12 E01
Argentina's Upside-Down Desert (Part 1)
S12 E02
Argentina's Upside-Down Desert (Part 2)
S12 E03
Faces of the Argentine Desert
S12 E04
Journey to the Rio Grande
S12 E05
Bikes, Boats and Big Bend
S12 E06
Heart of the Sonoran Desert
S12 E07
Desert Missions
S12 E08
Death Valley
S12 E09
Seasons of the Mojave
S12 E10
Lilies of the Desert
S12 E11
Crossing the Great Basin Desert
S12 E12
Great Basin National Park
S12 E13
Settling the Great Basin Desert
Season 13
S13 E01
Desert Whales
S13 E02
Bolivia: The Cold Desert Frontier
S13 E03
Ancient Peoples of the High Desert
S13 E04
Bolivia: Volcanoes, Flamingos, and Salt Lakes
S13 E05
River Runs Dry
S13 E06
Cactus Capital of the World
S13 E07
Tehuacán: A Spanish Legacy
S13 E08
Oaxaca: Footsteps in Tradition
S13 E09
Shadows of the Ancients
S13 E10
Visiting Ancient Mayo Lands
S13 E11
Baja Journeys: Volcanoes/Oceans
S13 E12
Baja People: Oases/Mountains
S13 E13
Baja Boojums: Bizarre Plants
Season 16
S16 E03
Mending Australia's Ancient Forest
S16 E10
The People of Peru’s Cloud Forest
Season 17
S17 E01
Exploring Arizona's "Big Empty"
S17 E02
Tequila: Exploring the Legend
S17 E03
Passions of the Pitaya
S17 E04
Magical Michoacán
S17 E05
Palms in the Desert
S17 E06
On The Road To Cajamarca
S17 E07
Ecuador's Fog Forest: Mists Over the Desert
S17 E08
Hummingbirds: From Desert To Jungle
S17 E09
Sierra Madre Easter
S17 E10
Ageless Mud: Adobe Homes In The Desert
S17 E11
Sonora's Forgotten River
S17 E12
Patagonia's Glacial Landscape
S17 E13
Argentina: Ancient Patagonia People
Season 18
S18 E01
Sea of Cortez: Then and Now (1)
S18 E02
Sea of Cortez: Navigating a Desert Island (2)
S18 E03
Marine Sanctuary: Preserving Desert Life
S18 E04
San Andreas: Finding the Fault in California's Desert
S18 E05
Chilean Wines: A Way of Life
S18 E06
Penguins in a Patagonia Desert
S18 E07
Patagonia’s Cultural Trail: From the Coast to the Andes
S18 E08
People Locked in Time: The Atacama Desert
S18 E09
Tracking Trade into the Chilean Andes
S18 E10
Desert Descent: Chile’s Atacama
Season 19
S19 E01
The Gadsden Purchase 1
S19 E02
The Gadsden Purchase 2
S19 E03
Beyond the Asphalt 1
S19 E04
Beyond the Asphalt 2
S19 E05
Desert Venom
S19 E06
Jaguars and Vaqueros
S19 E07
Utah's Slick Rock Country
S19 E08
Into the Swell: Utah's High Desert
S19 E09
Dying Traditions in a Mexican Pueblo
S19 E10
Navajo Canyon Lands
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