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My 600 lb. life

My 600 lb. life

2012 - Now  •  TLC  •  55 hours  •  8 seasons  •  85 episodes
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The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
John & Lonnie's Story Aired on 01/01/2020
John & Lonnie's Story
Season 8: Episode 1
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
Melissa's Story, Part 1
S01 E02
Melissa's Story, Part 2
S01 E03
Donald's Story
S01 E04
Henry's Story
S01 E05
Ashley's Story
Season 2
S02 E01
Zsalynn's Story
S02 E02
Olivia's Story
S02 E03
Penny's Story
S02 E04
Chuck's Story
S02 E05
Christina's Story
S02 E06
Paula's Story
S02 E07
James' Story
S02 E08
Tara's Story
Season 3
S03 E01
Amber's Story
S03 E02
Susan's Story
S03 E03
Pauline's Story
S03 E04
Bettie Jo's Story
S03 E05
Angel's Story
S03 E06
Joe's Story
S03 E07
Laura's Story
S03 E08
Charity's Story
S03 E09
Marla's Story
S03 E10
Chay's Story
Season 4
S04 E01
Nikki's Story
S04 E02
Ashley's Story
S04 E03
Chad's Story
S04 E04
Brittani's Story
S04 E05
June's Story
S04 E06
Gideon's Story
S04 E07
Dottie's Story
S04 E08
Lupe's Story
S04 E09
Randy's Story
S04 E10
Teretha's Story
S04 E11
Milla's Story
S04 E12
Sean's Story
S04 E13
Moments of Truth
Season 5
S05 E01
Brandi & Kandi's Story
S05 E02
Ashley R's Story
S05 E03
Cynthia's Story
S05 E04
Kirsten's Story
S05 E05
Doug's Story
S05 E06
Erica's Story
S05 E07
Diana's Story
S05 E08
Michael's Story
S05 E09
Nicole's Story
S05 E10
Tanisha's Story
S05 E11
James K's Story
S05 E12
Tracey's Story
S05 E13
Steven and Justin's Story Part 1
S05 E14
Steven and Justin's Story Part 2
Season 6
S06 E01
Rena & Lee's Story (2)
S06 E02
Janine's Story (2)
S06 E03
Alicia's Story (2)
S06 E04
Liz's Story (2)
S06 E05
Karina's Story (2)
S06 E06
James B's Story (2)
S06 E07
Lisa's Story (2)
S06 E08
Robert' Story (2)
S06 E09
Tamy Lyn's Story (2)
S06 E10
Benji & David's Story (2)
S06 E11
Renee's Story (2)
S06 E12
Sarah's Story (2)
S06 E13
Schenee's Story (2)
S06 E14
Jennifer & Marissa's Story (2)
S06 E15
One Ton Family: Part 1
S06 E16
One Ton Family: Part 2
S06 E17
Episode 17
S06 E18
Episode 18
Season 7
S07 E01
Octavia's Story
S07 E02
Brianne's Story
S07 E03
Robin's Story
S07 E04
Justin's Story
S07 E05
Holly's Story
S07 E06
Lacey's Story
S07 E07
Brandon's Story
S07 E08
Maja's Story
S07 E09
Tiffany's Story
S07 E10
Destinee's Story
S07 E11
Jeanne's Story
S07 E12
Aaron's Story
S07 E13
Kelly's Story
S07 E14
Annjeannette's Story
S07 E15
Angela's Story
S07 E16
LaShanta's Story
Season 8
S08 E01
John & Lonnie's Story
Episode 1
Where Are They Now? 1
Episode 2
Where Are They Now?: Zsalynn and Christina
Episode 3
Where Are They Now?: Olivia and James
Episode 4
Where Are They Now?: Penny and Tara
Episode 5
Where Are They Now?: Chuck and Paula
Episode 6
Where Are They Now?: Melissa and Ashley
Episode 7
Where Are They Now?: Christina and Paula
Episode 8
Where Are They Now?: Zsalynn and Olivia
Episode 9
Where Are They Now?: Bettie Jo and Susan
Episode 10
Where Are They Now?: Joe
Episode 11
Where Are They Now?: Angel and Charity
Episode 12
Where Are They Now?: Laura and Marla
Episode 13
Where Are They Now?: Chay and Marla
Episode 14
Where Are They Now?: Lupe and Ashley D.
Episode 15
Where Are They Now?: Brittani and Sean
Episode 16
Where Are They Now?: Teretha and Chad
Episode 17
Where Are They Now?: Nikki
Episode 18
Where Are They Now?: Dottie and June
Episode 19
Where Are They Now?: Milla and Charity
Episode 20
Where Are They Now?: Joe W. and Pauline
Episode 21
Where Are They Now?: Laura and Chay
Episode 22
Where are they now? Susan and Bettie Jo
Episode 23
Where are they now? Steven and Justin Assanti
Episode 24
Where are they now? Melissa Morris
Episode 25
Where Are They Now?: Kandi and Brandi
Episode 26
Where Are They Now?: Erica
Episode 27
Where Are They Now?: Diana and Ashley R.
Episode 28
Where Are They Now?: Kirsten, Michael & Roni
Episode 29
Where Are They Now?: Nicole and Ashley D.
Episode 30
Where Are They Now?: James and Cynthia
Episode 31
Where Are They Now?: Lupe and Brittani
Episode 32
Where Are They Now?: Doug
Episode 33
Where Are They Now?: Sean and Dotti
Episode 34
Where Are They Now?: June, Chad & Pauline
Episode 35
Where Are They Now?: The Assanti Brothers
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