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HBO Documentary Film Series

HBO Documentary Film Series

1989 - Now  •  Saturdays 07:00 PM on HBO  •  27 days  •  345 episodes
1 vote
HBO presents a full spectrum of non-fiction programming by leading documentary filmmakers. Taking viewers from the hidden corners of America to the shocking reality of global issues, these powerful, uncompromising and award-winning films never fail to leave an impact. Now, with HBO Podcast, listen to ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed Aired on 06/28/2023
Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed
Season 2023: Episode 11
Season 1989 1992 1993 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Season 1989
S1989 E01
One Year in a Life of Crime
Season 1992
S1992 E01
The Iceman Tapes: Conversations With a Killer
S1992 E02
Educating Peter
Season 1993
S1993 E01
Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War
Season 1995
S1995 E01
High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell
Season 1996
S1996 E01
Smoke Alarm: The Unfiltered Truth About Cigarettes
S1996 E02
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills
Season 1997
S1997 E01
4 Little Girls
Season 1998
S1998 E01
Pimps Up, Ho's Down
S1998 E02
Life of Crime 2
Season 1999
S1999 E01
Private Dicks: Men Exposed
S1999 E02
Black Tar Heroin
S1999 E03
Fists of Freedom: The Story of the '68 Summer Games
Season 2000
S2000 E01
Hookers & Johns: Trick or Treat
S2000 E02
Paradise Lost 2: Revelations
Season 2001
S2001 E01
Graduating Peter
Season 2003
S2003 E01
Capturing the Friedmans
Season 2004
S2004 E01
Atlantic City Hookers: It Ain't Easy Being a Ho
S2004 E02
Thinking XXX
S2004 E03
Death in Gaza
Season 2005
S2005 E01
Dope Sick Love
S2005 E02
Protocols of Zion
S2005 E03
S2005 E04
Season 2006
S2006 E01
Baghdad ER
S2006 E02
Hacking Democracy
Season 2007
S2007 E01
S2007 E02
White Light, Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
S2007 E03
Little Rock Central - 50 Years Later
S2007 E04
I Am an Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA
S2007 E05
Michigan vs. Ohio State: The Rivalry
S2007 E06
Taxi to the Dark Side
Season 2008
S2008 E01
Back Nine At Cherry Hills The Legends Of The 1960 U.S. Open
S2008 E03
David McCullough: Painting with Words
Season 2009
S2009 E01
S2009 E02
Right America: Feeling Wronged
S2009 E03
Taking Chance
S2009 E04
Grey Gardens
S2009 E05
The Memory Loss Tapes
S2009 E06
Ted Williams
S2009 E07
Studs Terkel: Listening to America
S2009 E08
Shouting Fire, Stories from the Edge of Free Speech
S2009 E09
S2009 E10
Celebrity Habla
S2009 E11
The Trials of Ted Haggard
S2009 E12
Boy Interrupted
Season 2010
S2010 E01
Every F------ Day Of My Life
S2010 E02
S2010 E03
Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals
S2010 E04
I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale
S2010 E05
Smash His Camera
S2010 E06
For Neda
S2010 E07
S2010 E08
S2010 E09
No One Dies in Lily Dale
S2010 E10
A Small Act
S2010 E11
S2010 E12
Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County
S2010 E13
Killing In The Name
S2010 E14
12th & Delaware
S2010 E15
El Espiritu de la Salsa
S2010 E16
My Trip To Al-Qaeda
S2010 E17
Teenage Paparazzo
S2010 E18
I Can't Do This But I Can Do That
S2010 E19
Dark Light - The Art of Blind Photographers
S2010 E20
Public Speaking
S2010 E21
Wishful Drinking
S2010 E22
Cathouse Cat Call
Season 2011
S2011 E01
S2011 E02
S2011 E03
The Battle for Marjah
S2011 E04
Triangle: Remembering The Fire
S2011 E05
Gun Fight
S2011 E06
Journey Into Dyslexia
S2011 E07
Runnin' Rebels of UNLV
S2011 E08
Too Big to Fail
S2011 E09
Bobby Fischer Against The World
S2011 E10
Sex Crimes Unit
S2011 E11
A Matter Of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt
S2011 E12
I Can Be President: A Kids Eye View
S2011 E13
Hot Coffee
S2011 E14
Citizen USA: A 50 State Road Trip
S2011 E15
No Contract, No Cookies
S2011 E16
Love Crimes of Kabul
S2011 E17
The Curious Case of Curt Flood
S2011 E18
Mann v. Ford
S2011 E19
Theres Something Wrong With Aunt Diane
S2011 E20
Derek Jeter 3K
S2011 E21
Koran By Heart
S2011 E22
S2011 E23
Gloria: In Her Own Words
S2011 E24
Madonna Of The Mills
S2011 E25
The Latino List
S2011 E26
Living in the Material World: George Harrison
S2011 E27
Sing Your Song
S2011 E28
The Education of Dee Dee Ricks
S2011 E29
Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory
S2011 E30
Pink Saris
S2011 E31
Marathon Boy
S2011 E32
Strangers No More
Season 2012
S2012 E01
God Is The Bigger Elvis
S2012 E02
East Of Main Street Small Talk
S2012 E03
S2012 E04
One Nation Under Dog
S2012 E05
Me @ the Zoo
S2012 E06
Marina Abramovic The Artists is Present
S2012 E07
Hard Times: Lost on Long Island
S2012 E08
The Tsunami & the Cherry Blossom
S2012 E09
Birders: The Central Park Effect
S2012 E10
S2012 E11
About Face: Supermodels Then and Now
S2012 E12
The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia
S2012 E13
In Vogue: The Editor's Eye
Season 2013
S2013 E01
Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence In The House Of God.
S2013 E02
Bobby Mcferrin – A Youngarts Masterclass
S2013 E03
Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream
S2013 E04
King’s Point
S2013 E05
American Winter
S2013 E06
Fall To Grace
S2013 E07
50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr & Mrs Kraus
S2013 E08
Which Way is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hethering...
S2013 E09
An Apology To Elephants
S2013 E10
Manhunt: The Search for Bin Laden
S2013 E11
Inside Out: The People’s Arts Project
S2013 E12
Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer
S2013 E13
Love, Marilyn
S2013 E14
Miss You Can Do It
S2013 E15
The Out List
S2013 E16
Gideon's Army
S2013 E17
Gasland Part II
S2013 E18
The Crash Reel
S2013 E19
The Cheshire Murders
S2013 E20
First Comes Love
S2013 E21
Casting By
S2013 E22
Americans in Bed
S2013 E23
S2013 E24
First Cousin Once Removed
S2013 E25
Valentine Road
S2013 E26
Mondays At Racine
S2013 E27
S2013 E28
Open Heart
S2013 E29
Life According to Sam
S2013 E30
Seduced And Abandoned
S2013 E31
Tales From The Organ Trade
S2013 E32
Crisis Hotline: Dial One for Vets
S2013 E33
Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley
S2013 E34
Toxic Hot Seat
S2013 E35
The Battle Of Amfarr
S2013 E36
Six By Sondheim
S2013 E37
AC DC Dirty Deeds
Season 2014
S2014 E01
S2014 E02
The Education of Mohammad Hussein
S2014 E03
Remembering the Artist: Robert De Niro, Sr.
S2014 E04
Herblock: The Black & the White
S2014 E05
Questioning Darwin
S2014 E06
Happy Birthday To A Beautiful Woman
S2014 E07
Paycheck To Paycheck: The Life And Times Of Katrina Gilbert
S2014 E08
Prison Terminal: The Last Days Of Private Jack Hall
S2014 E09
The University Of Sing Sing
S2014 E10
All About Ann: Governor Richards of the Lone Star State
S2014 E11
Bruce Springsteen's High Hopes
S2014 E12
One Last Hug: Three Days At Grief Camp
S2014 E13
Love Child
S2014 E14
The Case Against 8
S2014 E15
112 Weddings
S2014 E16
Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus
S2014 E17
The Newburgh Sting
S2014 E18
Nixon by Nixon: In His Own Words
S2014 E19
Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart
S2014 E20
A Good Job: Stories of the FDNY
S2014 E21
Habla Texas
S2014 E22
Terror at the Mall
S2014 E23
Hunted: The War against Gays in Russia
S2014 E24
Habla Men '14
S2014 E25
Private Violence
S2014 E26
Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown
S2014 E27
Atlantic City Hookers: It Ain't E-Z Being a Ho'
S2014 E28
Banksy Does New York
S2014 E29
Regarding Susan Sontag
S2014 E30
Saving My Tomorrow Part 1
S2014 E31
Saving My Tomorrow Part 2
Season 2015
S2015 E01
It's Me Hilary
S2015 E02
The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
S2015 E03
S2015 E04
Sinatra: All or Nothing at All (Part I)
S2015 E05
Sinatra: All or Nothing at All (Part II)
S2015 E06
Living With Lincoln
S2015 E07
Tales of the Grim Sleeper
S2015 E08
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck
S2015 E09
Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop
S2015 E10
S2015 E11
Southern Rites
S2015 E12
The Lion's Mouth Opens
S2015 E13
Saving My Tomorrow, Part 4
S2015 E14
Requiem For The Dead: American Spring 2014
S2015 E15
Larry Kramer in Love & Anger
S2015 E17
Sex On, Part 1
S2015 E18
Sex On, Part 2
S2015 E19
My Depression (The Up and Down and Up of It)
S2015 E20
Packed in a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson
S2015 E21
Toe Tag Parole: To Live and Die on Yard A
S2015 E22
Sex On, Part 3
S2015 E23
Tashi and the Monk
S2015 E24
Sex On, Part 4
S2015 E25
Sex On, Part 5
S2015 E26
Ferrell Takes the Field
S2015 E27
San Francisco 2.0
S2015 E28
The Diplomat
S2015 E29
The Latin Explosion: A New America
S2015 E30
3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets
S2015 E31
The Ties That Bind
S2015 E32
Very Semi-Serious: A Partially Thorough Portrait of New Yorker Cartoonist...
S2015 E34
Bolshoi Babylon
S2015 E35
Heroin: Cape Cod, USA
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Jim: The James Foley Story
S2016 E02
Homegrown: The Counter Terror Dilemma
S2016 E03
Becoming Mike Nichols
S2016 E04
S2016 E05
A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness
S2016 E06
Ebola: the Doctors' Story
S2016 E07
Orphans of Ebola
S2016 E08
Body Team 12
S2016 E09
Everything is Copy
S2016 E10
Only the Dead See the End of War
S2016 E11
Mapplethrope: Look At The Pictures
S2016 E12
Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper
S2016 E13
Heart of a Dog
S2016 E14
Three Days of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks
S2016 E15
Pearl Harbor: The Accused
S2016 E16
Risky Drinking
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds
S2017 E02
Beware The Slenderman
S2017 E03
Becoming Warren Buffett
S2017 E04
Solitary: Inside Red Onion State Prison
S2017 E05
Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis
S2017 E06
Unlocking The Cage
S2017 E07
The Tickle King
S2017 E08
Cries From Syria
S2017 E09
Abortion: Stories Women Tell
S2017 E10
Warning: This Drug May Kill You
S2017 E11
Mommy Dead And Dearest
S2017 E12
Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy
S2017 E13
Brillo Box (3¢ Off)
S2017 E14
S2017 E15
Baltimore Rising
S2017 E16
32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide
S2017 E17
The Newspaperman: The Life and Times of Ben Bradlee
S2017 E18
Season 2018
S2018 E01
David Bowie The Last Five Years
S2018 E02
The Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm
S2018 E03
May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers
S2018 E04
Atomic Homefront
S2018 E05
Traffic Stop
S2018 E06
Arthur Miller: Writer
S2018 E07
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling, Part 1
S2018 E08
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling, Part 2
S2018 E09
King In The Wilderness
S2018 E10
Andre the Giant
S2018 E11
Elvis Presley: The Searcher, Part 1
S2018 E12
Elvis Presley: The Searcher, Part 2
S2018 E13
I Am Evidence
S2018 E14
A Dangerous Son
S2018 E15
John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls
S2018 E16
It Will Be Chaos
S2018 E17
S2018 E18
Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind
S2018 E19
Jane Fonda in Five Acts
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Breslin and Hamill: Deadline Artists
S2019 E02
Song of Parkland
S2019 E03
The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley
S2019 E04
One Nation Under Stress
S2019 E05
At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal
S2019 E06
S2019 E07
Running With Beto
S2019 E08
Ice on Fire
S2019 E09
True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight for Equality
S2019 E10
The Cold Blue
S2019 E11
Unmasking Jihadi John: Anatomy of a Terrorist
S2019 E12
Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America
S2019 E13
In the Shadow of the Towers: Stuyvesant High on 9/11
S2019 E14
S2019 E15
Liberty: Mother of Exiles
S2019 E16
Saudi Women's Driving School
S2019 E17
The Bronx, USA
S2019 E18
The Apollo
S2019 E19
Very Ralph
S2019 E20
Pariah: The Lives and Deaths of Sonny Liston
S2019 E21
Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops
S2019 E22
Belichick & Saban: The Art of Coaching
S2019 E23
Finding the Way Home
S2019 E24
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Ali & Cavett: The Tale of the Tapes
S2020 E02
We Are the Dream: The Kids of the Oakland MLK Oratorical Fest
S2020 E03
Women of Troy
S2020 E04
After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News
S2020 E05
Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections
S2020 E06
The Scheme
S2020 E07
Autism: The Sequel
S2020 E08
Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind
S2020 E09
Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn
S2020 E10
Welcome to Chechnya
S2020 E11
Showbiz Kids
S2020 E12
Stockton on My Mind
S2020 E13
The Weight of Gold
S2020 E14
Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn
S2020 E16
Siempre, Luis
S2020 E17
Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth
S2020 E18
The Perfect Weapon
S2020 E19
537 Votes
S2020 E20
The Soul of America
S2020 E21
Burning Ojai: Our Fire Story
S2020 E22
The Cost of Winning
S2020 E23
S2020 E24
Crazy, Not Insane
S2020 E25
The Mystery of D. B. Cooper
S2020 E26
Baby God
S2020 E27
Alabama Snake
S2020 E28
The Art of Political Murder
S2020 E29
The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
S2020 E30
Under The Grapefruit Tree: The CC Sabathia Story
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Fake Famous
S2021 E02
Black Art: In the Absence of Light
S2021 E03
Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests
S2021 E04
Covid Diaries NYC
S2021 E05
The Day Sports Stood Still
S2021 E06
S2021 E07
The Last Cruise
S2021 E08
Our Towns
S2021 E09
Four Hours at the Capitol
S2021 E10
Simple as Water
S2021 E11
Life of Crime 1984-2020
S2021 E12
The Slow Hustle
Season 2022
S2022 E01
How To Survive A Pandemic
S2022 E02
The Princess
Season 2023
S2023 E01
All That Breathes
S2023 E02
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed
S2023 E03
Jason Isbell: Running with Our Eyes Closed
S2023 E04
Moonage Daydream
S2023 E05
1000% Me: Growing Up Mixed
S2023 E06
Love to Love You, Donna Summer
S2023 E07
Being Mary Tyler Moore
S2023 E08
How Do You Measure a Year?
S2023 E09
The Stroll
S2023 E10
Taylor Mac's 24-Decade History of Popular Music
S2023 E11
Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed
Episode 1
Paradise Hotel
Episode 2
Weight of the Nation for Kids
Episode 3
Ice on Fire
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