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Collative Learning

Collative Learning

2009 - Now  •  YouTube  •   70 hours
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Talk Show, Special Interest, Horror
The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
EXORCIST - Pazuzu demon character study - discount offer Aired on 10/29/2019
EXORCIST - Pazuzu demon character study - discount offer
Season 2019: Episode 53
Season 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Season 2009
S2009 E01
SURREAL ARTWORK from sketches to finished canvas painting
S2009 E02
Season 2011
S2011 E01
The real Overlook Hotel - photos of the original hotel that inspired The ...
S2011 E02
Film psychology THE SHINING spatial awareness and set design 1of2
S2011 E03
Film psychology THE SHINING spatial awareness and set design 2of2
S2011 E04
TURN IN YOUR GRAVE - trailer / promo clip + a little commentary on the mo...
Season 2012
S2012 E01
A CLOCKWORK ORANGE film analysis THE LUDOVICO LIE pt 1/2 by Rob Ager
S2012 E02
A CLOCKWORK ORANGE film analysis THE LUDOVICO LIE pt 2/2 by Rob Ager
S2012 E03
TURN IN YOUR GRAVE (2012) trailer. Director Rob Ager
S2012 E04
Turn In Your Grave (2012) trailer 1 - directed by Rob Ager
S2012 E05
Turn In Your Grave (2012) trailer 2 - directed by Rob Ager
Season 2013
S2013 E01
The Thing (1982) fan synopsis for a sequel 1/2 - Rob Ager
S2013 E02
The Thing (1982) fan synopsis for a sequel 2/2 - Rob Ager
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Surrealist Rob Ager painting from start to finish - commissioned artwork
S2014 E02
Prostitution & rape themes in Full Metal Jacket - Rob Ager
S2014 E03
2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Meaning of the Monolith Revealed PART 1 (2014 updat...
S2014 E04
2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Meaning of the Monolith Revealed PART 2 (2014 updat...
S2014 E05
THE SHINING - KUBRICK'S GOLD STORY pt1 film analysis by Rob Ager - Rob Ag...
S2014 E06
THE SHINING - KUBRICK'S GOLD STORY pt2 film analysis by Rob Ager - Rob Ag...
S2014 E07
Greatest screen heroes - Kyle Reese in The Terminator - Rob Ager
S2014 E08
11 interesting details in THE MATRIX - Rob Ager
S2014 E09
21 weird, funny and revealing thing in EYES WIDE SHUT (part 1) - Rob Ager
S2014 E10
The forgotten protest against the Labour Party - Rob Ager
Season 2015
S2015 E01
10 reasons why human level Artificial Intelligence is a false promise
S2015 E02
Eyes Wide Shut - Red cloak unmasked !!! (film analysis) - Rob Ager
S2015 E03
9 film directors who admitted putting hidden themes in their movies
S2015 E04
CREEPSHOW film analysis "Roaches, racism & elitism"
S2015 E05
Animal cruelty themes in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE part 1 film analysis...
S2015 E06
Animal cruelty themes in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE part 2 film analysis...
Season 2016
S2016 E01
PULP FICTION briefcase mystery revealed ???
S2016 E02
Introduction to the hidden depths of Stanley Kubrick's filmography
S2016 E03
Ager Bytes - new channel for social, political and economic issues.
S2016 E04
S2016 E05
How SAVING PRIVATE RYAN deceives and desensitizes us to battlefield suffe...
S2016 E06
KILLING PRIVATE KRAUT - How Saving Private Ryan promotes war crimes - fil...
Season 2017
S2017 E01
GTA V - Trevor Philips character analysis by Rob Ager
S2017 E02
The even darker underbelly of THE EXORCIST - film analysis
S2017 E03
40 hidden jokes in the environments of GTA V
S2017 E04
The hidden depths of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - film analysis by Rob Ager
S2017 E05
Rob Ager's digital download process explained
S2017 E06
The hidden depths of 2001: A Space Odyssey - film analysis
S2017 E07
John Carpenter''s THE THING - "Eye gleam" theory examined
S2017 E08
John Carpenter''s THE THING - "No breath" theory examined
S2017 E09
John Carpenter''s THE THING - "Molotov whisky" theory examined
S2017 E10
John Carpenter''s THE THING - Who sabotaged the blood bank?
S2017 E11
John Carpenter's THE THING - "Clothing continuity" theory examined
S2017 E12
Spot the movie subliminals - THE MATRIX (street walk scene)
S2017 E13
Spot the movie subliminals - Hitchcock's VERTIGO (driving scene)
S2017 E14
Spot the movie subliminals - HELLRAISER (engineer tunnel chase scene)
S2017 E15
Spot the movie subliminals - RISKY BUSINESS (Joel's bike ride montage)
S2017 E16
Advice for aspiring film analysts
S2017 E17
Spot the subliminals in THE TERMINATOR punks scene
S2017 E18
THE WITNESS game analysis by Rob Ager pt 1 - The overcrowded canvas theor...
S2017 E19
THE WITNESS game analysis by Rob Ager pt 2 - Branch structures & neurolog...
S2017 E20
Gain access to more of Rob Ager's content by pledging on Patreon
S2017 E21
TOTAL RECALL and the psychology of product placement
S2017 E22
Rob Ager debunks THE SHINING fake moon landing theory
S2017 E23
TOTAL RECALL: multiple realities and the pathology of ego fantasy
S2017 E24
THE SHINING who is the man in the bear costume? (Rob Ager's work plagiari...
S2017 E25
THE SHINING: Danny's ordeal and the bear costumed man
S2017 E26
Rob Ager's full analysis of DR STRANGELOVE (3 hr 34 min) now available
S2017 E27
Scene analysis: Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ...
S2017 E28
The plot thickens EYES WIDE SHUT's mysterious newspaper articles
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Kubrick's occult research for EYES WIDE SHUT
S2018 E02
Genius subtlety or happy accidents? Rainbow lens flares in EYES WIDE SHUT
S2018 E03
PULP FICTION - GOLD WATCH STORY film analysis by Rob Ager
S2018 E04
PREDATOR spot the subliminals - Dillon's death scene
S2018 E05
PREDATOR 2 hr 20 min film analysis by Rob Ager
S2018 E06
Pt 1 - Subtext and visual communication in GTA V
S2018 E07
Pt 2 - Subtext and visual communication in GTA V
S2018 E08
Pt 3 - Subtext and visual communication in GTA V
S2018 E09
Pt 4 - Subtext and visual communication in GTA V
S2018 E10
FAR CRY 5: cult of the protagonist (game analysis)
S2018 E11
10 reasons Jim Cameron's ALIENS is the best feminism movie ever made
S2018 E12
New 2 hr film analysis video available for digital download
S2018 E13
Hidden depths of The Abyss
S2018 E14
Revenge of the Ninja - fight scene analysis / Indian and thugs vs Sho Koz...
S2018 E15
2 hr+ film analysis of ALIEN & ALIENS by Rob Ager - now available
S2018 E16
Stanley Kubrick's mysterious cameo in Eyes Wide Shut
S2018 E17
Art of the werewolf transformation - THE HOWLING vs AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF ...
S2018 E18
Eyes Wide Shut's Hollywood Dolls
S2018 E19
THEY LIVE who is more enslaved?
S2018 E20
Gun pathology in the movies of Jim Cameron
S2018 E21
Rob Ager's full 2hr+ study of THEY LIVE available
S2018 E22
TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE - film analysis of 3rd episode "It's a good life...
S2018 E23
Dissecting HANNIBAL LECTER in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (character analysis)
S2018 E24
GOODFELLAS - two scene analysis videos by Rob Ager
S2018 E25
Psychological trickery in HEREDITARY (film analysis)
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Rob Ager's thoughts on Barry Lyndon
S2019 E02
General update + new 48 min video available for digital download
S2019 E03
Rob Ager's top 25 horror movies of all time
S2019 E04
THE WARRIORS theatrical cut on BluRay please
S2019 E05
THE OUTSIDERS theatrical cut on BluRay please
S2019 E06
Hidden depths of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK
S2019 E07
Raiders of the Lost Ark - hunting the idol (40 min film analysis) availab...
S2019 E08
Hidden depths of STARSHIP TROOPERS (film analysis)
S2019 E09
Hidden depths of POLTERGEIST (film analysis)
S2019 E10
Rob Ager's top 25 sci-fi movies of all time
S2019 E11
Leaving Neverland - evidence of multiple interview takes
S2019 E12
Leaving Neverland - Robson & Safechuck vs real abuse victims
S2019 E13
Rob Ager's top 25 social message movies
S2019 E14
POLTERGEIST full analysis (2 hr 37 mins) now available
S2019 E15
SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE title sequence film analysis
S2019 E16
Setting up SUPERMAN - 63 min film analysis by Rob Ager (now available)
S2019 E17
LEAVING NEVERLAND's suspicious editing
S2019 E18
A CLOCKWORK ORANGE film analysis - pyramids and pecking orders
S2019 E19
Remakes & reboots - why they're usually bad and how they can be better
S2019 E20
Switching my Patreon page to monthly subscription
S2019 E21
Film analysis: Was STARSHIP TROOPERS a parody of ALIENS?
S2019 E22
Superhero movies & the powerless audience
S2019 E23
Vote for my next video uploads + 205 page full Clockwork Orange analysis
S2019 E24
THE THING paranoia kicks in - new film analysis for Patrons or digital do...
S2019 E25
HEREDITARY breakdown of the opening shot
S2019 E26
Criminally underrated movies STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE
S2019 E27
9 reasons why video games don't cause violence
S2019 E28
THE MASTER therapy processing scene analysis (reupload)
S2019 E29
New Patreon exclusive film analysis video + other new content
S2019 E30
2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY - HAL = IBM film analysis (reupload)
S2019 E31
DR STRANGELOVE - The Last Spasm - film analysis
S2019 E32
Strong men disappearing from modern movies
S2019 E33
What THE WIZARD OF OZ can teach adults about film analysis
S2019 E34
Rob Ager's top 16 westerns
S2019 E35
THE SHINING - voices from the set
S2019 E36
8 scary movies I won't watch alone at night
S2019 E37
Greatest screen villains: BILL SIKES in OLIVER! (1968)
S2019 E38
Criminally underrated movies PSYCHO 2
S2019 E39
Hitchcock's genius trailer for PSYCHO - film analysis
S2019 E40
Interview with screenwriter TOM HOLLAND discussing PSYCHO 2 with Rob Ager
S2019 E41
HEREDITARY occult origins of the PAIMON demon
S2019 E42
HEREDITARY new 2hr Paimon analysis vid + RESERVOIR DOGS analysis discount
S2019 E43
Rob Ager's top 100 video games of all time
S2019 E44
Superman's subliminal sex scene (film analysis) SUPERMAN 1978
S2019 E45
GREMLINS shot analysis creature reveal
S2019 E46
Character analysis AJAX in THE WARRIORS
S2019 E47
PSYCHO 2 full film analysis and ROAD WARRIOR / CLASH OF THE TITANS discou...
S2019 E48
MAD MAX 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR - feral kid character analysis
S2019 E49
THEY LIVE - Glasses or blindfolds? Film analysis
S2019 E50
CAPE FEAR full film analysis by Rob Ager - 70% OFF
S2019 E51
A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET - Hell is Real, God is an Illusion - film analy...
S2019 E52
Rob Ager's thoughts on JOKER
S2019 E53
EXORCIST - Pazuzu demon character study - discount offer
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