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The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet

1952 - 1966  •  ABC (US)  •  7 days  •  435 episodes
2 votes
1294 votes
# 39814
Very long running family saga, based largely on the actual actors involved. As the sons age we go through their teenage dating problems, then marriage and careers. Ricky became a (real life) rock and roll star; David joined a law firm.
  Previously Aired Episode
The Game Room Aired on 03/26/1966
The Game Room
Season 14: Episode 26
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
435 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Season 1
S01 E01
The Rivals
S01 E02
The Poet
S01 E03
The Pills
S01 E04
The Fall Guy
S01 E05
Halloween Party
S01 E06
Riviera Ballet
S01 E07
David, the Babysitter
S01 E08
Ricky Goes to a Dance
S01 E09
The Day After Thanksgiving
S01 E10
Thorny's Gift
S01 E11
Harriet's Hairdo
S01 E12
The Boys' Christmas Money
S01 E13
Late Christmas Gift
S01 E14
The Newspaper Write-Up
S01 E15
The Basketball Players
S01 E16
Stop Worrying
S01 E17
The Tuba Incident
S01 E18
Rover Boys
S01 E19
Separate Rooms
S01 E20
The Valentine Show
S01 E21
The Traffic Signal
S01 E22
The Dental Receptionist
S01 E23
The Speech
S01 E24
The Safe Crackers
S01 E25
Brother Beesley's Philosophy
S01 E26
The Bowling Alley
S01 E27
The Orchid and the Violet
S01 E28
The Pancake Mix
S01 E29
The Whistler's Daughter
S01 E30
The Fish Story
S01 E31
Night School
S01 E32
The Traders
S01 E33
Boxing Matches
S01 E34
A Door Key for David
S01 E35
The Play's the Thing
S01 E36
Monetary System
S01 E37
Who's Walter?
S01 E38
S01 E39
Oscillating Ozzie
Season 2
S02 E01
The New Chairs
S02 E02
The Party
S02 E03
The Boys' Paper Route
S02 E04
Window Pane
S02 E05
David's Pipe
S02 E06
David's 17th Birthday
S02 E07
No Noise
S02 E08
The Hustler
S02 E09
The Boy's Day
S02 E10
Suggestion Box
S02 E11
The Ladder
S02 E12
Parental Guidance
S02 E13
The Insurance Policy
S02 E14
Credit Reference
S02 E15
The Miracle
S02 E16
The Hunter
S02 E17
Ozzie's Night Out
S02 E18
The Cameras
S02 E19
S02 E20
The Incentive
S02 E21
Too Many Children
S02 E22
David's Career
S02 E23
Harriet Gives a Party
S02 E24
An Old Fashioned Remedy
S02 E25
S02 E26
Ricky's Lost Letter
S02 E27
Father and Son Tournament
S02 E28
Gentleman David
S02 E29
David Writes a Column
S02 E30
S02 E31
Be on Time
S02 E32
An Evening with Hamlet
S02 E33
New Neighbor
S02 E34
Bird's Nest
S02 E35
A Friend of the Family
S02 E36
A Tuxedo for David
S02 E37
The Painter
S02 E38
Operation Economy
S02 E39
The Swimming Pool
Season 3
S03 E01
The Wedding Anniversary
S03 E02
Too Many Ties
S03 E03
The Furnace
S03 E04
A Load of Gravel
S03 E05
The Usher
S03 E06
The Come as You Are Party
S03 E07
Wally Dipple's Garage Door
S03 E08
Odd Bolt
S03 E09
A Matter of Inches
S03 E10
The Lost Christmas Gift
S03 E11
The Fruitcake
S03 E12
The Bloodhound
S03 E13
The Missing Sandwiches
S03 E14
S03 E15
The Electric Train
S03 E16
A Matter of Principle
S03 E17
Career Woman
S03 E18
The Girl Who Came to Dinner
S03 E19
The Sportscar
S03 E20
Ricky's Blind Date
S03 E21
Spring Housecleaning
S03 E22
The Pajama Game
S03 E23
Ricky's Shadow
S03 E24
The Witness
S03 E25
Ricky's Charge Account
S03 E26
The Testimonial
S03 E27
Thorny's Piano
S03 E28
The Stray Dog
Season 4
S04 E01
David's Engagement
S04 E02
Homemade Ice-Cream
S04 E03
Football Hero
S04 E04
An Invitation to Dinner
S04 E05
Carnation Perfume
S04 E06
The Campers
S04 E07
The Man Across the Street
S04 E08
Music Appreciation
S04 E09
A Ball of Tinfoil
S04 E10
Wedding Rings
S04 E11
The Gay Blade
S04 E12
The Eclipse
S04 E13
The Gadget
S04 E14
Art Studies
S04 E15
Volunteer Firemen
S04 E16
The Car Mix-up
S04 E17
Ricky, the Organizer
S04 E18
The Safe Driver
S04 E19
Watching Thorny's House
S04 E20
Personal Column
S04 E21
A Day in Bed
S04 E22
Buried Treasure
S04 E23
A Beautiful Day
S04 E24
Honest Face
S04 E25
Harriet's Secret Admirer
S04 E26
Re-Dressing Ricky
Season 5
S05 E01
Kappa Sigma Party
S05 E02
Captain Salty and the Submarine
S05 E03
Hidden Panel
S05 E04
Christmas in October
S05 E05
The Banjo Player
S05 E06
Fifty Dollar Bill
S05 E07
The Pool Table
S05 E08
David Picks Up the Tab
S05 E09
The Balloons
S05 E10
Ricky's Car
S05 E11
A Doctor in the House
S05 E12
Ozzie's Busy Christmas
S05 E13
The Day After Christmas
S05 E14
Ozzie's Double
S05 E15
A Hairstyle for Harriet
S05 E16
The Puppy
S05 E17
The Borrowed Tuxedo
S05 E18
Like Father, Like Son
S05 E19
The Duenna
S05 E20
The Hot-Dog Stand
S05 E21
The Reading Room
S05 E22
The Disbelievers
S05 E23
The Clubhouse
S05 E24
Jet Pilot
S05 E25
Ozzie and Harriet Go to Washington
S05 E26
The Editor
S05 E27
The Hawaiian Party
S05 E28
Ricky, the Drummer
S05 E29
The Tommy Brannigan Story
S05 E30
Sculpturing Class
S05 E31
Ozzie, the Treasurer
S05 E32
Ricky's Surprise Party
S05 E33
The Night Watchman
S05 E34
David's Date with Miss Universe
S05 E35
Strict Parents
S05 E36
The Coffee Table
S05 E37
The Fishing Lure
S05 E38
Taking Care of Freddy
S05 E39
The Loan
Season 6
S06 E01
Fixing Up the Fraternity House
S06 E02
The Man Without a Family
S06 E03
Treasurer's Report
S06 E04
The Boys Land in Jail
S06 E05
Mystery Shopper
S06 E06
Ricky's Big Night
S06 E07
Free Flowers
S06 E08
Ozzie's Triple Banana Surprise
S06 E09
Fourteen Mile Hike
S06 E10
Tuti-Fruiti Ice-Cream
S06 E11
The Christmas Tree Lot
S06 E12
Ricky Goes on TV
S06 E13
The Trophy
S06 E14
Road Race
S06 E15
David and the Stewardess
S06 E16
The Picture in Rick's Notebook
S06 E17
Harriet's Dancing Partner
S06 E18
The Safe
S06 E19
David and the Men's Club
S06 E20
Who is Betty?
S06 E21
The Old Band Pavilion
S06 E22
The Practical Joker
S06 E23
Scavenger Hunt
S06 E24
The Dating System
S06 E25
The Closed Circuit
S06 E26
The Top Gun
S06 E27
The Record Trout
S06 E28
The Bachelor
S06 E29
Code of Honor
S06 E30
Ricky is Micky
S06 E31
Rick's Chemistry Grade
S06 E32
The Magic of Three
S06 E33
The International Set
S06 E34
Ozzie and the Bridge Group
S06 E35
A Cruise for Harriet
Season 7
S07 E01
David Loses His Poise
S07 E02
David Becomes a Football Coach
S07 E03
A Surprise for Clara
S07 E04
The Pony
S07 E05
Stealing Rick's Girl
S07 E06
Ozzie's Daughters
S07 E07
Ozzie Spills the Beans
S07 E08
Rick's Riding Lessons
S07 E09
Harriet Creates a Triangle
S07 E10
The Dress Shop
S07 E11
The Motorcycle
S07 E12
Helpful Neighbor
S07 E13
The Runaways
S07 E14
Rick's Scientific Date
S07 E15
Rick's Dinner Guest
S07 E16
Ozzie and the Space Age
S07 E17
Jealous Joe Randolph
S07 E18
Composite Girl
S07 E19
Ozzie's Old Teammate
S07 E20
The Newspaper Interview
S07 E21
The Exploding Book
S07 E22
Ozzie Changes History
S07 E23
The Tent
S07 E24
Ricky, the Bullfighter
S07 E25
S07 E26
The Other Guy's Girl
S07 E27
Treasurer's Son
S07 E28
Always a Bridegroom
S07 E29
The Costume Dance
S07 E30
Full House
S07 E31
The Little Black Box
S07 E32
The Buckingham
S07 E33
The Girl in the Bowling Alley
S07 E34
Darby, the Rockhound
S07 E35
Taking Advantage of Harriet
S07 E36
Ozzie Plans a Surprise
Season 8
S08 E01
The Sea Captain
S08 E02
Ozzie, the Host
S08 E03
David, the Law Clerk
S08 E04
Who Needs Girls
S08 E05
The Rancher's Daughter
S08 E06
The Nelsons Decide to Move
S08 E07
David, the Sleuth
S08 E08
The Gas Station
S08 E09
Fathers' Night at the Fraternity House
S08 E10
Happy Anniversary
S08 E11
Rick Gets Even
S08 E12
An Interest for Harriet
S08 E13
Ozzie Keeps a Secret
S08 E14
David's Car Payments
S08 E15
The Circus
S08 E16
Rick's English Literature Class
S08 E17
The Lockout
S08 E18
The Uninvited Guests
S08 E19
A Trap for Ricky
S08 E20
An Interesting Evening
S08 E21
Dave Goofs Off
S08 E22
The Magic Dishes
S08 E23
The Professor's Experiment
S08 E24
The T-Shirts
S08 E25
Missing Husband
S08 E26
Bad Day at Blueberry Rock
S08 E27
Dave and the Schoolteacher
S08 E28
Big Plans for Summer
S08 E29
The Forgotten Promise
S08 E30
Painting the Sorority House
S08 E31
No News for Harriet
S08 E32
Weekend Vacation
Season 9
S09 E01
Fraternity Junk Drive
S09 E02
David Gets Discouraged
S09 E03
Ozzie, the Boatkeeper
S09 E04
His Brother's Girl
S09 E05
David Gets a Raise
S09 E06
The Table and the Painting
S09 E07
A Sweater for Rick
S09 E08
A Friend in Need
S09 E09
David's Almost In-Laws
S09 E10
David Hires a Secretary
S09 E11
A Lawnmower for Ozzie
S09 E12
The Girl in the Emporium
S09 E13
A Piano for the Fraternity
S09 E14
Rick Counts the Ballots
S09 E15
The Girl Who Loses Things
S09 E16
Safe Husbands
S09 E17
The Lost Briefcase
S09 E18
The Chaperones
S09 E19
Bowling With the Wives
S09 E20
Our Man in Alaska
S09 E21
Two Small Boys and a Dog
S09 E22
The Boys' Portraits
S09 E23
Mr. Kelley's Important Papers
S09 E24
Dave's Golf Story
S09 E25
Rick's Broken Arm
S09 E26
The Little Houseguest
S09 E27
The Manly Arts
S09 E28
A Question of Suits and Ties
S09 E29
The Pen and Pencil Set
S09 E30
Selling Rick's Drums
S09 E31
S09 E32
Rick's 21st Birthday
S09 E33
Built-In TV Set
Season 10
S10 E01
Dancing Lessons
S10 E02
The High Cost of Dating
S10 E03
The Newlyweds Get Settled
S10 E04
The Fraternity Rents Out a Room
S10 E05
David Goes Back to Work
S10 E06
Ten For the Tigers
S10 E07
Rick Grades a Test
S10 E08
The Barking Dog
S10 E09
Rick Comes to Dinner
S10 E10
Trading Stamps
S10 E11
Ricky the Milkman
S10 E12
The Fraternity Pin
S10 E13
The Backyard Pet Show
S10 E14
The Special Cake
S10 E15
The Randolph's Niece
S10 E16
A Lamp For Dave and June
S10 E17
The Fraternity Cook
S10 E18
Operation Barry
S10 E19
Making Wally Study
S10 E20
Lending Money to Wally
S10 E21
Lonesome Parents
S10 E22
The Client's Daughter
S10 E23
The Student Nurse
S10 E24
Barry's Birthday
S10 E25
Little Handprints in the Sidewalk
Season 11
S11 E01
Rick and the Maid of Honor
S11 E02
Mrs. Bradford's Recipe
S11 E03
The Apartment
S11 E04
Rick and the Sculptress
S11 E05
Trip to Mexico
S11 E06
The Tigers Go to a Dance
S11 E07
The Women's Club Play
S11 E08
Rick Sends a Picture
S11 E09
Rick, the Host
S11 E10
Losing Miss Edwards
S11 E11
An Old Friend of June's
S11 E12
Game Inventors
S11 E13
Rick and the Boat Model
S11 E14
June and the Great Outdoors
S11 E15
The Girl at the Ski Lodge
S11 E16
Roadside Courtesy
S11 E17
Dave and the Teenager
S11 E18
The Adventurers
S11 E19
The Goat
S11 E20
Any Date in a Storm
S11 E21
Decorating Dave's Office
S11 E22
Publicity for the Fraternity
S11 E23
The Women's Club Bazaar
S11 E24
Dave's Law Office
S11 E25
Dave and the Fraternity Lease
S11 E26
June Music Festival
Season 12
S12 E01
The Torn Dress
S12 E02
Secret Agent
S12 E03
Ozzie, Joe, and the Fashion Models
S12 E04
Rick's Wedding Ring
S12 E05
Getting Wally in Shape
S12 E06
Blue Moose
S12 E07
David Takes a Client to Dinner
S12 E08
Wally's Pen-Pal
S12 E09
The Lawyers' Convention
S12 E10
Money Watchers
S12 E11
June is Always Late
S12 E12
Ozzie's Hidden Trophy
S12 E13
Rick Makes a Loan
S12 E14
David and the Mermaid
S12 E15
The Swami
S12 E16
Getting Together With the Boys
S12 E17
Rick's Wedding Picture
S12 E18
A Wife in the Office
S12 E19
The Dean's Birthday
S12 E20
The Uniforms
S12 E21
Wally's TV Set
S12 E22
S12 E23
Rick, the Law Clerk
S12 E24
Rick is Late for Dinner
S12 E25
A Letter About Harriet
Season 13
S13 E01
Rick and the Girl Across the Hall
S13 E02
Rick's Old Printing Press
S13 E03
The Study System
S13 E04
Rick and Kris Go to the Mountains
S13 E05
A Letter of Recommendation
S13 E06
Kris Goes to College
S13 E07
The Pennies
S13 E08
The Ballerina
S13 E09
A Bedtime Story
S13 E10
Harriet's Quiz
S13 E11
Kris Plays Cupid
S13 E12
A Helpless Female
S13 E13
The Exotic Housemother
S13 E14
Chess Set
S13 E15
The Cafe Caper
S13 E16
The Petition
S13 E17
Dave, the Fraternity Advisor
S13 E18
Rick Grows a Beard
S13 E19
The Big Dog
S13 E20
The Trunk
S13 E21
Kris' Girlfriend
S13 E22
Rick's Raise
S13 E23
Breakfast for Harriet
S13 E24
The Desk Photo
S13 E25
The Early Rush Party
S13 E26
A Painting from the Past
Season 14
S14 E01
The Tangled Web
S14 E02
A Rose A Day
S14 E03
Kris and the Queen
S14 E04
Helpful June
S14 E05
The Prowler
S14 E06
The Nelsons Revisited
S14 E07
The Secret Passage
S14 E08
Wally, the Author
S14 E09
A Message from Kris
S14 E10
Flying Down to Lunch
S14 E11
The Equestrians
S14 E12
Dave, the Worrier
S14 E13
Ghost Town
S14 E14
David Picks A Pie
S14 E15
Kris, the Little Helper
S14 E16
Sheik of Araby
S14 E17
Wally's Traffic Ticket
S14 E18
An Honor for Ozzie
S14 E19
The Hong Kong Suit
S14 E20
Ozzie A Go Go
S14 E21
The Trip Trap
S14 E22
Waiting for Joe
S14 E23
Rick's Assistant
S14 E24
Dave's Other Office
S14 E25
Ozzie the Babysitter
S14 E26
The Game Room
Episode 1
The Christmas Tree Lot (In 3D)
Episode 2
Rick Nelson: The Ozzie & Harriet Performances
Episode 3
Here Come the Nelsons
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