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Handmade Hero

Handmade Hero

2014 - 2015   •  YouTube  •   7 days
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Home and Garden
The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
Day 121 - Rendering in Tiles (Marathon) Aired on 05/17/2015
Day 121 - Rendering in Tiles (Marathon)
Season 1: Episode 121
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
121 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
Day 001 - Setting Up the Windows Build
S01 E02
Day 002 - Opening a Win32 Window
S01 E03
Day 003 - Allocating a Backbuffer
S01 E04
Day 004 - Animating the Backbuffer
S01 E05
Day 005 - Windows Graphics Review
S01 E06
Day 006 - Gamepad and Keyboard Input
S01 E07
Day 007 - Initializing DirectSound
S01 E08
Day 008 - Writing a Square Wave to DirectSound
S01 E09
Day 009 - Variable-Pitch Sine Wave Output
S01 E10
Day 010 - QueryPerformanceCounter and RDTSC
S01 E11
Day 011 - The Basics of Platform API Design
S01 E12
Day 012 - Platform-independent Sound Output
S01 E13
Day 013 - Platform-independent User Input
S01 E14
Day 014 - Platform-independent Game Memory
S01 E15
Day 015 - Platform-independent Debug File I/O
S01 E16
Day 016 - VisualStudio Compiler Switches
S01 E17
Day 017 - Unified Keyboard and Gamepad Input
S01 E18
Day 018 - Enforcing a Video Frame Rate
S01 E19
Day 019 - Improving Audio Synchronization
S01 E20
Day 020 - Debugging the Audio Sync
S01 E21
Day 021 - Loading Game Code Dynamically
S01 E22
Day 022 - Instantaneous Live Code Editing
S01 E23
Day 023 - Looped Live Code Editing
S01 E24
Day 024 - Win32 Platform Layer Cleanup
S01 E25
Day 025 - Finishing the Win32 Prototyping Layer
S01 E26
Day 026 - Introduction to Game Architecture
S01 E27
Day 027 - Exploration-based Architecture
S01 E28
Day 028 - Drawing a Tile Map
S01 E29
Day 029 - Basic Tile Map Collision Checking
S01 E30
Day 030 - Moving Between Tile Maps
S01 E31
Day 031 - Tilemap Coordinate Systems
S01 E32
Day 032 - Unified Position Representation
S01 E33
Day 033 - Virtualized Tile Maps
S01 E34
Day 034 - Tile Map Memory
S01 E35
Day 035 - Basic Sparse Tilemap Storage
S01 E36
Day 036 - Loading BMPs
S01 E37
Day 037 - Basic Bitmap Rendering
S01 E38
Day 038 - Basic Linear Bitmap Blending
S01 E39
Day 039 - Basic Bitmap Rendering Cleanup
S01 E40
Day 040 - Cursor Hiding and Fullscreen Support
S01 E41
Day 041 - Overview of the Types of Math Used in Games
S01 E42
Day 042 - Basic 2D Vectors
S01 E43
Day 043 - The Equations of Motion
S01 E44
Day 044 - Reflecting Vectors
S01 E45
Day 045 - Geometric vs. Temporal Movement Search
S01 E46
Day 046 - Basic Multiplayer Support
S01 E47
Day 047 - Vector Lengths
S01 E48
Day 048 - Line Segment Intersection Collisions
S01 E49
Day 049 - Debugging Canonical Coordinates
S01 E50
Day 050 - Basic Minkowski-based Collision Detection
S01 E51
Day 051 - Separating Entities By Update Frequency
S01 E52
Day 052 - Entity Movement in Camera Space
S01 E53
Day 053 - Environment Elements as Entities
S01 E54
Day 054 - Removing the Dormant Entity Concept
S01 E55
Day 055 - Hash-based World Storage
S01 E56
Day 056 - Switching from Tiles to Entities
S01 E57
Day 057 - Spatially Partitioning Entities
S01 E58
Day 058 - Using the Spatial Partition
S01 E59
Day 059 - Adding a Basic Familiar Entity
S01 E60
Day 060 - Adding Hitpoints
S01 E61
Day 061 - Adding a Simple Attack
S01 E62
Day 062 - Basic Moving Projectiles
S01 E63
Day 063 - Simulation Regions
S01 E64
Day 064 - Mapping Entity Indexes to Pointers
S01 E65
Day 065 - Finishing the Simulation Region Change
S01 E66
Day 066 - Adding Support for Non-spatial Entities
S01 E67
Day 067 - Making Updates Conditional
S01 E68
Day 068 - Exact Enforcement of Maximum Movement Distances
S01 E69
Day 069 - Pairwise Collision Rules
S01 E70
Day 070 - Exploration To-do List
S01 E71
Day 071 - Converting to Full 3D Positioning
S01 E72
Day 072 - Proper 3D Inclusion Tests
S01 E73
Day 073 - Temporarily Overlapping Entities
S01 E74
Day 074 - Moving Entities Up and Down Stairwells
S01 E75
Day 075 - Conditional Movement Based on Step Heights
S01 E76
Day 076 - Entity Heights and Collision Detection
S01 E77
Day 077 - Entity Ground Points
S01 E78
Day 078 - Multiple Collision Volumes Per Entity
S01 E79
Day 079 - Defining the Ground
S01 E80
Day 080 - Handling Traversables in the Collision Loop
S01 E81
Day 081 - Creating Ground with Overlapping Bitmaps
S01 E82
Day 082 - Caching Composited Bitmaps
S01 E83
Day 083 - Premultiplied Alpha
S01 E84
Day 084 - Scrolling Ground Buffer
S01 E85
Day 085 - Transient Ground Buffers
S01 E86
Day 086 - Aligning Ground Buffers to World Chunks
S01 E87
Day 087 - Seamless Ground Textures
S01 E88
Day 088 - Push Buffer Rendering
S01 E89
Day 089 - Renderer Push Buffer Entry Types
S01 E90
Day 090 - Bases Part I
S01 E91
Day 091 - Bases Part II
S01 E92
Day 092 - Filling Rotated and Scaled Rectangles
S01 E93
Day 093 - Textured Quadrilaterals
S01 E94
Day 094 - Converting sRGB to Light-linear Space
S01 E95
Day 095 - Gamma-correct Premultiplied Alpha
S01 E96
Day 096 - Introduction to Lighting
S01 E97
Day 097 - Adding Normal Maps to the Pipeline
S01 E98
Day 098 - Normal Map Code Cleanup
S01 E99
Day 099 - Test Environment Maps
S01 E100
Day 100 - Reflection Vectors
S01 E101
Day 101 - The Inverse and the Transpose
S01 E102
Day 102 - Transforming Normals Properly
S01 E103
Day 103 - Card-like Normal Map Reflections
S01 E104
Day 104 - Switching to Y-is-up Render Targets
S01 E105
Day 105 - Cleaning Up the Renderer API
S01 E106
Day 106 - World Scaling
S01 E107
Day 107 - Fading Z Layers
S01 E108
Day 108 - Perspective Projection
S01 E109
Day 109 - Resolution-Independent Rendering
S01 E110
Day 110 - Unprojecting Screen Boundaries
S01 E111
Day 111 - Resolution-Independent Ground Chunks
S01 E112
Day 112 - A Mental Model of CPU Performance
S01 E113
Day 113 - Simple Performance Counters
S01 E114
Day 114 - Preparing a Function for Optimization
S01 E115
Day 115 - SIMD Basics
S01 E116
Day 116 - Converting Math Operations to SIMD
S01 E117
Day 117 - Packing Pixels for the Framebuffer
S01 E118
Day 118 - Wide Unpacking and Masking
S01 E119
Day 119 - Counting Intrinsics
S01 E120
Day 120 - Measuring Port Usage with IACA
S01 E121
Day 121 - Rendering in Tiles (Marathon)
Episode 1
Handmade Hero - Announcement Trailer
Episode 2
Intro to C on Windows - Day 1
Episode 3
Intro to C on Windows - Day 2
Episode 4
Intro to C on Windows - Day 3
Episode 5
Intro to C on Windows - Day 4
Episode 6
Intro to C on Windows - Day 5
Episode 7
Basic Emacs Tutorial
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