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Marble League

Marble League

2016 - Now  •  Wednesdays 02:00 PM on YouTube  •  124 episodes
0 vote
Game Show, Sport
Marble League by Jelle's Marble Runs, formerly known as MarbleLympics
  Previously Aired Episode
Event 16: Elimination Race and Closing Ceremony Aired on 12/21/2022
Event 16: Elimination Race and Closing Ceremony
Season 2022: Episode 19
Season 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 2016
S2016 E01
E1 - Balancing
S2016 E02
E2 - Relay Race
S2016 E03
E3 - Collision
S2016 E04
E4 - Sand Rally
S2016 E05
E5 - Long Jump
S2016 E06
E6 - Water Race
S2016 E07
E7 - High Jump
S2016 E08
E8 - 10 Meter Sprint
S2016 E09
E9 - Team Pursuit
S2016 E10
E10 - Precision Slalom
S2016 E11
E11 - Quartet Diving
S2016 E12
E12 - Hurdles
Season 2017
S2017 E01
S2017 E02
E1 - Funnel Race
S2017 E03
E2 - Long Jump
S2017 E04
E3 - Fidget Spinner Collision
S2017 E05
E4 - 5-meter Sprint
S2017 E06
E5 - Hurdles
S2017 E07
E6 - Relay Run
S2017 E08
E7 - Block Pushing
S2017 E09
E8 - High Jump
S2017 E10
E9 - Steeplechase
S2017 E11
E10 - Archery
S2017 E12
E11 - Underwater Race
S2017 E13
E12 - Sand Rally
Season 2018
S2018 E01
S2018 E02
Qualifiers: E1 Curling
S2018 E03
Qualifiers: E2, 3 and 4
S2018 E04
Friendly Practice Round
S2018 E05
Opening Ceremony + Event 1: 5 Meter Ice Dash
S2018 E06
Event 2: Ski Jump
S2018 E07
Event 3: Halfpipe
S2018 E08
Event 4: Bobsled
S2018 E09
Event 5: Speed Skating
S2018 E10
Event 6: Team Pursuit
S2018 E11
Event 7: Snow Rally
S2018 E12
Event 8: Snowboard Cross
S2018 E13
Event 9a: Curling Part 1
S2018 E14
Event 9b: Curling Part 2
S2018 E15
Event 10: Biathlon
S2018 E16
Event 11: Ice Hockey
S2018 E17
Event 12: Sand Mogul Race + Closing Ceremony
Season 2019
S2019 E01
100 Meter Water Race
S2019 E02
Amazing Maze Marble Race
S2019 E03
S2019 E04
Friendly Round
S2019 E05
Opening Ceremony + E1 Underwater Race
S2019 E06
E2 - Funnel Race
S2019 E07
E3 - Balancing
S2019 E08
E4 - Gravitrax Slalom
S2019 E09
E5 - 5 Meter Sprint
S2019 E10
E6 - Relay Run
S2019 E11
E7 - Block Pushing
S2019 E12
E8 - Summer Biathlon
S2019 E13
E9 - Hurdles Race
S2019 E14
E10 - Hubelino Maze
S2019 E15
E11 - Dirt Race
S2019 E16
E12 - Rafting
S2019 E17
E13 - Gravitrax Elimination Race
S2019 E18
E14 - Surfing
S2019 E19
E15 - Collision
S2019 E20
E16 - Sand Rally + Closing Ceremony
S2019 E21
Showdown Event 1 - Sand Rally
S2019 E22
Showdown Event 2 - Collision
S2019 E23
Showdown Event 3 - Funnel Race
S2019 E24
Showdown Event 4 - Balancing
Season 2020
S2020 E01
S2020 E02
Friendly Round
S2020 E03
Opening Ceremony + E1 Balancing
S2020 E04
E2 Halfpipe
S2020 E05
E3 Funnel Endurance
S2020 E06
E4 Newton's Cradle
S2020 E07
E5 Long Jump
S2020 E08
E6 Hurdles
S2020 E09
E7 Block Pushing
S2020 E10
E8 Triathlon
S2020 E11
E9 Sand Mogul Race
S2020 E12
E10 5m Sprint
S2020 E13
E11 Black Hole Funnel
S2020 E14
E12 Relay Race
S2020 E15
E13 High Jump
S2020 E16
E14 Team Aquathlon
S2020 E17
E15 Collision
S2020 E18
ML20 Showdown
S2020 E19
E16 Marathon + Closing Ceremony
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Practice Race + NEW TEAM REVEAL!
S2021 E02
S2021 E03
Friendly Round
S2021 E04
S2021 E05
E2 Balancing
S2021 E06
E3 5 Meter Sprint
S2021 E07
E4 Funnel Endurance
S2021 E08
E5 Relay
S2021 E09
E6 Jousting
S2021 E10
E7 Hurdles
S2021 E11
E8 Block Pushing
S2021 E12
E9 Triathlon
S2021 E13
E10 Steeplechase
S2021 E14
E11 Sand Mogul Race
S2021 E15
Showdown Part 1
S2021 E16
E12 Diving
S2021 E17
E13 Elimination Race
S2021 E18
E14 Sand Rally
S2021 E19
E15 Football
S2021 E20
Showdown part 2
S2021 E21
E16 Marblocross & Closing Ceremony
Season 2022
S2022 E01
Marble League 2022 Draw
S2022 E02
S2022 E03
Friendly Round
S2022 E04
Opening Ceremony + Event 1 : Climbing
S2022 E05
Event 2 : Balancing
S2022 E06
Event 3: 5 Meter Hurdles
S2022 E07
Event 4: Water Race
S2022 E08
Event 5: 5 Meter Relay
S2022 E09
Event 6: Funnel Endurance
S2022 E10
Event 7: Rafting
S2022 E11
Event 8: 5 Meter Sprint
S2022 E12
Event 9: Block Pushing
S2022 E13
Event 10: Outdoor Triathlon
S2022 E14
Event 11: Swing Wave
S2022 E15
Event 12: Domino Bowling
S2022 E16
Event 13: Team Aquathlon
S2022 E17
Event 14: Sand Rally
S2022 E18
Event 15: Collision
S2022 E19
Event 16: Elimination Race and Closing Ceremony
Episode 1
Winter Special 2021 - Ice Dash
Episode 2
Winter Special 2021 - Snowboard Cross
Episode 3
Winter Special 2021 - Speed Skating
Episode 4
Winter Special 2021 - Bobsled
Episode 5
Winter Special 2021 - Ice Hockey and Closing Ceremony
Episode 6
Marble League 2021 - Showdown Part 1
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