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Kukla, Fran and Ollie

Kukla, Fran and Ollie

1947 - 2002  •  NBC  •  12 days  •  8 seasons  •  726 episodes
1 vote
134 votes
# 19618
Comedy, Children, Family
Kukla, Fran and Ollie is an early American television show using puppets, originally created for children but soon watched by more adults than children. It did not have a script and was entirely ad-libbed.
  Previously Aired Episode
Show moves to ABC (broadcast live; no kinescopes available) Aired on 09/06/1955
Show moves to ABC (broadcast live; no kinescopes available)
Season 8: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
726 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
First Show (airs Monday - Friday)
Season 2
S02 E01
Babysitter Show
S02 E02
Back From Richmond - River Boat
S02 E03
Income Tax
S02 E04
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
S02 E05
Transcription Show
S02 E06
High-brow, Low-brow, Middle-brow
Season 3
S03 E01
Opening Show
S03 E02
Luggage Arrival
S03 E03
Fletcher's Lecture
S03 E04
Return of Buelah Witch
S03 E05
Whaling Pageant
S03 E06
Birthday Party
S03 E07
S03 E08
Summer Theatre
S03 E09
Amusement Park
S03 E10
Ollie Leaves But Returns
S03 E11
S03 E12
Fascinato Time
S03 E13
Symphony (AKA Summer Music Festival)
S03 E14
Kinescope Show
S03 E15
S03 E16
Kukla's Date
S03 E17
Fletcher Sorts Mail
S03 E18
Railroad Fair
S03 E19
Labor Day
S03 E20
First Day of School
S03 E21
Ollie's Old Trouble
S03 E22
Screen Test
S03 E23
County Fair
S03 E24
Hospital Show
S03 E25
Contributions to Courier
S03 E26
Arabian Nights
S03 E27
On Wisconsin
S03 E28
Milwaukee Was Fun
S03 E29
New Price
S03 E30
Sleepy Time
S03 E31
Soapy Opera
S03 E32
Western (Which Way Did He Go?)
S03 E33
Mme. Ooglepuss Loses Her Wig
S03 E34
S03 E35
How To Take A Cue
S03 E36
Tooey Talk
S03 E37
Fixing Carpet and Hopscotch Polka
S03 E38
Getting Out the New Issue of the Kuklapolitan Courier
S03 E39
Library Day
S03 E40
Ice Cream (with Dave Garroway)
S03 E41
Packing for Washington and Russ' Wedding
S03 E42
First Color Broadcast (in Washington)
S03 E43
Second Day in Washington
S03 E44
Third Day in Washington
S03 E45
Second Anniversary
S03 E46
Last Day in Washington
S03 E47
Back Home Again
S03 E48
Ollie's Recipe
S03 E49
Fashion Show
S03 E50
Buelah Witch on the Moon
S03 E51
Homecoming (with Gene Rayburn)
S03 E52
United Nations Day
S03 E53
Burr Tillstrom in Commercial
S03 E54
Swan Lake
S03 E55
Ollie's Interview
S03 E56
Buelah Witch Prepares for Halloween
S03 E57
Halloween Episode
S03 E58
Guest - Milton Caniff
S03 E59
Lewis Gomavitz, Boy Director
S03 E60
Junior League Show
S03 E61
Ollie Gets Ready for a Date
S03 E62
(Unknown Title)
S03 E63
Old Fashioned / At Home
S03 E64
(Unknown Title)
S03 E65
Boy Next Door
S03 E66
Colonel Crackie's Amateur Hour
S03 E67
Sadler Wells Ballet
S03 E68
House Hunting
S03 E69
Kine Christmas
S03 E70
Gift Day
S03 E71
Old Memories and Old Songs
S03 E72
Fran's Birthday
S03 E73
Ice Cream Stand
S03 E74
Thanksgiving Day Pageant
S03 E75
Thanksgiving Day
S03 E76
Glockenspiel's Employee Day
S03 E77
4-H Club
S03 E78
Fred Waring Day
S03 E79
Kukla Kiddish
S03 E80
Salute to Utica
S03 E81
French Lesson
S03 E82
Salute to Television
S03 E83
Burr Tillstrom Sells Ice Cream
S03 E84
Martin Kane, Private Eye - Martin Dragon, Private Tooth
S03 E85
Balancing Budget
S03 E86
Water Glasses
S03 E87
Press Day - Getting the "Kuklapolitan Courier" Together
S03 E88
Cecil Bill's Geiger Counter
S03 E89
Hobby Show
S03 E90
Everyone Eats Sealtest Ice Cream
S03 E91
Cactus Jim - Copper Canyon
S03 E92
Three Billy Goats Gruff
S03 E93
Making a Christmas Tree Stand
S03 E94
Christmas Pageant
S03 E95
Christmas Decorations
S03 E96
Christmas Eve
S03 E97
Christmas Presents
S03 E98
Real Happy
S03 E99
Hansel and Gretel
S03 E100
Ice Cream Snow Man
S03 E101
New Year's Eve
S03 E102
Salute to Philadelphia
S03 E103
Ollie's Milkshake Mixer
S03 E104
Announcing a Trip East
S03 E105
Hot Fudge Sundae and Plans for Home
S03 E106
Mme. Ooglepuss' Club Date Rehearsal
S03 E107
Ollie's "Yes/No" File
S03 E108
Fran's Singing Lesson
S03 E109
Collecting Items for New York Trip
S03 E110
Getting Ready for New York
S03 E111
New York, New York
S03 E112
New York Party
S03 E113
Last Day in New York
S03 E114
S03 E115
S03 E116
S03 E117
(Unknown Title)
S03 E118
Newsreels of New York
S03 E119
Ollie and Strange Sounds
S03 E120
Gypsy Show
S03 E121
Boom Boy
S03 E122
Fletcher's Date
S03 E123
Salute to First Ford Day
S03 E124
Ground Hog (Hawg) Day
S03 E125
Award Day
S03 E126
Dentist Office
S03 E127
Ollie in Talent the Directory
S03 E128
Plan to Drive to Cincinnati
S03 E129
Planning a Party
S03 E130
Going to Cincinnati
S03 E131
S03 E132
St. Valentine's Day Show
S03 E133
Fletcher Rabbit - Ad Man
S03 E134
Spike Jones
S03 E135
Art Exhibit
S03 E136
Twenty Questions
S03 E137
Dog Day
S03 E138
George Washington's Birthday
S03 E139
June Havoc
S03 E140
Fran's Return
S03 E141
Kukla and Ollie Lose their Voices
S03 E142
Ollie - Sounds and Glasses
S03 E143
Schedule Day
S03 E144
Easter Baskets
S03 E145
Salute to Memphis
S03 E146
Ollie's Western
S03 E147
Buelah's New Jet Broom
S03 E148
Salute to Spring
S03 E149
Zither Day
S03 E150
Miss Coo-Coo Disrupts the Playhouse
S03 E151
Dancing Lessons
S03 E152
Let's Bake a Sunshine Cake
S03 E153
(Unknown Title)
S03 E154
Suggestion Box
S03 E155
New Yorker Article
S03 E156
Milton Caniff (Peter Cottontail)
S03 E157
Fran as Secretary and Mme. Ooglepuss' Mink Coat
S03 E158
Band Show
S03 E159
Stage Scenery
S03 E160
Music Maestro
S03 E161
Tree-House Plans
S03 E162
Fitting Clothes
S03 E163
Godfrey, Crosby and Como
S03 E164
Joe Lockwood's Testimonial Dinner
S03 E165
April Fool Show
S03 E166
S03 E167
Spring Show
S03 E168
Ollie's Thinking Machine
S03 E169
Ollie's Spring Hat
S03 E170
S03 E171
Opera Show
S03 E172
Belated St. Patrick's Day
S03 E173
Shakespeare vs. Musical Comedy
S03 E174
Milwaukee Civic Progress Week
S03 E175
Taking the Census
S03 E176
Boxing (with Dave Garroway)
S03 E177
Miss Witch Day
S03 E178
S03 E179
Boy Astronomer (with Dave Garroway)
S03 E180
Kukla's Night at the Actor's Club (with Dave Garroway)
S03 E181
Museum Show
S03 E182
Fletcher's Garden Hints
S03 E183
Girls' String Trio
S03 E184
Mail Mix-up
S03 E185
Going to Benton Harbor
S03 E186
Kuklapolitan Dance Band
S03 E187
Fletcher's Chance to Finish Lecture
S03 E188
St. George and the Dragon
S03 E189
House Hunting
S03 E190
Circus Show
S03 E191
Favorite Operatic Roles
S03 E192
Spoon Day
S03 E193
Hospital Show
S03 E194
Restaurant Business
S03 E195
New Orleans Salute
S03 E196
Spring House Cleaning
S03 E197
Ollie's Hair-Do
S03 E198
S03 E199
Fletcher Breaks a Pot
S03 E200
Going to Detroit and Cleveland
S03 E201
Railroad Show
S03 E202
The Legal Show
S03 E203
Northwestern Show
S03 E204
Uke Lesson
S03 E205
Rhythm Band Day
S03 E206
Tally-Ho Day
S03 E207
Preparing for Vacation
S03 E208
Picnic Day
S03 E209
Kukla is Silly Day
S03 E210
Two Commercials Today
S03 E211
Art Show in Paris
S03 E212
4th of July
S03 E213
The Mikado
S03 E214
Post-mortem of the Mikado
S03 E215
Let's Have a Carnival
S03 E216
Summer Theatre
S03 E217
Mercedes' Growing Pains
S03 E218
Vacation Worries and Ford Station Wagon
S03 E219
Preparing for a Trip
S03 E220
Fran Off to New York
S03 E221
Doloras' First Show
S03 E222
Mercedes Graduates Again
S03 E223
Boy Scouts
S03 E224
Ollie's Day
S03 E225
Life Guard Day
S03 E226
Welcome Home Fran
S03 E227
Doloras Meets the Family
S03 E228
Puppetry Festival Show
S03 E229
Packing for a Vacation
S03 E230
Going on Vacation
Season 4
S04 E01
Back Home from Summer Vacation
S04 E02
Buelah Witch Arrives
S04 E03
Mme. Ooglepuss and the Colonel Return
S04 E04
Fletcher Rabbit and Cecil Bill Arrive
S04 E05
Nantucket Whaling Pageant
S04 E06
Labor Day Picnic
S04 E07
First Day of School
S04 E08
Doloras Comes Back
S04 E09
Paying Summer Bills
S04 E10
On the Way to Atlanta
S04 E11
Doloras' Education
S04 E12
Oliver Dragon - Television Consultant
S04 E13
County Fair
S04 E14
Committee Meeting
S04 E15
Fran: Girl Photographer
S04 E16
Ballet Day
S04 E17
Art Elkins - 20 Years with NBC
S04 E18
Night Club Circuit
S04 E19
Fran and Buelah Witch Make Up
S04 E20
Buelah Witch and Mme. Ooglepuss Make Up
S04 E21
Salute to Ohio
S04 E22
Fixing the Floor
S04 E23
S04 E24
Fall Fashion Show
S04 E25
Oliver Dragon - Disk Jockey
S04 E26
Who's on the Cable?
S04 E27
(Unknown Title)
S04 E28
Western Show
S04 E29
Apples Today - Mother Goose
S04 E30
Dragon Prep Rally
S04 E31
(Unknown Title)
S04 E32
Ollie's Chemical Set
S04 E33
Destination: Moon
S04 E34
Columbus Day
S04 E35
Our 3rd Anniversary
S04 E36
Concert Day
S04 E37
Doloras and Buelah Witch
S04 E38
Round Table Discussion
S04 E39
Everybody Feels Good Today
S04 E40
Fletcher Loses His Pumpkin
S04 E41
Crooning Contest
S04 E42
United Nations Day
S04 E43
Ollie's Would-be Biography
S04 E44
Ollie Swallows a Bird-Whistle
S04 E45
Sweet William Gives His All
S04 E46
S04 E47
Halloween Show
S04 E48
What to Do for H. Allen Smith
S04 E49
Oliver Dragon: Interior Decorator
S04 E50
As You Like It
S04 E51
Happy Mother Goose (with Milton Caniff)
S04 E52
Election Day
S04 E53
Back from Detroit
S04 E54
Special Sound Effect
S04 E55
Working at Glockenspiel's Department Store
S04 E56
Dragon Prep Football
S04 E57
Quiet Day
S04 E58
Bohemian Girl
S04 E59
Ollie the Model
S04 E60
Getting Ready for Christmas Shopping
S04 E61
Fran's Birthday
S04 E62
Ollie's Culture Corner
S04 E63
Day Before Thanksgiving
S04 E64
Thanksgiving Day Show
S04 E65
Getting Ready for Minneapolis
S04 E66
Water Glasses - Skater's Waltz
S04 E67
Frannie's Speech
S04 E68
4-H Day
S04 E69
Just Like the Old Days
S04 E70
Welcome to California
S04 E71
Re-Salute to Los Angeles
S04 E72
The Tennessee Waltz
S04 E73
(Unknown Title)
S04 E74
Fran's Slip Cover
S04 E75
Oliver Twist
S04 E76
(Unknown Title)
S04 E77
(Unknown Title)
S04 E78
Indian Pageant
S04 E79
Bewzie's Little Wonder Cookie Cutter and Cooker
S04 E80
Cecil's Serenade
S04 E81
Ollie's Fairy Tale Production
S04 E82
Getting the Tree Ready
S04 E83
Winter Carnival Day
S04 E84
Rehearsing the Christmas Pageant
S04 E85
Getting Ready for Christmas
S04 E86
Christmas Day Show
S04 E87
Exchanging Christmas Gifts
S04 E88
Hansel and Gretel (Boy's Version)
S04 E89
Cecil Bill Gets a New Piano
S04 E90
Mme. Ooglepuss and Buelah Witch's Glamorous Night
S04 E91
New Year's Day - Ollie's Fountain of Youth
S04 E92
Kukla Sings The Cuckoo
S04 E93
Trip to Florida
S04 E94
Ollie's Model Agency
S04 E95
Kuklapolitan's TV Gym
S04 E96
Getting Ready for New York
S04 E97
Who's Going to New York?
S04 E98
Ford Production Line
S04 E99
The Great Decision
S04 E100
Packing for New York
S04 E101
New York
S04 E102
2nd Day in New York
S04 E103
Who's Going to Sit with Doloras?
S04 E104
Ollie's Memoirs (In New York)
S04 E105
Ollie Decides to Come Home From New York
S04 E106
Buelah Witch Comes Back
S04 E107
Mme. Ooglepuss' Aria
S04 E108
Helping Fran While She's Sick
S04 E109
Kukla's Surprise Party
S04 E110
Ollie's Weather Report
S04 E111
Frozen Pipes at the Kuklapolitan Theatre
S04 E112
Mme. Ooglepuss and Col. Crackie Get Engaged
S04 E113
Ollie's Club Date Auditions
S04 E114
Doloras Gets Her First Tooth
S04 E115
Ground-Hog Day
S04 E116
Ollie's Old Records
S04 E117
More Wedding Plans
S04 E118
Buelah Witch Almost Tells Mercedes How Mme. Ooglepuss Did It
S04 E119
Life Magazine
S04 E120
Old King Cole
S04 E121
Robert Q. Kukla on The Show Must Go On
S04 E122
Getting Ready for Wedding and Valentine's Day
S04 E123
Valentine's Day Show
S04 E124
Ollie's George Washington Birthday
S04 E125
Fran Leaves for Los Angeles
S04 E126
Robert Q. Lewis - Bobsie Visits
S04 E127
Robert Q. Lewis - Bobsie Q. Lewis' 2nd Day
S04 E128
Doloras Gets a Bath
S04 E129
Miss Coo-Coo Drops By
S04 E130
Getting Ready for a Dinner Party
S04 E131
Mme. Ooglepuss is Faced with a Decision
S04 E132
Fran's Welcome Home
S04 E133
Ollie and the Ollie Virus
S04 E134
Moving Day
S04 E135
Moving Day
S04 E136
Wedding Presents
S04 E137
Kuklapolitans Reprise Song Contest
S04 E138
Girls' Trio Recording
S04 E139
Kukla's Bad Day
S04 E140
Planning the Shower
S04 E141
Expense Account Day
S04 E142
Getting Ready for St. Patrick's Day Parade
S04 E143
Committee Investigation
S04 E144
Good-bye to Sealtest
S04 E145
Spring Pageant
S04 E146
Making a Kite
S04 E147
New Clothes
S04 E148
Planning the Shower
S04 E149
Tide - First Day
S04 E150
Mountain Folk Story
S04 E151
Ollie Goes to the Dentist
S04 E152
Msr. Josef's Birthday Party
S04 E153
Growing Pains
S04 E154
Ollie's Contracting for Repairs
S04 E155
Fran Allison: Girl Conductor
S04 E156
Take Off Pounds Sensibly
S04 E157
Little Small-Town Girl
S04 E158
Kukla's Busy Day
S04 E159
Romeo and Subject
S04 E160
Award's Dinner
S04 E161
Col. Crackie Shaves his Moustache
S04 E162
Singing Lessons
S04 E163
Ollie Wins the Song Contest
S04 E164
S04 E165
Orchids Today
S04 E166
Am I Getting Through to You?
S04 E167
Old Movies
S04 E168
Miss Coo-Coo Comes Back
S04 E169
The Great Mail Mystery
S04 E170
Ballet School
S04 E171
Kuklapolitan Courier
S04 E172
Setting the Date
S04 E173
Trip to the Caribbean
S04 E174
Ollie Misses Dragon Retreat
S04 E175
Quiz Kids
S04 E176
Quiz Kids
S04 E177
Quiz Kids
S04 E178
Ollie Joins the Ballet
S04 E179
Ollie Comes Back
S04 E180
Lullabye of Broadway
S04 E181
Fran Allison: Girl Life Photographer
S04 E182
Die Fledermaus ( German for The Bat )
S04 E183
RCA Service Contract Contest
S04 E184
Engagement Off and On
S04 E185
Traveling Band
S04 E186
Fletcher Tries to Plan a Life Garden
S04 E187
Getting Ready for Uncle Frank
S04 E188
Going on a Picnic
S04 E189
Beulah Has an Attack
S04 E190
Getting Fran Ready for New York
S04 E191
Dragon Goulash
S04 E192
Ollie's Air Conditioner
S04 E193
Kukla and Ollie Singing
S04 E194
Ollie and His Facets
S04 E195
The Girls Get Back
S04 E196
Fran Tells How She Made Records
S04 E197
Mme. Ooglepuss' Shower
S04 E198
The Day Before the Wedding
S04 E199
The Wedding Day?
S04 E200
Kukla's Quiet Day
S04 E201
Buelah Witch Does Tide Commercial
S04 E202
Ollie's Show Boat
S04 E203
Mercedes' Candle Problem
S04 E204
Col. Crackie and Mme. Ooglepuss Come Back
S04 E205
Ollie Builds a Score Board for Fran
S04 E206
Ollie Goes to the Eye Doctor
S04 E207
Mercedes' Prom
S04 E208
Kukla Plans to Go to Europe
S04 E209
Mercedes' Graduation
S04 E210
Getting Ready for Europe
S04 E211
Checking List for Vacation
S04 E212
S04 E213
Ollie's Seasick Remedy
S04 E214
Saying Good-bye for the Summer
Season 5
S05 E01
Back Home
S05 E02
Everyone but Buelah Witch Is Back
S05 E03
First Day for Nabisco
S05 E04
Buelah Witch Returns
S05 E05
Ball Game and Lemonade
S05 E06
Opening the Cable to the West
S05 E07
School Days
S05 E08
Buelah Witch Recounts her Summer
S05 E09
Buelah's Day
S05 E10
Ollie's Gray Hair
S05 E11
Jack's Birthday
S05 E12
Ollie Gets a Safe
S05 E13
Hit Parade
S05 E14
Ollie's Memos
S05 E15
Buelah Gets her Glasses
S05 E16
Raking Autumn Leaves
S05 E17
Ollie's Palmer House Routine
S05 E18
Into the Congo
S05 E19
New Album Kick-Off
S05 E20
Looking for a Replacement for Kukla
S05 E21
The County Fair
S05 E22
Story Telling for Doloras
S05 E23
Love Song in Paris
S05 E24
S05 E25
Ollie Goes to the Orthodontist
S05 E26
Let's Have Dinner at Home
S05 E27
Salute to NBC
S05 E28
Ollie's New Tooth
S05 E29
Revilo Nogard Concert
S05 E30
Buelah Witch Makes a Hat for Fran
S05 E31
Columbus Day, 1951
S05 E32
Happy Birthday
S05 E33
Fran's Today Was Just Another Day
S05 E34
Welcoming The Princess
S05 E35
Indian Summer Pageant
S05 E36
Service Contract, Contest # 2
S05 E37
Fletcher Rabbit, Straight Man
S05 E38
Dragon Prep Homecoming
S05 E39
Tooie Talk
S05 E40
Fran Solos
S05 E41
The Big Halloween Special
S05 E42
Gommy's Birthday
S05 E43
Milwaukee Trip
S05 E44
Ollie Gets Organized
S05 E45
Planning a Christmas Card
S05 E46
Kukla Bakes Nabisco Graham Cracker Cup Cakes
S05 E47
Ollie Wonders If He Should Go To New York
S05 E48
Ollie Plans a Vaudeville Show
S05 E49
Thinking About Christmas
S05 E50
Magic Spells
S05 E51
Operation Dragon Talk
S05 E52
Skip Kukla and Imogene Gundy
S05 E53
Mercedes Has a Crisis
S05 E54
Announce a 15-Minute Show
S05 E55
Fran's Birthday
S05 E56
Getting Ready for the Parade in Detroit
S05 E57
Thanksgiving Day
S05 E58
Last Day in Detroit
S05 E59
First 15-Minute Show
S05 E60
Mrs. Ed Ogg and Stock Show
S05 E61
Ollie Wins 1st Prize at Stock Show
S05 E62
Ollie Tries to Find Out What Kukla and Fran Want for Christmas
S05 E63
Pontiac Show
S05 E64
Mme. Ooglepuss and Col. Crackie Come Back
S05 E65
Fran Does Christmas Shopping
S05 E66
Guppies' Gavotte
S05 E67
The Guppies Have Guppies
S05 E68
Mexican Show
S05 E69
Doloras Gets Wrapped in a Package
S05 E70
Fran Practices for Christmas Singing
S05 E71
Funds for Fran
S05 E72
A Quiet Evening at Home
S05 E73
The 12 Days of Christmas
S05 E74
Christmas Cards
S05 E75
Making a Christmas-Tree Stand
S05 E76
Christmas Medley
S05 E77
Christmas Eve Show
S05 E78
Christmas Day
S05 E79
Ollie Has Amnesia
S05 E80
Ballet Opening
S05 E81
Ollie's Snow Plow
S05 E82
New Year's Eve Show
S05 E83
Look Award
S05 E84
Buelah Witch Gives Herself a Permanent
S05 E85
Mme. Ooglepuss Gets a Permanent
S05 E86
1st Day in Brooklyn
S05 E87
Kukla's Family
S05 E88
International Theatre
S05 E89
Everybody's Staying in New York
S05 E90
Last Day in New York
S05 E91
Ollie Helps Kukla While Fran is Away
S05 E92
A Page From Cousin Amanda's Diary
S05 E93
Lullabye for Doloras
S05 E94
Ollie is Lonesome for Fran
S05 E95
Flashback, Flashback, Flashback
S05 E96
Ollie Throws His Hat in the Ring
S05 E97
Dorothy Collins
S05 E98
Col. Crackie Makes Up to Mme. Ooglepuss
S05 E99
Apprentice Stage Hand
S05 E100
Ollie Still
S05 E101
Fran is Back
S05 E102
TV Forecast Awards
S05 E103
Fran Tells About Fishing in Florida
S05 E104
Spanish Ballet
S05 E105
Kukla Thinks of Going Away
S05 E106
Doloras Gets a Singing Lesson
S05 E107
The Mikado
S05 E108
Mr. Jenkins of Snuff Corners
S05 E109
Jose Greco
S05 E110
Ollie Has a Bad Dream
S05 E111
Valentine Kukla and Doloras
S05 E112
cartoon artist Milton Caniff
S05 E113
Cecil Bill Gets a Birthday
S05 E114
Up in Old Lincoln Park
S05 E115
Bessie Bunnie to Dinner
S05 E116
George Washington's Birthday
S05 E117
Ollie - Daddy to All the Kuklapolitans
S05 E118
Wheelbarrow Offer # 1
S05 E119
Bell, Book and Candle
S05 E120
Leap Year Day
S05 E121
Ollie Wants a Ferry Boat
S05 E122
A. A. A.
S05 E123
Go Back Out West, You-All
S05 E124
Guppies Gavotte
S05 E125
Bell, Book and Candle
S05 E126
Science Fiction Ollie
S05 E127
Doloras' Loose Tooth
S05 E128
Getting Ready for Washington
S05 E129
1st Day in Washington
S05 E130
2nd Day in Washington
S05 E131
A Party in Washington
S05 E132
4th Day in Washington
S05 E133
Our 1,000th Show
S05 E134
Bird Whistles
S05 E135
S05 E136
Fashion Show
S05 E137
Making a Birthday Cake
S05 E138
April Fool's Day
S05 E139
Mme. Ooglepuss Goes to the Opera
S05 E140
Fletcher Plans to do Bohemian Girl
S05 E141
Primary Day
S05 E142
Ollie Forgives Fran
S05 E143
Jack's Not at the Piano - Ollie Subs for Him
S05 E144
What Shall We Record?
S05 E145
Be Candid With Your Candidate
S05 E146
Ollie Loses Some Hair
S05 E147
Ollie Wears a Snood
S05 E148
Show in Columbus
S05 E149
1st Day in New York
S05 E150
June Lockhart
S05 E151
Modern Dance vs. Classical Dance
S05 E152
Fran Returns
S05 E153
Word Gets Around about Buelah Witch
S05 E154
Buelah Witch Returns
S05 E155
Ollie Has Big Show Ideas
S05 E156
Leaving New York
S05 E157
Back Home Again
S05 E158
Kukla as a Delivery Boy
S05 E159
Mme. Ooglepuss and Her New Wig
S05 E160
Camera Practice for the Team
S05 E161
Mrs. Dragon Organizes the K.P.
S05 E162
Azalea Queen
S05 E163
Bells Arrive
S05 E164
Ollie Goes Shopping with Mrs. Dragon
S05 E165
Buelah Witch is Miss Sweet Gherkin
S05 E166
Mrs. Dragon Sings Harmony
S05 E167
Mrs. Dragon Does Bird Whistles
S05 E168
Frontier Days
S05 E169
Good-bye to Maggie MacNamara
S05 E170
Ollie Goes Fishing for 442 Fish
S05 E171
The Bell is Ringing Again
S05 E172
The Electronic Violin
S05 E173
Putting Doloras to Bed
S05 E174
Memorial Day Show
S05 E175
Planning a Lawn Party
S05 E176
Kukla and Cecil Bill Build a Teeter Totter
S05 E177
Mme. Ooglepuss Shakes the Building Singing
S05 E178
Fran Goes to Cedar Rapids
S05 E179
Much Confusion
S05 E180
The Good Old Days
S05 E181
Fletcher Rabbit Plans to Go Away
S05 E182
Mrs. Dragon Goes Home
S05 E183
Buelah Witch, Sound Technician
S05 E184
Ollie Gets Organized
S05 E185
Buelah Witch Goes to the Aragon
S05 E186
Ollie Gets His Cyclotron
S05 E187
B.W. Practices on a Street Car
S05 E188
Paul Pooken Schlagel Visits
S05 E189
B.W. Has Trouble with Paul
S05 E190
Last Show before Summer Vacation
Season 6
S06 E01
1st Show (on Sundays, no longer Monday - Friday)
S06 E02
2nd Show
S06 E03
Back to School
S06 E04
S06 E05
5th Show
S06 E06
Show for Tallulah
S06 E07
The Sunday Papers
S06 E08
5th Birthday Party
S06 E09
Ollie's Voting Machine
S06 E10
Halloween Special
S06 E11
Homecoming Game for Dragon Prep
S06 E12
Doloras almost Leaves Us
S06 E13
KFO Visits in Cleveland
S06 E14
Thanksgiving Show
S06 E15
Ollie the Magic Dragon
S06 E16
S06 E17
Christmas-Tree Stand
S06 E18
Ollie is Mistaken for a Sea Serpent
S06 E19
Go, Go Get Your Man
S06 E20
The Return of Miss Coo-Coo
S06 E21
Ollie Produces E Grilch ge Dunk Dunk
S06 E22
Recital Day
S06 E23
June Lockhart and New Line
S06 E24
Getting Ready to Go to California
S06 E25
1st California Show
S06 E26
California and Dennis Day
S06 E27
Last California Show
S06 E28
Back From California
S06 E29
Ollie Has Picture Taken of His Tooth
S06 E30
Colonel Crackie's Day
S06 E31
Kaltenborn Interviews Ollie
S06 E32
Easter Bunny with Fletcher
S06 E33
Jose Greco
S06 E34
In New York
S06 E35
Spring Festival
S06 E36
Buelah Witch Brews a Potion
S06 E37
Circus Day
S06 E38
Arrival of Mrs. Dragon
S06 E39
Ollie's Zither
S06 E40
Dressing for the Opera
S06 E41
Preparing for Boston
S06 E42
Kinescope Show
S06 E43
Ollie Plays the Kazoo
S06 E44
Last Show of the Season
Season 7
S07 E01
County Fair
S07 E02
Doloras' First Day at School
S07 E03
3rd Show
S07 E04
4th Show
S07 E05
5th Show
S07 E06
Halloween Special
S07 E07
7th Show
S07 E08
Homecoming - 1953
S07 E09
Mrs. Witch Rents Her Gingerbread House and Comes to Visit
S07 E10
10th Show
S07 E11
Before the Town Hall Concert
S07 E12
Welcoming Ollie Home From Triumphal Concert in New York
S07 E13
Making the Christmas-Tree Stand
S07 E14
Cecil Bill Tries to String the Cranberries
S07 E15
Egg Nog, Yule Logs, and Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
S07 E16
Exchanging Christmas Presents
S07 E17
S07 E18
Ice Carnival Show
S07 E19
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
S07 E20
Ollie Builds a Snowman
S07 E21
This Is Your Life?
S07 E22
At The Wild West Picture Show
S07 E23
Valentine's Day
S07 E24
"The Mikado" Dress Rehearsal
S07 E25
Fletcher Rabbit Sings Never Any Mail
S07 E26
Waiting for Spring
S07 E27
St. Patrick's Day Show
S07 E28
Fashion Show
S07 E29
French Festival
S07 E30
Dorothy Collins - New York
S07 E31
Fletcher Rabbit's Easter Egg Machine
S07 E32
Mercedes is Home for Easter
S07 E33
Ollie Dreams of a Hospital and Check-up
S07 E34
Mrs. Dragon Comes To Visit
S07 E35
Hansel and Gretel
S07 E36
Ollie Flies a Kite
S07 E37
Mrs. Dragon Helps to Organize the Kuklapolitans
S07 E38
Plans for Kukla's Vacation
S07 E39
Madame Ooglepuss Tries To Reduce For Bohemian Girl
S07 E40
Last Show of Season
Season 8
S08 E01
Show moves to ABC (broadcast live; no kinescopes available)
Episode 1
RCA Batteries Special
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