Marvel's Daredevil
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2017 - Now  •  Wednesday on YouTube  •  66 hours  •  267 episodes
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16 votes
# 38086
Talk Show
The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
Worst to Best: Every Rick and Morty Season Ranked Aired on 08/12/2022
Worst to Best: Every Rick and Morty Season Ranked
Season 2022: Episode 31
Season 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 2017
S2017 E01
The Dark Side of Marvel & DC
S2017 E02
The Brilliant, Brutal Efficiency of David Koepp
S2017 E03
We Need A Lovecraft TV Show
S2017 E04
The Amazing Spider-Man (1977) TV Show Review
S2017 E05
Top 5 Game of Thrones Spin-Off Ideas
S2017 E06
5 Things The Witcher Netflix Show HAS To Get Right
S2017 E07
5 Things The Resident Evil Reboot Movie HAS To Get Right
S2017 E08
Uwe Boll: The Rise And Fall Of The Worst Director Ever
S2017 E09
5 Things Spider-Man PS4 HAS To Get Right
S2017 E10
5 Things The Watchmen HBO Show HAS To Get Right
S2017 E11
Alien: Truckers in Space
S2017 E12
3 Things The Assassin's Creed Anime Series HAS To Get Right
S2017 E13
How Marvel Fixed a Franchise - Spider-Man: Homecoming
S2017 E14
How Spider-Man: Homecoming Gets the MCU Right
S2017 E15
Thor: Ragnarok Official Trailer Reaction & Thoughts
S2017 E16
After Homecoming - Where to Take Spider-Man Next
S2017 E17
Is Spider-Sense in Spider-Man: Homecoming?
S2017 E18
How To Make the Next Batman Movie Great
S2017 E19
5 Things Star Wars: The Last Jedi HAS To Get Right
S2017 E20
Why I Love Batman: The Telltale Series
S2017 E21
Do We Need A Joker Origin Film?
S2017 E22
How IT Gets Stephen King Right
S2017 E23
4 Things Tomb Raider (2018) HAS To Get Right
S2017 E24
After Homecoming - Will Spider-Man Lead The Avengers?
S2017 E25
In Defense of Star Trek: Discovery
S2017 E26
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Evolution of Luke Skywalker
S2017 E27
5 Things Solo: A Star Wars Story HAS To Get Right
S2017 E28
Is Marvel's Spider-Man the Worst Spidey Cartoon Ever?
S2017 E29
Why Uncle Ben Still Matters in Spider-Man: Homecoming
S2017 E30
Why Thor: Ragnarok Destroys The First Two Movies
S2017 E31
Solving Marvel's Villain Problem - Thor: Ragnarok
S2017 E32
Why Justice League Failed
S2017 E33
The Thanos Question - Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Review
S2017 E34
How To Fix The Justice League
S2017 E35
How Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Could Change Everything
S2017 E36
Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi Aims High & Falls Short
S2017 E37
What Makes Kylo Ren Great - Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Does X-Men: Dark Phoenix Even Matter?
S2018 E02
5 Things Avengers: Infinity War HAS To Get Right
S2018 E03
Why Marvel Can't Recast Iron Man - Avengers: Infinity War
S2018 E04
Why The Venom Movie Could Be Great
S2018 E05
The Problem With Ant-Man & The Wasp's Trailer
S2018 E06
What Makes Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Great
S2018 E07
Where Are The Great MCU Video Games?
S2018 E08
Why Black Panther Has Marvel’s Best Villain Ever
S2018 E09
How Marvel Created A Phenomenon - Black Panther
S2018 E10
Fixing Marvel's Netflix Problem - Jessica Jones
S2018 E11
Worst to Best - Spider-Man Movies Ranked
S2018 E12
Is it Time to End the DCEU?
S2018 E13
Why Spectacular Spider-Man is the Best Marvel Cartoon Ever
S2018 E14
The Problem With Ready Player One
S2018 E15
How To Make A Great Superman Movie
S2018 E16
How To Make A Great MCU X-Men Movie
S2018 E17
Before Infinity War: Revisiting The Avengers
S2018 E18
How Avengers: Infinity War Risked Everything
S2018 E19
The Problem With The Wakanda Battle - Avengers: Infinity War
S2018 E20
After Infinity War - Where To Take Avengers Next
S2018 E21
Is Deadpool 2 Obnoxious Or Genius?
S2018 E22
The Unfair Failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story
S2018 E23
How To Make A Great MCU Fantastic Four Movie
S2018 E24
Why Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Is A Huge Risk
S2018 E25
What Spider-Man PS4 Has to Learn From Past Spidey Games
S2018 E26
The Problem With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
S2018 E27
How to Make Spider-Man: Far From Home Great
S2018 E28
How One Scene Ruined Ant-Man & The Wasp
S2018 E29
How To Make A Great Spider-Man Villain
S2018 E30
Why Aquaman Could Be Great
S2018 E31
Why Mission: Impossible - Fallout is the Best Action Movie of 2018 (So Fa...
S2018 E32
Worst to Best - Every Spider-Man Cartoon Ranked
S2018 E33
Why X-Men: Dark Phoenix Will NEVER Hit Theaters
S2018 E34
The Ultimate Tragedy of Iron Man - Avengers: Infinity War
S2018 E35
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy - Better Than You Remember (Cosmonaut Vari...
S2018 E36
Five Characters the MCU Needs to Add
S2018 E37
How Spider-Man (PS4) Redefines a Franchise
S2018 E38
What Captain Marvel Has to Get Right
S2018 E39
How to Build the Spider-Man (PS4) Universe
S2018 E40
Why The Joker Will Always Matter
S2018 E41
In Defense of Venom: The Weirdest Blockbuster of 2018
S2018 E42
Why Vox's MCU Video Feels Empty - Vox Response
S2018 E43
Daredevil & The Death of Netflix's MCU
S2018 E44
The Problem With Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man
S2018 E45
What Makes Batman: The Animated Series Great
S2018 E46
What Made Stan Lee a Legend (Tribute)
S2018 E47
Why Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Failed
S2018 E48
Beyond Avengers: Endgame - What MCU Phase 4 Needs
S2018 E49
The Huge Problem With X-Men: The Last Stand
S2018 E50
Why Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is So Much BETTER Than Expected
S2018 E51
The Tragedy of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
S2018 E52
The Tragedy of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Season 2019
S2019 E01
How Aquaman Conquered the DCEU
S2019 E02
What Spider-Man: Far From Home Has to Get Right
S2019 E03
The Problem With Glass
S2019 E04
The Problem With Marvel's Endings
S2019 E05
What Was the Best Spider-Man Story of 2018?
S2019 E06
Aladdin & The PLAGUE of Disney Live Action Remakes
S2019 E07
Where To Take the Spider-Verse Next
S2019 E08
What Makes Doom Patrol GREAT
S2019 E09
How To Cast The New Wolverine
S2019 E10
The Fatal Flaws of Captain Marvel
S2019 E11
Captain Marvel's Nick Fury Problem
S2019 E12
What Makes Shazam! GREAT
S2019 E13
The Underrated Greatness of Captain America: The First Avenger
S2019 E14
One Marvelous Scene - "I'm Always Angry"
S2019 E15
Hellboy (2019) Is A Trainwreck
S2019 E16
Avengers: Endgame Is One of the Best Marvel Films Ever
S2019 E17
Why Thor's Story is GREAT in Avengers: Endgame
S2019 E18
After Endgame - What Spider-Man: Far From Home Has to Do Next
S2019 E19
Game of Thrones Season 8 Is A Trainwreck
S2019 E20
The Great & Frustrating Career of Will Smith
S2019 E21
The Problem With Godzilla: King of the Monsters
S2019 E22
What X-Men: Dark Phoenix is Missing
S2019 E23
Worst to Best: X-Men Movies Ranked
S2019 E24
The Problem With Toy Story 4
S2019 E25
Tobey Maguire vs Jake Gyllenhaal: The Battle For Spider-Man
S2019 E26
What Makes Spider-Man: Far From Home Spectacular
S2019 E27
Where to Take Spider-Man After THAT Ending - Spider-Man: Far From Home
S2019 E28
The Lion King (2019) Is a Trainwreck
S2019 E29
What Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness HAS to Change
S2019 E30
The GENIUS of Spider-Man: The Animated Series
S2019 E31
How to Save VENOM 2
S2019 E32
Can Spider-Man Survive Without Marvel?
S2019 E33
What Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Has to Prove
S2019 E34
The Perfection of "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" - Avatar: The Last Airbender
S2019 E35
IT: Chapter 2 is a Trainwreck
S2019 E36
The Amazing Weirdness of '60s Spider-Man
S2019 E37
How "The Storm" Changed Everything - Avatar: The Last Airbender
S2019 E38
Every Spider-Man Movie RANKED (2019 Update)
S2019 E39
JOKER is the Ultimate Portrait of Gotham City
S2019 E40
The Cringe Perfection of "Dinner Party" - The Office
S2019 E41
What Went Wrong With Thor: The Dark World
S2019 E42
Why Over the Garden Wall is Halloween Perfection
S2019 E43
The Death of a Doomed Franchise - Terminator: Dark Fate
S2019 E44
The Problem With Disney Plus
S2019 E45
Where to Take JOKER 2
S2019 E46
The Amazing Evolution of Robert Pattinson
S2019 E47
The GENIUS of Zuko Alone - Avatar: The Last Airbender
S2019 E48
Why MCU Spider-Man NEEDS The Green Goblin
S2019 E49
Star Wars Defined - What A New Hope Got RIGHT
Season 2020
S2020 E01
What Makes THE WITCHER Great - Netflix's Underrated Hit
S2020 E02
Finn: The Most WASTED Character in Star Wars History - Rise of Skywalker
S2020 E03
The Great AND Terrible Career of Adam Sandler
S2020 E04
An Uphill Battle: Did the MCU Peak With Avengers Endgame?
S2020 E05
Where to Take THE WITCHER Next: Anime Film & Season 2
S2020 E06
The Huge Potential of WandaVision
S2020 E07
Why Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey is (ALMOST) Great
S2020 E08
The Great & Bizarre Career of Jim Carrey
S2020 E09
The Crazy Career of Marvel's Kevin Feige: Architect of the MCU
S2020 E10
Disney Plus is STILL a Mess
S2020 E11
The BIGGEST Missed Opportunity in The Office History
S2020 E12
The Secret Genius of TV's "Bottle Episodes"
S2020 E13
The Slow Downfall of Rick and Morty
S2020 E14
Why Spider-Man 3 NEEDS Daredevil
S2020 E15
Die Hard 5 is the Worst Blockbuster of the 2010s
S2020 E16
Why Iroh is the Heart of Avatar: The Last Airbender
S2020 E17
Spider-Man: Maximum Venom Broke Peter Parker
S2020 E18
Blade 2 - Marvel's Underrated Classic
S2020 E19
The Genius Return of Rick & Morty: Season 4's Best Episode
S2020 E20
The HUGE Lost Potential of Spider-Man 4
S2020 E21
The Slow Death of Pirates of the Caribbean
S2020 E22
Community: How Paintball Changed Everything
S2020 E23
HBO Max: Almost the Best Streaming Service Ever
S2020 E24
How Rick and Morty Saved Season 4
S2020 E25
The Last Airbender: The Ultimate Trainwreck
S2020 E26
How Community Created the PERFECT Episode - Remedial Chaos Theory
S2020 E27
The Slow, Painful Death of SYFY
S2020 E28
Rick and Morty: How the Meeseeks Changed Everything
S2020 E29
The Strange Career of Shia LaBeouf
S2020 E30
The Fall of Netflix
S2020 E31
How "The Day of Black Sun" Changed Everything - Avatar the Last Airbender
S2020 E32
Netflix Ruins Their Avatar: The Last Airbender
S2020 E33
DC's Big Batman Problem
S2020 E34
The Amazing Career of Christopher Nolan
S2020 E35
Mulan (2020) is a Trainwreck
S2020 E36
How "Welcome to Republic City" Transformed Avatar - The Legend of Korra
S2020 E37
Why Disney Plus Desperately Needs WandaVision
S2020 E38
The Problem With ANOTHER Live Action Lion King
S2020 E39
The Insanely Likable Career of Paul Rudd
S2020 E40
The Awful Truth of Homelander
S2020 E41
Why Robert California Didn't Work: The Office Season 8's Downfall
S2020 E42
How The Mandalorian Uses Tatooine
S2020 E43
The Amazing Possibilities of a Live-Action Spider-Verse Film
S2020 E44
The Problem With Spider-Man: Miles Morales
S2020 E45
The Magic of "The Beach" - Avatar: The Last Airbender
S2020 E46
How "The Jedi" Could Change The Mandalorian Forever
S2020 E47
How Marvel Can Use The Fantastic Four
S2020 E48
The Always Changing Career of Keanu Reeves
S2020 E49
Next Episode
S2020 E50
Next Episode
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Wonder Woman 1984 is a Trainwreck
S2021 E02
The Amazing Awkwardness of "Scott's Tots" - The Office
S2021 E03
Why WandaVision Works (So Far)
S2021 E04
Why Season 4 is Community's Absolute Worst
S2021 E05
The Slow Death of The Chronicles of Narnia Franchise
S2021 E06
How Jonah Hill Rebooted His Entire Career
S2021 E07
Eragon: How Not to Start a Film Franchise
S2021 E08
How a New Avatar: The Last Airbender Film Changes Everything
S2021 E09
The Strange Death of National Treasure
S2021 E10
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: How to Doom a Franchise
S2021 E11
The Slow Death of the Bourne Franchise
S2021 E12
How The Snyder Cut Saved Cyborg - Justice League
S2021 E13
Why A Series of Unfortunate Events is Better Than You Remember
S2021 E14
The Ruined Legacy of Game of Thrones
S2021 E15
The Rise and Fall of AMC (TV Channel)
S2021 E16
Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters: Death of a Film Franchise
S2021 E17
Rick and Morty's Best Episode Ever: "Total Rickall"
S2021 E18
The Strange Legacy of Hancock
S2021 E19
The Sad Failure of The Green Hornet
S2021 E20
Cruella: The Huge Problem with Prequels
S2021 E21
The Brutal Truth of Omni-Man
S2021 E22
The Strange Legacy of Chronicle
S2021 E23
The Great Start of Rick and Morty Season 5
S2021 E24
The Disappointment of Rick and Morty's "Mortyplicity"
S2021 E25
The Weird Legacy of Star Trek (2009)
S2021 E26
The Huge Problem With Black Widow
S2021 E27
Loki is Exactly What Marvel Needed
S2021 E28
Space Jam 2 Hates Itself
S2021 E29
Alice in Wonderland Was a Trainwreck
S2021 E30
The Best Episode of Rick and Morty Season 5 (So Far)
S2021 E31
How Spider-Man: No Way Home Can Build the Multiverse
S2021 E32
I Watched My Hero Academia For the First Time, Here's What I Thought
S2021 E33
The Huge Changes of Rick and Morty's Season 5 Finale
S2021 E34
The Great Highs and Extreme Lows of Rick and Morty Season 5
S2021 E35
How Toph Changed Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Blind Bandit" Analysis
S2021 E36
The Potential Disaster of the Super Mario Movie
S2021 E37
Venom is Better than Let There Be Carnage
S2021 E38
No Time To Die: How Daniel Craig's Bond Changed Everything
S2021 E39
The Death of the Men in Black Franchise
S2021 E40
The Slow Downfall of Jim Halpert - The Office
S2021 E41
The Simpsons Movie: The Last Gasp of Simpsons Greatness
S2021 E42
The Huge Problem With The Eternals
S2021 E43
How Community Changed
S2021 E44
The Perfect Episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Chardee MacDen...
S2021 E45
Power Rangers (2017) - How to Doom a Franchise
S2021 E46
The Awful Simpsons Shorts of Disney Plus
S2021 E47
Why "The Dundies" is The Office's Most Important Episode
S2021 E48
How Spider-Man: No Way Home Cuts to the Heart of Peter Parker
Season 2022
S2022 E01
After No Way Home - Where to Take Spider-Man Next
S2022 E02
What Makes "JET" So Important - Avatar: The Last Airbender
S2022 E03
How Disney Plus Can Save Percy Jackson
S2022 E04
The Slow Death of The Mummy Franchise
S2022 E05
The Brutal Mediocrity of Book of Boba Fett
S2022 E06
How Marvel Could Reboot The X-Men - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of M...
S2022 E07
The Problem With Uncharted
S2022 E08
Every Batman Animated Series Ranked
S2022 E09
What Makes The Batman Incredible
S2022 E10
Where to Take The Batman Next
S2022 E11
Where Marvel Can Take The Kingpin Next
S2022 E12
The Absolute Worst of Modern Simpsons
S2022 E13
Morbius is a Trainwreck
S2022 E14
After Morbius: Can Sony's Spider-Verse be Salvaged?
S2022 E15
Netflix Has to Change
S2022 E16
Giving Avatar: The Way of Water a Chance
S2022 E17
The Unfair Death of the Zorro Franchise
S2022 E18
The Mild Disappointment of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
S2022 E19
The Huge Potential of Rick and Morty: The Anime
S2022 E20
How Disney Plus Hurts the MCU
S2022 E21
The Rise and Fall of the USA Network
S2022 E22
Marvel Should Let Spider-Man Get Old
S2022 E23
Jurassic World Dominion is a Trainwreck
S2022 E24
How Family Guy's Biggest Weakness Became Its Strength
S2022 E25
The Rise and Fall of The CW
S2022 E26
The Awful Truth of Soldier Boy
S2022 E27
The Huge Missed Potential of Thor: Love and Thunder
S2022 E28
Where to Take The Boys Season 4
S2022 E29
How The Avengers Could Reshape the MCU (Again)
S2022 E30
The Bizarre Case of Batgirl & HBO Max
S2022 E31
Worst to Best: Every Rick and Morty Season Ranked
Episode 1
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