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Full Fat Videos

Full Fat Videos

2018 - Now  •  YouTube  •  5 days  •  267 episodes
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Talk Show
The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
The MCU’s Biggest Issue (That No One Is Talking About) Aired on 08/25/2023
The MCU’s Biggest Issue (That No One Is Talking About)
Season 2023: Episode 33
Season 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Season 2018
S2018 E01
The X Factor: Why The Winners Don't Succeed | Video Essay
S2018 E02
Marvel's Homegrown Action Story Structure | Video Essay
S2018 E03
Doctor Who: Moffat's Dalek Problem | Video Essay
S2018 E04
Love Island: Is Reality TV a Waste of Time? | Video Essay
S2018 E05
Fury and Call of Duty: Moral Warfare? | Video Essay
S2018 E06
RuPaul’s Drag Race: How Reddit Predicts the Cast Every Year | Video Ess...
S2018 E07
Black Panther's Villain Problem | Video Essay
S2018 E08
Kung Fury: What Makes a "Bad" Movie? | Video Essay
S2018 E09
American Pie: How It Captured The 90s | Video Essay
S2018 E10
Lego Star Wars II: What is Ludonarrative Fidelity? | Video Essay
S2018 E11
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller: Masters of Giving You What You Don't Wa...
S2018 E12
The Economics of Animal Crossing | Video Essay
S2018 E13
How Should Doctor Who End? | Video Essay
S2018 E14
How Shrek Became a Meme God | Video Essay
S2018 E15
The Kenobi: A Star Wars Story Pitch | Pitch Perfect
S2018 E16
The Un-Reality of Nathan For You | Video Essay
S2018 E17
Is Infinity War The Best Marvel Movie? | Retrospective
S2018 E18
Nintendo DS: The Greatest Console of All Time | Video Essay
S2018 E19
The Incredibles 2 Rant | Video Essay
S2018 E20
Dilbert: The Absurdity of Business | Video Essay
S2018 E21
J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Is A Sci-Fi Classic | Retrospective
S2018 E22
The Genius of Adam West | Video Essay
S2018 E23
Fixing Disney's Star Wars Problem | Video Essay
S2018 E24
How Love Island Creates Characters | Video Essay
S2018 E25
The Subtlety of the Inbetweeners | Video Essay
S2018 E26
Doctor Who: Why Clara Was (Almost) Good | Video Essay
S2018 E27
What Are Good Graphics? | Video Essay
S2018 E28
The Oscars' Best Popular Film Cat is B*llsh*t! | Video Essay
S2018 E29
How The Great British Bake Off Creates A Finalist | Video Essay
S2018 E30
Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express is a Perfect Opener | Video Essay
S2018 E31
The Insanity of Coronation Street | Video Essay
S2018 E32
How the Russos Fixed Iron Man | Video Essay
S2018 E33
Why You Should Watch Review | Retrospective
S2018 E34
Fridging Pepper? | A Response
S2018 E35
Doctor Who: The Mirror Images of Moffat's Era | Video Essay
S2018 E36
The Woman Who Fell to Earth Impressions | Look Who’s Talking
S2018 E37
The Ghost Monument Impressions | Look Who's Talking
S2018 E38
50 Shades of Rey | Video Essay
S2018 E39
Rosa Impressions | Look Who's Talking
S2018 E40
Sound in Silent Movies: A History | Video Essay
S2018 E41
Arachnids in the UK Impressions | Look Who's Talking
S2018 E42
I Want an Early 2000s Superhero Movie | Video Essay
S2018 E43
The Tsuranga Conundrum SUCKED | Look Who's Talking
S2018 E44
The Incredible Story Behind Reservoir Dogs | Video Essay
S2018 E45
Demons of the Punjab Impressions | Look Who's Talking
S2018 E46
Thank You Stan Lee.
S2018 E47
How Taika Waititi and the Russos Destroyed Thor | Video Essay
S2018 E48
Kerblam! Impressions | Look Who's Talking
S2018 E49
Thanos Deserved to Win | Video Essay
S2018 E50
The Witchfinders Impressions | Look Who's Talking
S2018 E51
Will Quiz Shows Ever Die? | Video Essay
S2018 E52
It Takes You Away Impressions | Look Who's Talking
S2018 E53
How to Make Predator 3 (Feat. Creed II) | Pitch Perfect
S2018 E54
The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos Impressions | Look Who's Talking
S2018 E55
Why Do Good Directors Turn Bad? | Video Essay
S2018 E56
Spider-Man Rewind 2018 | Retrospective
S2018 E57
Love Actually: A Christmas Classic? | Video Essay
S2018 E58
Spider-Man Rewind 2018 | Retrospective
S2018 E59
Love Actually: A Christmas Classic? | Video Essay
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Resolution Impressions | Look Who's Talking
S2019 E02
Bandersnatch Is The Perfect | Video Essay
S2019 E03
The Noble Failures of Doctor Who Series 11 | Video Essay
S2019 E04
The Working Class Heroics of JaackMaate | Video Essay
S2019 E05
The Office: The Power of David Brent | Video Essay
S2019 E06
How James Gunn and the Russos Made Star Lord the Ultimate Underdog | Vide...
S2019 E07
Batfleck: The Best Batman That Never Was | Video Essay
S2019 E08
How Steven Moffat Created The Scariest Doctor Who Monster | Video Essay
S2019 E09
RuPaul's Drag Race: A Show in Decline | Video Essay
S2019 E10
Whiplash & Spider-Man 2: The Price of Success | Video Essay
S2019 E11
Will.I.Am's The Hardest Ever is a Masterpiece | Video Essay
S2019 E12
Doctor Who: Upgrading The Cybermen | Video Essay
S2019 E13
How the Russos Made Captain America Great Again | Video Essay
S2019 E14
What is Captain America's Endgame? | Video Essay
S2019 E15
What Is The True Meaning of the Room? | Video Essay
S2019 E16
How Jon Favreau's Iron Man Birthed A Cinematic Universe | Video Essay
S2019 E17
Is Endgame The Best Marvel Movie? | Spoiler Chat
S2019 E18
How Steven Moffat Redefined The Master | Video Essay
S2019 E19
What Makes John Wick So Good? | Video Essay
S2019 E20
Pixar & The Ignorance of Humanity | Video Essay
S2019 E21
Black Mirror's USS Callister: The Myth of Tonal Inconsistency | Video Ess...
S2019 E22
Was RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 A Return To Form? | Video Essay
S2019 E23
The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Could Be The MCU's Best
S2019 E24
Homer & Lisa: How The Simpsons Examines Family | Video Essay
S2019 E25
What Makes Spider-Man 2 So Good? | Your Favourite Film Is Awful
S2019 E26
Star Wars: The Greatest Lightsaber Duel Ever | Video Essay
S2019 E27
Spider-Man: The Vulture is a Raimi Villain | Video Essay
S2019 E28
The Top 10 Doctor Who Episodes | Retrospective
S2019 E29
Furious 7: James Wan Is A Master | Video Essay
S2019 E30
Spongebob Squarepants: The Art of the Gross-Up | Video Essay
S2019 E31
What Could We Expect from Phase 5 of the MCU?
S2019 E32
Alien: The Horror You Don't See | Video Essay
S2019 E33
Is Monsters Inc Pixar's Best Movie? | Your Favourite Film is Awful
S2019 E34
Thor’s Endgame: How A Russo Restored The God of Thunder
S2019 E35
10 YEARS OF UNCHARTED 2: Still the Best Action Game of All Time
S2019 E36
Why The Family of Blood is Doctor Who’s Best Story
S2019 E37
Is This Steve Martin's Most Offensive Film?
S2019 E38
The Greatest Five Minutes of Star Wars Ever | Star Wars: Always
S2019 E39
Palpatine's Art of Camp (And How It Saved The Prequels)
S2019 E40
The Podrace: Inside Star Wars' Most Ambitious Scene
S2019 E41
Star Wars: The Greatest (Animated) Lightsaber Duel Ever
S2019 E42
Celebrity X Factor Was A Joke (And Here's Why)
S2019 E43
Anakin VS Obi-Wan: A Perfectly Balanced Duel (Why It’s Great)
S2019 E44
Star Wars Defined - Revenge of the Sith’s Perfect Opening (Why It’s G...
S2019 E45
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is Garbage (Spoiler Chat)
S2019 E46
What Is The Best Doctor Who Christmas Special? (Every Special Ranked)
Season 2020
S2020 E01
The Epic Simpsons Maths Joke (That Broke The Internet)
S2020 E02
The Darth Maul & Savage VS Palpatine Lightsaber Duel (Why It's Great)
S2020 E03
The Masterful Lightsaber Duels of Star Wars: Clone Wars (Why They're Grea...
S2020 E04
The Moment Family Guy Tried To Be A Drama (And Failed)
S2020 E05
What Birds of Prey Means For the Future of Comic Book Movies (Why It’s ...
S2020 E06
What Makes Wonder Woman So Good? (Diana's Duality)
S2020 E07
How Aquaman Saved The DCEU (Why It's Great)
S2020 E08
Love Is Blind Is Netflix's WEIRDEST Dating Show
S2020 E09
Doctor Who: The Timeless Child Doesn't Work (And Here's Why)
S2020 E10
Love and Monsters: Doctor Who's Most Underrated Episode
S2020 E11
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour Is the Best Opener Ever (Why It's Great)
S2020 E12
Vader’s Corridor | The Best (and Worst) Scene in Rogue One: A Star Wars...
S2020 E13
Star Wars: The Most Terrifying Lightsaber Duel Ever (Luke V Vader)
S2020 E14
Doctor Who Series 12 Was Pretty Good (Until It Wasn't)
S2020 E15
John Wick: The Best Fight Scene of the Series
S2020 E16
Spider-Man's Best MCU Moment (And Why We Need More)
S2020 E17
Doctor Who: How Russell T Davies & Robert Shearman Reinvented The Daleks
S2020 E18
Why Mysterio Is A Great Villain (Spider-Man: Far From Home Analysis)
S2020 E19
That Time They Almost Cancelled The Simpsons (Before It Started)
S2020 E20
Band Geeks Is The Best Spongebob Episode (Why It's Great)
S2020 E21
The Justice League Snyder Cut is Happening! The Big Questions? (Analysis)
S2020 E22
I Have Never Seen The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
S2020 E23
How The Simpsons Should Have Ended
S2020 E24
I Have Never Seen Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
S2020 E25
How Under the Silver Lake Reflects Andrew Garfield's Career
S2020 E26
X-Men: First Class Is The Best X-Men Movie Ever
S2020 E27
How Neil Gaiman Reinvented Doctor Who (The Doctor's Wife)
S2020 E28
Why Recess Was The PERFECT Kid's Show
S2020 E29
I Have Never Seen The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
S2020 E30
The Joker's SECRET ORIGIN in The Dark Knight
S2020 E31
Batfleck Returns: The Best Batman That Never Was
S2020 E32
Will THE SUICIDE SQUAD Kill Its Members This Time?
S2020 E33
The Many Personality Masks of Homelander | The Boys
S2020 E34
Why Starlight Is A True Superhero | The Boys
S2020 E35
A-Train and the Pitfalls of the Celebrity Athlete | The Boys
S2020 E36
Tenet: The Situation Is Enough
S2020 E37
Marvel’s Avengers: Fun But Lazy (And Incredibly Broken)
S2020 E38
Hoops Is Netflix's WORST Show
S2020 E39
Rey Is Still A Kenobi
S2020 E40
Star Wars: Maul vs Ahsoka Tano - The Greatest Animated Lightsaber Duel Ev...
S2020 E41
The Mandalorian's Best Episode (How The Show Unites Star Wars)
S2020 E42
How The Mandalorian Tells The Story In The Cut
S2020 E43
One Horrifying Moment | Looper's Time Bending Kill
S2020 E44
The Greatest Star Wars Finale Ever (Luke's Ultimate Lightsaber Duel)
S2020 E45
Star Wars: The Most Underrated Lightsaber Duel (Anakin / Obi Wan / Yoda v...
S2020 E46
The Three Faces of Darth Vader
S2020 E47
Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor - The Best Anniversary Special Ever
S2020 E48
Doctor Who: How Heaven Sent Explores Grief (The Best 12th Doctor Episode)
S2020 E49
Star Wars - Obi Wan vs Vader: The Birth of the Lightsaber Duel
Season 2021
S2021 E01
How Star Wars Battlefront II Got Luke Skywalker Right
S2021 E02
Wanda / Vision: The MCU'S Best Romance
S2021 E03
Don't Ruin Captain America's Endgame
S2021 E04
Doctor Who: The Greatest Regeneration Ever
S2021 E05
Stars Wars Bounty Hunter: The Original Mandalorian Video Game
S2021 E06
I've Changed My Mind About Man of Steel
S2021 E07
Captain America's Best MCU Moment (Why Cap Matters)
S2021 E08
The Lost Magic of Lego Star Wars
S2021 E09
The Legacy of Iron Man & Cap: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier / Far Fro...
S2021 E10
The Lacking Action of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier
S2021 E11
Star Wars' Uncanny Valley Conundrum: CGI Faces vs Recasts
S2021 E12
Why The Borderlands Movie Will Be Great
S2021 E13
Did Fast and Furious Change Hollywood Casting?
S2021 E14
Loki: The Antidote For Bad Doctor Who
S2021 E15
SOMEBODY Wanted A DEAD SPACE Remake if Were Being Pedantic but it’s not...
S2021 E16
The Suicide Squad: Everything I Loved (And The One Thing I Didn't)
S2021 E17
What If? Captain Carter: Everything I Loved (And Everything I Didn't)
S2021 E18
T'Challa: The Great Star Lord
S2021 E19
Don't Ruin Doc Ock (A Spider-Man No Way Home Theory)
S2021 E20
The Key Thing Missing from Matrix Resurrections and Spider-Man: No Way Ho...
S2021 E21
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Is The Strongest Spider
S2021 E22
S2021 E23
Every Daniel Craig James Bond Ranked Worst to Best (w/ No Time To Die)
S2021 E24
UNCHARTED Looks Terrible
S2021 E25
Marvel's What If? Disappointed Me
S2021 E26
The PERFECT Guardians of the Galaxy Video Game
S2021 E27
Why The MCU Spider-Man Suits Don't Work
S2021 E28
Alien Covenant Sequel: RIPLEY Must Meet DAVID
S2021 E29
S2021 E30
Was Doc Ock Ruined? Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilers Review
S2021 E31
The Matrix Resurrections | Everything I Loved & Hated
Season 2022
S2022 E01
The X-Men Don't Need A Reboot In The MCU
S2022 E02
S2022 E03
Why David Tennant As The 14th Doctor Could Actually Work
S2022 E04
The Restored Magic of Lego Star Wars
S2022 E05
Batman Arkham: The Best Superhero Combat Ever
S2022 E06
The Book of Boba Fett Vs Star Wars Bounty Hunter
S2022 E07
Was Uncharted Actually Terrible?
S2022 E08
John Cena's Peacemaker: Perfect Casting
S2022 E09
The Batman Did What Spider-Man: No Way Home Couldn't
S2022 E10
Star Wars Palpatine Vs Windu: The Most Important Lightsaber Duel Ever
S2022 E11
Cal Kestis Must Meet Obi Wan Kenobi (And Here's Why)
S2022 E12
Doctor Who: The Best Companion Exit Ever
S2022 E13
S2022 E14
Top Gun: Maverick Was Pure Cinema
S2022 E15
Why Lando and Chewbacca were Done Dirty In The Star Wars Sequels
S2022 E16
Hayden Christensen Has Been Wasted | Obi-Wan Kenobi
S2022 E17
Jurassic World Dominion: Worst of the Franchise?
S2022 E18
Star Wars Is Dead To Me (Obi Wan Kenobi Review)
S2022 E19
The Boys: HEROGASM Was Orgasmic
S2022 E20
Why WandaVision Is Still The Best Disney Plus Show
S2022 E21
S2022 E22
Thor Love and Thunder Is...
S2022 E23
The Boys: Season 3 FINALE Was Epic
S2022 E24
Watching Kenobi As A Movie (The Patterson Cut)
S2022 E25
The Gray Man Is Everything Wrong With Netflix
S2022 E26
League of Superpets: The Best Dwayne Johnson Superhero Movie of 2022 (Pos...
S2022 E27
Bullet Train is a THRILLRIDE
S2022 E28
The Best Batgirl That Never Was
S2022 E29
Marvel's Muddled Hulk
S2022 E30
Every PREDATOR Ranked (Predator to Prey)
S2022 E31
What Is The Best Fantastic Four Movie? (Feat. Browntable)
S2022 E32
Nope is Dope
S2022 E33
Every TARDIS Interior Ranked Worst to Best (Doctor Who)
S2022 E34
Clerks III: Was It Good?
S2022 E35
Deadpool III: Is Logan Ruined?
S2022 E36
Don't Worry Darling Is A Mess
S2022 E37
S2022 E38
What The 11th Doctor Lacked (That 13 Had)
S2022 E39
The Power of the Doctor: The Verdict
S2022 E40
Black Adam's Shazam! Problem
S2022 E41
Tales of the Jedi: Dooku's Failure (Why It's Great)
S2022 E42
The Greatest Batman Ever
S2022 E43
The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Is...
S2022 E44
Is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Really That Bad? (Indiana Jones)
S2022 E45
Are The Transformers Unfilmable?
S2022 E46
Is The Callisto Protocol Really That Bad?!
S2022 E47
MCU Phase Four: Reviewed / RANKED (WandaVision to Guardians Holiday Speci...
S2022 E48
Avatar Doesn't Need Jake Sully
S2022 E49
RIP Henry Cavill's Superman (2013-2022)
Season 2023
S2023 E01
Thor Must Die (By Kang)
S2023 E02
Wolverine & Spider-Man: The Secret Wars Team Up That Must Happen
S2023 E03
Is X-Men: The Last Stand Really That Bad?
S2023 E04
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3: Who Dies?
S2023 E05
The Best Scene In The Last Of Us Pilot
S2023 E06
Venom 3: Tom Hardy Must Face Topher Grace (No, Really)
S2023 E07
Maul Was Almost Grievous (In Episode III)
S2023 E08
The No 1 Reason Dead Space Beats The Callisto Protocol
S2023 E09
The Ant-Man Conundrum
S2023 E10
The FLASH Will BREAK Multiverse Movies
S2023 E11
The X-Men Movie Costumes: Really That Bad?
S2023 E12
Was MODOK Ruined? (And Other Quantumania Questions)
S2023 E13
Creed: How To Do A Legacy Sequel
S2023 E14
The Best Scene in Thor Love and Thunder
S2023 E15
The (One) Time Batman Can KILL
S2023 E16
Everything, Everywhere All At Once Deserved to Win
S2023 E17
John Wick Did The Impossible
S2023 E18
The Case for John Wick 3 (Parabellum)
S2023 E19
Bloodsport: The Greatest Nanotech Ever (Why He’s Great)
S2023 E20
Star Lord and Gorr Should Have Met
S2023 E21
Goodbye, Guardians
S2023 E22
Nick Fury: The Most Underrated Character in the MCU
S2023 E23
Zod and Doomsday Should Have Met (No, Really)
S2023 E24
Across the Spider-Verse Did What Guardians Vol 3 Could Not
S2023 E25
Batman's (Almost) Perfect Return
S2023 E26
Jedi Survivor: The Star Wars Magic Is BACK
S2023 E27
The Best Scene In X-Men: Dark Phoenix
S2023 E28
Indiana Jones and the Box Office Bomb (Why It Sucks)
S2023 E29
Mission Impossible: The Ilsa Faust Paradox
S2023 E30
Doctor Who: The 60th Will Be Multi-Doctor (But Not How You Might Think)
S2023 E31
The Downfall of Starship Troopers
S2023 E32
Upgrade: The Modern Day Terminator (& Robocop)
S2023 E33
The MCU’s Biggest Issue (That No One Is Talking About)
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Episode 3
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Episode 4
Our THE BOYS Video Essays... Are On Amazon Prime Video NOW
Episode 5
BATMEN (Every Cinematic Batman Supercut)
Episode 6
BATMEN (Every Cinematic Batman Supercut)
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