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Super Eyepatch Wolf

Super Eyepatch Wolf

2015 - Now  •  YouTube  •   29 hours
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The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
My Favorite Things Winter 2021 Aired on 02/27/2021
My Favorite Things Winter 2021
Season 2021: Episode 2
Season 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Why You Should Watch Hunter X Hunter
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Why you should watch One Punch Man
S2016 E02
Lets Talk Phantom World
S2016 E03
Why You Should Watch Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure (Part 1)
S2016 E04
What You Should Watch: Spring Anime 2016
S2016 E05
Why You Should Watch: Hajime No Ippo
S2016 E06
Why you Should Watch: Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendancy
S2016 E07
Berserk 2016: What The HELL happened
S2016 E08
The Fall of BLEACH: How it Happened
S2016 E09
Why You Should Watch/ Read: Berserk
S2016 E10
How Media Scares Us: The Work of Junji Ito
S2016 E11
Why You Should Play Silent Hill 2
S2016 E12
Why You Should Watch Mob Psycho 100
S2016 E13
What Makes a Villain Feel Real?
S2016 E14
The End of Naruto: A Series of Highs and Lows
S2016 E15
My Favorite Things of 2016
S2016 E16
Why You Should Watch Jojos Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
Season 2017
S2017 E01
What Makes A Fight Scene Interesting?
S2017 E02
The Appeal of One Piece: Where to Start
S2017 E03
Why You Should Watch: Cowboy Bebop
S2017 E04
My Conflicting Feelings on Yuri!!! On Ice
S2017 E05
The Genius of Dragon Ball
S2017 E06
Why You Should Watch Samurai Jack
S2017 E07
What Makes A Good Character Design?
S2017 E08
My Favorite Things Winter 2017
S2017 E09
Why You Should Watch Yu Yu Hakusho
S2017 E10
Do Spoilers Ruin Stories?
S2017 E11
The Current State of Shonen Jump
S2017 E12
Why Perfect Blue is Terrifying
S2017 E13
What Makes Attack on Titan Popular?
S2017 E14
The Evolution and End of Samurai Jack
S2017 E15
Berserk 2017 Is Still Terrible
S2017 E16
Why You Should Watch/ Read One Piece
S2017 E17
My Favorite Things Spring 2017
S2017 E18
In Defense of the Elevator Scene from Evangelion
S2017 E19
The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened
S2017 E20
Why Redline is an Amazing Movie, and Why That Matters Today
S2017 E21
What Makes a Hero Feel Real?
S2017 E22
Why You Should Watch Kaiji Ultimate Survivor
S2017 E23
Why The Shining is Terrifying
S2017 E24
Why You Should Watch Paranoia Agent
S2017 E25
Why You Should Watch Made in Abyss
S2017 E26
The Stylistic Influences of Cuphead
S2017 E27
What Shonen Jump Was Like 30 Years Ago
S2017 E28
Why You Should Watch/ Read Jojos Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakabl...
Season 2018
S2018 E01
My Favourite Things 2017
S2018 E02
The Impact of Dragon Ball Z: The Series that Changed Everything
S2018 E03
Why The Dragon Ball Z Manga is Great
S2018 E04
The Junji Ito Collection is Disappointing Garbage
S2018 E05
Why Professional Wrestling is Fascinating
S2018 E06
My Favorite Things Spring 2018
S2018 E07
The Impact of Akira: The Film that Changed Everything
S2018 E08
Why You Should Play Yakuza
S2018 E09
The Existential Horror of Aggretsuko
S2018 E10
Why Tekkonkinkreet is an Amazing Movie
S2018 E11
My Favorite Things Summer 2018
S2018 E12
The Current State of Shonen Jump 2018
S2018 E13
The Insanity of Grappler Baki and Why You Should Care
S2018 E14
Final Fantasy 15 was a Mediocre Disappointment
S2018 E15
My Favourite Things Fall 2018 (Halloween Special)
S2018 E16
The Problem with Silent Hill 3: The Fall of Team Silent
S2018 E17
Dragon Ball GT: What The Hell Happened?
S2018 E18
Why You Should Still Watch Hunter X Hunter
Season 2019
S2019 E01
My Favorite Things Winter 2019
S2019 E02
The Undertaker: Long Term Story Telling in Wrestling
S2019 E03
DEVOTION: The Disturbing Horror of Red Candle Games
S2019 E04
"Non Battle" Battle Anime
S2019 E05
The Tragic History of Shenmue
S2019 E06
My Favorite Things Summer 2019
S2019 E07
The Bizarre Modern Reality of The Simpsons
S2019 E08
The Insanity of Gantz and Why You Should Care
S2019 E09
My Favorite Things Fall 2019
S2019 E10
Why You Should Watch Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
S2019 E11
The Impact of Final Fantasy 7: The Game that Changed Everything
Season 2020
S2020 E01
The Bizarre World of Fake Martial Arts
S2020 E02
The Current State of Shonen Jump 2020
S2020 E03
My Favorite Things Winter 2020
S2020 E04
The Bizarre Modern Reality of Sonic the Hedgehog
S2020 E05
Why You Should Watch Outlaw Star
S2020 E06
The Manga That Breaks People
S2020 E07
My Favorite Things Summer 2020
S2020 E08
Shenmue 3 is a Terrible Game and I’ve Wasted My Life
S2020 E09
Villains in Wrestling: The Art of Making People Hate You
S2020 E10
The Fall of Bleach: 4 Years Later
S2020 E11
My Favorite Things Fall 2020
S2020 E12
Why You Should Watch Disturbing Horror Movies
S2020 E13
What the Internet Did to Undertale
Season 2021
S2021 E01
The Current State of Shonen Jump 2021
S2021 E02
My Favorite Things Winter 2021
Episode 1
My Bleach Video is Back
Episode 2
Some Questions, Some Answers, and my Face
Episode 3
Some Questions, Some Answers and MAGFEST
Episode 4
Some Questions, Some Answers, Anime Expo and Summer Cons!
Episode 5
Why You Should Wear The Super Eyepatch Wolf Tshirt
Episode 6
Am I a Furry? And Other Burning Questions
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