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The Doris Day Show

The Doris Day Show

1968 - 1973  •  CBS  •  53 hours  •  5 seasons  •  128 episodes
1 vote
782 votes
# 8147
This light and fluffy sitcom changed formats and producers almost every season. Originally it was about widow Doris Martin and her two young sons who left the big city to return to their roots on the family farm. The comedy revolved around her difficulty in adjusting to rural life. In the second season, ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Byline ... Alias Doris Aired on 03/12/1973
Byline ... Alias Doris
Season 5: Episode 24
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
128 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
Dinner For Mom
S01 E02
The Uniform
S01 E03
The Friend
S01 E04
The Matchmakers
S01 E05
The Songwriter
S01 E06
The Antique
S01 E07
Leroy B. Simpson
S01 E08
The Black Eye
S01 E09
The Librarian
S01 E10
The Camping Trip
S01 E11
The Job
S01 E12
Buck's Girl
S01 E13
The Relatives
S01 E14
Love a Duck
S01 E15
Let Them Out of the Nest
S01 E16
The Clock
S01 E17
The Buddy
S01 E18
The Flyboy
S01 E19
The Tournament
S01 E20
Love Thy Neighbor
S01 E21
The Con Man
S01 E22
The Musical
S01 E23
The Baby Sitter
S01 E24
The Still
S01 E25
The Gift
S01 E26
The Tiger
S01 E27
The Date
S01 E28
The Five Dollar Bill
Season 2
S02 E01
Doris Gets a Job
S02 E02
A Frog Called Harold
S02 E03
Married for a Day
S02 E04
The Woman Hater
S02 E05
The Chocolate Bar War
S02 E06
The Health King
S02 E07
Doris, the Model
S02 E08
Doris Strikes Out
S02 E09
Singles Only
S02 E10
S02 E11
A Two-Family Christmas
S02 E12
You're as Old as You Feel
S02 E13
The Prizefighter and the Lady
S02 E14
Doris vs. the Computer
S02 E15
Hot Dogs
S02 E16
Today's World Catches the Measles
S02 E17
The Gas Station
S02 E18
S02 E19
Buck's Portrait
S02 E20
Doris Hires a Millionaire (1)
S02 E21
Doris Hires a Millionaire (2)
S02 E22
A Woman's Intuition
S02 E23
Doris Meets a Prince
S02 E24
The Duke Returns
S02 E25
The Office Troubleshooter
S02 E26
Colonel Fairburn Takes Over
Season 3
S03 E01
Doris Finds an Apartment
S03 E02
The Feminist
S03 E03
How Can I Ignore the Man Next Door?
S03 E04
Dinner for One
S03 E05
Doris Leaves Today's World (1)
S03 E06
Doris Leaves Today's World (2)
S03 E07
The Fashion Show
S03 E08
Lost and Found
S03 E09
Duke the Performer
S03 E10
Doris the Spy
S03 E11
Tony Bennett is Eating Here
S03 E12
Cousin Charlie
S03 E13
Love Makes the Pizza Go Round
S03 E14
Buck Visits the Big City
S03 E15
It's Christmas Time in the City
S03 E16
Doris vs Pollution
S03 E17
The Forward Pass
S03 E18
Duke's Girlfriend
S03 E19
Jarvis' Uncle
S03 E20
Lassoin' Leroy
S03 E21
Colonel Fairburn, Jr.
S03 E22
Billy's First Date
S03 E23
Doris Goes to Hollywood
S03 E24
Skiing Anyone?
S03 E25
The Father-Son Weekend
S03 E26
Young Love
Season 4
S04 E01
And Here's ... Doris
S04 E02
Mr. and Mrs. Raffles
S04 E03
When in Rome, Don't
S04 E04
Charity Begins at the Office
S04 E05
A Weighty Problem
S04 E06
The People's Choice
S04 E07
A Fine Romance
S04 E08
The Albatross
S04 E09
Have I Got a Fellow for You
S04 E10
To England with Doris
S04 E11
The Shiek of Araby
S04 E12
Doris and the Doctor
S04 E13
Happiness is Not Being Fired
S04 E14
Whodunnit, Doris?
S04 E15
The Wings of An Angel
S04 E16
Doris at Sea
S04 E17
The Sorrow of Sanapur
S04 E18
The Blessed Event
S04 E19
Who's Got the Trenchcoat?
S04 E20
Doris's House Guest
S04 E21
The Crapshooter Who Would Be King
S04 E22
Cover Girl
S04 E23
Gowns by Louie
S04 E24
There's a Horse Thief in Every Family Tree
Season 5
S05 E01
No More Advice ... Please
S05 E02
The Great Talent Raid
S05 E03
Just a Miss Understanding
S05 E04
The Press Secretary
S05 E05
Peeping Tom
S05 E06
Forgive and Forget
S05 E07
Debt of Honor
S05 E08
Jimmy the Gent
S05 E09
The Music Man
S05 E10
Detective Story
S05 E11
The Co-Op
S05 E12
Anniversary Gift
S05 E13
The New Boss
S05 E14
Follow That Dog
S05 E15
The Hoax
S05 E16
The Last Huzzah
S05 E17
Hospital Benefit
S05 E18
It's a Dog's Life
S05 E19
Family Magazine
S05 E20
A Small Cure for Big Alimony
S05 E21
The Magnificent Fraud
S05 E22
Meant for Each Other
S05 E23
Welcome to Big Sur
S05 E24
Byline ... Alias Doris
Episode 1
Season 3 Outtakes
Episode 2
Commercials starring Doris Day cast members
Episode 3
Bernie Koppel interview
Episode 4
Philip Brown Interview
Episode 5
Series 4 Preview
Episode 6
OPening Credit Outtake
Episode 7
Original Pilot
Episode 8
"Winning Team" Movie promo
Episode 9
Dave Karger and Philip Brown TCM Interviews
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