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From the Test Kitchen

From the Test Kitchen

2016 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  41 hours  •  1 season  •  193 episodes
0 vote
Reality, Food
The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen teaches you all the recipes and cooking techniques you need to know.
  Previously Aired Episode
Christina Makes Japanese Curry Aired on 12/08/2021
Christina Makes Japanese Curry
Season 1: Episode 193
Season 1
S01 E01
Claire Makes Four Easy Puff Pastry Recipes
S01 E02
Adam Makes Perfect Bacon
S01 E03
Claire Ices the Perfect Cake
S01 E04
Carla Makes Poached Eggs
S01 E05
Claire Makes The Smoothest Caramel
S01 E06
Carla Makes Absolutely Perfect Steak
S01 E07
Claire Makes the Very Best Fried Chicken Sandwich
S01 E08
Andy Makes the Very Best Caesar Salad
S01 E09
Carla Makes Pie Crust
S01 E10
Carla Makes a Perfectly Crispy-Skinned Fish Fillet
S01 E11
Claire Makes Braided Pie Crust
S01 E12
How to Make Perfect Crispy Chicken Cutlets
S01 E13
Carla Sears Mushrooms to Crispy Golden Perfection
S01 E14
Claire Makes Buffalo Wings
S01 E15
Brad Makes Party-Ready Cheesesteaks
S01 E16
Claire Makes Linguine and Clams
S01 E17
Andy Makes Delicious Saffron Brittle
S01 E18
Carla Makes Surprisingly Easy Duck Confit
S01 E19
Claire Makes Creamy Pasta with Mushrooms and Prosciutto
S01 E20
Claire Makes Chocolate Macaroon Cake
S01 E21
Carla Makes Slow Roast Short Ribs to Pull-Apart Perfection
S01 E22
Claire Makes a More Sophisticated Cinnamon Bun
S01 E23
Andy Makes Pillowy, Delicious Ricotta Dumplings
S01 E24
Andy Grills the Crispiest Salmon Collars
S01 E25
Andy Makes Complicated Couscous (That's Worth the Effort)
S01 E26
Chris Makes Kombu Cured Salmon
S01 E27
Carla Makes Life-Changingly Good Cream Puffs
S01 E28
Claire Makes Coconut Cream Pie with Four Kinds of Coconut
S01 E29
Brad Makes Thanksgiving Turkey Stock
S01 E30
Chris Carves a Roast Chicken
S01 E31
Carla Makes Hasselback Butternut Squash
S01 E32
Claire Makes Brûléed Pumpkin Pie
S01 E33
Andy Makes Ultra-Creamy Mashed Potatoes
S01 E34
Carla Makes Granola Cluster Cookies
S01 E35
Claire Makes Monkey Bread
S01 E36
Andy Makes Seafood Pasta
S01 E37
Molly Makes Eggs Benedict for a Crowd
S01 E38
Brad Makes Sous Vide Steak
S01 E39
Carla Makes Polenta Cacio e Pepe: Instant Pot Essentials
S01 E40
Carla Makes Coq au Vin: Instant Pot Essentials
S01 E41
Andy Makes the Crispiest Saffron Rice Cake
S01 E42
Molly Makes Pan-Roasted Brined Pork Chops
S01 E43
Claire Makes BA's Best English Muffins
S01 E44
Carla Makes BA's Best Fettuccine Alfredo
S01 E45
Andy Makes Short Ribs with Crispy Garlic and Chile Oil
S01 E46
Carla Makes Eggs Four Ways: Poached, Fried, Scrambled & Omelette'd
S01 E47
Carla Makes Crispy Fried Chicken Cutlet Sandwiches
S01 E48
Molly Makes BA's Best Bucatini Carbonara
S01 E49
Carla Makes BA's Best Shrimp Scampi
S01 E50
Andy Makes Spicy Lamb Meatballs with Raisin Pesto
S01 E51
Molly Makes Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich with Bacon and Cheddar
S01 E52
Andy Makes Pantry Pasta
S01 E53
Molly Makes Fresh Herb Falafel
S01 E54
Carla Makes Strawberry Shortcake
S01 E55
Andy Makes Classic Ratatouille
S01 E56
Claire Makes Best-Ever Barbecued Ribs
S01 E57
Carla Makes BA Smashburgers
S01 E58
Andy Makes Ramen Two Ways
S01 E59
Molly Makes Orecchiette with Buttermilk, Peas and Pistachios
S01 E60
Carla Makes Seared Scallops with Brown Butter & Lemon Sauce
S01 E61
Molly Makes Hanger Steak with Charred Scallion Sauce
S01 E62
Carla Makes Falafel-Spiced Tomatoes & Chickpeas on Flatbread
S01 E63
Carla Makes Blueberry-Ginger Pie
S01 E64
Molly Makes Cornbread Muffins with Honey Butter
S01 E65
Carla Makes Grilled Pizza
S01 E66
Andy Makes Grilled Short Ribs with Pickled Daikon
S01 E67
Chris Makes Lobster Rolls From Scratch
S01 E68
Carla Makes Grilled Chicken Wings with Shishito Peppers
S01 E69
Claire Makes Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches
S01 E70
Molly Makes Classic Caesar Salad
S01 E71
Andy Makes Grilled Salmon with Lemon Sauce
S01 E72
Claire Makes Pasta Salad with Romesco
S01 E73
Brad Makes BA's Best Piña Coladas
S01 E74
Molly Makes Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce
S01 E75
Molly Makes Classic Shrimp Cocktail
S01 E76
Molly Makes Scallops with Corn and Chorizo
S01 E77
Andy Makes Shrimp and Basil Stir Fry
S01 E78
Chris Makes Chocolate Waffles
S01 E79
Molly Makes a Grilled Chicken Sandwich
S01 E80
Priya Makes Dahi Toast
S01 E81
Andy Makes Khoresh Gheymeh (Persian Stew)
S01 E82
Molly Makes Pasta al Limone
S01 E83
Carla and Ina Garten Make Chocolate-Pecan Scones
S01 E84
Carla Makes Instant Pot Ribs
S01 E85
Andy Makes Thanksgiving Turkey
S01 E86
Molly Makes Arancini
S01 E87
Rick Makes Double-Pork Carnitas and Corn Tortillas
S01 E88
Carla Makes an Apple Tart
S01 E89
Rick Makes Classic Chilaquiles
S01 E90
Rick Makes Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookies
S01 E91
Molly Makes Pumpkin Bread with Maple Butter
S01 E92
Miz Cracker and Carla Make Chanukah Latkes
S01 E93
Priya Makes Pav Bhaji
S01 E94
Rick Makes a Hibiscus Cocktail
S01 E95
Carla Makes Pasta e Fagioli
S01 E96
Miz Cracker and Carla Make Friendly Sandwiches
S01 E97
Priya Makes Shahi Toast
S01 E98
Andy Makes Pomegranate-Glazed Chicken
S01 E99
Carla Makes a Salted Caramel-Chocolate Tart
S01 E100
Chris Meal Preps Lunch For a Week
S01 E101
Andy Makes Chicken Soup with Sweet Potatoes
S01 E102
Andy Makes Mushroom Larb with Peanuts
S01 E103
Molly Makes Dark Chocolate Chia Parfait
S01 E104
Claire Makes Swirled Sesame Cake
S01 E105
Claire Bakes Birthday Cake
S01 E106
Molly Makes Mac and Cheese
S01 E107
Claire Makes Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza
S01 E108
Chris Makes Carrot Cake
S01 E109
Brad Makes Fried Bologna Sandwiches
S01 E110
Chris Makes Molten Caramel Cake
S01 E111
Carla Makes Butter-Basted Steak
S01 E112
Molly Makes Chicken Pot Pie
S01 E113
Molly Makes Mushroom Carbonara
S01 E114
Carla Makes Meatball Subs
S01 E115
Andy Makes Herb Rice with Scallions and Saffron
S01 E116
Priya Makes Saag Feta
S01 E117
Andy Makes Chicken and Tomato Stew
S01 E118
Chris Makes Spicy Chicken Katsu Sandwiches
S01 E119
Andy Makes Salted Chocolate Halva
S01 E120
Chris Makes Spicy-Sweet Sambal Pork Noodles
S01 E121
Carla Makes an Omelet Soufflé
S01 E122
Molly Makes Cheesecake
S01 E123
Carla Makes Baked Eggs in Tomato
S01 E124
Molly and Adam Make Pork Marbella
S01 E125
Priya Makes Roti Pizza with Cilantro Chutney
S01 E126
Chris Makes Grilled Brisket
S01 E127
Priya Makes Shrimp Pulao with Quinoa
S01 E128
Rick Makes Chocolate Blackout Cake
S01 E129
Gaby Makes Tortilla de Papas
S01 E130
Brad Makes Grilled Stuffed Squid
S01 E131
Priya Makes Chile Peanut Rice
S01 E132
Carla Makes White Pesto Pasta
S01 E133
Andy Makes Pasta with Bolognese Sauce
S01 E134
Rick Makes Chili Colorado (Stewed Pork in Chili Sauce)
S01 E135
Chris Makes Chocolate Chip Cookies
S01 E136
Priya Makes Roasted Aloo Gobi
S01 E137
Molly Makes Crispy Smashed Potatoes
S01 E138
Chris Makes Doughnuts
S01 E139
Carla Makes Pork Shoulder Steaks
S01 E140
Rick Makes Pupusas (Fried Corn Fritters)
S01 E141
Carla Makes Banana Bread
S01 E142
Carla Makes Sheet Pan Pizza
S01 E143
Rick Makes Pozole Verde (Mexican Stew)
S01 E144
Rick Makes Chicken Scarpariello
S01 E145
Carla Makes Coffee Crème Caramel
S01 E146
Claire Makes Cherry Cobbler
S01 E147
Christina Makes Buckwheat Noodles
S01 E148
Claire Makes Angel Food Cake
S01 E149
Molly Makes Strawberry Shortcake
S01 E150
Gaby Makes Empanadas
S01 E151
Andy Makes Chicken Skewers
S01 E152
Carla Makes Corn Chowder
S01 E153
Rick Makes Apple Pie
S01 E154
Molly Makes Coconut Grilled Chicken, Steak and Shrimp
S01 E155
Brad Makes Steak "In" Eggs
S01 E156
Christina Makes Nasi Lemak at Kopitiam
S01 E157
Andy Makes BA's Best Pesto
S01 E158
Carla Makes Roasted Pork
S01 E159
Priya Makes Red Pepper and Potato Sabzi
S01 E160
Rick Makes Pork Tamales
S01 E161
Carla Makes Thanksgiving Stuffing
S01 E162
Priya Makes Garlic Ginger Chicken
S01 E163
Molly and Adam Make Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
S01 E164
Sohla Makes Red Lentil Zucchini Fritters
S01 E165
Rick Makes Tie-Dye Cookies
S01 E166
Chris Makes Easy Chocolate Cake
S01 E167
Rick Makes Apple Cider Doughnuts
S01 E168
Chris Makes Kale Pesto Pasta
S01 E169
Carla Makes Beans
S01 E170
Andy Makes Turmeric Salmon With Coconut
S01 E171
Hawa Makes Somali Pasta (Suugo Suqaar)
S01 E172
Chris Makes BA's Best Lasagna
S01 E173
Andy Makes Braised Short Ribs with Squash
S01 E174
Hawa Makes Somali Pancakes (Lahoh)
S01 E175
Chris Makes Breakfast Sandwiches
S01 E176
Rick Makes Tacos Placeros
S01 E177
Molly Makes Chicken Noodle Soup
S01 E178
Priya Makes Creamy Indian Soup (Kadhi)
S01 E179
Carla Makes 30 Minute 'Brick' Chicken
S01 E180
Andy Makes Pasta with Tomatoes and Chickpeas
S01 E181
Molly Makes Roast Chicken and Potatoes
S01 E182
Molly and Adam Make Matzo Ball Soup
S01 E183
Andy Makes Neapolitan Chicken
S01 E184
Sohla Makes Cinnamon-Date Sticky Buns
S01 E185
Molly Makes Sour Cream and Onion Biscuits
S01 E186
Sohla Makes Lamb & Scallion Dumplings
S01 E187
Molly and Adam Make Chicken Parmesan
S01 E188
Carla Makes Cheesy Broccoli Delight
S01 E189
Chris Makes Braised Short Ribs
S01 E190
Brad Makes Pork Chops and Flat Bread
S01 E191
Amiel Makes Doughnut Bread Pudding
S01 E192
Kendra Makes Thanksgiving Stuffing Biscuits
S01 E193
Christina Makes Japanese Curry
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