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2016 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  73 hours  •  366 episodes
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NBA YouTuber, Basketball fanatic, realist.
  Previously Aired Episode
The Warriors Just RUINED Basketball Aired on 07/29/2022
The Warriors Just RUINED Basketball
Season 2022: Episode 24
Season 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Why the Golden State Warriors were the only team with a real shot at Kevi...
S2016 E02
NBA2K scenarios: What if the 07 Cavaliers played today AND had a second s...
S2016 E03
NBA2K scenarios: What if the 07 Cavaliers played today AND had a second s...
S2016 E04
NBA2K scenarios: What if the 07 Cavaliers played today AND had a second s...
S2016 E05
The top 3 times Lebron's legacy was on the line...and he responded
S2016 E06
NBA2K what if scenarios: Would the 2016-17 Knicks have won a championship...
S2016 E07
10 of the greatest comebacks in NBA history
S2016 E08
Should NBA players be loyal to franchises?
S2016 E09
Kevin Garnett was almost a Laker - Did you know basketball?
S2016 E10
NBA2K scenarios: What if the 2011 Celtics played the 2013 Lakers in their...
S2016 E11
10 of Kobe Bryant's greatest playoff moments
S2016 E12
NBA2K scenarios: Would the Warriors have won a championship with KD in 20...
S2016 E13
Should the NBA have an award separate from MVP?
S2016 E14
3 crazy stories about Kevin Garnett's trash talk
S2016 E15
Cases For The Greatest of All Time: Kareem Abdul Jabbar
S2016 E16
Best player on a bad team or legit NBA superstar?
S2016 E17
Finding out who the best team was in NBA2K16 (Classic rosters)
S2016 E18
Top 4 NBA players you wish you were around to see?
S2016 E19
4 of the greatest NBA Playoff series we were robbed of
S2016 E20
5 Reasons the 2011 Mavericks made the greatest playoff run of all time
S2016 E21
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Skyhook, Goggles, and more! - Did you know basketba...
S2016 E22
Has the Eastern conference finally surpassed the West in the NBA?
S2016 E23
NBA2K17, Unacceptable (Basically) game breaking glitch @LD2K @Ronnie2K @N...
S2016 E24
3 of the biggest "What ifs" in NBA history
S2016 E25
The 3 toughest point guards to defend in today's NBA
S2016 E26
5 Reasons NBA conferences should be eliminated
S2016 E27
What exactly makes a player an NBA superstar?
S2016 E28
7 Crazy stories about Wilt Chamberlain's dominance
S2016 E29
Are the Warriors a bust?
S2016 E30
Top 3 NBA duos that need to happen in this era
S2016 E31
NBA2K scenarios: What if every NBA team added a legendary duo?
S2016 E32
4 Reasons the NBA's "One & Done" rule needs to go
S2016 E33
NBA2K scenarios: What if other NBA superstars switched teams like Kevin D...
S2016 E34
Top 3 NBA duos that should've happened
S2016 E35
5 Teams Kobe Bryant was almost traded to
S2016 E36
6 Reasons NBA2K11 is still the greatest basketball game of all time
S2016 E37
5 Elements to help create the perfect NBA2K game
S2016 E38
Why the Spurs are the NBA's model organization
S2016 E39
Is the "more complete" NBA player actually the better player?
S2016 E40
4 Epic NBA playoff series that almost happened
S2016 E41
Was the NBA truly better in the 90s?
S2016 E42
6 NBA teams that blew a 3-1 lead
S2016 E43
Was Michael Jordan's 63 better than Kobe Bryant's 81?
S2016 E44
Should NBA players rest if they're healthy?
S2016 E45
7 of the best NBA Christmas performances
S2016 E46
Steph Curry's terrible habit that may damage his legacy
S2016 E47
6 Players that should've won unanimous MVP before Steph Curry
Season 2017
S2017 E01
The reality that would've prevented a Thunder dynasty
S2017 E02
Are injuries a legit excuse in the NBA?
S2017 E03
8 Crazy stories about Michael Jordan's trash talk that proves he's a sava...
S2017 E04
Lebron & Durant's decisions: Half-truths and double standards
S2017 E05
Why Kobe & Shaq didn't last past 2004 - The great feud
S2017 E06
How James Harden is sabotaging Westbrook's MVP season
S2017 E07
9 of the scariest injuries in NBA history
S2017 E08
Meet the new face of the NBA once Lebron retires (He is SCARY)
S2017 E09
Why Chris Paul will inevitably end up with the Spurs
S2017 E10
NBA Drama week: It's been better than the actual season (Melo, Lebron, Bu...
S2017 E11
Lebron James V Charles Barkley - Did Lebron go too far?
S2017 E12
Start one, bench one, cut one (Harden, Westbrook, Durant)
S2017 E13
Why these 7 NBA Legends retired with different franchises
S2017 E14
The legend that would've changed Jordan, Magic, & Bird's legacies
S2017 E15
The Demarcus Cousins trade nearly created the scariest big 3 yet!
S2017 E16
The recent, confusing history of NBA super teams
S2017 E17
How Kevin Durant's injury makes Lebron's 4th ring more likely than ever!
S2017 E18
The biggest lie being told about Russell Westbrook
S2017 E19
The obvious pattern Lebron led teams show that NBA fans ignore
S2017 E20
The most confusing MVP race in NBA history!
S2017 E21
How the rift between Ray Allen and the Celtics got so big
S2017 E22
Lavar Ball trolls ESPN First take before UCLA Kentucky matchup (Greatest ...
S2017 E23
The Cavaliers biggest problem that will keep them from repeating
S2017 E24
The cost of loyalty for Carmelo Anthony, and the decision that can change...
S2017 E25
Why Derrick Rose's NBA career may be coming to an end
S2017 E26
The biggest problem the NBA isn't prepared to deal with
S2017 E27
How the monstars stole Cleveland's talent vs the Hawks
S2017 E28
2017 Western conference NBA playoff bracket/predictions
S2017 E29
2017 Eastern conference NBA playoff bracket/predictions
S2017 E30
5 reasons the 2017 NBA playoffs may become the best we've seen in years
S2017 E31
The future of Paul George's career looks like this!
S2017 E32
Who's that player? (NBA trivia challenges)
S2017 E33
What if the 2017 NBA playoffs didn't have conferences?
S2017 E34
How Michael Jordan was almost traded to the Clippers!
S2017 E35
4 Reasons why Lebron James has nothing left to prove in his career
S2017 E36
3 Reasons the Cavs Warriors rivalry is bad for the NBA
S2017 E37
3 Likely scenarios for the 2017 NBA offseason
S2017 E38
Why the Celtics may need to trade Isaiah Thomas
S2017 E39
What to expect from Warriors Cavaliers NBA Finals part 3!
S2017 E40
The facts that prove Kobe Bryant wasn't carried by Shaq
S2017 E41
The truth behind Michael Jordan's 1-9 playoff record before Scottie Pippe...
S2017 E42
4 Crazy stories that prove Larry Bird is the toughest player in NBA histo...
S2017 E43
The truth about parity in the NBA before Kevin Durant!
S2017 E44
How the Lebron James era may be coming to an end
S2017 E45
Did Lebron James create super teams? Has he ever played on one?
S2017 E46
The 4 likely/best destinations for Paul George
S2017 E47
2017 NBA free agency predictions
S2017 E48
3 ways the Rockets can create a big 3 with Chris Paul and James Harden!
S2017 E49
How Paul George's trade to the Thunder impacts the NBA!
S2017 E50
How the Gordon Hayward signing can help the Celtics become real contender...
S2017 E51
10 of the best teams in NBA 2k history
S2017 E52
How the NBA could've looked if Len Bias didn't die
S2017 E53
The myth that Lebron James deserved MVP over Derrick Rose in 2011
S2017 E54
5 of Paul Pierce's greatest playoff moments!
S2017 E55
The season that ended Kobe Bryant's career: His most underrated season ev...
S2017 E56
How a Kyrie Irving trade can ruin the NBA: Cavs must choose in Kobe & Sha...
S2017 E57
How NBA history shows that Kyrie Irving shouldn't be looking for his own ...
S2017 E58
How betting on Derrick Rose as the starting point guard could help the Ca...
S2017 E59
What if the Cavs & Warriors didn't play in the 2018 NBA season?
S2017 E60
7 Times NBA teams drafted a bust or role player right before a star playe...
S2017 E61
The biggest problems with the NBA "rings" argument
S2017 E62
Why NBA 2k17 is the worst 2k of all time #Make2kGreatAgain​
S2017 E63
Predicting NBA 2K18's 16 new historic teams!
S2017 E64
Why NBA Live 18 will be worth buying, but not better than 2k
S2017 E65
Predicting NBA 2K18's all time team starting lineups
S2017 E66
4 Likely scenarios for the 2018 NBA season
S2017 E67
NBA 2K18 All time team starting lineups part 2
S2017 E68
Kyrie Irving traded to Boston! No, the Celtics did not get finessed
S2017 E69
Evaluating NBA 2K18's 17 historic teams + 2K18 Giveaway winners!
S2017 E70
9 Random/Interesting/Pointless stats from NBA history!
S2017 E71
How these 4 NBA legends wasted their primes on terrible teams!
S2017 E72
The game that almost destroyed Kobe Bryant's legacy!
S2017 E73
From bottom feeders to potential NBA dynasty: The incredible luck that le...
S2017 E74
NBA 2K18 First impressions, will it live up to the hype?
S2017 E75
2 NBA players with great cases for the hall of fame despite fan opinion
S2017 E76
Carmelo Anthony traded to Thunder! OKC's unique, confusing big 3!
S2017 E77
Was Shaq & Kobe or Jordan & Pippen the better duo?
S2017 E78
The biggest questions the Cavaliers need to answer for the 2018 NBA seaso...
S2017 E79
The NBA has acknowledged that conferences suck, but they probably won't e...
S2017 E80
2018 NBA Eastern/Western conference predictions
S2017 E81
Gordon Hayward's injury is the worst thing to happen to the Celtics in de...
S2017 E82
How the Giannis Antetokounmpo takeover has begun!
S2017 E83
The NBA Trash talk all time starting 5
S2017 E84
The biggest surprises in the 2018 NBA season so far!
S2017 E85
4 NBA Player performances that are being slept on this season
S2017 E86
Was the 2001 ECF (Bucks vs Sixers) fixed by the NBA? Ray Allen thinks so!
S2017 E87
From MVP to possible retirement: A brief history of Derrick Rose's injuri...
S2017 E88
The most slept on “what if” duo in NBA history! How this potential dy...
S2017 E89
The King vs The Beard: Will James Harden lose his third MVP race?
S2017 E90
What if the '96 Bulls played the 2001 Lakers?
S2017 E91
Cases For The Greatest of All Time: Magic Johnson
S2017 E92
Insanely hard NBA quiz, NBA 2K Cover quiz and more!
S2017 E93
The ridiculous myth that Chris Paul is a choker
S2017 E94
The "One & Done" rule still needs to go, and Lavar Ball's league may chal...
S2017 E95
Here's how Lebron's stats may look when he retires (Statistical GOAT)
Season 2018
S2018 E01
10 of the dirtiest plays in NBA history!
S2018 E02
5 NBA legend duos that you forgot existed!
S2018 E03
4 of the NBA's greatest revenge games of all time!
S2018 E04
6 NBA What if scenarios that would've changed the 2000s (Part 1)
S2018 E05
6 NBA What if scenarios that would've changed the 2000s (Part 2)
S2018 E06
The Greatest NBA Playoff Series of All Time (Part 1)
S2018 E07
The simplest argument for Michael Jordan still being greater than Lebron ...
S2018 E08
The Greatest NBA Playoff Series of All Time (Part 2)
S2018 E09
The reasons why the NBA vetoed the Chris Paul Lakers trade (And why they ...
S2018 E10
The myth that Steph Curry is a choker in the NBA finals
S2018 E11
2018 Western conference NBA playoff bracket/predictions
S2018 E12
2018 Eastern conference NBA playoff bracket/predictions
S2018 E13
The truth behind the career of Kobe Bryant's Dad (And why you know nothin...
S2018 E14
The biggest surprises of the 2018 NBA Playoffs!
S2018 E15
5 Unfair criticisms of Lebron James' career
S2018 E16
The main reasons NBA 2K18 is already dead
S2018 E17
How the NBA looked the last time Lebron James missed the finals
S2018 E18
NBA 2K7 11 Years later: The beginning (Ranking the top 2Ks of all time P....
S2018 E19
NBA 2K8 10 years later: Downgrades (Ranking the top 2Ks of all time P.2)
S2018 E20
Why Lebron James is undoubtedly greater than Kobe Bryant
S2018 E21
How the NBA looked the last time the Spurs missed the playoffs
S2018 E22
The 5 biggest offseason moves in NBA history
S2018 E23
Lebron James signs with Lakers, what's the plan now?
S2018 E24
Demarcus Cousins actually broke the NBA (R.I.P 1946-2018)
S2018 E25
How the Cavaliers managed to lose Lebron James twice (Part 1)
S2018 E26
How the Cavaliers managed to lose Lebron James twice (Part 2)
S2018 E27
How The Magic Managed to Lose All 6 of Their Star Players Within 25 years...
S2018 E28
How the Nuggets Managed to Lose Carmelo Anthony: Lebron's Influence and a...
S2018 E29
Cases For The Greatest of All Time: Lebron James (Part 1)
S2018 E30
Cases For The Greatest of All Time: Lebron James (Part 2)
S2018 E31
Cases For The Greatest of All Time: Lebron James (Part 3)
S2018 E32
Cases For The Greatest of All Time: Lebron James (Part 4)
S2018 E33
How Demarcus Cousins Will Make The Warriors Offense (More) Unguardable
S2018 E34
How One Man Single-handedly Destroyed An NBA Franchise
S2018 E35
Derrick Rose's 50 Point Game: One Of The Most Beautiful Moments In NBA Hi...
S2018 E36
Jimmy Butler Traded To Sixers: A New Era In The East
S2018 E37
How The Dwight Howard Drama Is Most Likely Fake!
S2018 E38
3 Fun Facts About The 2019 NBA Season (So Far)
S2018 E39
Why This NBA Legend Would Absolutely Dominate The 2019 NBA Season
S2018 E40
The Top 5 MVP Candidates Of The 2019 NBA Season (So Far)
S2018 E41
The Top 5 Point Guards Of The 2019 NBA Season (Will Some of Them Be Trade...
S2018 E42
5 NBA Christmas Matchups That Would Be Better Than What Is Scheduled
S2018 E43
Steph Curry Is Not A Playmaker (Reacting To Terrible Takes On NBA Twitter...
S2018 E44
4 Players Shooting Threes Comparably To (Or Better Than) Klay Thompson! (...
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Anthony Davis is NOT a Superstar (Reacting To Terrible Takes On NBA Twitt...
S2019 E02
James Harden Is OVERRATED (Reacting To Terrible Takes On NBA Twitter)
S2019 E03
NBA Championships Do Not Matter (Reacting To Terrible Takes On NBA Twitte...
S2019 E04
DeMarcus Cousins Warriors Debut: 4 Things He Did Well (RIP NBA Again)
S2019 E05
Anthony Davis Trade Request: The 2019 NBA Offseason May Reshape The NBA
S2019 E06
Kristaps Porzingis Traded To Mavericks! The Knicks Just Risked It All
S2019 E07
The Unfortunate Career of Chris Paul: A Timeline
S2019 E08
One of The Most Unfortunate NBA Franchises Since The Year 2000: A Timelin...
S2019 E09
The Trade That Nearly Changed NBA History: The Story of Allen Iverson's B...
S2019 E10
How The Timberwolves Lost Kevin Garnett: A Timeline
S2019 E11
The Demise of The Chicago Bulls Dynasty (Why Michael Jordan Quit Before H...
S2019 E12
Why Were 6 Players Drafted Before Steph Curry? Where Are They Now?
S2019 E13
Why Were 14 Players Drafted Before Giannis Antetokounmpo? Where Are They ...
S2019 E14
Why Were 5 Players Drafted Before Damian Lillard? Where Are They Now?
S2019 E15
Why Were 12 Players Drafted Before Kobe Bryant? How Did Their Careers Tur...
S2019 E16
Why Was Greg Oden Drafted Before Kevin Durant? Where Is He Now?
S2019 E17
Why Were 14 Players Drafted Before Kawhi Leonard? Where Are They Now?
S2019 E18
Why Were 9 Players Drafted Before Paul George? Where Are They Now?
S2019 E19
Why Were 8 Players Drafted Before Tracy McGrady? How Did Their Careers Tu...
S2019 E20
Why Were 8 Players Drafted Before Dirk Nowitzki? How Did Their Careers Tu...
S2019 E21
Why Were 4 Players Drafted Before Dwyane Wade? How Did Their Careers Turn...
S2019 E22
The Shocking Truth Behind The OKC Thunder Curse: A Timeline
S2019 E23
Why Were 40 Players Drafted Before Nikola Jokic? (Rookie Season)
S2019 E24
James Harden, Chris Paul, And Steph Curry Have Legacy On The Line in This...
S2019 E25
The Quarter That Ended The Houston Rockets' Title Hopes: A Breakdown
S2019 E26
The Evolution of The NBA's Eastern Conference: A Timeline
S2019 E27
The Playoffs That Showed Damian Lillard Will Never Win In Portland: A Bre...
S2019 E28
How Lebron James Transformed Into a GOAT Finals Performer: A Breakdown (2...
S2019 E29
How Kobe Bryant Became A Champion Without Shaq: A Breakdown
S2019 E30
The Greatest Shot In NBA History - One Finals Moment: A Breakdown
S2019 E31
Why Were 26 Players Drafted Before Pascal Siakam? Where Are They Now?
S2019 E32
Anthony Davis Will (Not) Be the Best Teammate LeBron Ever Had (Sports Med...
S2019 E33
The Last Lakers Superteam, & How It Ruined Everything (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E34
Derrick Rose, & The 2011 MVP That He Definitely Deserved (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E35
Ranking NBA Championship Teams From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E36
The 2010s NBA Superteam Era, & It's End (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E37
NBA Memes From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E38
NBA Memes & Videos From The 2010s Part 2 (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E39
Ranking The NBA MVPs From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E40
Ranking The NBA Finals MVPs From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E41
Ranking NBA Rookie of The Years From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E42
Ranking NBA Playoff Series From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E43
Top 5 NBA Storylines Going Into The 2020s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E44
10 NBA Stars That Are Retiring In The 2020s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E45
Ranking NBA Draft Classes From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E46
Ranking The NBA's Most Iconic Shots From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E47
Ranking The NBA's Most Disrespectful Moments From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E48
Ranking The NBA's 1st Overall Picks From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E49
Why James Harden's New Move Is Actually AMAZING (& Not The End of The Wor...
S2019 E50
Zion Williamson Is Much More Than A Dunker (Here Are The Receipts)
S2019 E51
Ranking The NBA's Top 10 Point Guards of The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E52
8 NBA Players That Were Projected To Be Stars by 2020 (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E53
Ranking The NBA's Top 10 Shooting Guards of The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E54
Ranking The NBA's Top 10 Small Forwards of The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E55
Ranking The NBA's Top 10 Power Forwards of The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E56
Ranking The NBA's Top 10 Centers of The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E57
The Worst NBA Flops of The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E58
Ranking The NBA Seasons of The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E59
Ranking The NBA Finals Runner ups of The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
S2019 E60
Ranking NBA Dunk Contests From The 2010s (NBA 2010s)
Season 2020
S2020 E01
The Game Michael Jordan "Quit" That's Been Hidden In NBA History
S2020 E02
The Game Lebron James "Quit" & The Celtics "Broke" Him
S2020 E03
Why Were 12 Players Drafted Before Donovan Mitchell? How Are Their Career...
S2020 E04
Ranking The NBA MVPs From The 2000s (NBA 2000s)
S2020 E05
4 NBA Players Fans Will Regret Not Appreciating
S2020 E06
Here's What Winning The 2020 NBA Title Would Mean For Each Contender: Who...
S2020 E07
NBA 2K11 Is Still Being Supported 10 Years Later: (NBA 2K11 Remastered)
S2020 E08
Here's How Mods Make NBA 2K20 A Totally Different Experience!
S2020 E09
This NBA 2K12 Mod Is Every Basketball Fan's Wildest Dream Come True (Ulti...
S2020 E10
Here's Why Tim Duncan Had The Most Perfect Career In NBA History
S2020 E11
This 2010 Season Mod For NBA 2K20 Lets You Redo The Last Decade of NBA Hi...
S2020 E12
A Timeline of The NBA Western Conference In The Last Decade (NBA 2010s)
S2020 E13
A Timeline of The NBA Western Conference From 2014 - 2020 (NBA 2010s)
S2020 E14
The Game An Old Shaq "SCHOOLED" Dwight Howard - Superman Beef (NBA 2010s)
S2020 E15
A Reminder of How Far NBA 2K14 Graphics Jumped From Last Gen (NBA 2K21 Gr...
S2020 E16
I Reset The NBA Back To 1997, & Will Simulate To 2020 Or Further (1997 Se...
S2020 E17
Resetting The NBA To 1997, & Re-Simulating 20 Years of NBA History In NBA...
S2020 E18
The NBA's Doomsday Scenario: If Basketball Ended Until The 2022 Season
S2020 E19
Nobody Will Remember The Paul George & Russell Westbrook Duo: Here's Why ...
S2020 E20
Re-simulating NBA History: The 2003 Season (LBJ, Wade, Bosh Draft)
S2020 E21
After ReSimulating 10 Years In NBA 2K20, These CRAZY Teams Were Created!
S2020 E22
Here's How Winning A Championship In The NBA Bubble Looks (According To N...
S2020 E23
The 2020 NBA Season In NBA 2K11 (Realistic Results?)
S2020 E24
Building Lebron A Championship Team In His Rookie Year (Cavaliers "Rebuil...
S2020 E25
NBA 2008 Season Simulation (Lebron James Takeover!) - 1997-2020 Resim
S2020 E26
NBA 2009 Season Simulation (Deron Williams, Chris Paul Point GODS!) - 199...
S2020 E27
Lakers Clippers Will Be The CRAZIEST Playoff Series! - Lebron, Kawhi, & P...
S2020 E28
Damian Lillard & CJ NEED A Title Team! Look What They Do!
S2020 E29
10 of Kobe Bryant's Most Impossible Shots From The 2000s (NBA 2000s)
S2020 E30
LeBron James SNAPPED After Mario Chalmers Said This To Him! - The Full St...
S2020 E31
2020 NBA Playoff Predictions (First Round)
S2020 E32
This Fan Had Seen Almost ALL of NBA History! Here's What He Said (GOAT?)
S2020 E33
NBA Eastern Conference 2nd Round Predictions (Celtics Raptors, Heat Bucks...
S2020 E34
NBA Western Conference 2nd Round Predictions (Lakers Rockets, Nuggets Cli...
S2020 E35
The Parallels Between Lebron & Giannis Careers: What's Next?
S2020 E36
NBA Eastern Conference Finals Predictions (Celtics Heat)
S2020 E37
The Clippers Have Serious Problems Now, NBA Western Conference Finals Pre...
S2020 E38
NBA 2K21 Next Gen Possible News: This Sounds Crazy
S2020 E39
Is Lebron Chasing Jordan Down With Another Finals Win? (NBA Finals Predic...
S2020 E40
NBA 2K21 Next Gen Reveal: The Details I Noticed, & The GRAPHICS!
S2020 E41
You Thought Jimmy Butler Was Toxic, But He Is BRILLIANT (Jimmy's Career L...
S2020 E42
The Story of Lebron's 4th Ring: You Thought He Was Finished (Cases For Th...
S2020 E43
The Story of Lebron's 4th Ring: Heavy Is The Head (Cases For The Greatest...
S2020 E44
NBA 2K19 2 Years Later: There Were Good Intentions (Ranking the top 2Ks o...
S2020 E45
NBA 2K20 1 Year Later: That's Not The Neighborhood (Ranking the top 2Ks o...
S2020 E46
Ranking NBA 2K Games: Which Was The Worst? (Final, Official Rankings)
S2020 E47
Chris Paul Traded To Suns: Devin Booker Is Happy & Both Teams Did The Rig...
S2020 E48
The Bucks Have Done Everything To Keep Giannis: Jrue Holiday Trade
S2020 E49
What If Every All-Time NBA Team Played In A Season? (All-Time Team Sim)
S2020 E50
Here's How NBA 2K21 PC Mods Are Already Catching Up To Next Gen
S2020 E51
Here's Why Each of These Teams NEED To Trade For James Harden If They Can
S2020 E52
2021 NBA Western Conference Predictions (Yes, I'm Leaving THIS Former Con...
S2020 E53
2021 NBA Eastern Conference Predictions (Best East In Years)
S2020 E54
Here's Why Luka Doncic Will Win The 2021 MVP
S2020 E55
This is Kevin Durant's Career Story (So Far): Career Recap
S2020 E56
Here's Why The Steph Curry Narratives Are About To FLY This Season
S2020 E57
Is The NBA Hiding Its Best Passer From You?
Season 2021
S2021 E01
John Wall May Become Elite Again, And It Can Change EVERYTHING
S2021 E02
This Is The STEAL Of The NBA Draft, & He May Compete For Rookie Of The Ye...
S2021 E03
James Harden To The Nets Was The Right Move, But The Big 3 Era Is Back
S2021 E04
Here's How Tony Parker DESTROYED LeBron's Cavs In 2007 (NBA 2000s)
S2021 E05
This is James Harden's Career Story (So Far): Career Recap
S2021 E06
This is Kyrie Irving's Career Story (So Far): Career Recap
S2021 E07
This is Giannis Antetokounmpo's Career Story (So Far): Career Recap
S2021 E08
The Nets Defense Is Terrible, But It's Actually Worse Than You Think
S2021 E09
Is Ben Simmons The NBA's Best Defender? (Defensive Brilliance)
S2021 E10
The Top 7 NBA MVP Candidates So Far: Who's Leading?
S2021 E11
Ranking NBA Championship Teams From The 2000s (NBA 2000s)
S2021 E12
Ranking NBA Finals MVPs From The 2000s (NBA 2000s)
S2021 E13
What Really Happened When Tim Duncan Went Missing At This Critical Moment...
S2021 E14
This is Steph Curry's Career Story (So Far): Career Recap
S2021 E15
This is Steph Curry's Career Story (So Far): The Golden Era
S2021 E16
You Stopped Caring About Zion Williamson, But He Is ELITE, & Breaking Def...
S2021 E17
The Nets Already Had A Secret Weapon, You Were Mad At The Wrong News
S2021 E18
Here's How Jokic & Aaron Gordon Are Taking Teams Apart, & Transforming Th...
S2021 E19
Why Nikola Jokic is the Most VALUABLE Player In The NBA
S2021 E20
What If Important Moments In NBA History Were REVERSED?
S2021 E21
Chris Paul Is The Worst Loser Career Wise (Reacting To Terrible Takes On ...
S2021 E22
The Great Playoff Games That Nearly Erased The 2004 Pistons From History ...
S2021 E23
The Greatest NBA Playoff Series of All Time (Part 3)
S2021 E24
The Greatest NBA Playoff Series of All Time (Part 4)
S2021 E25
The Greatest NBA Playoff Series of All Time (Part 5)
S2021 E26
Ben Simmons Is Done.
S2021 E27
This Is Russell Westbrook's Last Chance
S2021 E28
Kyrie Is About To Do This
S2021 E29
Kyrie Must Choose, Time Is Up
S2021 E30
Giannis Is Ready To End EVERYTHING
S2021 E31
This Isn't How You Treat Your Young Star Players
S2021 E32
This Will Be HUGE For The Warriors
S2021 E33
These (Bad) Things Happened To The Lakers...
S2021 E34
No More Fouls..
S2021 E35
When The Media Ignores Your Struggles..
S2021 E36
The Warriors Are Doing It Again..
S2021 E37
This Defense Is SHATTERING Expectations
S2021 E38
This Play Sums Up The Lakers Defense
S2021 E39
The Untold Story Of Steph Curry & Chris Paul
Season 2022
S2022 E01
This Looks Extremely Familiar..
S2022 E02
There Are 6 NBA Teams That Can Win The Championship..
S2022 E03
How The Nets Big 3 Fell Apart
S2022 E04
This Is The 2022 NBA Season So Far..
S2022 E05
This Is WAY Too Difficult To Stop..
S2022 E06
The NBA's Greatest Defense (By FAR) In 2022
S2022 E07
He Cooked An NBA Legend, & Is Improving QUICKLY
S2022 E08
The 2022 NBA MVP Race In A Nutshell..
S2022 E09
The Jazz Remain A Deeply Unserious & Incapable Playoff Team
S2022 E10
Nikola Jokic Discourse Is Insufferable In 2022
S2022 E11
The Value of Not Calling THE Timeout
S2022 E12
Here We Are AGAIN..
S2022 E13
The Story Of The Celtics & Nets 2022 Playoff Series
S2022 E14
The Story Of The Heat & Hawks 2022 Playoff Series
S2022 E15
The Story Of The Warriors & Nuggets 2022 Playoff Series
S2022 E16
The Story Of The Mavericks & Jazz 2022 Playoff Series
S2022 E17
These Are The 2022 NBA Playoffs After Round One
S2022 E18
This Is Actually The Worst Loss Ever..
S2022 E19
These Are The 2022 NBA Playoffs After Round Two
S2022 E20
The Greatest 4th Quarter Turnaround In NBA Finals History
S2022 E21
The Warriors Dynasty Explained In 15 Minutes (So Far..)
S2022 E22
Clyde Drexler Told Me HOW The Blazers Missed Michael Jordan
S2022 E23
A Kobe Bryant Story.
S2022 E24
The Warriors Just RUINED Basketball
Episode 1
NBA2K: Top 10 plays that happened after I left YouTube
Episode 2
NBA Generations Mix - 7 Years
Episode 3
Paul George Ft. Inky Johnson - Return story motivation video
Episode 4
12,725 (or more) subscriber Q&A!
Episode 5
NBA 2016-2017 season mix - Wings HD
Episode 6
My awkward Ray Allen story, what I think of Chris Smoove, Lavar Ball, and...
Episode 7
Dom2k face reveal, 2nd channel, NBA 2k18 Gold giveaway, new website!
Episode 8
NBA 2K through the years (2K7-2K18)
Episode 9
Dom2k accused of cheating by salty opponent in NBA2K18 online! (NBA 2K Tr...
Episode 10
What is Kevin Durant's legacy? My most embarrassing moment on a court and...
Episode 11
This Could End My Channel, But Here's The Truth About NBA YouTube (Partne...
Episode 12
Kobe Bryant's Death, And Mourning..
Episode 13
The 2020 NBA Season Is Suspended: What Happens Now to The League & NBA Yo...
Episode 14
Chris Smoove vs Mike Korzemba (Ft. The Legend of Shaded Kobe & Other Lege...
Episode 15
7 Minutes of NBA 2K21 PC Mods Embarrassing Next Gen Consoles (PC vs PS5)
Episode 16
I Asked Paul George About Steph Curry & Other Things
Episode 17
I Went To Hate On The Bucks In Person For Game 6..
Episode 18
I Went To Personally Ensure The Heat's Downfall In Game 7..
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