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2014 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  1064 episodes
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Vox helps you cut through the noise and understand what's driving events in the headlines and in our lives.
  Previously Aired Episode
The world's biggest wave, explained Aired on 05/13/2022
The world's biggest wave, explained
Season 2022: Episode 33
Season 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Vox: Understand The News
S2014 E02
How Obamacare's individual mandate works
S2014 E03
Is another mass extinction on the horizon?
S2014 E04
How is the world getting better? Charles Kenny explains
S2014 E05
Stop freaking out about the debt
S2014 E06
Why the government should provide internet access
S2014 E07
How Obamacare will change health insurance forever
S2014 E08
How single-payer health care works, in 2 minutes
S2014 E09
Tax Day doesn't have to suck
S2014 E10
Mark Kleiman on how legalized pot would change America
S2014 E11
How bitcoin is like the internet in the 80s
S2014 E12
Why presidential leadership can't solve gridlock
S2014 E13
Keystone XL: The climate fight in miniature
S2014 E14
Competent women are getting bypassed by overconfident men
S2014 E15
How wealth inequality is dangerous for America
S2014 E16
Timothy Geithner on the Great Recession
S2014 E17
The decline of American democracy in one graph
S2014 E18
Why conspiracy theories are rational to believe
S2014 E19
How a bill really becomes a law: What Schoolhouse Rock missed
S2014 E20
Nancy Pelosi on the Affordable Care Act
S2014 E21
10 things they don't talk about at graduation
S2014 E22
The case for letting nurse practitioners do more
S2014 E23
The simplest explanation for Eric Cantor's defeat
S2014 E24
Vaccines do not cause autism, they save lives
S2014 E25
The naked mole rat may help us cure cancer
S2014 E26
A brief history of ISIS
S2014 E27
Three big reasons war is going away
S2014 E28
Simple things you can do to live longer
S2014 E29
What is a Super PAC and should it be legal?
S2014 E30
Are Republicans and big business headed for divorce?
S2014 E31
Weed is not more dangerous than alcohol
S2014 E32
America's child migrant crisis explained
S2014 E33
Why is John Boehner suing President Obama?
S2014 E34
The real Piper of 'Orange Is The New Black' on how prison is broken
S2014 E35
The economic benefits of being beautiful
S2014 E36
Should America offer reparations for slavery?
S2014 E37
The Israel-Gaza crisis, explained in 3 minutes
S2014 E38
Should NCAA players be paid?
S2014 E39
What made North Korea so bizarre
S2014 E40
Mark Bittman on what's wrong with food in America
S2014 E41
220 years of US population changes in one map
S2014 E42
The 60-second case against time zones
S2014 E43
What US airstrikes mean for Iraq's crisis
S2014 E44
Does Megalodon still exist? Shark Week debunked
S2014 E45
The roots of unrest in Ferguson
S2014 E46
The racism of the US justice system in 10 charts
S2014 E47
Ezra Klein explains the ice bucket challenge
S2014 E48
Dr. Oz's three biggest weight loss lies, debunked
S2014 E49
An earthquake in the developing world vs. the US
S2014 E50
The final scene of the Sopranos, annotated
S2014 E51
Why Russia is invading Ukraine, explained in 2 minutes
S2014 E52
The NFL's concussion crisis, explained
S2014 E53
As if teachers' jobs aren't hard enough, they're asked to fix poverty, to...
S2014 E54
Why Apple iPhone announcements dominate the news
S2014 E55
ISIS in Obama's own words: from a joke to war in 9 months
S2014 E56
How this Ebola outbreak became the worst we've ever seen
S2014 E57
Chart: Lawmaking has a liberal bias
S2014 E58
The US is bombing Syria to destroy ISIS. Here's why that won't work.
S2014 E59
11 mind-blowing facts about American health care dysfunction
S2014 E60
What it's like living in a country ravaged by Ebola
S2014 E61
The protests in Hong Kong, explained in 2 minutes
S2014 E62
The most important chart of 2014, explained in under a minute
S2014 E63
Dylan McDermott is the Nicolas Cage of television
S2014 E64
Why recording the police is so important
S2014 E65
Why you should get a flu shot every year
S2014 E66
What's the smallest thing the human eye can see?
S2014 E67
What will determine the 2014 midterms, explained in 8 bits
S2014 E68
Do political ads on TV actually work?
S2014 E69
Let's be calm and keep Ebola in perspective
S2014 E70
Why an Ebola travel ban is a bad idea
S2014 E71
The fascinating process of human decomposition
S2014 E72
The 2014 midterm elections: 5 big takeaways
S2014 E73
Personhood lost the midterms, but pro-life is winning the war
S2014 E74
The huge new threat to Obamacare, explained in 2 minutes
S2014 E75
Why do people run the marathon? I ran one to find out.
S2014 E76
How we landed on a comet 300 million miles away
S2014 E77
Basic income, explained
S2014 E78
How silkworms make silk
S2014 E79
Obama's executive action on immigration, explained in 2 minutes
S2014 E80
Why it's so rare for police to be prosecuted for killing civilians
S2014 E81
The better way to board an airplane
S2014 E82
11 reasons we should all move to Sweden
S2014 E83
Why even Jon Stewart couldn’t joke about the Eric Garner case
S2014 E84
Why gas prices are so low right now
S2014 E85
Discovery's "Eaten Alive" fact-checked by an actual snake scientist
S2014 E86
One sentence that proves the American torture program was a national disg...
S2014 E87
The Grand Canyon filling with fog – and why – in 60 seconds
S2014 E88
2014, explained in 4 minutes
S2014 E89
The math of being a Lyft driver
S2014 E90
Why the Cuba embargo should end
S2014 E91
A visual tour of the world's CO2 emissions
S2014 E92
What does the Bible say about the first Christmas?
S2014 E93
11 fascinating bills from other currencies
S2014 E94
7 ways the world is getting better
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Third parties are the underpants gnomes of American politics
S2015 E02
Charlie Hebdo’s most famous cartoons, translated and explained
S2015 E03
The emotional roller-coaster of gas prices
S2015 E04
The myth of race, debunked in 3 minutes
S2015 E05
Watch the world's first lab-grown human muscle flex
S2015 E06
Hints and details from the Avengers trailer
S2015 E07
The Oscars' horrible lack of diversity, explained in 2 minutes
S2015 E08
Obama's 2015 State of the Union, in 4 minutes
S2015 E09
The 6 most important sentences from Obama's State of the Union
S2015 E10
Meet the enormous boats that carry your stuff
S2015 E11
The problem with American Sniper, explained
S2015 E12
9 facts about medical errors you should know before entering a hospital
S2015 E13
Believe it or not, flying is safer than ever
S2015 E14
Obama on the state of the world: the extended Vox conversation
S2015 E15
Obama on American politics and economy: the extended Vox conversation
S2015 E16
The origins of the anti-vaccine movement
S2015 E17
Boko Haram and the crisis in Nigeria, explained
S2015 E18
The anatomy of Taylor Swift’s “Style”
S2015 E19
The myth of the "supermale" and the extra Y chromosome
S2015 E20
The FCC’s new net neutrality rules, explained in 172 seconds
S2015 E21
Why Kevin Spacey's accent in House of Cards sounds off
S2015 E22
The scariest chart in America
S2015 E23
Netanyahu's argument to Congress about Iran, explained in 2 minutes
S2015 E24
Obamacare's Supreme Court arguments, explained in 2 minutes
S2015 E25
The 3 most important parts of Obama's emotional speech in Selma
S2015 E26
Here's what happens to your knuckles when you crack them
S2015 E27
The best cat videos come from the wild
S2015 E28
Cory Booker: US criminal justice is creating a "caste system"
S2015 E29
This new type of 3D printing was inspired by Terminator 2
S2015 E30
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s wonderful world of color
S2015 E31
What most people miss about the war in Ukraine
S2015 E32
Why March Madness is more exciting than the NBA
S2015 E33
Frenemies: a story of Iran, Israel and the United States
S2015 E34
Baseball games are longer than ever. Here's why.
S2015 E35
Why Mad Men is a show like no other
S2015 E36
What I learned by befriending Iranians on Facebook
S2015 E37
Pro-choice or pro-life? 39% of Americans don't pick a side.
S2015 E38
Why Common Core math problems look so weird
S2015 E39
How did pink become a girly color?
S2015 E40
ISIS is losing. Watch how and why it's happening.
S2015 E41
This single shot in Daredevil is the best fight scene in years
S2015 E42
Is it time to retire the police sketch?
S2015 E43
Life as a transgender woman
S2015 E44
Why we learn to love spicy food
S2015 E45
5 human activities you can see from space
S2015 E46
Pigeons are gross. They're also wildly underrated.
S2015 E47
The quiet epidemic of soldiers haunted by what they did during wartime
S2015 E48
Vox tried Soylent so that you don’t have to
S2015 E49
Why the Daily Show had to change
S2015 E50
This is the world's deadliest border
S2015 E51
Tom Brady's Deflategate explained in 90 seconds
S2015 E52
Why does the US have 800 military bases around the world?
S2015 E53
Expensive wine is for suckers
S2015 E54
How space wreaks havoc on the human body
S2015 E55
What Bill Gates is afraid of
S2015 E56
Why fewer computer graphics make for better movies
S2015 E57
How Bernie Sanders is winning the Internet
S2015 E58
It's not you. Claw machines are rigged.
S2015 E59
Game of Thrones is secretly all about climate change
S2015 E60
Tracking down the sneeze that started seasonal flu
S2015 E61
Jurassic Park was ahead of its time. Jurassic World is not.
S2015 E62
Why Iranian women are posting pictures of their uncovered hair
S2015 E63
How prosthetics went from peg legs to biolimbs
S2015 E64
Vladimir Putin's topless photos, explained
S2015 E65
7 years, 7 mass shootings, 7 distraught speeches from Obama
S2015 E66
The Charleston shooting is part of a long history of anti-black terrorism
S2015 E67
The real voice of Siri explains the art of voiceover
S2015 E68
How infant self-rescue classes work
S2015 E69
The march of marriage equality
S2015 E70
Activist Bree Newsome takes down Confederate Flag at South Carolina State...
S2015 E71
Anatomy of a makeover movie
S2015 E72
What it's like to have no sense of taste or smell
S2015 E73
How saber-toothed cats grew their mouth swords
S2015 E74
How the euro caused the Greek crisis
S2015 E75
Peas in guacamole: a taste test
S2015 E76
ISIS videos are sickening. They’re also really effective.
S2015 E77
Do no harm | trailer
S2015 E78
Do no harm: Some hospitals let a preventable infection kill their patient...
S2015 E79
NASA's incredible mission to Pluto, explained
S2015 E80
Every Serena Williams win comes with a side of racism and sexism
S2015 E81
How the Iran nuclear deal works, explained in 3 minutes
S2015 E82
Donald Trump is trolling the Republican Party
S2015 E83
How to confront a war criminal
S2015 E84
How a 15-year-old solved a Rubik's Cube in 5.25 seconds
S2015 E85
Here are the Pluto pics we've waited 85 years for
S2015 E86
Why babies in medieval paintings look like ugly old men
S2015 E87
Bernie Sanders: The Vox Conversation
S2015 E88
Why Bernie Sanders worries America is becoming an oligarchy
S2015 E89
Bernie Sanders: Republicans are an "embarrassment" on climate change
S2015 E90
Bernie Sanders: "Open borders? That's a Koch brothers proposal"
S2015 E91
Why are weddings so damn expensive?
S2015 E92
The Planned Parenthood controversy over fetal body parts, explained
S2015 E93
Why you're seeing a face in this purse
S2015 E94
Turns out primary debates matter way more than the generals
S2015 E95
How gun control could help prevent suicides
S2015 E96
Asian flush, explained
S2015 E97
The reason every meme uses that one font
S2015 E98
The #1 reason people die early, in each country
S2015 E99
Things we can't explain: Donald Trump's board game
S2015 E100
The unseen face of meth use
S2015 E101
Want faster wifi? Here are 5 weirdly easy tips.
S2015 E102
Voices of Katrina: Survivors remember the day their lives changed forever
S2015 E103
What undercover videos tell us about meat in America
S2015 E104
How mandatory minimums helped drive mass incarceration
S2015 E105
6 signs your dentist might be ripping you off
S2015 E106
The shameful US response to the Syrian refugee crisis, by the numbers
S2015 E107
Cursive handwriting is dying. But some politicians refuse to accept it.
S2015 E108
The new NFL extra point rule that could change football
S2015 E109
How scientists discovered Homo naledi, the new human ancestor
S2015 E110
The new frontier of LGBTQ civil rights, explained
S2015 E111
Color film was built for white people. Here's what it did to dark skin.
S2015 E112
This is Cuba's Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet
S2015 E113
Gerrymandering: How politicians rig elections
S2015 E114
These 11 voice actors play more than 100 Simpsons characters
S2015 E115
Ta Prohm’s haunting ruins are also a 1,000-year-old climate change warn...
S2015 E116
Castro hates the internet, so Cubans created their own
S2015 E117
Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless
S2015 E118
Benghazi, the attack and the scandal, explained
S2015 E119
Thin underwater cables hold the internet. See a map of them all.
S2015 E120
Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone
S2015 E121
Why Cuban cab drivers earn more than doctors
S2015 E122
Republican Fight Night: Wait, who are all these people?
S2015 E123
The hallucinogens that might have sparked the Salem witch trials
S2015 E124
Soul patches, explained
S2015 E125
Guy Fawkes Day: explained
S2015 E126
James Bond’s espionage career, in one map
S2015 E127
The University of Missouri situation, explained
S2015 E128
The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see
S2015 E129
How a swarm of honeybees cook a giant hornet alive
S2015 E130
The Paris attack: How the world is responding
S2015 E131
Why ISIS would attack Paris
S2015 E132
NASA is hiring astronauts. Do you qualify?
S2015 E133
Shut up about the y-axis. It shouldn’t always start at zero.
S2015 E134
Turkeys have gotten ridiculously large since the 1940s
S2015 E135
They lost parents in 9/11. Here's their message for Paris.
S2015 E136
How the first nude movies were made
S2015 E137
The math problem that stumped thousands of mansplainers
S2015 E138
America's gun problem, explained in 90 seconds
S2015 E139
Why outlet stores aren’t as good a deal as they seem
S2015 E140
How the DEA invented "narco-terrorism"
S2015 E141
Une brève histoire de la guerre Syrienne
S2015 E142
Learn these 8 Scrabble words to supercharge your game
S2015 E143
Re-reading is inefficient. Here are 5 tips for studying smarter.
S2015 E144
The World War II meme that circled the world
S2015 E145
What people get wrong about climate change
S2015 E146
El Niño is back. Here's how it works.
S2015 E147
The rise of ISIS, explained in 6 minutes
S2015 E148
Fear and loathing at a Trump rally
S2015 E149
2015 in 4 minutes
S2015 E150
SantaCon's surprising roots in Danish performance art
S2015 E151
Why alcohol doesn't come with nutrition facts
S2015 E152
What makes a truly great logo
S2015 E153
How Momofuku Ando invented instant ramen
S2015 E154
Why Mormons identify with Syrian refugees
S2015 E155
Welcome to Vox
S2015 E156
Obama on why income inequality has skyrocketed
S2015 E157
Obama on why he’s such a polarizing president
S2015 E158
Obama on the goal of his foreign policy
S2015 E159
Obama on what most Americans get wrong about foreign aid
Season 2016
S2016 E01
The poison-eating heroes who helped make food safe
S2016 E02
The Oregon standoff, explained in 3 minutes
S2016 E03
How Chipotle made hundreds of people barf
S2016 E04
Want a happier marriage? Share the housework equally.
S2016 E05
The world has never eradicated a parasite. But Jimmy Carter is about to.
S2016 E06
The school-to-prison pipeline, explained
S2016 E07
David Bowie, remembered in 9 songs that sampled him
S2016 E08
Obama's 2016 State of the Union, in four minutes
S2016 E09
The racist history of US immigration policy
S2016 E10
The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see
S2016 E11
The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history
S2016 E12
Flint's water crisis, explained in 3 minutes
S2016 E13
Why your laptop charger is so hot
S2016 E14
How the Iowa caucus works
S2016 E15
Why Yankee Doodle called it "macaroni"
S2016 E16
Hip-Hop is political again. Here's why.
S2016 E17
Save the salamanders, unsung heroes of the forest
S2016 E18
Better sleep: a 2-minute guide
S2016 E19
The Zika virus, explained
S2016 E20
Why Teddy Roosevelt killed 512 animals on safari
S2016 E21
How one man held his breath for 23 minutes
S2016 E22
How the NFL's magic yellow line works
S2016 E23
Primary elections are surprisingly new. Here's where they came from.
S2016 E24
Pennies are useless. Here's who's fighting to keep them alive.
S2016 E25
How Iran's election could make history
S2016 E26
How the heart became ♥
S2016 E27
Astronaut ice cream is a lie
S2016 E28
Why aren't all the primaries on the same day?
S2016 E29
Broad City's weird and wonderful world of jokes
S2016 E30
Bernie Sanders' accent, explained
S2016 E31
Donald Trump's rise is a scary moment in America
S2016 E32
The state of gun violence in the US, explained in 18 charts
S2016 E33
What exactly is a brokered convention?
S2016 E34
It's not you. Bad doors are everywhere.
S2016 E35
How leap year works
S2016 E36
How seapunk went from meme to mainstream
S2016 E37
Primary voters don't really look like America
S2016 E38
How architecture changes for the Deaf
S2016 E39
The R-rated Oregon Trail
S2016 E40
Afrofuturism mixes sci-fi and social justice. Here’s how it works.
S2016 E41
Bosses steal billions from workers. Here's how one woman fought back.
S2016 E42
Why voting in 2016 could be nearly impossible for some Americans
S2016 E43
Painkillers now kill more Americans than any illegal drug
S2016 E44
Why people never smiled in old photos
S2016 E45
Why the Wingdings font exists
S2016 E46
Stop taking antibiotics to treat your cold
S2016 E47
The kiss cam, behind the scenes
S2016 E48
Donald Trump’s message is violent to its core
S2016 E49
Proof of evolution that you can find on your body
S2016 E50
28 times TV winked at its favorite films
S2016 E51
Why over-the-counter birth control is so necessary
S2016 E52
Why ISIS attacked Brussels
S2016 E53
How "the robot" became the greatest novelty dance of all time
S2016 E54
Justin Trudeau is pretty sure you won't move to Canada
S2016 E55
We’ve hit peak lens flare. Here’s how it started.
S2016 E56
The burden of war falls on fewer Americans than ever before
S2016 E57
Comedian Lauren Lapkus’s oddball characters, in 3 minutes
S2016 E58
When the BBC won April Fools' Day in 1957
S2016 E59
Justin Trudeau on feminism, fatherhood, and Ryan Gosling memes
S2016 E60
How much do conservatives dislike Trump? We put them to the test.
S2016 E61
The Panama Papers, explained with piggy banks
S2016 E62
Our sterile homes might be giving us seasonal allergies
S2016 E63
The pneumatic tube's strange 150-year journey
S2016 E64
A brief history of America and Cuba
S2016 E65
How deterrence is changing, explained by Defense Secretary Ash Carter
S2016 E66
How a TV show gets made
S2016 E67
New York turns up for a lot. Just not to the ballot box.
S2016 E68
We called random Swedes. They told us about … foraging?
S2016 E69
Why you're safer on a bike share than a regular bike
S2016 E70
Yellowface is a bad look, Hollywood
S2016 E71
Prince, remembered in 11 songs you might not know he wrote
S2016 E72
The most famous baboons on the internet
S2016 E73
Americans feel passionate about abortion but don't know much about it
S2016 E74
Vikings never wore horned helmets. Here's why people thought they did.
S2016 E75
How big government helps big dairy sell milk
S2016 E76
Why Donald Trump can't become "moderate"
S2016 E77
Giving birth costs a lot. Hospitals won't tell you how much.
S2016 E78
The world's greatest internet troll explains his craft
S2016 E79
Motherhood, explained by the experts: our moms
S2016 E80
Hope Solo is done being told the wage gap isn't real
S2016 E81
How highways wrecked American cities
S2016 E82
The bad map we see every presidential election
S2016 E83
When running was for weirdos
S2016 E84
Rapping, deconstructed: The best rhymers of all time
S2016 E85
Authoritarianism: The political science that explains Trump
S2016 E86
Why Obama is one of the most consequential presidents in American history
S2016 E87
The real secret to sushi isn't fish
S2016 E88
Meet this year’s youngest Spelling Bee competitor
S2016 E89
When carmakers taunted horses
S2016 E90
Late sleeper? Blame your genes.
S2016 E91
The business of GIFs: Then and now
S2016 E92
Transgender bathroom bills technically force men into women's bathrooms. ...
S2016 E93
Muhammad Ali's biggest fights were outside the ring
S2016 E94
How They Might Be Giants influenced art-rapper Open Mike Eagle
S2016 E95
The big fight over Coexist
S2016 E96
Time travel in Game of Thrones, explained
S2016 E97
The Orlando mass shooting is a reminder of why Pride is so important
S2016 E98
Why truffles can cost $2,500 per pound
S2016 E99
Airplane black boxes, explained
S2016 E100
The Oxford comma's unlikely origin
S2016 E101
How long it takes to shoot and reload different guns
S2016 E102
Kim Kardashian's greatest talent
S2016 E103
50 Million Americans live with disabilities – so why ignore their vote?
S2016 E104
The United Kingdom is leaving the EU. Here's what that means.
S2016 E105
2016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t want the world to see
S2016 E106
How Snapchat's filters work
S2016 E107
The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight
S2016 E108
How Brexit could actually make the EU stronger
S2016 E109
Proxemics: the study of personal space
S2016 E110
Why Hollywood keeps making terrible sequels
S2016 E111
Watch what really happens after the Running of the Bulls
S2016 E112
Why no aquarium has a great white shark
S2016 E113
Hillary Clinton: The Vox Conversation
S2016 E114
This is how the NRA swings elections
S2016 E115
Why so many queer female characters die on TV
S2016 E116
Why red light cameras are a scam
S2016 E117
Turkey's failed military coup, explained
S2016 E118
Melania Trump (2016) vs Michelle Obama (2008)
S2016 E119
This plane could cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours. Why did it fail?
S2016 E120
How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump
S2016 E121
How free games are designed to make money
S2016 E122
Political polarization is making dating worse
S2016 E123
We have 1 million subscribers. OMFG.
S2016 E124
How LSD and shrooms could help treat anxiety, addiction and depression
S2016 E125
Ancient Romans had yummy condiments. Here’s a recipe.
S2016 E126
We made a Bernie and Hillary fan assemble IKEA furniture together
S2016 E127
Donald Trump's threat to dismantle NATO, explained
S2016 E128
Inside Rio’s favelas, the city's neglected neighborhoods
S2016 E129
Let’s face it — American breakfast is really dessert
S2016 E130
Why women’s clothing sizes don’t make sense
S2016 E131
How Queen got Trump to stop using their music
S2016 E132
The remarkable discovery of microbial life
S2016 E133
Fencing, explained
S2016 E134
Yes, race walking is an Olympic sport. Here’s how it works.
S2016 E135
Why Elon Musk says we're living in a simulation
S2016 E136
How Stranger Things got its retro title sequence
S2016 E137
Sexist coverage steals the show at 2016 Olympics
S2016 E138
The "natural" label on your food is baloney
S2016 E139
The hippest internet cafe of 1995
S2016 E140
How technology has changed the definition of death
S2016 E141
Why you shouldn't drive slowly in the left lane
S2016 E142
How Americans got stuck with endless drug ads
S2016 E143
Gene Wilder's greatest quality was his comedic generosity
S2016 E144
Kanye, deconstructed: The human voice as the ultimate instrument
S2016 E145
Where the "comic book font" came from
S2016 E146
What people miss about the gender wage gap
S2016 E147
Understanding how Hillary Clinton would govern
S2016 E148
Mercury retrograde, explained WITHOUT astrology
S2016 E149
Products that promise "detox" are a sham. Yes, all of them.
S2016 E150
Why red means Republican and blue means Democrat
S2016 E151
Homer Simpson: An economic analysis
S2016 E152
Israeli settlements, explained | Settlements Part I
S2016 E153
How the Mona Lisa became so overrated
S2016 E154
The 1995 Hubble photo that changed astronomy
S2016 E155
Democrats are in deep trouble — even if Hillary Clinton wins
S2016 E156
Why Israeli settlements don’t feel like a conflict zone | Settlements P...
S2016 E157
Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars
S2016 E158
Why the Lincoln Memorial was almost never built
S2016 E159
The formula for selling a million-dollar work of art
S2016 E160
Settlers are taking over East Jerusalem one house at a time
S2016 E161
Colombia’s fragile peace, explained
S2016 E162
Fixing the debates: a better way to interrupt
S2016 E163
America’s creepy clown craze, explained
S2016 E164
Why rappers love Grey Poupon
S2016 E165
Would you use time travel to kill baby Hitler?
S2016 E166
Harry Potter and the translator's nightmare
S2016 E167
Consent, explained for Donald Trump
S2016 E168
Hillary Clinton’s 3 presidential debate performances left the Trump cam...
S2016 E169
Magic Eye: The optical illusion, explained
S2016 E170
The Taliban hostages you’ve never heard of
S2016 E171
Everything else on your ballot, explained
S2016 E172
Why Americans with disabilities struggle to vote
S2016 E173
How you could get away with murder in Yellowstone’s “Zone of Death"
S2016 E174
How a mathematician dissects a coincidence
S2016 E175
How Donald Trump thinks about foreign policy
S2016 E176
Want to rig the US presidential election? Good luck.
S2016 E177
An American-Muslim comedian on being typecast as a terrorist
S2016 E178
We imagined a woke male feminist president. He sounds like this.
S2016 E179
What 33,000 pages of leaked emails teach us about Hillary Clinton
S2016 E180
From white supremacy to Barack Obama: The history of the Democratic Party
S2016 E181
6 ways your voting rights could be violated on Election Day
S2016 E182
Neo-Nazis explain why they like Donald Trump
S2016 E183
Donald Trump's success reveals a frightening weakness in American democra...
S2016 E184
What to watch for on election night
S2016 E185
It’s now on America’s institutions – and Republicans – to check...
S2016 E186
Someday: The long fight for a female president
S2016 E187
The hard life of India's illegal sewer cleaners
S2016 E188
How streets, roads, and avenues are different
S2016 E189
Muslim NYPD chaplain: saluted in uniform, harassed as a civilian
S2016 E190
7 ways a trip to Mars could kill you
S2016 E191
How zip codes helped organize America
S2016 E192
How repealing Obamacare could change millions of lives
S2016 E193
What does it mean to be Muslim? There are 1.7 billion answers.
S2016 E194
The hidden war over grocery shelf space
S2016 E195
How America became a superpower
S2016 E196
Sweet potatoes and yams: What's the difference?
S2016 E197
This Muslim American was shot after 9/11. Then he fought to save his atta...
S2016 E198
How China is changing Hollywood
S2016 E199
Why blackface is still part of Dutch holidays
S2016 E200
Why all world maps are wrong
S2016 E201
The fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline, explained
S2016 E202
Tired of being bullied, this “MuslimGirl” found a way for Muslim wome...
S2016 E203
Fuel is cheap. Why are we still paying to check bags?
S2016 E204
How David Blaine barfs frogs
S2016 E205
How the screens inside movies build fictional worlds
S2016 E206
The US may be aiding war crimes in Yemen
S2016 E207
This Muslim journalist challenges power – from Standing Rock to Donald ...
S2016 E208
How cars went from boxy to curvy
S2016 E209
The fall of Aleppo, explained
S2016 E210
One helpful rule for being a Muslim on the internet – don’t read the ...
S2016 E211
How one of America's least healthy counties got so sick
S2016 E212
The chord that makes Christmas music sound so Christmassy
S2016 E213
Why cities should plant more trees
S2016 E214
The US nuclear arsenal is a gigantic accident waiting to happen
S2016 E215
2016, in 5 minutes
S2016 E216
How I memorized an entire chapter from “Moby Dick”
S2016 E217
South Sudan may be heading towards genocide
S2016 E218
Obama on Obamacare: Vox interviews the president on January 6
S2016 E219
Fake news wasn’t the biggest media problem of 2016
S2016 E220
President Barack Obama interview with Ezra Klein and Sarah Kliff about Ob...
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Why American TV needs a Muslim Modern Family
S2017 E02
The battle over for-profit colleges, explained
S2017 E03
How this guy found 83 messages in bottles
S2017 E04
After San Bernardino, this couple fought Islamophobia with doughnuts and ...
S2017 E05
How the inventor of Mario designs a game
S2017 E06
How Vladimir Putin won Republicans' approval
S2017 E07
Before organizing the Women’s March on Washington, Linda Sarsour fought...
S2017 E08
Obamacare in Trump country
S2017 E09
What the best inaugural addresses have in common
S2017 E10
Republicans have one major problem on Obamacare
S2017 E11
Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump: inaugural crowds
S2017 E12
Donald Trump's conflicts of interest span the globe
S2017 E13
A beginner’s guide to hijabs
S2017 E14
Women haven’t forgotten what Trump said during the campaign
S2017 E15
The incredible sport of cup stacking, explained
S2017 E16
This jet fighter is a disaster, but Congress keeps buying it
S2017 E17
Democrats won the most votes. Why aren’t they acting like it?
S2017 E18
How should the media cover a White House that isn't afraid to lie?
S2017 E19
Why cartoon characters wear gloves
S2017 E20
Trump's immigration ban actually makes it harder to fight terrorism
S2017 E21
How NFL rule changes made linemen gigantic
S2017 E22
Minecraft isn't just a game. It's an art form.
S2017 E23
What Donald Trump doesn't understand about trade
S2017 E24
How one woman used fashion to reclaim her Muslim American identity
S2017 E25
Do I have ADHD?
S2017 E26
Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first US Olympian to wear a hijab
S2017 E27
Kellyanne Conway's interview tricks, explained
S2017 E28
How Steve Bannon sees the world
S2017 E29
The Oscars' voting process awards safe movies
S2017 E30
Here's why you should stop memorizing your passwords
S2017 E31
Why China is building islands in the South China Sea
S2017 E32
How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie
S2017 E33
The hotline Hollywood calls for science advice
S2017 E34
Dear Hollywood: stop portraying Muslims as terrorists
S2017 E35
A timeline of the 3 Trump-Russia scandals
S2017 E36
The font that escaped the Nazis and landed on the moon
S2017 E37
How wildlife films warp time
S2017 E38
The hunt for Forrest Fenn's $2 million hidden treasure
S2017 E39
Why African-Americans left the south in droves — and what's bringing th...
S2017 E40
One paragraph of Obamacare saved this boy’s life
S2017 E41
Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump
S2017 E42
How the BBC films the night side of Planet Earth
S2017 E43
The Doomsday Clock, explained
S2017 E44
The Republican health care bill makes no sense
S2017 E45
How to impeach a president
S2017 E46
Meet the designer cats with wild blood
S2017 E47
How a dictionary writer defines English
S2017 E48
The GOP health care plan: The more you need, the less you get
S2017 E49
How poaching is changing the face of African elephants
S2017 E50
How America's justice system is rigged against the poor
S2017 E51
The economics of beard popularity in the US
S2017 E52
This is your brain on terrorism
S2017 E53
Bad typography has ruined more than just the Oscars
S2017 E54
China's panda diplomacy, explained
S2017 E55
From spy to president: The rise of Vladimir Putin
S2017 E56
We're the only daily news source in our part of rural Alaska. Trump's bud...
S2017 E57
How sign language innovators are bringing music to the deaf
S2017 E58
How a case gets to the US Supreme Court
S2017 E59
Why knights fought snails in medieval art
S2017 E60
Why losing a dog feels like losing a family member
S2017 E61
Comedians have figured out the trick to covering Trump
S2017 E62
Our video recommendations | Thank you 2 million subscribers!
S2017 E63
Why Drake uses a Jamaican accent
S2017 E64
Ezra Klein: Why Neil Gorsuch is the wrong justice for a divided country
S2017 E65
Trump's strikes against Syria, in one minute
S2017 E66
Syria's war: Who is fighting and why
S2017 E67
The algorithm that could help end partisan gerrymandering
S2017 E68
What it's like to give a kidney to a stranger
S2017 E69
I'm a Syrian-American journalist. Syria is more than the headlines.
S2017 E70
Why peregrine falcons are the fastest animals on earth
S2017 E71
I was a prominent neo-Nazi. Ignoring white extremists is a mistake.
S2017 E72
CNN treats politics like sports — and it’s making us all dumber
S2017 E73
I’m a Tea Party conservative. Here’s how to win over Republicans on r...
S2017 E74
Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate change
S2017 E75
Marine Le Pen: France’s Trump is on the rise
S2017 E76
How Google's featured answers can go terribly wrong
S2017 E77
Why Philadelphia has thousands of murals
S2017 E78
How sanctuary cities actually work
S2017 E79
Going green shouldn't be this hard
S2017 E80
Fox News' problem is a lot bigger than Bill O'Reilly
S2017 E81
Ezra Klein: 100 days of Trump’s flailing presidency
S2017 E82
How a melancholy egg yolk conquered Japan
S2017 E83
Why your old phones collect in a junk drawer of sadness
S2017 E84
Cory Booker: Why Trump should try being nice on Twitter
S2017 E85
What you need to know about the House vote to repeal Obamacare
S2017 E86
What happens when you bring meditation to public schools
S2017 E87
Where should we send Johnny next?
S2017 E88
Food waste is the world's dumbest problem
S2017 E89
Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Here’s what you need to know.
S2017 E90
Why the world is worried about Turkey
S2017 E91
The White House press briefing is dying
S2017 E92
Why every American graduation plays the same song
S2017 E93
The surprising pattern behind color names around the world
S2017 E94
The fight to rethink (and reinvent) nuclear power
S2017 E95
How Trump made it harder for the US to fight terrorism
S2017 E96
Fox News’ 5 steps for handling a Trump scandal
S2017 E97
The evolution of American protest music
S2017 E98
How dead is the Great Barrier Reef?
S2017 E99
How tap dancing was made in America
S2017 E100
Scientists really aren’t the best champions of climate science
S2017 E101
Ramzan Kadyrov: brutal tyrant, Instagram star
S2017 E102
Japan's rising right-wing nationalism
S2017 E103
Want to save animal lives without going veg? Stop eating chickens.
S2017 E104
Flying over the melting arctic made climate change feel much more urgent
S2017 E105
How the media's weapons fetish primes us for war
S2017 E106
How obsessive artists colorize old photos
S2017 E107
Donald Trump is destroying his own presidency
S2017 E108
I didn't bring business cards to Japan. Big mistake.
S2017 E109
How bicycles boosted the women's rights movement
S2017 E110
Why Japan has so many vending machines
S2017 E111
Why underdogs do better in hockey than basketball
S2017 E112
How the LGBTQ community created voguing
S2017 E113
What happens when you treat health care like a soap opera
S2017 E114
Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before Congress (Full)
S2017 E115
Grime: London's latest music export
S2017 E116
The US government cannot be trusted so long as Donald Trump runs it
S2017 E117
Why Norway is full of Teslas
S2017 E118
The 4 man-made famines threatening 20 million people
S2017 E119
Calling Trump a toddler is an insult to my 2-year-old
S2017 E120
Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before the Senate Intelligence C...
S2017 E121
Why people keep watching the worst movie ever made
S2017 E122
How fan films shaped The Lego Movie
S2017 E123
Are huskies Russian? Depends who you ask.
S2017 E124
Trump's policy agenda is a bigger scandal than his Russia ties
S2017 E125
How the Bronx brought breaking to the world
S2017 E126
Decoding the ancient astronomy of Stonehenge
S2017 E127
The decline of American democracy won't be televised
S2017 E128
The Senate health bill: poor people pay more for worse insurance
S2017 E129
The origin of the '80s aesthetic
S2017 E130
Donald Trump's refugee ban, explained [Updated]
S2017 E131
How Mura Masa makes internet beats
S2017 E132
The world's stashing seeds in the Arctic. Just in case.
S2017 E133
13 men wrote a health care bill that would hurt women
S2017 E134
Wildlife crossings stop roadkill. Why aren't there more?
S2017 E135
Be careful out there, America
S2017 E136
Why there are twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs
S2017 E137
The growing North Korean nuclear threat, explained [Updated]
S2017 E138
Why government agencies should move from DC to the Midwest
S2017 E139
Why people think they see ghosts
S2017 E140
Why Donald Trump Jr.'s emails change everything
S2017 E141
The hidden oil patterns on bowling lanes
S2017 E142
The best Fox News explanations for Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting
S2017 E143
Vincent van Gogh’s long, miserable road to fame
S2017 E144
The Middle East's cold war, explained
S2017 E145
Why the ocean is getting louder
S2017 E146
The high cost of free parking
S2017 E147
Why people get so excited about a total solar eclipse
S2017 E148
Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson
S2017 E149
Why a Haitian graffiti artist is protesting foreign aid
S2017 E150
The bizarre physics of fire ants
S2017 E151
The sound illusion that makes Dunkirk so intense
S2017 E152
How fentanyl is making the opioid epidemic even worse
S2017 E153
Baby Driver's opening car chase, mapped
S2017 E154
Lyme disease is spreading. Blame ticks — and climate change
S2017 E155
Medicaid, explained: why it's worse to be sick in some states than others
S2017 E156
What happens after ISIS falls?
S2017 E157
The "this is fine" bias in cable news
S2017 E158
The secret rhythm behind Radiohead's "Videotape"
S2017 E159
Meet Haiti's surfing pioneers
S2017 E160
The tiny island in New York City that nobody is allowed to visit
S2017 E161
The real reason streetcars are making a comeback
S2017 E162
DC’s abandoned fire and police call boxes, explained
S2017 E163
Voyager 2's 11 billion mile journey at a human scale
S2017 E164
How Trump's Charlottesville response emboldens white supremacy
S2017 E165
How a Haitian village cooks with sunlight
S2017 E166
Tales from the shadow of the moon
S2017 E167
After Charlottesville, how do we cover an immoral president?
S2017 E168
How a recording-studio mishap shaped '80s music
S2017 E169
How an MS Paint artist made this picture
S2017 E170
Trump's plan to cut his own taxes
S2017 E171
This timeline shows confederate monuments are about racial conflict
Season 2018
S2018 E01
N.E.R.D.'s hit song "Lemon" owes a lot to New Orleans bounce
S2018 E02
Takeout creates a lot of trash. It doesn't have to.
S2018 E03
Why the market for skin whitening is growing
S2018 E04
Iran's massive protests, explained in 4 minutes
S2018 E05
Here's how Trump's nuclear "button" actually works...
S2018 E06
The real reason Amelia Earhart is so famous
S2018 E07
How the US failed to rebuild Afghanistan
S2018 E08
The new US tax law, explained with cereal
S2018 E09
The chocolate science hype machine
S2018 E10
How rats take advantage of human failure
S2018 E11
How audiobooks are recorded
S2018 E12
How faster computers gave us Meltdown and Spectre
S2018 E13
How red squirrel pelts shaped our monetary systems [Advertiser content fr...
S2018 E14
It's not you. Commuting is bad for your health.
S2018 E15
How this young prince seized power in Saudi Arabia
S2018 E16
The awkward debate around Trump's mental fitness
S2018 E17
Why Puerto Rico is not a US state
S2018 E18
Why danger symbols can’t last forever
S2018 E19
The problem with online charter schools
S2018 E20
President Trump's 2018 State of the Union address
S2018 E21
The 2018 State of the Union in 4 minutes
S2018 E22
What BMI doesn't tell you about your health
S2018 E23
Why do taxpayers pay billions for football stadiums?
S2018 E24
The 2020 census is in serious trouble
S2018 E25
Why Ukraine is trapped in endless conflict
S2018 E26
What a war with North Korea would look like
S2018 E27
The Trump-Fox & Friends feedback loop, explained
S2018 E28
Why the triple axel is such a big deal
S2018 E29
How figure skating scoring rewards risk over artistry
S2018 E30
Why women’s ice hockey has a higher concussion rate than football
S2018 E31
How figure skaters choose their music, explained with Adam Rippon
S2018 E32
Why Black Panther’s box office success matters
S2018 E33
When the only way to go free is to plead guilty
S2018 E34
How the economy shapes our love lives
S2018 E35
It’s not you. Phones are designed to be addicting.
S2018 E36
Meet one of the 260,000 legal immigrants Trump wants deported
S2018 E37
Why ships used this camouflage in World War I
S2018 E38
How Pennsylvania rigged its electoral map
S2018 E39
How ski warfare created biathlon
S2018 E40
Why the Oscars love method actors
S2018 E41
How politicians troll the media
S2018 E42
Guess Who will leave the Trump White House next
S2018 E43
Melinda Gates in conversation with Ezra Klein at SXSW
S2018 E44
How the Kurds became a key player in Syria's war
S2018 E45
The ketogenic diet, explained
S2018 E46
Why we imagine aliens the way we do
S2018 E47
The real story of the Green Book
S2018 E48
Women are not as divided on #MeToo as it may seem
S2018 E49
Why female condoms are so hard to find
S2018 E50
Why eating healthy is so expensive in America
S2018 E51
What students really think about school shootings
S2018 E52
How the NRA hijacks gun control debates
S2018 E53
Why selfies can make your nose look bigger
S2018 E54
Why old buildings use the same leaf design
S2018 E55
US voting machines are failing. Here’s why.
S2018 E56
Why the Stormy Daniels lawsuit matters
S2018 E57
China's trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade
S2018 E58
What America's shopping mall decline means for social space
S2018 E59
What melting sea ice means for life in the Arctic
S2018 E60
Why you keep using Facebook, even if you hate it
S2018 E61
How the Catholic Church censored Hollywood's Golden Age
S2018 E62
Why black Americans are getting less sleep
S2018 E63
How Trump's border wall would disrupt nature
S2018 E64
Why Trump's "limited strike" on Syria probably won't work
S2018 E65
How a warmer Arctic could intensify extreme weather
S2018 E66
Borders is back! Here's where we're going.
S2018 E67
How Parkland student David Hogg beats his critics
S2018 E68
How IBM quietly pushed out 20,000 older workers
S2018 E69
Why Atlantic fish are invading the Arctic
S2018 E70
How Russian trolls weaponized your social media feed
S2018 E71
This 19-year-old can keep astronauts safe from space junk
S2018 E72
Why sports sound better in your living room
S2018 E73
This anti-sex trafficking law could end internet freedom
S2018 E74
The George H.W. Bush promise that changed the Republican Party
S2018 E75
You asked, we answered. Thanks 4 million subscribers!
S2018 E76
Autonomous weapons could change battlefields of the future [Advertiser co...
S2018 E77
Trump quits Iran nuclear deal, undoing years of diplomacy
S2018 E78
The 'duck curve' is solar energy's greatest challenge
S2018 E79
The big problem with comparing Trump to Nixon
S2018 E80
Why Stradivarius violins are worth millions
S2018 E81
The sound that connects Stravinsky to Bruno Mars
S2018 E82
How British royals plan a wedding
S2018 E83
Why Israelis and Palestinians both claim Jerusalem
S2018 E84
The royal weddings that shaped European history
S2018 E85
Why it's not a British royal wedding without fancy hats
S2018 E86
Explained | A new series from Netflix + Vox
S2018 E87
Monogamy, explained
S2018 E88
Why people are buying cartoon cats on the blockchain
S2018 E89
The culture war between doctors and midwives, explained
S2018 E90
The bold plan to end malaria with a gene drive
S2018 E91
Why chronic floods are coming to New Jersey
S2018 E92
How noise pollution is ruining your hearing
S2018 E93
Why so many sitcoms look the same
S2018 E94
Trade wars, explained
S2018 E95
Why 350°F is the magic number for baking
S2018 E96
Trump invented a fake spy scandal. People will still believe it.
S2018 E97
What does “denuclearization” mean?
S2018 E98
How did quietness become a sign of quality? [Advertiser content from 3M]
S2018 E99
Dungeons and Dragons, explained
S2018 E100
How TV gave us the classic soccer ball
S2018 E101
The voices of children separated at the border
S2018 E102
How Islamist militant groups are gaining strength in Africa
S2018 E103
Why Americans suck at soccer (well, the men)
S2018 E104
It's not you. Date labels on food make no sense.
S2018 E105
Can Trump really pardon himself?
S2018 E106
How one typeface took over movie posters
S2018 E107
Why the US national anthem is terrible — and perfect
S2018 E108
Why France produces the most World Cup players
S2018 E109
Bees can understand zero. Can you?
S2018 E110
Vox Borders: Hong Kong starts next week
S2018 E111
Why seeking asylum in America is so difficult
S2018 E112
How your split ends can help clean oil spills
S2018 E113
We produce 13 tons of hazardous waste every second [Advertiser content fr...
S2018 E114
The (mostly) true story of hobo graffiti
S2018 E115
Trump and Putin: A surreal moment in US politics
S2018 E116
How 156 years of British rule shaped Hong Kong
S2018 E117
Road diets: designing a safer street
S2018 E118
What a conductor actually does on stage
S2018 E119
China is erasing its border with Hong Kong
S2018 E120
Why there's a ring of natural disasters around the Pacific
S2018 E121
How not to get phished (like the DNC)
S2018 E122
How feng shui shaped Hong Kong's skyline
S2018 E123
Why the street gang MS-13 is an American problem
S2018 E124
What a new Supreme Court means for abortion
S2018 E125
How "levee wars" are making floods worse
S2018 E126
How reliable is fingerprint analysis?
S2018 E127
The decline of Hong Kong's iconic neon glow
S2018 E128
How Juul made nicotine go viral
S2018 E129
Why is California always on fire?
S2018 E130
Inside Hong Kong’s cage homes
S2018 E131
How ID laws can put trans people in danger
S2018 E132
How Brexit could create a crisis at the Irish border
S2018 E133
Aretha Franklin’s musical genius in 2 songs
S2018 E134
Pinball isn’t as random as it seems
S2018 E135
Michael Cohen: Sex, lies, and campaign finance
S2018 E136
The fractured politics of a browning America
S2018 E137
On to the next Vox Borders location!
S2018 E138
Stop peeing in the pool. Chlorine doesn't work like you think.
S2018 E139
How Pakistan's cricket superstar became prime minister
S2018 E140
Why obvious lies make great propaganda
S2018 E141
Pro wrestling is an art form
S2018 E142
Why protected bike lanes are more valuable than parking spaces
S2018 E143
Why this Gucci knockoff is totally legal
S2018 E144
Why we say “OK”
S2018 E145
Poland is pushing the EU into crisis
S2018 E146
Why the Ouija board became so famous
S2018 E147
Don't blame scooters. Blame the streets.
S2018 E148
How "Instagram traps" are changing art museums
S2018 E149
Kavanaugh's sexual assault denial follows a familiar pattern
S2018 E150
Why every social media site is a dumpster fire
S2018 E151
Why colleges tolerate fraternities
S2018 E152
Why America needs automatic voter registration
S2018 E153
How marketers target your nose
S2018 E154
Why Kavanaugh's accusers can't remember everything
S2018 E155
How Jackson Pollock became so overrated
S2018 E156
Why the Soviets doctored this iconic photo
S2018 E157
The skincare acid craze, explained
S2018 E158
Doctor Who could change how women are portrayed in sci-fi
S2018 E159
Why the US celebrates Columbus Day
S2018 E160
How ninjas went mainstream
S2018 E161
Watch the US stall on climate change for 12 years
Season 2019
S2019 E01
How salmonella-tainted food gets in your fridge
S2019 E02
Why video games are made of tiny triangles
S2019 E03
How humans disrupted a cycle essential to all life
S2019 E04
False Positive | A new documentary from Joss Fong
S2019 E05
The problem with video gambling machines
S2019 E06
How tax brackets actually work
S2019 E07
How Trump wins press conferences
S2019 E08
How bite marks made one man a murder suspect | Part 1
S2019 E09
What Angela Merkel's exit means for Germany — and Europe
S2019 E10
El Chapo's drug tunnels, explained
S2019 E11
How junk science convicted an innocent man | Part 2
S2019 E12
The DeLorean paradox: how it failed and became a legend
S2019 E13
The deadly race to the South Pole
S2019 E14
A murder solved, 23 years later | Part 3
S2019 E15
America's cocaine habit fueled its migrant crisis
S2019 E16
The 70% top tax rate, explained with potatoes
S2019 E17
False Positive: When forensic science fails [Full version]
S2019 E18
Fox News keeps forcing Trump into shutdowns
S2019 E19
Who actually pays for your credit card rewards?
S2019 E20
American segregation, mapped at day and night
S2019 E21
Why safe playgrounds aren't great for kids
S2019 E22
Why these plankton are eating plastic
S2019 E23
Peek inside the Vox Video Lab
S2019 E24
The massacre of Tulsa's "Black Wall Street"
S2019 E25
How the Hindenburg killed an entire industry
S2019 E26
Why parrots can talk like humans
S2019 E27
A better way to tax the rich
S2019 E28
The design tricks that keep skyscrapers from swaying
S2019 E29
Why Republicans failed to fit taxes onto a postcard
S2019 E30
Why you still don't understand the Green New Deal
S2019 E31
Why you're recycling wrong
S2019 E32
The golf ball that made golfers too good
S2019 E33
What Mueller has already revealed about Trump and Russia
S2019 E34
Why a cat always lands on its feet
S2019 E35
The conflict in Kashmir, explained
S2019 E36
How the British failed India and Pakistan
S2019 E37
Why some Asian accents swap Ls and Rs in English
S2019 E38
Why baby cages were a thing
S2019 E39
How scientists solved this dinosaur puzzle
S2019 E40
How this family built life hack culture
S2019 E41
Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites
S2019 E42
Earworm is back with Season 2
S2019 E43
Cereal makers sold us a breakfast myth
S2019 E44
How heavy metal and Satan gave us this sticker
S2019 E45
How salmonella-tainted food gets in your fridge
Season 2020
S2020 E01
How to fix our unreliable power grid
S2020 E02
Teaching in the US vs. the rest of the world
S2020 E03
Are Australia’s koalas going extinct? We asked an ecologist.
S2020 E04
Why Australia's fires are linked to floods in Africa
S2020 E05
Why this Russian gas company sponsors soccer teams
S2020 E06
How to make a movie look like one long shot
S2020 E07
A VFX artist reacts to 5 Oscar-nominated movies
S2020 E08
How a Bible prophecy shapes Trump's foreign policy
S2020 E09
How the British royal family makes money
S2020 E10
America's presidential primaries, explained
S2020 E11
The conspiracy behind this famous statue
S2020 E12
The case for Bernie Sanders
S2020 E13
The case for Pete Buttigieg
S2020 E14
The case for Joe Biden
S2020 E15
The case for Elizabeth Warren
S2020 E16
Delhi’s deadly riots, explained by an expert
S2020 E17
Why fighting the coronavirus depends on you
S2020 E18
How soap kills the coronavirus
S2020 E19
What are the rules of social distancing? We asked an expert.
S2020 E20
Why paid sick leave is essential to beating coronavirus
S2020 E21
How people are connecting in the coronavirus crisis
S2020 E22
Coronavirus is not the flu. It's worse.
S2020 E23
The big lesson from South Korea's coronavirus response
S2020 E24
What the coronavirus looks like up close
S2020 E25
Why kids write letters backward
S2020 E26
What face masks actually do against coronavirus
S2020 E27
How coronavirus charts can mislead us
S2020 E28
How voting by mail could save the US election
S2020 E29
Why we're seeing mass layoffs in the US but not the UK
S2020 E30
Dr. Anthony Fauci, explained
S2020 E31
The food to avoid if you care about climate change
S2020 E32
One reason why coronavirus hits black people the hardest
S2020 E33
The US tested the wrong people for coronavirus
S2020 E34
What Bill Gates hopes we learn from coronavirus
S2020 E35
How coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoors
S2020 E36
Why Covid-19 is more AND less deadly than we knew
S2020 E37
Protests aren't what they look like on TV
S2020 E38
Why it's so hard to get unemployment benefits
S2020 E39
Why American farmers are throwing out tons of milk
S2020 E40
Why all Americans should honor Juneteenth
S2020 E41
Why locusts are descending on East Africa
S2020 E42
Why America's police look like soldiers
S2020 E43
What "defund the police" really means
S2020 E44
Why the US has so many Filipino nurses
S2020 E45
A brief history of police impunity in Black deaths
S2020 E46
How humans are making pandemics more likely
S2020 E47
The fight for America's 51st state, explained
S2020 E48
How slow motion works
S2020 E49
Tony Hawk breaks down skateboarding’s legendary spots
S2020 E50
How “forever chemicals” polluted America’s water
S2020 E51
The British Museum is full of stolen artifacts
S2020 E52
The risky way to speed up a coronavirus vaccine
S2020 E53
Help us cover the US election
S2020 E54
The next pandemic could come from our farms
S2020 E55
Why face masks became political in the US
S2020 E56
When voting rights didn't protect all women
S2020 E57
What Black Lives Matter means to an 11-year-old
S2020 E58
I made a catapult to launch marshmallows! Thanks, Leonardo da Vinci.
S2020 E59
Why bird nests aren't covered in poop
S2020 E60
The secret history of dirt
S2020 E61
How to be a cloud detective
S2020 E62
How the pandemic distorted time
S2020 E63
How America can leave fossil fuels behind, in one chart | 2020 Election
S2020 E64
How reality TV shows cast the right people
S2020 E65
What long voting lines in the US really mean | 2020 Election
S2020 E66
What it means to be Black in Brazil
S2020 E67
How US abortion policy targets the poor | 2020 Election
S2020 E68
How US schools punish Black kids | 2020 Election
S2020 E69
How robots made this food commercial look effortless
S2020 E70
How the next president could change policing | 2020 Election
S2020 E71
How America could lose its allies | 2020 Election
S2020 E72
Why American public transit is so bad | 2020 Election
S2020 E73
The technology that’s replacing the green screen
S2020 E74
Why LGBTQ rights hinge on the definition of "sex" | 2020 Election
S2020 E75
The Electoral College, explained
S2020 E76
Millions of Americans can't pay rent | 2020 Election
S2020 E77
How the US counts votes
S2020 E78
The US broke voting records in a pandemic
S2020 E79
What Joe Biden won – and what he didn't
S2020 E80
Can Trump steal the election?
S2020 E81
Weed was the real winner of the 2020 election
S2020 E82
The 126-year fight to change Mississippi’s Confederate flag
S2020 E83
Why the US waits so long to swear in the new president
S2020 E84
Why Poland is having huge protests
S2020 E85
How tag became a professional sport
S2020 E86
Napoleon's missing hand, explained
S2020 E87
How virtual reality tricks your brain
S2020 E88
Why a US election in Georgia matters so much
S2020 E89
India's huge farmer protests, explained
S2020 E90
2020, in 7 minutes
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Why the American West is fighting for water protections
S2021 E02
The warning signs before the Capitol riot
S2021 E03
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris inauguration ceremony
S2021 E04
Tech platforms banned Trump. Now what?
S2021 E05
Why visual effects artists love this shiny ball
S2021 E06
The phony health craze that inspired hypnotism
S2021 E07
mRNA vaccines, explained
S2021 E08
Vaccine side effects are actually a good thing
S2021 E09
How highways make traffic worse
S2021 E10
The invention that fixed lighthouses
S2021 E11
Why Jakarta is sinking
S2021 E12
The boxing film that was banned around the world
S2021 E13
How Alexei Navalny became Putin's greatest threat
S2021 E14
How museum gift shops decide what to sell
S2021 E15
Texas's power disaster is a warning sign for the US
S2021 E16
Can we get rid of Covid-19 forever?
S2021 E17
Glad You Asked Season 2 | Official Trailer | YouTube Originals
S2021 E18
The bridge design that helped win World War II
S2021 E19
Why Mount Everest's height keeps changing
S2021 E20
Why you can't compare Covid-19 vaccines
S2021 E21
How Racist Am I?
S2021 E22
Are We Automating Racism?
S2021 E23
Does My Neighborhood Determine My Future?
S2021 E24
Is Meritocracy a Myth?
S2021 E25
Is Racism Making People Sick?
S2021 E26
Two theories for an unsolved Soviet mystery
S2021 E27
How this New York island became a mass grave
S2021 E28
Earworm is back! Here’s a preview
S2021 E29
Why South Africa is still so segregated
S2021 E30
Quiet Storm: How 1970s R&B changed late-night radio
S2021 E31
How trucker country music became a '70s fad
S2021 E32
Why 99% of ocean plastic pollution is "missing"
S2021 E33
How rich countries are making the pandemic last longer
S2021 E34
Why the US has two different highway fonts
S2021 E35
A sneak peek at Missing Chapter season two
S2021 E36
The surprising reason behind Chinatown's aesthetic
S2021 E37
Why not everyone in the US likes stimulus checks
S2021 E38
Why captchas are getting harder
S2021 E39
The dark legacy of this iconic baseball stadium
S2021 E40
Why the world's most famous car race is in Monaco
S2021 E41
How Native Hawaiians fought the US Navy, and won
S2021 E42
Why Ethiopia is in a civil war
S2021 E43
Why the US government murdered Fred Hampton
S2021 E44
How radical gardeners took back New York City
S2021 E45
How India ran out of oxygen
S2021 E46
Why so many Covid-19 variants are showing up now
S2021 E47
What tennis pros look at when they pick a ball
S2021 E48
These photos sparked a Cold War propaganda feud
S2021 E49
How sperm got all the credit in the fertilization story
S2021 E50
How Taiwan held off Covid-19, until it didn't
S2021 E51
How the rich avoid paying taxes
S2021 E52
Glad You Asked Season 2 Part 2 | Official Trailer | YouTube Originals
S2021 E53
Why the 400m hurdles is one of the hardest Olympic races
S2021 E54
Michaela Jaé on Real Representation in Storytelling [Advertiser content ...
S2021 E55
Do I Want Kids?
S2021 E56
Why can't we sleep?
S2021 E57
Is city noise making us sick?
S2021 E58
Is therapy for everyone?
S2021 E59
How should doctors consider race?
S2021 E60
Why the US Army tried to exterminate the bison
S2021 E61
Why the "wolf turn" is such a big deal
S2021 E62
Why it’s so hard to make CGI skin look real
S2021 E63
How Olympic divers make the perfect tiny splash
S2021 E64
The law that broke US immigration
S2021 E65
Why some animals are shrinking
S2021 E66
How Does Design Affect Decision Making? [Advertiser content from Squaresp...
S2021 E67
How the US made affordable homes illegal
S2021 E68
How the US created a disaster in Afghanistan
S2021 E69
How oysters can stop a flood
S2021 E70
Why people think this photo of JFK's killer is fake
S2021 E71
Why video game doors are so hard to get right
S2021 E72
How video game rocks get made
S2021 E73
What’s killing Minnesota’s moose?
S2021 E74
Introducing Vox’s new HBO show, Level Playing Field
S2021 E75
How America's hottest city is trying to cool down
S2021 E76
Why the US isn't ready for clean energy
S2021 E89
The tricks that make slasher films look real
S2021 E90
Vox Future Perfect: The chicken industry’s worker safety problem
S2021 E91
Vox Atlas: The Taliban, explained
S2021 E92
Why movies tilt the camera like this
S2021 E93
The architecture trend dividing London's elites
S2021 E94
Why you don’t hear about the ozone layer anymore
S2021 E95
Why the US government is always shutting down
S2021 E96
Why the pope dresses like that
S2021 E97
Vox Atlas: Why the Belarus migrant crisis is different
S2021 E98
Big questions about the Covid booster shot, answered
S2021 E99
Why movie theaters aren't dead yet
S2021 E100
How this house took over the US
S2021 E101
Why we need a better flu shot
S2021 E102
Why the James Webb Space Telescope looks like that
S2021 E103
2021, in 6 minutes
Season 2022
S2022 E01
Vox Future Perfect: Hog farming has a massive poop problem
S2022 E02
Linoleum flooring is cool, actually
S2022 E03
Vox Darkroom: Why the US photographed its own WWII concentration camps
S2022 E04
What we found when we went looking for another Earth
S2022 E05
How to find a planet you can’t see
S2022 E06
Vox Atlas: Why is the Guantánamo Bay prison still open?
S2022 E07
How insulated glass changed architecture
S2022 E08
Vox Darkroom: The (mostly) true story of “ghost photography"
S2022 E09
Why ski jumpers hold their skis in a V
S2022 E10
The secret to winning a short track speed skating race
S2022 E11
Why the Olympic monobob event is only for women
S2022 E12
The Italy-Switzerland border is melting
S2022 E13
The hidden reason Olympic sledding is so dangerous
S2022 E14
In defense of the "gentrification building"
S2022 E15
Why the US doesn’t have universal child care (anymore)
S2022 E16
How American conservatives turned against the vaccine
S2022 E17
Vox Atlas: Putin's war on Ukraine, explained
S2022 E18
Volodymyr Zelenskyy, explained in 8 moments
S2022 E19
How a no-fly zone would change the war in Ukraine
S2022 E20
Are we done with face masks?
S2022 E21
Ukrainians' escape by rail, explained
S2022 E22
Why there's no one inside this Spider-Man suit
S2022 E23
Vox Missing Chapter: How Stalin starved Ukraine
S2022 E24
Why people thought steel houses were a good idea
S2022 E25
How China uses fruit to punish Taiwan
S2022 E26
Why everyone has this chair
S2022 E27
How Ukrainians are saving art during the war
S2022 E28
What Russia's war means for the International Space Station
S2022 E29
The banned weapon Russia (and the US) won’t give up
S2022 E30
How “Z” became Putin’s new propaganda meme
S2022 E31
Why Frank Lloyd Wright’s windows look like this
S2022 E32
Who made these circles in the Sahara?
S2022 E33
The world's biggest wave, explained
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