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The Cold War

The Cold War

2019 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •   20 hours
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We proudly present the Cold War Channel. Starting on March 16th, we will be releasing weekly videos describing the history of this tumultuous period.
  Previously Aired Episode
The Myth of Communist Unity during the Cold War Aired on 06/19/2021
The Myth of Communist Unity during the Cold War
Season 2021: Episode 25
Season 2019 2020 2021
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Potsdam 1945 - War is Over
S2019 E02
Potsdam 1945 - Post-World War Division of Europe
S2019 E03
Ideology of the Cold War: Capitalism vs Communism
S2019 E04
How did the Sovietization of Poland Happen
S2019 E05
Formation of the United Nations and Western outlook
S2019 E06
Stalin and United Nations
S2019 E07
Post WWII Reconstruction of the USSR
S2019 E08
What Happened to the German and Japanese POWs?
S2019 E09
Fate of the Soviet Prisoners of War
S2019 E10
How did the Sovietization of Czechoslovakia and Hungary Happen
S2019 E11
Partition of India 1947
S2019 E12
Creation of Israel
S2019 E13
Sovietization of Bulgaria and Romania
S2019 E14
Chinese Civil War
S2019 E15
Sovietization of Yugoslavia and Albania
S2019 E16
Harbinger of the Vietnam War
S2019 E17
Marshall Plan
S2019 E18
Operation Unthinkable - Churchill's Plan to Defeat Stalin
S2019 E19
Berlin Airlift 1948-1949
S2019 E20
Post-WWII Iran - British and Soviet Occupation and the Revolution
S2019 E21
Spy Affair that Started the Cold War
S2019 E22
Operation Ajax: CIA Oil Coup in Iran
S2019 E23
Arab Countries post-World War II
S2019 E24
The Atomic Age
S2019 E25
First Arab-Israeli War 1948 - Political Background
S2019 E26
European Socialism
S2019 E27
Latin America post World War II, Guatemalan coup d'etat 1954
S2019 E28
Turkey and the coup d'etat of 1960
S2019 E29
Malayan Emergency 1948-1960
S2019 E30
Second Red Scare and McCarthyism
S2019 E31
Japan and the US Occupation
S2019 E32
Indonesian War of Independence
S2019 E33
Why did the US Demobilize its Army so Quickly After the World War?
S2019 E34
West Germany is Born
S2019 E35
Soviet Germany?
S2019 E36
OK Boomer: Cold War Edition
S2019 E37
How did Finland deal with the Soviet Union after the World War?
S2019 E38
Scandinavia after World War 2 - Road to NATO
S2019 E39
Greek Civil War 1946-1949
S2019 E40
Creation of NATO 1949
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Korean War 1950-1953 - to the 38th
S2020 E02
Korean War 1950-1953 - Stalemate and Armistice
S2020 E03
Communist Huk Rebellion in the Philippines
S2020 E04
Rosenberg Spy Affair - How the USSR got Nuclear Weapons
S2020 E05
East German Rebellion 1953
S2020 E06
United Nations Structure and Organizations
S2020 E07
How did the US defend against the Soviet Nukes?
S2020 E08
Mau Mau Uprising 1952-60 - Anti-British Rebellion in Kenya
S2020 E09
How Radio Won the Cold War
S2020 E10
German Expulsions After WWII
S2020 E11
Tito vs Stalin
S2020 E12
France post WWII - Cold War
S2020 E13
Denazification of Germany after World War II
S2020 E14
Post WWII United Kingdom
S2020 E15
Death of Stalin
S2020 E16
Post-war Austria: From Occupation to Independence
S2020 E17
Thule Airbase in Greenland and US exceptionalism
S2020 E18
John Foster Dulles: Defender of Global Security or Hawkish Interventionis...
S2020 E19
Project FF: CIA Coup in Egypt
S2020 E20
Warsaw Pact: Creation, Structure and Effectiveness
S2020 E21
Italy: Battleground for US and USSR
S2020 E22
Crisis in the Middle East: An Introduction to Suez 1956
S2020 E23
Suez Crisis 1956: The War
S2020 E24
Donald MacLean: The First of the Cambridge Five
S2020 E25
Poznan June: 1956 Anti-Soviet Uprising
S2020 E26
European Union: A Foundation
S2020 E27
The Structure of KGB
S2020 E28
Hungary Before the Revolution of 1956
S2020 E29
Hungarian Revolution of 1956
S2020 E30
Kim Philby: Soviet Spy in the West
S2020 E31
How did the Soviets and China become enemies
S2020 E32
Sport in the Soviet Union - COLD WAR SPECIAL
S2020 E33
Cuba before Castro
S2020 E34
From Potsdam to Death of Stalin
S2020 E35
Kyshtym Disaster - Biggest Nuclear Disaster Before Chernobyl
S2020 E36
How the CIA and NSA Were Created
S2020 E37
Structure of USSR
S2020 E38
Operation Gladio: How the West Wanted to Defend against the USSR
S2020 E39
Development of Nuclear Weapons and Industry
S2020 E40
Franco's Spain: from Outcast to Ally
S2020 E41
Cults of Personality in the Soviet Union
S2020 E42
Guy Burgess: Drunken English Socialite and a Soviet Spy
S2020 E43
NATO's Secret Army in Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Finland
S2020 E44
American Sponsored Anti-Soviet Alliances in Asia and Oceania
S2020 E45
East German KGB - Rise of Stasi
S2020 E46
Taiwan Strait Crisis 1954-1958
S2020 E47
Finding the Secret Soviet Spy...
S2020 E48
Civil Right and the Beginning of the Fight for Desegregation in the USA
S2020 E49
How The Soviet Union and Yugoslavia Became Enemies
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Anti-Soviet Secret Armies in W. Europe
S2021 E02
World in 1946
S2021 E03
Soviet Citizens' Reaction and Views During the early Cold War years - KGB...
S2021 E04
The First Cod War
S2021 E05
How the Cold War ended the golden age of Hungarian football
S2021 E06
Trieste: Where the Cold War Almost Went Hot
S2021 E07
Cuba Before the Revolution
S2021 E08
World in 1947
S2021 E09
Global Flu Pandemic of 1957-1958
S2021 E10
Mao's Great Leap Forward
S2021 E11
How Japan Became an Economic Powerhouse
S2021 E12
How Khrushchev Fed the Soviet People
S2021 E13
Telegram That Started the Cold War
S2021 E14
Operation Washtub: Plan to Defend Alaska Against the Soviets
S2021 E15
Eisenhower: Soldier, General, President
S2021 E16
Venona Project: How The US Cracked Top Secret Soviet Codes
S2021 E17
World in 1948
S2021 E18
Real Life of a Soviet Soldier
S2021 E19
How American Occupation Changed Japanese Culture
S2021 E20
Origins of the Crimean Crisis
S2021 E21
Khrushchev's Virgin Lands Campaign & Food Security in the USSR
S2021 E22
Stay Behind Organizations: Training and Exercises
S2021 E23
German Economic Miracle
S2021 E24
Kuril Islands: Pacific Hot Spot in the Cold War
S2021 E25
The Myth of Communist Unity during the Cold War
Episode 1
The Cold War
Episode 2
Get to know us! - Interview with the Host
Episode 3
6 Month Update + Bloopers and Outtakes
Episode 4
Operation Paperclip
Episode 5
Forest Brothers - anti-Soviet Guerilla War in the Baltics
Episode 6
Talking about Chernobyl with a witness of the disaster
Episode 7
Automobiles in the Soviet Union
Episode 8
Stalin's Doctor's Plot: The Paranoid Conspiracy against the Soviet Jews
Episode 9
The human stories of the Berlin Wall: a conversation with Iain MacGregor
Episode 10
6 key moments of the Cold War with Cold War Conversations podcast
Episode 11
Korean War 1950-1953 - The Cold War DOCUMENTARY
Episode 12
Out of the Bunker #1 - COLD WAR Q&A
Episode 13
Youth Organizations in the Soviet Union
Episode 14
Interview with DJ Kinney from the Cold War Vault Podcast
Episode 15
The Cold War Interview with Tristan Williams
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