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HermitCraft [Tango Tek]

HermitCraft [Tango Tek]

2014 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  7 days  •  8 seasons  •  438 episodes
1 vote
Tango Tek's Minecraft let's play on the HermitCraft server.
  Previously Aired Episode
DECKED OUT IS DONE! Let's begin Testing with Full Runs! Aired on 08/28/2023
DECKED OUT IS DONE! Let's begin Testing with Full Runs!
Season 8: Episode 50
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
A Tour with Xisuma [Season 2]
S01 E02
A Place to Live
S01 E03
Getting Charged Up
S01 E04
Dealing with Corruption
S01 E05
Skulls and Gifts
S01 E06
The Witch Ditch
S01 E07
The Flood
S01 E08
Sky Storage
S01 E09
S01 E10
BIG Hermitcraft Announcement!
S01 E11
Going out with a Bang
Season 2
S02 E01
Amplified! [Season 3]
S02 E02
lil' Rusty
S02 E03
S02 E04
Rusty's Thanks
S02 E05
A Grand Entrance
S02 E06
Wheat for Days
S02 E07
Zombie Autograph Seekers
S02 E08
Mumbo's Birthday Gift
S02 E09
A Titanic Job
S02 E10
Iron Shower
S02 E11
Sorting out a Fishy Situation
S02 E12
Storage with Style
S02 E13
Secret Santa Reveal!
S02 E14
Interior Renovations
S02 E15
S02 E16
Hermit Thrills!
S02 E17
Custom Enderman Farm with Sl1pg8r!
S02 E18
New Hermit! Quad Huts!
S02 E19
Some Assembly Required
S02 E20
Climb Time!
S02 E21
S02 E22
Witch Storage Complete
S02 E23
Hermits for Hire!
S02 E24
Pearls from Afar
S02 E25
Remote Deliveries
S02 E26
Thrills and Hills
S02 E27
Have a Blast!
S02 E28
Have a Blast! (part 2)
S02 E29
BoomBox TNT Game with Hermits!
S02 E30
Bogey Spotted!
S02 E31
Building with TNT?!
S02 E32
Hermits Go Boom!
S02 E33
A Bet's A Bet
S02 E34
Doctor Death
S02 E35
Jungle Treasure Hunt and Announcement!
S02 E36
Blaze Farming w/ Impulse!
S02 E37
Golem Gateway!
S02 E38
Hermit Holes w/ Zueljin - "Water Slide"
S02 E39
A Thrilling Portal!
S02 E40
Jump Biffa, Jump!
S02 E41
ermit Hills Completion
S02 E42
Which way to Witches?!
S02 E43
Witch Hub Complete!
S02 E44
New Base Reveal!
S02 E45
A "Dark" Consultancy
S02 E46
Back to the Thrills!
S02 E47
Its all a Ruse!
S02 E48
Ruse with Etho!
S02 E49
Beginning a Fortress
S02 E50
Ghasts and Towers!
S02 E51
I'm a Game Show Host!
S02 E52
Pointless Game Show of Hilarity and Death!
S02 E53
A Fishy Business
S02 E54
Nether Base Interior & Minecon Footage
S02 E55
The Storage Chamber
S02 E56
The Great Item Migration w/ Impulse
S02 E57
Overflowing with Bulk!
S02 E58
Environmentally Sound!
S02 E59
Puppies and Killer Bunnies
S02 E60
S02 E61
A Wintery Cottage
S02 E62
Monkey Business
S02 E63
Absolutely Floored!
S02 E64
A Stack of Withers!
S02 E65
Guardian Farm Upgrade
S02 E66
Halloween Island!
S02 E67
A Grave Situation
S02 E68
They Dwell in the Basement...
S02 E69
Wither Skeleton 1: Tango 0
S02 E70
Evil Moves In
S02 E71
Back to the BASEics
S02 E72
The Nether Chamber
S02 E73
The Lava Funnel
S02 E74
Wart Hog!
S02 E75
Brewing Chamber
S02 E76
Nether Entryway
S02 E77
PRANKED by Mumbo!?!
S02 E78
Jungle Storage with xBCrafted
S02 E79
The Base Clock
S02 E80
Where is Tango?! Let's Chat...
Season 3
S03 E01
Season 4! Let's Build a City!
S03 E02
Triple Spawner Underway!
S03 E03
XP Overload!
S03 E04
Planning my Home
S03 E05
Beginning The Keep
S03 E06
Professional Monster Catchers!
S03 E07
The Spires Rise
S03 E08
Automatic AFK Tree Farm!
S03 E09
Polishing Up the Spawner
S03 E10
Flag Flying High!
S03 E11
D.E.R.P. Delivers!
S03 E12
Moving In!
S03 E13
The Titan of the Sea
S03 E14
Storage First!
S03 E15
Creeper Storage?!
S03 E16
Golem Overflow!
S03 E17
Iron For Sale!
S03 E18
Stuck in Transit?
S03 E19
Tour from the Skies!
S03 E20
Sky Launcher!
S03 E21
Nether Hubbin!
S03 E22
The City Below
S03 E23
Iron Sale!
S03 E24
The Hub Takes Shape!
S03 E25
Hermit Heads!
S03 E26
A Cut Above the Rest
S03 E27
The Iron Road
S03 E28
My Private Gateway
S03 E29
Beginning the Brews
S03 E30
Tek Tonics Supply
S03 E31
Wither Farm Upgrades w/ Impulse
S03 E32
Wither Skull Showdown!
S03 E33
Well that was Awkward!
S03 E34
Open for Business!
S03 E35
Wood Wars!
S03 E36
Nether Hub Ceiling!
S03 E37
Cub's Quest!
S03 E38
I'm Speechless!
S03 E39
Fully Stocked!
S03 E40
Shrooms and Hoppers
S03 E41
The Tangler 2.0!
S03 E42
Piston Puzzler!
S03 E43
Cuckoo for Cocoa!
S03 E44
The Ghastipede!
S03 E45
Scarring the Landscape
S03 E46
Color Peek!
S03 E47
Lava Floppers!
S03 E48
Bow and Error
S03 E49
Tangler Complete!
S03 E50
S03 E51
Hermity Bank of Vaultiness!
S03 E52
Shulker Vault Redstone!
S03 E53
The Road to Infinity
S03 E54
Evicting the Witches!
S03 E55
A New Witch Killer?
S03 E56
The Hoppers Can't Keep Up!
S03 E57
Big New Plans!
S03 E58
Rocket Powered Chicken Butt!
S03 E59
Santa Delivers!
S03 E60
Sugar Coated Santa!
S03 E61
Bridge of the Angry Witch
S03 E62
My Biggest Game EVER!
S03 E63
Rooster Booster Progress!
S03 E64
Chicken Grow-Up-inator!
S03 E65
Rooster Booster is Ready!
S03 E66
2v2 Rooster Booster Gameplay!
S03 E67
Custom Chicken Farm for Scar!
S03 E68
S03 E69
Challenge Accepted!
S03 E70
Transforming Room!
S03 E71
Hermitron Halls!
S03 E72
Hermitron Trading Game?!
S03 E73
Hermitron DUEL!
S03 E74
The TNT Dance!
S03 E75
Transforming Room Complete!
S03 E76
Blow it ALL Up!
Season 4
S04 E01
Season FIVE Launch!
S04 E02
PentaKiller Deluxe!
S04 E03
The Quest for Mending!
S04 E04
A Sticky Situation
S04 E05
Witch Hut to Build First?
S04 E06
Laying out the Base!
S04 E07
Pumpkin Tower!
S04 E08
Items to the Sky!
S04 E09
Shulker Shenanigans
S04 E10
New Iron Farm Design!
S04 E11
Iron Solved!
S04 E12
Massive AFK Nether Wart Farm!
S04 E13
Evil Creeps In!
S04 E14
Aerial Sheep Service!
S04 E15
New Auto Sorted Storage Room!
S04 E16
Bulk Storage & Smelterating!
S04 E17
New Massive Wither Skeleton Farm!
S04 E18
The Squither!
S04 E19
The Energy Forge!
S04 E20
Cactus Sugar Trades!
S04 E21
The Glowing Entrance
S04 E22
Evoker vs Iron Golem!
S04 E23
More Happy Fun Sauce!
S04 E24
Iron Phoenix Bulk Crafting!
S04 E25
The Two Towers! (without Orcs)
S04 E26
Hot Swap Challenge w/ Zedaph!
S04 E27
Iskall Has Warts!
S04 E28
Synchronized Double Time Lapses?!
S04 E29
The Beating Heart!
S04 E30
Villager Enslavement Chamber!
S04 E31
Rise My Minions!
S04 E32
The Swirling Vortex!
S04 E33
The Nether Bowl!
S04 E34
Chorus Fruit Teleportation Game!
S04 E35
Chorus Chaos Complete!
S04 E36
Alien Crop Circles!?
S04 E37
4-Player Chorus Chaos!
S04 E38
So Much Netherrack!
S04 E39
Bottoms Up!
S04 E40
Is That Sheep Looking at Me?!
S04 E41
New AFK Cow Farm Design!
S04 E42
Packed for America?
S04 E43
Starting the Spire!
S04 E44
Happy's Fun Sauce!
S04 E45
The Face in the Sky
S04 E46
The Portal
S04 E47
The DERP Dropper!
S04 E48
My Best Looking Build... Ever?
S04 E49
Tunnels and Trolls
S04 E50
The Cave of Fire
S04 E51
Connected to the Sky!
S04 E52
All Tangled Up!
S04 E53
Jump to the Beat!
S04 E54
Tower of Happy Fun Sauce!
S04 E55
Tangled in Fishing Line!?
S04 E56
200 Ocelots per Hour?!
S04 E57
Santa's Workshop!
S04 E58
Inside the Core
S04 E59
Infinite Sand Launcher?!
S04 E60
Tangler Complete!
S04 E61
Rolling up the Sleeves
S04 E62
It's Looking Good!
S04 E63
The Brew House
S04 E64
Scorpions and Chasms!
S04 E65
Pathways to the Core
S04 E66
All the Games. All the wins.
S04 E67
I'm Sorry Xisuma!
Season 5
S05 E01
Glory and Pancakes! [Season 6]
S05 E02
Date with a Dragon!
S05 E03
Custom Mob Farm!
S05 E04
Shops and Drops
S05 E05
The Free Range Angler Patrol! (F.R.A.P)
S05 E06
Tek Flight is Open for Business!
S05 E07
Stalking my Prey!
S05 E08
Villager of the Sea!
S05 E09
Channeling the Power!
S05 E10
The Chicken Fountain!
S05 E11
New Wither Skeleton Farm Design!
S05 E12
S05 E13
Dig My Bits!
S05 E14
Unethical Iron with Xisuma!
S05 E15
Improved Iron Titan Design!
S05 E16
Death Under the Sea!
S05 E17
Trident Barrage!
S05 E18
Flood it All!
S05 E19
Burglars and Bubble Battles!
S05 E20
The Mall of D.E.R.P!
S05 E21
Open for Business!
S05 E22
How to Kill a Tango?!
S05 E23
Double Blaze Spawners!
S05 E24
Turf and TNT!
S05 E25
This is How to Kill a Tango!
S05 E26
The Floating Lake!
S05 E27
Golf with Team Z.I.T!
S05 E28
The Village Grows!
S05 E29
Wither Skeleton Explodinator!
S05 E30
Grian Heads Taketh and Giveth!?
S05 E31
"The Heist" with Grian!
S05 E32
Storage, Trees and Fireworks?
S05 E33
Santa's Teddy Bear Shop!
S05 E34
The Elves are Busy!
S05 E35
The Mall Ball!
S05 E36
The G-Team Battle Defenses!
S05 E37
Cactus Powered Kelp Farm!
S05 E38
Hermitcraft WAR!
S05 E39
So Many Udders!
S05 E40
The Village Citadel!
S05 E41
Super Smelter! 20 items per second!
S05 E42
I'm BACK!!
S05 E43
The Return of Boom Box!
S05 E44
The Polterguys!
S05 E45
S05 E46
Breath Over Death!
S05 E47
Tango's Safety Bunkers!
S05 E48
Dragons and Daredevil Demise!
S05 E49
Safety Bomb Squad!
S05 E50
Death By Chickens!
S05 E51
Into the DeadQuarters!
S05 E52
Double Dragons!
S05 E53
Is That Sheep Looking at Me?! Grand Championship!
S05 E54
Boom Box Ready!
S05 E55
Boom Box Tournament with Hermits!
Season 6
S06 E01
Touring Season 7 with my Camera!
S06 E02
1 Golem Every 2 Seconds?! Custom Iron Farm
S06 E03
The Sleep Master
S06 E04
Big Game Hunters!
S06 E05
Flower Power!
S06 E06
Raining Gunpowder! Custom Creeper Farm
S06 E07
PyroTEKnics! Opening up Shop!
S06 E08
Building My Cartoon Factory! Toon Towers!
S06 E09
Blind Build Battle with Zedaph!
S06 E10
Hungry Hungry Ravagers!
S06 E11
Moving in to Toon Towers!
S06 E12
Minecraft Stat Poker with Etho!
S06 E13
My New Shop!
S06 E14
Double Creeper Cannons!
S06 E15
Concrete Complete w/ Impulse!
S06 E16
S06 E17
Cartoon Anvil Launchers!
S06 E18
The Deal Maker!
S06 E19
Super Ultra Mega Sheep Farm!
S06 E20
Boomers First Job!
S06 E21
I Have the Stache!
S06 E22
Absolute Train Wreck!
S06 E23
The Rocket Factory!
S06 E24
Bendy Delivery Pipes!
S06 E25
We Have Lift Off!
S06 E26
Boomers Bomb the Birdy!
S06 E27
High Velocity Face Smashificating!!
S06 E28
The Paranoid Building
S06 E29
Coyote and the Cooker
S06 E30
Evil Incorporated
S06 E31
Super. Crazy. Awesome. Pancakes?
S06 E32
The Bees and the Plants!
S06 E33
Behold! The Mustachificator!
S06 E34
Call me Weasel
S06 E35
The Gaming District Begins!
S06 E36
The Hot-Swap Challenge Returns!
S06 E37
Insane Piglin Bartering Farm / Gold Farm!!
S06 E38
AFK Fungus/Tree Farm. New Custom Design!
S06 E39
Huge Gaming District Progress with Etho!
S06 E40
My Biggest Game EVER! "Decked Out"
S06 E41
Huge Progress on my Decked Out Game!
S06 E42
Mystery Machine and Graveyards!
S06 E43
Twinkle Twinkle Nether Star!
S06 E44
Ye Old Shoppe!
S06 E45
The Entire Nether Quadrant of Decked Out!?
S06 E46
Decked Out Mega Update!
S06 E47
Licking Diamonds and Building Temples!
S06 E48
S06 E49
The Mumbonian Advisificator!!
S06 E50
Laser Beams and Explosions!!
S06 E51
Super Simple Ghast Farm!
S06 E52
Ravager Pets inside Decked Out!??
S06 E53
We Have a Challenge Winner!
S06 E54
The Black Market!
S06 E55
S06 E56
Martians Brewing Merch!
S06 E57
The Trick or Treat House!
S06 E58
S06 E59
The Champion's Prize!
S06 E60
The Slime Processor!
S06 E61
STICKY BOMBS! My new mini-game!
S06 E62
The Toxic Sludge Monster!
S06 E63
Massive Holiday Advent Calendar with BDubs!
S06 E64
Escape the Mycelium Room!
S06 E65
A Complete Cat-astrophe!
S06 E66
TURF WAR Showdown!
S06 E67
Only Exploding Rockets for a Month?!
S06 E68
Among Us in Survival?!
S06 E69
Among Us Map Reveal, Design, and Progress!
S06 E70
The Nether Outbreak and Redstone Soup!
S06 E71
Super Exciting MEGA Video Title!!
S06 E72
Flaming Creeper Highway!
S06 E73
Taking out the Trash!
S06 E74
Snowballs and Laboratories?!
S06 E75
Stat Poker Rematch with Etho, BDubs, and Keralis!
S06 E76
It's DONE! Let's Test It!
S06 E77
AMONG US Gameplay in Minecraft with 8 Hermits!
Season 7
S07 E01
Timmy the Wonder Pig! [Season 8]
S07 E02
The Pickle of Victory!
S07 E03
Custom AFK COPPER Farm!
S07 E04
Pranking the Boat Em Crew and a Plushie!
S07 E05
When Horses Fly...
S07 E06
Big Eyes Pass N' Gas!
S07 E07
S07 E08
What Lies Beneath the Mountain!?
S07 E09
FiFi The Destroyer!
S07 E10
I am the TREE TROLL!
S07 E11
A Deal with the Potato
S07 E12
Zombie Bumper Boats!
S07 E13
Big Eye Mobile Marketing!
S07 E14
S07 E15
FiFi's Cave & Iron Farm Fixes
S07 E16
FiFi has been HUMILIATED!
S07 E17
I Retaliate with BEDROCK!
S07 E18
Air Dropping 70 RAVAGERS!
S07 E19
H.A.S.A. Headquarters! Moon Science!
S07 E20
HOLSTEN The Sarcastic A.I.!
S07 E21
HOLSTEN. We Have a Problem!
S07 E22
To Save the World!
Season 8
S08 E01
Here. We. GO! SEASON 9!
S08 E02
Ponds and Pancakes!
S08 E03
Game Breaking Copper Farm Design! 1400 Copper/Hour!
S08 E04
Moving In!
S08 E05
Introducing Tango's Trials!
S08 E06
The Emerald Shower!
S08 E07
Tango's Trials: Gemini SLAY!
S08 E08
Decked Out Pay Back?!
S08 E09
S08 E10
S08 E11
S08 E12
The Piglin Bartering Ferris Wheel!
S08 E13
Let's Build a Nether Hub - The Astral Library!
S08 E14
Nether Hub Complete!
S08 E15
Tunnels and KooDoos!
S08 E16
Beginning The Base!
S08 E17
The Ice Fortress Rises!
S08 E18
The Deep Frost Citadel!
S08 E19
Custom Sculk Farm!
S08 E20
Music Disc Mayhem!
S08 E21
Caves and Craniums!
S08 E22
S08 E23
Two New Farms I NEEDED!
S08 E24
The Dungeon Master Awakens!
S08 E25
The Greatest Dungeon Door Ever!
S08 E26
Fully Automated Storage & Pearly Promotions!
S08 E27
Let's Shuffle Some Cards!
S08 E28
My TNT Bombarding Game!
S08 E29
Let's CLANK it UP!
S08 E30
The HEARTBEAT is Back!!
S08 E31
A Journey to New Empires!
S08 E32
Wonky Bamboo and Shrinkage!
S08 E33
Gobland is Cookin!
S08 E34
Massive Decked Out Progress! Level 2 of the Dungeon!
S08 E35
Decked Out Cards Revealed!
S08 E36
My Greatest Build EVER!
S08 E37
The Hazard System!
S08 E38
The Decked Out Card Announcer!
S08 E39
S08 E40
Let's do some TESTING!
S08 E41
Ravagers are IN!
S08 E42
The Frost Ember Shop is Amazing!
S08 E43
Custom Decked Out User Interface Using MAPS!
S08 E44
60 WITHERS vs The Ancient City! with Etho, Cub and Xisuma!
S08 E45
Decked Out Level 3 is BUILT! The Black Mines!
S08 E46
Exploding Floors and Drowning Tunnels!
S08 E47
The Entrance to Decked Out!
S08 E48
The Warden Delivery System!
S08 E49
The Hooves that Never Touched the Ground!
S08 E50
DECKED OUT IS DONE! Let's begin Testing with Full Runs!
Episode 1
Minecraft :: Best of Hermitcraft Live Stream #1
Episode 2
Episode 1
Episode 3
Best of Hermitcraft Live Stream #2 - Ghast Catchers!
Episode 4
Episode 2
Episode 5
Best of Hermitcraft Live Stream - Mob Catching Derpfest!
Episode 6
Episode 3
Episode 7
Hermitcraft Season 3 World Download Contest!
Episode 8
Episode 4
Episode 9
How to Play Decked Out!
Episode 10
Episode 5
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