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2008 - 2012   •  BBC One  •   48 hours
239 votes
70433 votes
# 1247
Drama, Fantasy, Adventure
Merlin is a drama series based around the legends of the mythical wizard and his relationship with Prince Arthur. Set in the early days of their relationship, it shows the development of each in his respective field, finding his way on the path to future greatness. Humour, danger and excitement abound, ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Diamond of the Day (2) Aired on 12/24/2012
The Diamond of the Day (2)
Season 5: Episode 13
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
65 episodes total
Merlin | Merlin - The Cinema Trailer - BBC One
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
The Dragon's Call
S01 E02
S01 E03
The Mark of Nimueh
S01 E04
The Poisoned Chalice
S01 E05
S01 E06
A Remedy To Cure All Ills
S01 E07
The Gates of Avalon
S01 E08
The Beginning of the End
S01 E09
S01 E10
The Moment of Truth
S01 E11
The Labyrinth of Gedref
S01 E12
To Kill the King
S01 E13
Le Morte d'Arthur
Season 2
S02 E01
The Curse of Cornelius Sigan
S02 E02
The Once and Future Queen
S02 E03
The Nightmare Begins
S02 E04
Lancelot and Guinevere
S02 E05
Beauty and the Beast (1)
S02 E06
Beauty and the Beast (2)
S02 E07
The Witchfinder
S02 E08
The Sins of the Father
S02 E09
The Lady of the Lake
S02 E10
Sweet Dreams
S02 E11
The Witch's Quickening
S02 E12
The Fires of Idirsholas (1)
S02 E13
The Last Dragonlord (2)
Season 3
S03 E01
The Tears of Uther Pendragon (1)
S03 E02
The Tears of Uther Pendragon (2)
S03 E03
Goblin's Gold
S03 E04
S03 E05
The Crystal Cave
S03 E06
The Changeling
S03 E07
The Castle of Fyrien
S03 E08
The Eye of the Phoenix
S03 E09
Love in the Time of Dragons
S03 E10
Queen of Hearts
S03 E11
The Sorcerer's Shadow
S03 E12
The Coming of Arthur (1)
S03 E13
The Coming of Arthur (2)
Season 4
S04 E01
The Darkest Hour (1)
S04 E02
The Darkest Hour (2)
S04 E03
The Wicked Day
S04 E04
S04 E05
His Father's Son
S04 E06
A Servant of Two Masters
S04 E07
The Secret Sharer
S04 E08
S04 E09
Lancelot du Lac
S04 E10
A Herald of the New Age
S04 E11
The Hunter's Heart
S04 E12
The Sword in the Stone (1)
S04 E13
The Sword in the Stone (2)
Season 5
S05 E01
Arthur's Bane (1)
S05 E02
Arthur's Bane (2)
S05 E03
The Death Song of Uther Pendragon
S05 E04
Another's Sorrow
S05 E05
The Disir
S05 E06
The Dark Tower
S05 E07
A Lesson in Vengeance
S05 E08
The Hollow Queen
S05 E09
With All My Heart
S05 E10
The Kindness of Strangers
S05 E11
The Drawing of the Dark
S05 E12
The Diamond of the Day (1)
S05 E13
The Diamond of the Day (2)
Episode 1
Video Diary 1 - Cast
Episode 2
Video Diary 2 - Colin And Bradley
Episode 3
Video Diary 3 - Colin Morgan
Episode 4
Merlin - Behind The Magic (Part 1)
Episode 5
Merlin - Behind The Magic (Part 2)
Episode 6
The Black Knight
Episode 7
Merlin in Need 2008
Episode 8
Merlin in Need 2009
Episode 9
The Making Of Merlin Series 2
Episode 10
The Real Merlin and Arthur
Episode 11
The Secrets Behind Merlin
Episode 12
The Story So Far - Behind The Scenes With The Cast
Episode 13
Secrets and Magic - Merlin Time
Episode 14
Secrets and Magic - Fit for a King
Episode 15
Secrets and Magic - Casting The Magic
Episode 16
Secrets and Magic - Maid To Be Queen
Episode 17
Secrets and Magic - Trolly Dolly
Episode 18
Secrets and Magic - Con-troll Freak
Episode 19
Secrets and Magic - Witch Hunt
Episode 20
Secrets and Magic - A Family Affair
Episode 21
Secrets and Magic - Hard Work and Heartbreak
Episode 22
Secrets and Magic - Love Fool
Episode 23
Secrets and Magic - Beauty and the Thief
Episode 24
Secrets and Magic - The Dragons' Den
Episode 25
Secrets and Magic - That's a Wrap
Episode 26
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 1
Episode 27
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 2
Episode 28
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 3
Episode 29
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 4
Episode 30
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 5
Episode 31
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 6
Episode 32
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 7
Episode 33
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 8
Episode 34
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 9
Episode 35
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 10
Episode 36
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 11
Episode 37
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 12
Episode 38
Colin and Bradley's Merlin Quest 13
Episode 39
Merlin in Need 2010
Episode 40
Merlin Series 3 Comic-Con San Diego 2010
16 Reactions
1 Review
1 Comment
14 Memos
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English only please. Home rules.
Story: 7  Visuals: 8  Sound: 7  Character: 10  Enjoyment: 10

I love Merlin so very much, and it’s one of those shows that gets better with time–both as you get further into the series and as you watch it again. Certainly, it has its faults (which will be discussed in a bit), but the characters grow on you so very much and their relationships are so rich that the problems with the show are easy to overlook (or at least I have found it so). Essentially, this show is a loose retelling of Arthurian legend–and I mean it when I say it’s a loose retelling. There are certain things that carry over strongly from the classic tales such as names/characters... read more

1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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Nanduni Nanduni 10
best tv show I ever watched.
Sofia bäckström Sofia bäckström 9
Daniel Formánek Daniel Formánek 8
Fantasy, Magic

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