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NBA Desktop

NBA Desktop

2017 - Now  •  YouTube
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Comedy, Sport
The Ringer’s Jason Concepcion journeys on a weekly NBA Internet deep dive in this Emmy-Award-winning digital series.
  Previously Aired Episode
LeBron James Is Definitely Not Eating Disney World's Bubble Food Aired on 07/10/2020
LeBron James Is Definitely Not Eating Disney World's Bubble Food
Season 3: Episode 35
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Coach Thibs, Superstar Ejections, and Sixers Spice
S01 E02
Boogie vs. KD and Shea Serrano on LaMarcus Aldridge
S01 E03
Sad Melo, Kawhi's Brand, and Tate Frazier on Nike
S01 E04
Lost Gasol, KCP and Fultz Propaganda w/ Chris Ryan
S01 E05
Kyrie, Happy Melo, and Rodger’s Sherman's British Play-by-Play
S01 E06
Sheriff Austin Rivers, Chris Paul, and Joe House on NBA Beefs!
S01 E07
Cavs Drama, Kawhi, and Daryl Morey on 'Les Mis'
S01 E08
Blake Griffin Trade, Kevin Love, and LaMelo Ball
S01 E09
Trade Deadline, Cavs Blow It Up and Bill Simmons
S01 E10
Steve Kerr's Tricks, Rajon Rondo, and Juliet Litman
S01 E11
James Harden Interview and NBA All-Star
S01 E12
MIT Sloan Special with Jeremy Lin and Katie Nolan
S01 E13
Harden Crossover, Dirty Zaza, and LeBron to Philly
S01 E14
Crowder's Beefs, Musical Dolan, and Players Only
S01 E15
Suns-Jazz Fight, Curry's Birthday, and Joel Embiid
S01 E16
Big Baby's Popeyes, Winning 76ers, and Bill Simmons
S01 E17
James Goldstein Interview and House Tour
S01 E18
Fultz's Return, LiAngelo's Declaration, and Wiggins
S01 E19
Lonzo's Manners, Kyrie's Injury, and Sheriff Austin
S01 E20
Mitchell vs. Simmons, and Goodbye, Hornacek
S01 E21
Westbrook and LeBron's Outfits, and Coach Iverson
S01 E22
Forgetful Bledsoe, Washed Wizards, and NBA Water
S01 E23
Blazers Postmortem, LeBron James, and Desus & Mero
S01 E24
LeBron's Game-Winner and All Things Thunder
S01 E25
The Carmelo Anthony Telethon & the End of Round One
S01 E26
Drake vs. Kendrick, Plus James Harden and Fan Spice
S01 E27
The Raptors Got Swept, Plus: Spotlight on NBA Fans
S01 E28
Ben Simmons Bobblehead and Boban Marjanovic
S01 E29
LeBron's Memory, Scary Terry, and the Draft Lottery
S01 E30
J.R. Smith's Blatant Push and Selling Kawhi
S01 E31
Kobe and the Joker, KD the Actor, and Steph Curry
S01 E32
The NBA Finals and J.R. Smith's Mental Lapse
S01 E33
More NBA Finals and ‘The Escape Artist’ Documentary
S01 E34
Colangelo Presser, NBA Finals, and KD
S01 E35
LeBron and J.R. Statues, Plus Hand Injuries
S01 E36
Warriors Parade and Kobe Bryant Debate
S01 E37
NBA Draft, Dwight Howard, and LeBron to the Lakers
S01 E38
Kawhi Rumors, Kings Mining Ethereum, and BDE
S01 E39
Jason Concepcion: 'My Quest,' Part 1
S01 E40
Las Vegas Summer League and Burying Kawhi
S01 E41
Enes Kanter Finally Comes on Desktop
Season 2
S02 E01
The Truth Behind Jimmy Butler’s Sudden Rise in Confidence
S02 E02
‘Making a Mouthguard’ and Breaking Down the Rockets-Lakers Fight
S02 E03
Josh Duhamel vs. Draymond Green: The Battle for Fergie's Honor
S02 E04
Kyrie Irving Has a BIG Problem With Jamal Murray Going for 50
S02 E05
Emergency Carmelo Anthony Spice With Bill Simmons
S02 E06
Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Green: A Golden State Warriors Fiasco
S02 E07
Is Zion Williamson Thicc or Fat?
S02 E08
The True Story of the Luka Doncic Song, ‘Halleluka’
S02 E09
Mario Hezonja Steps Over Giannis Antetokounmpo: A Nutty Adventure
S02 E10
Melo (Official Music Video)
S02 E11
Welcome to Jim Boylen’s Bootcamp
S02 E12
Jason's Flu Game With Special Guest Evan Turner
S02 E13
LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan: Who Is the True GOAT?
S02 E14
The Tarot Dome: Future NBA Predictions
S02 E15
Steph Curry Is a Snitch and Kristaps Is a Liar
S02 E16
The Focus Group: Did Kristaps Porzingis Accidentally Block Someone?
S02 E17
Kyrie Irving Wants to Talk About Leadership
S02 E18
Russell Westbrook vs. Everybody, Devin vs. Dieng, and NBA Tarot Readings
S02 E19
Will Ben Simmons Make a 3-Pointer? And More NBA Predictions
S02 E20
Kristaps Porzingis Leaves the Family Album
S02 E21
Surviving the NBA Trade Deadline and Kevin Durant Doesn't Want to Talk
S02 E22
NBA All-Star Weekend Bonanza
S02 E23
Did Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Just Become Best Friends?
S02 E24
The Future of the NBA With Daryl Morey, Rachel Nichols, and Mina Kimes
S02 E25
LeBron James Is Rolling and Jeanie Buss Is Trolling
S02 E26
James Dolan Needs to “Sell the Team”
S02 E27
Magic Johnson’s Departure and NBA Playoffs Preview
S02 E28
A Boston Celtics Funeral
S02 E29
The New York Knicks Lose the Zion Sweepstakes
S02 E30
Kevin Durant Is Online, Also We Won an Emmy
S02 E31
Paul Pierce Definitely Pooped His Pants
S02 E32
CHERNORACLE: How the Golden State Warriors Lost the 2019 NBA Finals
S02 E33
The Lakers Screwed Up and the 2019 NBA Draft
S02 E34
Giannis Wins MVP and Kyrie’s Wild Summer
S02 E35
NBA Desktop 1999
S02 E36
The Race to Report Kawhi's Decision
Season 3
S03 E01
Five Mind-Melting Easter Eggs From the 2019 NBA Offseason
S03 E02
The Ringer NBA Staff Get Posterized While Drinking Poisons | PoisOnes
S03 E03
Of Course Michael Jordan Hates Steph Curry
S03 E04
Joel Embiid vs. Karl-Anthony Towns: Breaking Down the Big Man Fight
S03 E05
Kawhi Leonard and Load Management Outrage
S03 E06
Who Gave Dion Waiters the Gummies?
S03 E07
Carmelo Anthony Is Back and Here to Stay (Maybe)
S03 E08
Kobe Bryant & Joel Embiid Almost Starred in Uncut Gems
S03 E09
Did Laura Dern Really See Baby Yoda at an NBA Game?
S03 E10
Chris Paul Is a Snitch, and That's OK
S03 E11
What Ever Happened to LeBron James?
S03 E12
Kevin Durant vs. Kendrick Perkins: Breaking Down the NBA Twitter Fight
S03 E13
Jimmy Butler Is the NBA’s Best Villain
S03 E14
Kyrie Irving Is Ruining the Brooklyn Nets | NBA Desktop
S03 E15
Zion Williamson Put the League on Notice
S03 E16
Make Bradley Beal an All-Star … or Else
S03 E17
Masai Ujiri Is Being Sued by a Police Officer
S03 E18
Does Giannis Hate James Harden? Plus: Hannibal Buress
S03 E19
Jayson Tatum Is Wreaking Havoc on the NBA
S03 E20
The New York Knicks Are Absolutely Pathetic
S03 E21
Les Knickerbockers: A New York Knicks Anthem
S03 E22
The NBA Is Suspended, but There Are Still Animal Videos
S03 E23
LeBron James Needs a Drinking Buddy
S03 E24
Jamal Murray Engaged in Sexual Relations on Instagram. Was He Hacked?
S03 E25
LeBron James Saved Carmelo Anthony's Life
S03 E26
We Figured Out How to Bring the NBA Back
S03 E27
Celebrating the Michael Jordan Documentary With the #JordanChallenge
S03 E28
Michael Jordan's Greatest Assist of All Time
S03 E29
Aaron Gordon Ethers Dwyane Wade With a Dunk Contest Diss Track
S03 E30
What If Ken Burns Had Directed Michael Jordan's ‘The Last Dance’?
S03 E31
Michael Jordan's Best Lies From ‘The Last Dance’
S03 E32
The Protests
S03 E33
Kyrie Irving Has a Good Point, Kendrick Perkins Does Not
S03 E34
J.R. Smith on the Lakers?! Plus, Jamaal Bowman
S03 E35
LeBron James Is Definitely Not Eating Disney World's Bubble Food
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